Clarisa (@insane_panda828) — 25♌️. 👩‍👦. Just trying to save lives 🏥 . I tweet in the moment, so please don’t get offended 😂
RT @filthybookbitch: My brother died because of his diabetes. After years of having to ration it off and on, it wrecked his organs. He was…
04-07-2020 08:38
RT @chloexhalle: can’t believe this was a year ago today 😭❣️✨
04-07-2020 07:24
RT @Webster69Dw: . Nothing says #4thofJuly2020 like arresting Indigenous People near Mount Rushmore
04-07-2020 07:19
RT @van_peeblez: Drake saw this shit too and decided to mind his business
04-07-2020 07:04
RT @mcakessss: This is fucken disgusting
04-07-2020 07:00
04-07-2020 06:46
RT @Lorenz_Jaay: Whoever did it, bitch made.
04-07-2020 06:46
RT @jujuboston: MEOW MEOW BITCHES. #AllStars5 #DragRace
04-07-2020 06:24
04-07-2020 06:23
@hostile_bean @poppafloppa next time 👀! I must get those animals cracker earrings 👀👀👀
04-07-2020 06:22
RT @Chinohoven: Estados Unidos? More like estamos jodidos
04-07-2020 06:21
RT @laurrrelyse: Seeing Daft Punk on my TL just brought me so much joy
04-07-2020 06:21
Oh shit I forgot it’s July 😂. Eli’s birthday is coming up ☺️ #ItsCancerSeason 💜
04-07-2020 06:18
@theestallion Me shooting my shot lol 💜
04-07-2020 06:15
RT @tiredafm0m: Friendly reminder to support your baby’s damn neck 😒🤦‍♀️
04-07-2020 06:12
RT @Rocioceja_: Every time something happens in the Latinx community y’all are always like “wELl WHat AbOUt uS!?!” What about y’all!?! Sksk…
04-07-2020 02:47
RT @evelynvwoodsen: Here is a thread of classic bags you should buy as your first designer purchase. These bags are an investment, this mea…
03-07-2020 21:23
03-07-2020 21:11
RT @hostile_bean: todayyy!
03-07-2020 20:25
RT @xosmang: MISSING IN WATSONVILLE, last person who heard from her was her mother on a voicemail crying for help and noe her phone is off.…
03-07-2020 08:52
RT @skaijackson: SAY. HER. NAME. Vanessa Guillen was serving her country, and in return she was sexually harassed, brutally murdered, and…
03-07-2020 08:47
RT @AC_Roald: Open for a surprise
03-07-2020 08:11
RT @alexisjreports: I’ve never seen this headline for a Kardashian.
03-07-2020 07:36
03-07-2020 07:31
RT @themisstoto: jazell barbie royale lives in my head rent free and she will continue to do so for the rest of my existence…
03-07-2020 05:29
RT @heavenbrat: found this cute lil reminder
03-07-2020 05:25
RT @CeeHawk: Just wanna remind y’all we were tear gassed for protesting in the same city a month ago.
03-07-2020 05:23
RT @abc15: Alicia Navarro update: Family pleads for help in search for daughter missing since 2019 #abc15 https://…
03-07-2020 05:20
RT @emanizaire: my grandparents lost everything in a house fire this week. everyone's okay, but as retired elders, this is an especially di…
03-07-2020 05:18
RT @IvyKungu: Wait remember this 💀💀
03-07-2020 05:08
RT @jayy_lira: 68 years old man making a living selling ice cream got Shot and killed by 3 bums... sorry this happen to you 😓 DESCANSE EN P…
03-07-2020 05:05
This is how it should be!!!
03-07-2020 03:10
RT @mirandablake41: This infuriated me and I can’t even imagine how her family feels. What is fucking wrong with people
03-07-2020 03:08
RT @chancexclip: nobody: me next week when that new summer walker drop:
03-07-2020 02:38
RT @NotNikyatu: This Karen euphemism has gotten out of hand. These women are nurses, teachers, police, realtors, food handlers... First…
03-07-2020 01:25
@estefaniear FACTS!!!
