Diana ♡ (@dianasaurrrrrrr) — pug mom
RT @gh0uls0ul1: i would’ve told the homie to clock me out really quick
05-07-2020 20:33
05-07-2020 11:14
why does this look like my sister when she cut her hair 😭 https://t.co/57EFnptKO1
05-07-2020 10:53
RT @98heyjt: What day is it again? https://t.co/kwln59wLQu
05-07-2020 08:10
RT @anddreaperezz: bakersfield mosquitoes be unlocking your door and shit
05-07-2020 08:09
RT @palomalivaa: i know i did my part so it’s all good, ni modo
04-07-2020 21:30
RT @queenislaa___: Tried to be his luv bug but he likes roaches.
04-07-2020 21:30
RT @Chinohoven: I’m at this anti-ICE protest and there’s more white and black people than actual Mexicans. This is what tf i mean. The “wha…
04-07-2020 20:50
04-07-2020 10:21
I’m praying for everyone going thru hard times rn
04-07-2020 10:20
RT @LordeThottie: what he wants vs what he’s gonna get❤️ https://t.co/cne6g9HJPH
04-07-2020 10:19
tmr is my only day off and I already have ppl texting me to cover their shift 😭 I’m sorry but fuck no baybeee I’m tryna sleep
04-07-2020 10:19
tonight made me realize so much stuff I’ve been blind to
04-07-2020 10:15
RT @_Madting: I’m not gonna lie.. like ima be totally honest if I saw this dog running at me from a distance my soul would evaporate
04-07-2020 10:08
RT @gIxkhy: “you look tired” bro i wanna die
04-07-2020 05:43
RT @artpopsillusion: why we need to collectively cancel Lovely Peaches: a thread https://t.co/WTIMA4h2ZT
04-07-2020 05:29
RT @ogacchh: Mix me w a bat I wanna see if I become a vampire
04-07-2020 05:16
@Chvz_Nad_ awe man ofc he goes in when I’m off already 😩😩😩😩
04-07-2020 05:15
I forgot what a day off feels like
04-07-2020 00:45
my coworker tries SO HARD to be funny like sis if ur not funny don’t force it bc ur putting me in a bad mood w ur dumbass remarks 😭
04-07-2020 00:37
RT @brittaniebruder: did your parents have you wear 4th of July shirts from Old Navy on the 4th or are you normal?
03-07-2020 21:08
RT @ginacllamas: El corona virus canceló todo menos las ganas que te tengo bb
03-07-2020 21:07
RT @kalanfrfr: Ima have ya back regardless, you don’t never gotta think twice about me.
03-07-2020 21:06
RT @AlmightyB____: https://t.co/QsM6J2ELiq
03-07-2020 21:04
RT @jurneevargas: Mr. Humberfloob would NEVER get COVID. We need him now more than ever. https://t.co/WMOyayJeRe
03-07-2020 20:45
@DontTripOvrMe Idk why I miss the food I’m weird 😭😭😂😂😂😂
03-07-2020 20:38
I lowkey miss hs lunch food & sitting at the booths w my friends 😔
03-07-2020 20:36
RT @EAchebee: Summer walker drops next week,I’m ready
03-07-2020 20:32
RT @clay_png: https://t.co/vBny1yBgWh
03-07-2020 20:31
RT @elvale_1: Is this what you are celebrating this weekend? #4thofJuly https://t.co/gtMw2G6lYc
03-07-2020 19:37
03-07-2020 10:14
my heart is too big
03-07-2020 09:20
03-07-2020 09:19
RT @candyalexa_: make it all of California don’t be shy
03-07-2020 09:13
@melitzakarely baddie 😏😍
03-07-2020 09:12
RT @melitzakarely: Just a tad bit obsessed w this video https://t.co/xLnmPLrVaS
03-07-2020 09:12
RT @naaanii___: I hate that I notice everything I ain’t gone never be happy 😂😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️
03-07-2020 08:12
the Vanessa Guillen case has me so shook up I get goosebumps each time I read something about her, I’m so so so tir… https://t.co/eenzMT8O1k
03-07-2020 08:07
RT @lnbshr: How u in love with me but breathe the same air as other bitches... 😂
03-07-2020 08:03
RT @BarraganLeslee: Missing girl in Kern County area please twitter do your thing. PLEASE RETWEET so we can find her and bring her back hom…
03-07-2020 07:54
fuck 4th of July I’m not celebrating this piece of shit hole of a country
03-07-2020 07:54
RT @vnessrm: my hearts been so broken all day over what happened to Vanessa Guillén, may her soul Rest In Peace while the gov doesn’t get a…
03-07-2020 07:53
RT @ogacchh: Came for me for what
03-07-2020 07:52
RT @johnnyfigg: get you a MAN who replies to all parts of the paragraph you sent him.
