Pyris (@firegiantpyris) — Gamer,Trucker, and marvel guy
@sxy_jess1 I’d love to be behind you as you go down on my girl
04-07-2020 17:06
@sxy_jess1 Oh I’d love too
03-07-2020 04:55
@sxy_jess1 If I was lucky enough to have you do that
01-07-2020 00:41
@ana44f I’d rather make love to you
30-06-2020 08:49
@ana44f Thank you
21-06-2020 21:24
@winkingdaisys I see why it’s called that now lol
20-06-2020 21:58
@ana44f Umm ta ta Tuesday
16-06-2020 19:26
@ana44f And that’s why your my favorite
03-06-2020 18:21
@bigtittybi1 How much
29-05-2020 20:43
@bigtittybi1 Where you get it from
29-05-2020 19:03
@bigtittybi1 Bj or him banging you
29-05-2020 02:29
@LovelyLilith00 Glad your feeling better
27-05-2020 15:41
@BustyBroganXXX They don’t look bad at all your still very cute
27-05-2020 13:00
@NiaJaxWWE just wanted to say your one of my favorites and my so also likes you too. When your music hit last night…
26-05-2020 15:08
@LovelyLilith00 can you give us a update on how you are doing
25-05-2020 19:24
@bigtittybi1 And it was amazing
19-05-2020 17:18
@TheScreenTeam In Turok rage wars my buddy and I found the greatest trophy or achievement idk what it was called ba…
18-05-2020 06:45
@winkingdaisys Lol my fiancé’s friend she made me one with the same fabric
18-05-2020 04:41
@bigtittybi1 Wtf seriously?!? How can they do that
16-05-2020 04:31
@bigtittybi1 Good morning
15-05-2020 16:35
RT @Kate38ddd: Peeping nipples 😘
14-05-2020 01:53
@ana44f Oh you know why
13-05-2020 01:55
@ana44f Girl what are we gonna do with you
13-05-2020 01:51
@ana44f Mmmmmmmm
13-05-2020 00:40
@ana44f 😳
12-05-2020 23:55
@Kainin @WWEAsuka @BeckyLynchWWE That was crazy I mean when I heard she had an announcement I thought it was she co…
12-05-2020 04:17
RT @Kate38ddd: So I was thinking if I made an onlyfans account would you guys join and what would you like to see from me
12-05-2020 02:55
@Kate38ddd Mmm I will always miss those tits I hope one day I can play with them and suck them
12-05-2020 02:31
@sxy_jess1 Personally I’d rather just wash you down
11-05-2020 22:29
@bigtittybi1 Can’t already a member lol
11-05-2020 22:28
@TheJWittz It’s amazing
11-05-2020 02:26
@sxy_jess1 Would love to see you blowing a dildo
10-05-2020 15:45
@ana44f Mmm hello cutie batooty
10-05-2020 00:55
@Goddess44o Definitely wouldn’t mind more if your willing to share
09-05-2020 19:46
RT @Goddess44o: Retweet if you want more
09-05-2020 19:46
@ana44f I wish I had Skype now lol
09-05-2020 02:02
@StarduskSteph Good morning
08-05-2020 17:10
@Goddess44o Definitely nice to wake up to those
08-05-2020 17:05
@Kate38ddd I think I will join you
08-05-2020 08:27
@AkiterraGoombah Egg cheese bacon or sausage I see no issues
07-05-2020 19:06
@BustyBroganXXX Good morning
05-05-2020 13:35
@volumexo @PinkGorillaLLC @DSKoopa @kelslewin Yeah I live in Michigan
05-05-2020 02:33
@volumexo @PinkGorillaLLC @DSKoopa @kelslewin How do you order things from them
05-05-2020 02:25
@bigtittybi1 Beautiful smile 😊. Only thing I notice
04-05-2020 06:02
@TheScreenTeam Original music videos
04-05-2020 04:35
@StarduskSteph Good morning beautiful how was your night
03-05-2020 16:50
@ana44f I like the lace pattern
03-05-2020 00:58
@bigtittybi1 Lol nice employee of the month
02-05-2020 02:01
@sxy_jess1 how are you doing
01-05-2020 18:23
RT @ana44f: Adventures in Babysitting, my daily life 🤣🤣🤣🤣
01-05-2020 03:47
@ana44f @Kate38ddd I think they both would be a lot of fun
01-05-2020 01:27
Best Father’s Day gift ever!
