DJ. (@destinyireanaxo) — 706•1881
RT @_blondieeee: Good morning everyone it would be amazing if you could share this around my little cousin went missing yesterday she went…
02-07-2020 10:30
RT @saysahr: "wait....... that's Honey Cocaine"
02-07-2020 04:57
RT @velindasilva: My 4 year old is literally a teenager.
02-07-2020 03:49
RT @astr0gyal: jealousy, hatred, gossip, and envy from others won’t even touch me this month 🧿🧿🧿
02-07-2020 03:07
RT @CambriaDenim:
02-07-2020 03:06
@JthaGreat_ Lmfaooooooo 😭😭😭😭
02-07-2020 01:02
RT @yesitslauryn: Actually glad I’m not included in the email thread
02-07-2020 00:52
RT @Zoeyourfav: Fuck ICE. Me and all my niggas hate ICE
02-07-2020 00:52
@an4yaa I feel like they was tryna be funny 😭
01-07-2020 23:21
@parisgodfrey @jambernice They definitely about to get a “sorry im in a different time zone and wasn’t able to subm…
01-07-2020 21:04
@_desireDee I diddd
01-07-2020 20:18
on godddddd *druski voice*
01-07-2020 19:59
@jazminethefirst @ciera_burden 😘😘😘
01-07-2020 19:56
RT @jazminethefirst: @destinyireanaxo @ciera_burden Sholl will baby sis 💓
01-07-2020 19:55
@ATLau_ And willllll
01-07-2020 19:31
@CallMeJR__ AND DO 💙
01-07-2020 19:30
RT @niqueswrld: whatever Spelman’s doing this upcoming semester I know for 𝙙𝙖𝙢𝙣 sure we’ll have Zumba!
01-07-2020 19:21
RT @parisgodfrey: @destinyireanaxo And we’re going everywhere! World tour!
01-07-2020 19:13
@parisgodfrey World tour coming soonnnn, 21’ locations!!!
01-07-2020 19:13
Regardless of campus, I will make the best of my senior year. Claiming that I will be in my own apartment, I will b…
01-07-2020 19:11
RT @jleezy222: SAY HER NAME!! Oluwatoyin Salau Janet Wilson Breonna Taylor Sandra Bland Tanisha Anderson Dominique Rem’mie Fells Riah Mil…
01-07-2020 18:13
RT @parisgodfrey: Making the most of this year nonetheless! July will be fruitful
01-07-2020 17:55
01-07-2020 17:54
@timfinity_ They playing too much for me, like they tryna be funny or something
01-07-2020 17:48
RT @janoyla_: can we get the P/F though ? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
01-07-2020 17:46
We saw it already.
01-07-2020 17:30
It’s the 10% tuition discount and 40% fee discount for me
01-07-2020 17:17
RT @_itscarrie_: Y’all my sister finally started her business and just launched the coolest thing! WIRELESS FLAT IRONS! It takes $0 to retw…
01-07-2020 10:32
RT @allyjofficial: Sister Sister, One on One , Moesha, All of Us and all the old black sitcoms shoulda BEEN on streaming services
01-07-2020 10:28
RT @Most: Know her name: Sandra Caldwell, who disclosed her trans identity to the public in 2017 after decades of starring roles in films i…
01-07-2020 10:27
RT @smino: needa out da waycation .
01-07-2020 08:19
RT @InvadarXim: Will tried to tell y’all but you ain’t listen
01-07-2020 07:14
@laurensimoneb Everyone is content with whatever atp 😭
01-07-2020 06:52
@laurensimoneb Same because they’re gonna have to live in the suites, bc a community bathroom and virus don’t mix.
01-07-2020 06:46
RT @azukaofficial_: Me everytime I hear Same Ol’ Mistakes
01-07-2020 06:32
RT @laurensimoneb: i wanna be swept off my feet
01-07-2020 06:32
RT @simimoonlight: Still haven’t forgotten Toyin.
01-07-2020 06:32
RT @downtowntrip: Virgil said "oh shit the Pop Smoke cover due today?"