03-07-2020 01:18
RT @TrixieNumba9: Let’s normalize black women receiving push gifts cause mfs are trying to find an issue with this & ion like it
03-07-2020 01:18
Lmfao 😂😂
03-07-2020 01:08
RT @hkplaha: URGENT MISSING PERSON! Pardeep Kaur Plaha, 23, from Leytonstone, East London. She has been missing since 10:30 01/07/2020. Sh…
03-07-2020 01:08
RT @ClevyRicch: “I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all. I’m so sorry. I have no gun.” SAY HIS NAME Elijah McClain I stay haun…
02-07-2020 22:51
RT @bolu_tietie: There's a reason why he's the only sibling with a full head of hair
02-07-2020 22:51
@poppafloppa Leave me alone
02-07-2020 22:49
RT @poppafloppa: Little by little y’all.
02-07-2020 22:45
RT @DaiLikeDay: damn how long she been old 🤨
02-07-2020 22:45
@jonathanivan @poppafloppa welp 😂
02-07-2020 22:45
My son, just wants me to watch him play with his toys all day 😂. Love his little needy butt 💜
02-07-2020 22:43
RT @JootComer: Brie larson reading all the tweets about her being gay
02-07-2020 22:27
RT @Dexerto: If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or know anyone that is, and you would like to talk to someone, please reach out and…
02-07-2020 22:24
They caught Episten’s girlfriend. I hope that bitch doesn’t die unexpectedly😒. She needs to rot in jail!
02-07-2020 21:29
RT @Full_On_Cynic: oh my god... I cant believe that Ghislaine Maxwell killed herself next week
02-07-2020 21:27
Huh? Are you really that bored?
02-07-2020 21:27
RT @buggirl: like if u despise the american school system for not teaching us ASL and multiple other languages starting in kindergarten😔
02-07-2020 21:20
@hostile_bean @poppafloppa
02-07-2020 21:20
Same! At least I’m not drinking a Red Bull lol
02-07-2020 21:20
RT @glambymykaila: Oh now all of a sudden it’s my body my choice?? Interesting.
02-07-2020 19:06
RT @Chinohoven: Vanessa’s sergeant really committed suicide!!! Fucking coward!!!!! Gods going to give him the punishment he deserves!!!!
02-07-2020 09:34
RT @Chinohoven: Y’all still celebrating the 4th???
02-07-2020 09:06
RT @StilettoRoyalty: Please don't ignore this case, folks. I don't have the words to describe what it's like for women in the military. Van…
02-07-2020 08:30
RT @spicytamalex: I’ve followed this story closely and am absolutely disgusted with the way it was handled. Normalize accountability and tr…
02-07-2020 08:27
RT @kemba722: ALERT: A white supremacist shot 6 Black people who were at a protest demanding Justice for #BreonnaTaylor in Kentucky yesterd…
02-07-2020 08:26
RT @Eldrick_Cav14: Why have I not heard about this in the news yet? Does this not qualify as a TERRORIST ATTACK to white American leaders?!…
02-07-2020 08:26
02-07-2020 08:19
RT @six8uso: Soldiers are going missing, black people are getting killed & kidnapped, children are being raped and put in cages by the gove…
02-07-2020 05:36
RT @jessicadefino_: I had to buy groceries at the 99 Cents Only Store when I worked as an editor on the Kardashian-Jenner Official Apps ❤️…
01-07-2020 11:33
RT @myeshxa: Y’all notice a sharp decline in protest videos and content in the last couple weeks?
01-07-2020 11:32
RT @vibeeesss: Literally seeing people on social media out partying like, what is wrong with you!?!? 🙄🤷🏻‍♂️ #BarLivesMatter is a stupid and…
01-07-2020 08:09
RT @WHO: "Six months ago, none of us could have imagined how our world – and our lives – would be thrown into turmoil by this new virus. T…
30-06-2020 19:17
RT @alissa_ashleyy:
30-06-2020 09:48
RT @evelynvwoodsen: Friends let’s be honest here.....once Bobby Shurmurda is out, will you be supporting and bumping his music or has his w…
30-06-2020 09:23
RT @sabinenysa: If the videos look like this definitely RT, no more videos or photos of protestors’ faces they are being targeted by the g…
30-06-2020 09:15
RT @twentysomeskin: Putting my pride aside and asking for help. If you know me, you know my mother was hospitalized in January and finally…
30-06-2020 08:49
RT @mariodiaz: A gag for the gods. #TransIsBeautiful
30-06-2020 08:43
4,4,D. Yes, leave me alone lol
30-06-2020 02:31
RT @Al0haNani: sustainability
30-06-2020 02:25
RT @Rocioceja_: Hey, shut up!!! you are beautiful 😤😤😤shut the hell up and stop speaking badly about yourself
30-06-2020 02:21
RT @sailorcmoon: random person: I don't like Sailor Moon me:
30-06-2020 02:20
I miss dedicating 2 hours on doing my makeup 😔. Now I set a 15 minute timer 😂🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️💨
30-06-2020 02:20
RT @tinatopiaa: The disconnect is crazy
30-06-2020 00:47
RT @ItsQuinnMoore: people wearing masks without covering their nose
30-06-2020 00:43
RT @OscarCortez30: Mood:
29-06-2020 23:27
RT @enzoriverss: Wow once you turn 20 your life is fr over
29-06-2020 20:44
RT @aj_fairley: She look homeless 97% of the time...but that 3%!!Boyyyy😍😍😭!!!