01-05-2020 01:05
RT @Kate38ddd: The start of them getting bigger 💦💦💦
01-05-2020 00:15
RT @Goddess44o: Retweet if you love natural huge breasts
30-04-2020 02:30
@LovelyLilith00 Put the tits away and focus on getting better silly
30-04-2020 02:28
RT @Kate38ddd: Mmm I just love licking them. They are so nice and soft. And there maybe a surprise inside.😉 10 retweet’s and I’ll show it b…
28-04-2020 18:39
RT @Kate38ddd:
27-04-2020 23:17
RT @Kate38ddd: As the polls show tits are best!
27-04-2020 18:39
RT @Kate38ddd: Titties are always a nice end to everyone’s weekend!
27-04-2020 18:39
@Kate38ddd I wanna suck those
27-04-2020 11:43
RT @Kate38ddd: Hi babies I wanna spoil you today so what would everyone like to see
26-04-2020 21:48
@ana44f Hello
26-04-2020 18:57
@ana44f Could be worse
26-04-2020 04:01
@dez2988 I thought it was starting on the 26th
25-04-2020 21:12
@RondaRousey @unCAGEDgamez @WHO @FacebookGaming Most training she’s done in a while.
25-04-2020 03:03
@Kate38ddd so since I shared your tweets can I get something special
24-04-2020 01:42
RT @Kate38ddd: Someone wanna add more 😘😘
24-04-2020 01:42
RT @Kate38ddd: Gotta have fun on break
24-04-2020 01:42
RT @Kate38ddd: Just waking up after a long night shift!
24-04-2020 01:42
@SeanRossSapp Well at least they can fix the bugs
24-04-2020 01:05
@ana44f Stranger things
24-04-2020 00:22
@AEWrestling @orangecassidy @tntdrama @AEWonTNT Narcolepsy drop
23-04-2020 04:15
@bigtittybi1 I see nothing wrong with being goofy makes life fun
23-04-2020 01:49
@Kainin My ex wouldn’t care if I caught corona and the plague all at once
22-04-2020 23:12
@bigtittybi1 Could use the body heat
22-04-2020 16:31
@ana44f Sign me up!
22-04-2020 16:30
RT @Kate38ddd: If I can get 15 retweets I’ll show what’s under the vapor😉.
21-04-2020 23:42
@bigtittybi1 Hmmm I don’t see the issue
21-04-2020 03:25
@BustyBroganXXX Hope your getting better
21-04-2020 02:49
@bigtittybi1 And how would you liked to be entertained tied up and used as a toy or worshiped like a goddess
21-04-2020 02:27
@AEWonTNT @AEWrestling Where is the fun in that
20-04-2020 02:48
@ana44f Lol good morning ☀️
19-04-2020 16:47
Trying to sleep and I just can’t. Worried about all this virus crap and having an 11 month old and another on the w…
19-04-2020 11:29
@Kainin I agree with that 100% I’ve been on an anxiety roller coaster since last night
19-04-2020 11:27
@ana44f Cause your awesome
18-04-2020 19:14
@ana44f Missing you
18-04-2020 19:04
@ana44f Your turn?