03-07-2020 05:40
@viviannapatino I’m gonna do the egg tn
02-07-2020 22:51
RT @pvredes: me when eslabon armado finally drops the album https://t.co/nKtPWGkTAi
02-07-2020 22:20
so much wierd stuff has been happening to me lately ugh I need to find someone who can explain what I’m feeling rn,… https://t.co/HbbEBSZ7n5
02-07-2020 21:59
RT @k_wubzz: essential workers have been wearing masks for months now for around 30-40 hours a week, I promise wearing a mask inside a stor…
02-07-2020 21:55
why are the men at fastrip so wierd? one guy literally parked his truck where he can watch me pump gas & when I wen… https://t.co/S8PxYhCBC3
02-07-2020 21:41
RT @greengreciag: @evessssssss Call my man babe and as long as you call me babe too and the service is good then no problem, we are all bab…
02-07-2020 18:20
they better not close the hair salons until after my appt bro I’m about to cry 😭😭😭😭
02-07-2020 18:18
RT @annalisealesnaa: ... https://t.co/OdIcs32GgJ
02-07-2020 11:36
RT @viviannapatino: how do you move on and HEAL properly?? asking for a friend
02-07-2020 11:10
RT @elissababyyyy: late night pics :* https://t.co/NIyuoiOdSZ
02-07-2020 11:08
LMFAOO 😭😭😭 my friends w me https://t.co/iMObTxVvha
02-07-2020 10:58
RT @doll_o9: sleep
02-07-2020 10:43
@Chvz_Nad_ BITCH WHEN HE SAID HE HAS ECZEMA https://t.co/ma6JnI2jft
02-07-2020 10:42
idk how to feel or what to do anymore bc for some reason I can’t let go
02-07-2020 10:35
I pray that God will send me someone who puts this much effort into our relationship 😔 https://t.co/w5ym4W8I24
02-07-2020 10:30
RT @itspapikay: I get a Lil crazy when I really like somebody 😂
02-07-2020 10:28
RT @krxog: this is so disgusting. i constantly have to be watching my back & giving these old ass guys a stare just so they can stop lookin…
02-07-2020 10:13
& we had to agree w his stupidity bc our store already has a level 1 security threat & we must be extra understandi… https://t.co/kq62as96lO
02-07-2020 10:09
so today we had one of THOSE customers that brought up that he cannot wear a mask bc he has a medical condition & h… https://t.co/6anGVyeAYn
02-07-2020 10:07
RT @gabydelawhat: AARON DAVID ROBINSON was the Sargent who sexually harassed Vanessa Guillen. He ran off base and committed suicide this mo…
02-07-2020 02:05
at times I wish there was more I could do ):
02-07-2020 02:00
RT @palomitzzz: this shit is ridiculous at this point HOW TF DO YOU “lose” SOMEONE ON BASE??????
02-07-2020 01:56
RT @yobbytay: this instead of “no thats embarrassing”>>>
01-07-2020 22:04
RT @big_poppa77: Idgaf if a bitch has a bigger ass than me or a prettier face. I know for a fact my heart and my personality could NEVER an…
01-07-2020 22:04
these bands in my mouth have forced me to stop eating & talking...I think I might have a chance to be a skinny quee… https://t.co/GsbH6MJszm
01-07-2020 10:02
RT @itsaidettec: She never need a man, she what a man need
01-07-2020 10:00
RT @jaaydoitbest: i love a touchy nigga who love kissing me i might say move but i don’t mean it😂
01-07-2020 09:59
RT @cloutboishxrty: i want a Polaroid picture of us on the back of my phone typa love
01-07-2020 09:59
RT @Jay_andrade562: Hate when my mom would put me in this situation lmao
01-07-2020 09:58
RT @ItsLumberzack: Roses are red, money is green,
01-07-2020 09:23
RT @shutthefuxkup01: yall been saying this for the past 3 months and aint shit happen but get worse
01-07-2020 09:22
I love Eslabon Armado my fav to simp to
01-07-2020 08:42
RT @NikitaDragun: dear karma, do ur thing girl.