01-07-2020 04:25
RT @ATLau_: As long as I’m in my apartment in the fall I will be okay
01-07-2020 04:21
RT @chrisscozart: AUC decision release party tomorrow 💯
01-07-2020 04:21
RT @MariahScientist: Niggas is gold diggers too
01-07-2020 01:25
RT @bee_wilikers: @kgfaithh The "go off the Deep End" voice is Fousheé!! She is a black woman & is not getting the credit she deserves for…
01-07-2020 00:58
RT @ebonitapplebum: new summer walker & snoh dropping on the same night. lemme get my candles ready.
01-07-2020 00:45
@timfinity_ I’m fr man 😭
01-07-2020 00:45
BUT what I don’t like is how Spelman said they was giving a decision before July 1st and it’s June 30th...they want…
01-07-2020 00:27
Idc about fall semester atp
01-07-2020 00:25
@jourtneycay My mama pmo today and I finished it in one sitting
30-06-2020 08:51
RT @jojoansett: July is going to be a fruitful month, an abundance of blessings coming left and right, with everything falling right into p…
30-06-2020 08:49
@jourtneycay Dirty John on Netflix!
30-06-2020 08:48
RT @doperdon: Homecoming 2021 when all my dogs back together in the section
30-06-2020 05:38
RT @alannahtaylor27: sometimes I sit here and think to myself “ I really got into Spelman”
30-06-2020 05:36
RT @TheCrisis_:
30-06-2020 03:20
RT @Keyyyonnnntayyy: My mood:
30-06-2020 03:11
RT @Itsashforde: Damn ppl really be getting blessed with fat asses smh why wasn’t I chosen ???!!!?!?!
30-06-2020 03:10
RT @cxrriexnn: Me riding through the Atlanta highways at 2am after a successful night out
30-06-2020 02:40
RT @JoshuaPotash: I don’t know why these aren’t trending anymore, but across the country #BlackLivesMatter protests haven’t stopped. This…
29-06-2020 19:20
RT @brandonujohnson: Instead of charging the killers of #BreonnaTaylor ..... Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron had an engagement par…
29-06-2020 18:52
RT @jimmineutch: i like private but not a secret.
29-06-2020 18:47
RT @teenhearthrobb: @lashanya_bonner thats all i gotta say
29-06-2020 17:55
RT @_ikalil: A SPELMANITE!
29-06-2020 17:53
RT @PopCulture2000s: Jojo was only 13 years old when she gave us Leave (Get Out)
29-06-2020 08:58
RT @asolegrey: Invest in your bedroom. Turn it into a sanctuary where you would always feel safe and happy. Invest in high quality mattress…
29-06-2020 08:58
RT @_taylalove: Covid is at its hightest & y’all really at bars/clubs , pool parties and kickbacks. I’m taking notes and I know who to stay…
28-06-2020 21:42
RT @FabFinesser: Ed Hardy tee's was most def before its time.
28-06-2020 10:35
RT @obrewan: Keep #ElijahMcClain and #BreonnaTaylor trending. We are far from done demanding justice. They should still be here. They matte…
28-06-2020 10:34
28-06-2020 04:42
Luxurious like egyptian cotton 💅🏾
28-06-2020 04:42
RT @bossybri_: boom like an 808.
28-06-2020 04:41
RT @rhytaylorr: Speaking this moment into existence
27-06-2020 05:45
RT @iamKierraD: When I saw that salary amount on the offer letter:
27-06-2020 05:45
RT @Druski2Funny: FratBoys LOOOVE Trash Rappers that Fell Off 😂😂😂😩😩😭
27-06-2020 05:11
RT @AwkwardAsha: y’all be claiming y’all empath’s but don’t even be putting other people’s thoughts and feelings into consideration 💀
27-06-2020 04:49
RT @laurensimoneb: my mom is always going above and beyond for me and for that i am forever grateful for her
27-06-2020 03:43
RT @thebrwnhippie: B.Simone’s publicist every 10-14 business days
27-06-2020 03:34
RT @waydamin: Too many critics with NO credentials
27-06-2020 03:33
RT @shantalisinggg: Watch without sound. Then watch again with sound.