18-04-2020 18:06
@bigtittybi1 How much you want
18-04-2020 02:50
@ana44f A friend of mine ordered off of
17-04-2020 21:44
@bigtittybi1 Depending on what you mean by fun
17-04-2020 07:31
@GrimsToyShow It’s amazing to see their true feelings about their talent
16-04-2020 00:20
@ZackRyder hey Zack sorry to hear about you being released at such a horrible time. I’ll if you’ll ever see this bu…
16-04-2020 00:05
@AustinKellerman @JohnsHopkins At least you don’t live in my state good ole Michigan
15-04-2020 01:11
@ana44f Let’s cuddle
13-04-2020 12:35
@bigtittybi1 Drop them out then
13-04-2020 04:41
@bigtittybi1 So date night I take
12-04-2020 21:36
@bigtittybi1 Happy already subscribed
12-04-2020 20:28
@BustyBroganXXX Lol I might download it now lol
09-04-2020 15:36
@BustyBroganXXX Sweet I’ve watched a few but I’m still in the fence
09-04-2020 15:33
@BustyBroganXXX I’m curious if it’s any good lol can you let me know
09-04-2020 15:28
@BustyBroganXXX Thought about getting it
09-04-2020 14:59
@bigtittybi1 Oh wow
05-04-2020 17:12
@ana44f Hug you
05-04-2020 03:25
@bigtittybi1 Can’t wait
04-04-2020 21:25
@BeckyDust1 @ana44f That’s actually a good anime lol definitely you
04-04-2020 21:03
@ana44f Hopefully making out and more
04-04-2020 18:53
@BustyMara @winkingdaisys If only I wasn’t at work
03-04-2020 20:53
@AkiterraGoombah In a way I kinda hope they did
29-03-2020 21:11
@ana44f Hey babe can I follow you
29-03-2020 06:00
@ana44f Well good afternoon cutie
29-03-2020 01:47
@winkingdaisys Lucky for me my little is only 10 months so don’t have to worry too much lol Disney + is a god sent
27-03-2020 23:58
@winkingdaisys hope you are doing ok with this crazy virus crap
27-03-2020 23:53
@ana44f Pyris252
27-03-2020 22:14
@ana44f Yup
27-03-2020 21:47
@ana44f True gotta make money to stay on your onlyfan lol
27-03-2020 21:28
@ana44f Rather help take it off and cuddle
27-03-2020 16:04
@ana44f Crazy busy loading semis with frozen produce
27-03-2020 16:04
@ana44f Want to so bad
25-03-2020 04:42
@ana44f It’s ok seeing what you posted on onlyfan really helped cheer me up
18-03-2020 04:53
@ana44f Miserable work is going crazy trying to fill trucks with frozen produce
18-03-2020 00:42
Now Michigan is closing all bars and restaurants wtf!
16-03-2020 19:19
@winkingdaisys Looks awesome!
06-03-2020 00:40
@ana44f I’m am I just hadn’t looked in there yet I just did wow!
04-03-2020 04:03
@ana44f Lol what about onlyfans can we get something lol
04-03-2020 03:58
@ana44f I just wanna cuddle up and lay my head on them
26-02-2020 00:28
@NiaJaxWWE @suh_ellenb When are you coming back nia we need you to teach bailey a lesson
24-02-2020 00:54
@ana44f Yes momma
22-02-2020 09:18
@ana44f Only if she’s willing to show
16-02-2020 07:21
@lootcrate First pokemon
05-02-2020 06:38
@ana44f Did you enjoy the shower
19-01-2020 09:12
@GaijinGoombah Are you surprised really Jim Hanson was definitely a unique person
19-01-2020 09:11
@ana44f Cuddle up under a blanket and watch movies with you with the fireplace going
18-01-2020 21:00
@ana44f I’m doing it lol looking down
17-01-2020 00:34
@ana44f I’d rather you sit on my face
17-01-2020 00:34
@BustyMara @winkingdaisys As soon as I get back to work making money I’m definitely gonna re join
14-01-2020 10:28
@ana44f I’d rather use my tongue to get you wet
12-01-2020 10:31
@ana44f Oh wait I see what you did there lol
12-01-2020 04:13
@ana44f I actually don’t have that app
12-01-2020 04:13
@ana44f I wish I could see that whole video lol
12-01-2020 01:32
@ana44f Good afternoon yourself cutie
12-01-2020 01:05
@AkiterraGoombah Hopefully you guys are safe
11-01-2020 04:54
@AkiterraGoombah Didn’t you guys just have a warning a month or two ago?
11-01-2020 03:56
@GrimsToyShow @JimmyControvrsy We gotta see the actual video
03-01-2020 11:43
@LovelyLilith00 Lol wow
27-12-2019 08:22
@winkingdaisys Hopefully you guys can get that thing fixed for good
22-12-2019 01:38
@winkingdaisys Little cold up there too huh
18-12-2019 21:41
@winkingdaisys These are mine that I have
16-12-2019 16:03
@winkingdaisys Lol yeah that sounds about right.
14-12-2019 17:12
@winkingdaisys Definitely not afraid of you lol
14-12-2019 09:47
@winkingdaisys Happy birthday
11-12-2019 06:50
@BaddAssBrunette hey beautiful
10-12-2019 09:24
@winkingdaisys How cold is it there
06-12-2019 00:02
@ana44f 10
04-12-2019 01:40
@winkingdaisys I think what they are seeing is if you look at the right side of the picture your hair falls in such…
03-12-2019 20:36
@winkingdaisys just wanted to see how your doing after yesterday.