29-06-2020 20:44
RT @weiapparel: listing these tomorrow! 4PM EST✨
29-06-2020 09:36
RT @toomuchFinesse: Summer Walker: Honestly Me:
29-06-2020 09:24
Rokael, her makeup artist is fucking talented 😩💕
29-06-2020 09:15
RT @ANTWTF: is that... a half-lash I peep? 👁
29-06-2020 09:11
RT @NatalieCoz: remember box tops??? they really had us cutting little squares out of our cereal boxes and shit so that our classrooms coul…
29-06-2020 09:04
RT @ronlin: Latino&Black residents have died from COVID-19 at TWICE the rate of white residents in L.A. County • Of every 100,000 Latino re…
29-06-2020 08:53
RT @sheedabp: Small business owners on my TL might find this interesting and should defo follow this girl
29-06-2020 05:57
How cute is my man’s one pice collection? 💜❤️❤️❤️
29-06-2020 00:57
What freedom are we celebrating on July 4th? Cancel that shit.
29-06-2020 00:55
RT @planetpng: ducklings taking baths on water lilies
28-06-2020 19:42
RT @AshleeMPreston: This is just...smh. Another Black trans girl was murdered. When we said protect Black trans women—we meant our youth as…
28-06-2020 19:42
RT @SymphaniSoto: nothing about pedophilia is funny.
28-06-2020 19:41
28-06-2020 19:34
RT @The_A_Prentice: See what happens when white people are even slightly inconvenienced.
28-06-2020 19:34
RT @Jake_Blackson: no less than 30 minutes later, APD fired tear gas at us 🤷🏾‍♂️
28-06-2020 19:33
RT @q_withthewaves: When the smartest person in the class crying cus she got a 98 and you made a 47
28-06-2020 19:32
RT @ManiTheIcon: Y’all don’t give Beyoncé enough for the serve that Greenlight really IS 😩
28-06-2020 09:27
RT @JohnTheeFame: Britney Spears rehearsing the choreography to Baby One More Time (1998)
28-06-2020 06:24
RT @summerdru: Is this too much to ask?😭
28-06-2020 06:20
RT @12_FJB: Submitting that essay knowing it was trash anyway
28-06-2020 03:50
RT @buggirl: hello bugs and girls, i finally created a mailing list you can sign up for to receive update reminders and discounts for my sh…
28-06-2020 02:31
@hostile_bean Yesssss💕💜
27-06-2020 22:09
RT @wedontbitepod: Hey everyone! If you love our podcast please consider donating and sharing! Thank you guys 🤍💗
27-06-2020 05:52
RT @ROOONSKIEEE: Hi guys! I would like to ask for help from you all. My father had a heart attack last Monday and we cannot afford the hosp…
27-06-2020 05:50
I need this drink in my life 😂
27-06-2020 05:49
RT @SheaCoulee: You hear that Richard Quinn??? I love you 💖
27-06-2020 04:58
Who hurt her? Damn.
27-06-2020 04:05
RT @Muhamnnad: Nah I’m cryinggg
27-06-2020 04:02
RT @flow_witMe: So cops were caught sex trafficking & other cops are covering it up. This is disturbing
27-06-2020 04:01
RT @MaryEmilyOHara: Did you know that strippers are on strike in Portland, OR, the city said to have the most strippers per capita of any U…
27-06-2020 03:59
RT @thbrksbrthr: i take pride in who i am 🏳️‍🌈 i take pride in me ❤️
27-06-2020 03:59
RT @hostile_bean: magically delicious 💞
27-06-2020 03:57
RT @w_kech: RT widely A sister needs to see this
27-06-2020 03:40
@peachcait_ @poppafloppa 💜👀
27-06-2020 03:34
RT @Stephen_Dewayne: This is pretty cool. Sailor Moon but Ancient Egyptian. Artist: Vanessa Ninona
27-06-2020 03:31
RT @leelaamaj: Saw this billboard down la Brea.