01-07-2020 08:40
RT @naaanii___: I'll be Single forever before I let another mf make me feel like I'm not good enough‼️
01-07-2020 08:23
I wish I recieved flowers each time the ones I have die :( they look so pretty in my room
01-07-2020 08:18
I really thought I was gonna have the day off today 🤡🤡
01-07-2020 00:15
RT @missmichelada: MOOD https://t.co/xlyqmO9kKZ
30-06-2020 18:27
RT @virgogirrI: yooo this is the full video!! WHOOOO IS THE GUY THAT PULLED UP? I LOVE HIM!!!!
30-06-2020 18:17
RT @THISISNOTHIMM: women be like “I know a spot” and take you to your likes
30-06-2020 18:14
RT @jaaayleeen_: idk how txting a lot of girls amaze some of you guys i be getting bored & annoyed asf lmao this why i don’t be messaging a…
30-06-2020 18:09
EW why did my brain backtrack 2 months, I was so happy
30-06-2020 09:07
😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/ODQT1xvyCp
30-06-2020 08:51
I absolutely love Katie for getting me the vinyl record to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk album 🥺 hands down the best gift I’ve ever received
30-06-2020 08:49
i just miss having a connection w someone & all the lovey dovey stuff you can do THATS why I’m sad
30-06-2020 08:43
trippie redd make me feel better plz
30-06-2020 08:28
RT @dorisolaitan_: If you repeatedly have to tell someone the SSSAAAMMMEE EXACT thing about how you feel and nothing changes, understand th…
30-06-2020 06:44
I’m jus fucken with em I got nothing to do
30-06-2020 06:27
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 https://t.co/SplWuLcohI
30-06-2020 05:04
ok I’m back I just had a moment of weakness 😌
30-06-2020 03:59
@Chvz_Nad_ did someone end up covering for u?
30-06-2020 03:50
@Chvz_Nad_ I was working hoe 😭😭😭
30-06-2020 03:47
RT @JessBelll1: july is in 2 days wtf my mind is still in march
29-06-2020 23:29
RT @gh0uls0ul1: Fuck man. y’all get me mad as fuck.
29-06-2020 23:25
RT @elissababyyyy: some of my favs that I didn’t post ✨ https://t.co/a0zGr05lDu
29-06-2020 23:24
how are girls ok w their bfs calling them bitch? I would sock him in the mouth
29-06-2020 21:04
RT @sstephhhyyyy: being friends with guys makes you realize how much they really AINT shit LMAO
29-06-2020 20:35
RT @xx_jazzmin: these taste like nothing but they smack if that makes sense https://t.co/ubhNep5QSg
29-06-2020 20:33
RT @mxzox: If you wanna go on holiday & this is what you can afford then 100% go for it & live your best life, don’t let twitter make you t…
29-06-2020 19:07
I was crying on the way home rn & there was a big ass crash in front of me my tears said 😭😭😭 https://t.co/078lUkmWXo
29-06-2020 18:22
RT @lnbshr: Wishing death on someone is so lazy man a bitch like me gon want u to suffer eternally
29-06-2020 17:50
RT @keevrai: how y’all take 15-30 minute naps mine be 2-4 hours 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
29-06-2020 17:23
RT @Kvng_Suki: Another day has passed & I still haven’t used y=mx+b
29-06-2020 17:22
RT @bossy_britt: Does anyone remember this time on Twitter? https://t.co/ahrbqQEfLK
29-06-2020 09:28
RT @_GlitterAndGlam: I’m so glad everybody showed me exactly who they was before I enter the next level of my adult life. I show too much l…
29-06-2020 09:27
RT @genmnz: “what happened to you and-“ bitch stfu before i start crying fr
29-06-2020 09:02
por tu culpa cambiastes todito mi vida un diablito que busca amor para lastimar
29-06-2020 08:56
RT @AlyciaTyre: Pay attention to repeated behavior and people gaslighting you when you tell them what they did was wrong.