03-12-2019 02:33
@winkingdaisys Jello pretzel salad what’s that?
29-11-2019 04:08
Sucks trying to sleep and not being able to breathe out of your nose cause your sick
27-11-2019 13:07
@winkingdaisys Lol ok ok you got me on that. But still I remember that tweet.
27-11-2019 13:06
@winkingdaisys Lol guess that shows how long I’ve followed you
27-11-2019 10:53
@winkingdaisys Yeah you broke one if memory serves
27-11-2019 07:27
@winkingdaisys Nah just wants to cuddle the momma
26-11-2019 23:27
@winkingdaisys Take care of your family first if people are really your fans they will understand
22-11-2019 22:35
@winkingdaisys Take all the time you need
22-11-2019 08:09
@winkingdaisys Wow that’s messed up
22-11-2019 00:44
@winkingdaisys @lootcrate Ahh ok
21-11-2019 22:37
@winkingdaisys @lootcrate I remember seeing a video that loot crate is own by a new company. There’s a YouTube vide…
21-11-2019 21:57
@SupaNintendoGrl And even more beautiful
18-11-2019 07:21
17-11-2019 09:16
@PlentyOfFish you guys have so many bots and fake profiles it’s amazing you need to fix that
17-11-2019 05:47
@winkingdaisys love the purple hair
05-11-2019 05:28
RT @sarahisnothere: FOUND: A lost unicorn at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2. Lost & Found was closed so they’re currently safe & sound in a te…
04-11-2019 09:38
Giving $1000 To #TeamTrees If I DO NOT Pull This Pokemon Card! via @YouTube
02-11-2019 21:21
RT @DetJessRamirez: Leslie Hodges shares this Nest Cam video of a kid who discovers an empty candy bowl on Halloween. What happens next wil…
02-11-2019 06:47
@Lyricoldrap My girl went 60 I know what your going through
01-11-2019 00:13
@pepsi my baby loves Pepsi max empty bottles
31-10-2019 03:23
@pepsi my little guy loves to play with my empty max bottles after i finish one off. Thought you’d get a kick outta…
30-10-2019 23:41
RT @winkingdaisys: Thats funny and horrible
30-10-2019 00:17
Being laid up with an ankle injury sucks so much I just wanna heal and get back to work
29-10-2019 22:18
@winkingdaisys You’ve got Michigan beat
29-10-2019 18:49
@dez2988 No snow down here by the state lines of Michigan and Indiana. Must all be stay up there for now
29-10-2019 18:36
I voted #TeamBlackCat on @TheTylt — because I always ship her and Spidey.
27-10-2019 19:18
@wx8 You currently live in my grandparents old house and I’m not surprised lol the squirrels and birds and other an…
25-10-2019 10:46
@GaijinGoombah Holy smokes
21-10-2019 06:11
@GaijinGoombah Holy shit
21-10-2019 06:10
@GaijinGoombah Beautiful
21-10-2019 06:09
@winkingdaisys I’ve been enjoying your post
19-10-2019 23:15
@winkingdaisys Your welcome
18-10-2019 02:34
@winkingdaisys There wasn’t a video on your page
18-10-2019 01:18
@LovelyLilith00 I wish I could be cuddling up with ya
06-10-2019 23:26
@CodyRhodes @TheBrandiRhodes @AEWonTNT @AEWrestling I wish I could drive those trucks for you guys
24-09-2019 23:14
@realDonaldTrump It’s the people that are making their own batches of liquid that are the problem. The ones that ar…
14-09-2019 08:31
@realDonaldTrump mr trump please don’t believe the false media about vaping. Your letting fake news steer your view…
13-09-2019 22:30
@itsJimboFresh @Static_Panda @TheJWittz @Javoxxib I just got blue with the free gems
13-09-2019 17:14
@RenaeIRL So amazing!
13-09-2019 05:53
@SupaNintendoGrl Your amazingly beautiful
08-09-2019 04:02
@GovWhitmer I can’t believe you are the governor of my state
05-09-2019 01:16
@winkingdaisys Must be a full moon
31-08-2019 10:07
Wizards of the Coast: Bring Back Dice Camera Action #WaffleCrew - Sign the Petition! via @Change
31-08-2019 10:06
@SupaNintendoGrl What the hell is wrong with people
30-08-2019 08:27
@ProJared thank you Jared for finally coming out with your side of the story. I’ve been waiting before I made any j…
28-08-2019 01:33