26-06-2020 18:49
I’m loving iOS 14 so far
26-06-2020 09:15
RT @tyleroakley:
26-06-2020 07:24
RT @aphx_: BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES LIKE FASHION NOVA & PLT: - babes and felines - so sorella - nichole lynel - lia miche - girl next door -…
26-06-2020 04:36
RT @Thaarealmookie: This is the cutest thing Ive seen all week🥺💕
26-06-2020 02:00
RT @Solextial: If you ever catch me in a relationship just know I really like that mf
25-06-2020 20:17
RT @jumpphelps: @RapAllStars “So u gonna clown me infront of my friends foe?”
25-06-2020 10:36
RT @RapAllStars: G Herbo clowning his son Yosohn for still drinking out of a bottle 🤣
25-06-2020 10:35
RT @damekayla: if i pop up with a boyfriend. y'all gonna unfollow me?
25-06-2020 04:20
RT @Supreme_DJ1: Direct deposits
24-06-2020 18:31
RT @kaitlin_lynch22: wanted to try out this trend and I’ve never been more satisfied. 🥺
24-06-2020 18:31
RT @_yungchina: I want you solid. Not perfect.
24-06-2020 18:29
RT @MouseJones: RIP Oluwatoyin Salau
24-06-2020 17:42
RT @evelynvwoodsen: Black lives matter & don’t forget the black women either. Nakia’kia Crawford Kinnedy Smith Breonna Taylor Priscilla…
24-06-2020 17:41
@timfinity_ 😭😭😭
24-06-2020 17:41
leo ☼ taurus ☽ scorpio ↑
24-06-2020 08:30
RT @DC_Draino: Um what?!? This video is from a friend in Miami Can anyone explain?
24-06-2020 08:27
RT @SAYKRICH3X: yo main dude wanna feel on my body
24-06-2020 08:14
RT @milkstrology: how taurus, leo, scorpio, and aquarius sound in an argument:
24-06-2020 07:19
dicks up when I step in the party
24-06-2020 06:33
RT @insidehismind: yall are insensitive about everything until it’s y’all
24-06-2020 03:43
24-06-2020 00:27
RT @freeblackgirl: Me watching Nascar to support Bubba Wallace, who I just learned existed last week.
24-06-2020 00:26
RT @baaby_jaaykaay: Y’all please tell me what ima do with my little brother ?! 😂😂
23-06-2020 23:46
RT @MarceyLindsey: I hope that whoever invented metal rat tail combs is having a good day.
23-06-2020 23:10
Anyone looking to stay at Entra???
23-06-2020 23:09
RT @YusufPatzz:
23-06-2020 06:47
23-06-2020 06:46
RT @HoodHealer: humble you heal you hold you
23-06-2020 06:45
RT @xlxrh: just a reminder that I’m still bumping summer walker’s over it album.
23-06-2020 06:45
RT @_mynamehailey: one day y’all gone give K CAMP the respect he deserves
23-06-2020 06:04
RT @sauc3less: Ngl 3 kids is the limit. I ain’t driving no 7 seater
23-06-2020 05:58
RT @GAFollowers: Georgia has averaged 1,073 COVID-19 infections reported daily over the last 7 days, according to @AP. Almost 66,000 Georgi…
23-06-2020 03:18
RT @AshleeCartier: if you a slave, just say that
23-06-2020 01:38
RT @Lil_Lindsay_: I couldn’t miss this opportunity to be a fairy on the tl 🧚🏾‍♀️
23-06-2020 01:37
RT @lilbaby4PF: Walmart got me fucced up
23-06-2020 01:37
RT @HalleBeeeee: Idk who needs to hear this, but it’s not the child’s job, no matter what their age, to seek or repair a relationship with…
22-06-2020 19:10
RT @3o5KD: Even if your feed went back to normal, black lives still matter. Here’s a thread of petitions that still need signatures:
22-06-2020 10:59
RT @LilBabyRaps: Lil Baby’s new album Lamborghini Boys is reportedly dropping very soon, and will only feature rappers who own Lamborghini’…
22-06-2020 10:58
RT @the_chaparrin: Just wanna be showed off like one of these mfs 😔
22-06-2020 10:19
RT @BerniceKing: Arrest the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor.