29-06-2020 08:48
if u want a change get ur heart broken, results are GUARANTEED 😭
29-06-2020 08:39
@melissaguilera_ thank u 😏💓
29-06-2020 08:38
RT @omarruizz10: If I spend money on you it’s not cause I got it like that.... but I got you like that
29-06-2020 08:37
wheres the loml im tired of saying “lol thanks” & “aw thanks” 😔
29-06-2020 08:11
RT @alondraxtirado: Because of people not wearing masks and not being careful my entire family including my 6 month old baby were diagnosed…
29-06-2020 04:18
RT @NubineQueen: y’all don’t want me, y’all just wanna touch my private parts. ion like dat 😑😭
29-06-2020 04:17
RT @kemz_1: Not an exaggeration when I say I’d rather die
29-06-2020 04:15
por tu culpa is HITTIN
29-06-2020 01:26
@biancavjacinto funny as hell now that I think about it 😭😭😭😭😭😭
28-06-2020 23:49
my mom really surprised me w tamborazo ln I literally love her sm 🥺
28-06-2020 23:49
I can’t believe I didn’t request today off 😣 I’m so fucken tired
28-06-2020 23:38
RT @adrixxo_: Imagine thinking this is ok?? DUMB BITCH 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
28-06-2020 23:37
RT @alsoto_7: she was like: this MF really proposed to me in culichi town 😭😭😭😭😭😭
28-06-2020 23:11
RT @agavedelacalle: men be like “i know a spot” & then take you for granted
28-06-2020 21:26
I got roses for the first time in a long time ln 🥺🥺🥺 & theyre so pretty
28-06-2020 21:19
someone should’ve took my phone away ln 😩😭😭😭
28-06-2020 18:57
omg I’m so embarassed 😣 lmfaooooooo
28-06-2020 18:57
me & Bianca crying to marca mp rn
28-06-2020 12:07
when u dye ur hair but u still miss him<<<<<<<<<
28-06-2020 09:51
🥳 https://t.co/xgVWEIrEiZ
28-06-2020 08:56
RT @tamayo_aileen: I have an announcement to make https://t.co/Lh0LiiqRLo
28-06-2020 02:28
RT @ashleyarroyoj: next time a grown ass man stares at me i’m barking at him
28-06-2020 02:27
RT @lazyjenni: i skipped because i was depressed, idk bout yall 💀
28-06-2020 02:26
RT @bilaalxa: How it feels to be a passenger when you’re usually the driver
28-06-2020 02:25
RT @deeshdAisy: the movements LMAOOO
28-06-2020 02:25
RT @alyssaluisaaa: His name is Daniel Michael Merola. Broward County, spread this shìt like wildfire.
28-06-2020 02:24
RT @omarruizz10: “I’m sorry” doesn’t even mean anything to me anymore, I’ve heard people say that and do the same thing they apologized for…
28-06-2020 01:57
RT @elissababyyyy: it would be hot as satan’s asshole on the day of my grad party
28-06-2020 01:56
RT @nanisxo: this is all I want 🥺
28-06-2020 00:32
RT @bforbitchhhh: Normalize telling old men what the fuck is up when staring for too long
27-06-2020 23:30
RT @brianna_minero: Idc how we ended I’ll always wish you the best
27-06-2020 22:38
RT @Pamcakes_7: Si te quieren, te buscan
27-06-2020 22:38
RT @Mufaa6: White people: follow the law and there would be no problems Also white people : https://t.co/ZGnu3V0bt6
27-06-2020 22:38
@danielaavncs bet like fr
27-06-2020 22:27
beautiful process pt.2 https://t.co/jFVodeT0Uu
27-06-2020 22:23
a beautiful process https://t.co/0EAWHLWs7a
27-06-2020 20:24
everytime I see @mehsheII walking around the neighborhood I either honk or yell at her & this morning I saw her wal… https://t.co/KHlwsH4OgE
27-06-2020 19:38
RT @_lovelyjayy: If you follow hella girls I follow I lose interest soo fast.. gives me thirsty vibes 🥴
27-06-2020 19:24
RT @Gutierrll8: https://t.co/VVvu0F81kR
27-06-2020 18:28
27-06-2020 18:22
I can’t stand white ppl https://t.co/naZdbbfsqr
27-06-2020 11:07
my dog needs to stfu this hoe snores so loud 😭😭😭😭😭
27-06-2020 10:59
RT @impossiblyeve: is this too much to ask for? https://t.co/etd7PaZl1W
27-06-2020 10:58
RT @_Teajahlashae: Ion like friendly dudes..
27-06-2020 10:57
@jetskii_glizzy yeah Ik SIS 💅🏻💅🏻 goodnight
27-06-2020 10:41
@jetskii_glizzy my bad green giant you were just saying things a short guy would say 😭😂😂😂
27-06-2020 10:39
@jetskii_glizzy it’s always the short guys that are so bitter 😭😭😭😭😭
27-06-2020 10:35
@jetskii_glizzy just cause I’m 5’5 doesn’t mean I’m considered one of the bro’s 😭😭
27-06-2020 10:33
RT @sammimichale: are any males no longer for the streets? Lmk
27-06-2020 10:31
damn that one hurt 😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/WuDDqUhRbK
27-06-2020 10:31
I’m literally so fucken tired omggggggggggg
27-06-2020 10:11
@bbykarlss lmfao the funny thing is when I got home I realized I have him on ig but he doesn’t hmu ☹️😂😂
27-06-2020 09:54
ong 🤣🤣 https://t.co/cWQMKqnEOw
27-06-2020 09:53
I had such a romantic bump in w one of the Vallarta workers still thinking bout him 😥
27-06-2020 09:52
RT @alizachopra: I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t know the rap to Superbass by Nicki Minaj off by heart
26-06-2020 21:19
RT @cel_campbell: bitch you can’t hurt my feelings... HAVE YOU MET MY DAD LMFAOOOO
26-06-2020 21:18
well to be fair he cheated on her so I think it’s a fair deal 😌
26-06-2020 20:27
this girl got hurt & she put a hex on her ex 😭
26-06-2020 20:27
RT @preetymichie: Just call the ambulance sis cuz we who we who 🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑
26-06-2020 20:16
@ariii_vldz I didn’t know what to put in there 😂😂
26-06-2020 20:13
I wanna make fresas con crema for Saturday but I’ve never made that b4 so I looked it up & tell me why it’s a bunch… https://t.co/UQkO4ObVZP
26-06-2020 19:47
what am I supposed to do if the best part of me was always youuuu and what am supposed to say when I’m all choked up and you’re okay
26-06-2020 10:58
26-06-2020 10:53
RT @brendiittaaaa: i dont chasee nobody.. ive learned my lesson🗣
26-06-2020 10:38
sanababish it’s gonna be 107 on Saturday 😥
26-06-2020 10:04
RT @__3ric: @melissaguilera_ Sometimes I wish I was mute so I wouldn’t hear anyone else
26-06-2020 10:03
getting sad asf at night is what I do best 😔
26-06-2020 10:03
RT @ange1m__: Drip colder then the paletas
26-06-2020 09:31
RT @melitzakarely: Ig is soooo messy rn 😭
26-06-2020 09:28
RT @dareIust: when u start to miss me, just remember when u had me, i wasn’t enough
26-06-2020 08:26
RT @shutthefuxkup01: wtf..
26-06-2020 05:55
RT @BrianduNord: Italy down to only 190 Covid cases yesterday after their insane outbreak. France down to 81. Spain around 330. The USA? 33…
26-06-2020 05:12
pandora rings are on sale 🥺😔
26-06-2020 03:46
that “shut up bitch” is so powerful lmao https://t.co/hqdhwBVc5F
26-06-2020 03:32
RT @vulnerableshitt: me giving yo sorry ass back to the streets
25-06-2020 21:53
oh fuck no 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/48y9NAUZn6
25-06-2020 20:27
25-06-2020 20:19
if ur refusing to wear a mask u deserve to get corona idc I’m tired you people
25-06-2020 20:03
@noah_bullard543 masks re killing ppl? Omfg this bitch is stupid asf 🤦🏻‍♀️
25-06-2020 20:02
this job isn’t cutting it I miss making 600 a week in the fields but I don’t wanna go back anymore 😣
25-06-2020 20:01
my party is on Saturday & I’m so disappointed w my hair 😔 I get that it’s a process but FUCK
25-06-2020 19:56
RT @juangtz__: Death penalty
25-06-2020 11:13
I’m looking at my pictures of me w brown hair & im sad I want my hair back 😭😭😭😭😭😭
25-06-2020 10:53
salma told me I’m the type of person ppl look for & that stuck w me
25-06-2020 10:14
RT @sydneejasiri: racist white lady lost her job... call that a fire cracker https://t.co/5pnf7lejet
25-06-2020 10:07
RT @chofiiissss: ugly boys be like “ she for the streets “ , stfu you for the drain
25-06-2020 10:07