22-06-2020 10:17
RT @thisch1ldsplay: It’s y’all ignoring corona for me
22-06-2020 02:39
RT @Lil_Lindsay_: YND
22-06-2020 02:22
RT @theanarice: “it’s father’s day and you haven’t let me make you a father yet. sad.”
21-06-2020 23:46
RT @its_bmase: babygirl say she 20🎂
21-06-2020 23:08
RT @__Nonhle: Date kind men. It’s so important.
21-06-2020 23:08
RT @_jadorececexo: Happy Fathers Day 😔
21-06-2020 21:30
RT @UrFavoriteAries: Disappearing for a year sounds like the move
21-06-2020 13:11
Don’t mind me I’m just up thinking about how I didn’t get to see @brentfaiyaz bc of corona 🥺
21-06-2020 12:40
21-06-2020 12:31
21-06-2020 12:30
21-06-2020 12:29
RT @upamillion: you move weird ima move out ya way
21-06-2020 11:57
21-06-2020 11:44
It is already mine!
21-06-2020 11:13
RT @vivrantny: Her story is the most heart breaking for me recently cause it’s like damn this deadass could have been me. She was one of US…
21-06-2020 11:11
RT @notThreat3x: if i ask how youre doing pls just say good dont start telling me shit❤️
21-06-2020 08:09
RT @1lilce: Stop telling PEOPLE more than they need to know... EVERYBODY ain't in your corner
20-06-2020 21:09
RT @fukktwitteer: i love a nigga that constantly wanna see me and talk to me.
20-06-2020 11:23
RT @vvsdiamante: Bringing your own car so that you're on your own time >>>>>
20-06-2020 09:31
20-06-2020 08:57
RT @tbyaris: y’all ever just hold ur boobs?
20-06-2020 08:56
Is the new city girls riding or what???
20-06-2020 08:13
@torre_stokes Come back :(
20-06-2020 07:41
20-06-2020 07:38
RT @tristehomo: me manifesting
20-06-2020 07:12
We live in a world full of weirdos
20-06-2020 07:12
20-06-2020 05:05
RT @taymechel: we aiming for generational wealth & success
20-06-2020 02:50
RT @jadethebrand: Whatever I want... it’s in my reach.
20-06-2020 02:50
RT @CruzanChoklate: Help him out. He has 4 days to pay for this month’s supply of chemo he needs. If you can’t, pass this along to someone…
19-06-2020 22:08
RT @Panini_Bread: Y’all cancel a new celebrity every week. Maybe it’s time to stop idolizing humans????
19-06-2020 21:26
RT @nocontextdrumar:
19-06-2020 21:14
RT @fineline_kae: what they didn’t teach you in school. #Juneteenth
19-06-2020 19:45
RT @amandaoee_: good morning to black people only
19-06-2020 19:44
RT @yoyotrav: Happy #Juneteenth. This is for BLACKS.
19-06-2020 19:26
RT @SourrPaatch: We grown. Tell me how you feel so we can fix it or keep it moving.
19-06-2020 05:07
RT @SHHOVO: When you bark because you sense danger but your owner just shouts ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP’ so loud the neighbors hear it
19-06-2020 05:07
One thing about me and my daddy... we gone argue
19-06-2020 04:03
RT @ChasityLondyn: M O O D
18-06-2020 23:22
RT @lSAIDWHATlSAID: some of y’all only wanna be friends w ppl of a certain status and that’s why u don’t have any geniuine friends... I’m a…
18-06-2020 19:16
18-06-2020 19:16
RT @OuterspaceDes: if he listens to Brent , Don toliver, Major nine , Drake , partynextdoor or DVSN fluently please just hand him to me 🤲🏽.
18-06-2020 10:41
RT @micfeel__: DVSN - In too deep
18-06-2020 10:41
RT @UpYourAlly2: My man will just have to stand on the promises of God
18-06-2020 10:40
RT @cashic0uture: i am not one of them
18-06-2020 10:40
RT @PanasonicDX4500: the cop who shot Charles Kinsey was sentenced to writing a 2,500 word essay on why shooting people is bad and no I am…
18-06-2020 08:36
RT @_minaerva: The movie villain the actual villain
18-06-2020 07:20
RT @JuicyJu11: It’s still arrest the officers that killed Breonna Taylor though. Ain’t nothing changed.
18-06-2020 06:10
RT @Babyyhairz: If you using energy to fight wit yo own right now u out of alignment
18-06-2020 05:25
RT @taybrightman: Myself and some very close friends could have definitely used some of that big donation to Spelman and Morehouse. When I…
18-06-2020 05:15
RT @Asia_Marie341: 9 souls. June 17th, 2015. Charleston, South Carolina.
18-06-2020 01:14
Peso weed got everybody tripping in the long run
18-06-2020 00:11
@kelthegirl_ @TahjBucks Thank you for this laugh, seriously.
17-06-2020 23:48
Issa mental illness
17-06-2020 23:37
@TahjBucks @kelthegirl_ Yea aight
17-06-2020 23:35
And you weirdos who feed into it 🤢
17-06-2020 23:33
It’s the pathological lying for me
17-06-2020 23:32
@TahjBucks @kelthegirl_ Boyyyy
17-06-2020 23:32
RT @jazminethefirst: Advocate for CAU, without badmouthing Spelman and Morehouse in the process. I too have an issue with $40 mil only cove…
17-06-2020 23:05
RT @wsbtv: #BREAKING: Officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with felony murder. WATCH LIVE:…
17-06-2020 23:05
RT @tittygang564fr: i hope the girl reading this gets clear skin n a fat ass
17-06-2020 22:35
RT @_AlexisBreanneS: i started at twitter in March and just got to launch my first product! welcome to tweeting with your voice everyone! h…
17-06-2020 22:35
RT @zoomanloki: Atlanta, Georgia / 5.29.20 #NoJusticeNoPeace
17-06-2020 22:35
RT @AshleeCartier: have y’all lost y’all minds?
17-06-2020 22:16
RT @torre_stokes: we been home too long lol. we cuttin up
17-06-2020 22:15
RT @itsqail: Receptionist at the dentist office will look u dead in the eye and ask if ur available 4 months and 13 days from now
17-06-2020 22:07
17-06-2020 21:59
RT @ciera_burden: praying for everyone to have the ability to fight another day and have sanity simultaneously. Between Covid, BLM, and all…
17-06-2020 21:31
RT @ebonitapplebum: any spelhouse student who didn’t have a full ride or could afford to pay out of pocket can tell you firsthand that our…
17-06-2020 20:35
RT @OhEvies: PLEASE. Please not the “there are more HBCUs the Spelman, Morehouse, and Howard” convo. Not today Jesus.
17-06-2020 20:34
RT @MunecaLexa: I seen this on Fb laugh w me y’all.
17-06-2020 10:54
Who wanna go half w me for this Telfar bag???
17-06-2020 07:59
RT @Iuversrock: The Versace dress every time it hears JLo’s footsteps approaching the closet
17-06-2020 06:43
RT @AsiaChloeBrown: Men tweet this like it's the Big Joker and women be like "YES" every single time.
17-06-2020 05:13
@oraclereads Thank you💙
17-06-2020 04:57
@oraclereads 3
17-06-2020 03:48
RT @NVRB3ND: i hate hearing “have you talked to your dad” DO THAT BITCH TALK TO ME????
17-06-2020 03:48
RT @AndrewFerretti1: Mcdonald’s ice cream machine after 10 pm
17-06-2020 02:43
RT @valentinavoight: ♡
17-06-2020 02:25
RT @_GlitterAndGlam: I’m a millionaire. I just don’t got all my money yet.
17-06-2020 01:31
RT @GAFollowers: Yesterday in Clayton County, GA a officer pulled his gun out on 5 teenagers about 13-15 yrs old for going through the neig…
17-06-2020 00:01