27-06-2020 03:29
RT @lilwatever96: Me IRL vs. Animated me
27-06-2020 02:05
RT @ReeseW: Hey Everybody! Wearing a mask is not a political statement. It means you care about other people’s health and safety. Be KIND,…
27-06-2020 02:05
RT @HaileyLaRaex: I thought Elijah died this week.. he died in August. AUGUST!!!! It’s almost been a year and we’re just now getting this s…
26-06-2020 21:59
RT @BonerWizard: never forget
26-06-2020 09:40
I miss eating good in Mexico 😢😂.
26-06-2020 09:26
RT @PopBase: Spotify predicts “Do It” by Chloe x Halle to be one of the top songs of the Summer.
26-06-2020 09:16
RT @voguemagazine: Anywear's capsule of specially designed face coverings offers an alternative to the omnipresent N95.…
26-06-2020 08:55
RT @cnni: If 95% of Americans wore face masks in public, it could prevent 33,000 deaths by October 1, according to the University of Washin…
26-06-2020 08:02
RT @nicekicks: Resellers after they buy some shoes for $220 and sell for $250
26-06-2020 08:00
RT @laurrrelyse: Happy world vitiligo day
26-06-2020 07:58
RT @thehill: Colorado governor directs officials to reexamine death of Elijah McClain after over 2 million sign petition…
26-06-2020 07:50
RT @GavinNewsom: Dr. Fauci is right -- this isn’t about politics. It’s about SCIENCE. Wearing a mask will help slow the spread of #COVID19.
26-06-2020 07:47
RT @lifeofrickey: This generation.....I.....WHEWWWW I’m praying for y’all
26-06-2020 07:46
RT @bronze_bombSHEL: I see a lot of Cher talk on the TL so... “Cher stole some of my stuff—I came first and she came after. But I thought…
26-06-2020 07:43
RT @laurrrelyse: [Me as] Rainbow Quartz - ‘Cool For The Summer (Cruel Summer ‘98 Remix)’ by Initial Talk, performed by Demi Lovato || 💎 THE…
26-06-2020 07:42
RT @hostile_bean: oomf said make lucky charms
26-06-2020 07:41
RT @algrcax: She was trafficked from Milwaukee, WI. People need to recognize how big of an issue sex trafficking is in Milwaukee. Please op…
26-06-2020 07:41
RT @takemegarth: same police department
26-06-2020 05:02
RT @jenniferrrrg1: it just blows my fucking mind how white people hate mexicans, but are always at Mexican restaurants 🤮
26-06-2020 05:01
RT @morayo_olujumu: Why is 41% of the Bakersfield budget going to the police department? This city got no street lights, too many potholes…
26-06-2020 04:03
RT @PrettyGiirlRi: “U aint crazy... they just got u fucked up and that shit crazy”
26-06-2020 03:48
26-06-2020 03:47
RT @kilIacourt: Just bc the media has stopped showing it doesn’t means it has stopped.
25-06-2020 19:23
RT @jazzyfizzle____: R.I.P. to this man. It’s eerie how many of these activists have been killed “mysteriously”
25-06-2020 19:22
RT @GavinNewsom: Wear your mask. This isn’t about politics. It’s about SCIENCE. Protect others. Protect yourself. Help slow the spread…
25-06-2020 19:13
RT @teishajenaie_: Police protecting the predators. People just like them. ABOLISH THE FUCKING POLICE.
25-06-2020 19:12
RT @ktteaa: Grabbed this off a live video. The police sneaking people (NOT THE MISSING KIDS) out of the SEX TRAFFICKING HOUSE!…
25-06-2020 19:11
Though my public speaking class is online, I am still scared shitless to do speeches 😭
25-06-2020 18:44
RT @quakerraina: Keep donating to Elijah’s mom
25-06-2020 10:42
RT @BroYouGood: She not wrong at all though.
25-06-2020 08:51
RT @localblackgirl: when he smiles his whole face glows, he seemed like the sweetest lil soul. i’m so fucking heartbroken about this
25-06-2020 06:32
@hostile_bean So cute 💕
25-06-2020 06:04
RT @BarkyBoogz: They got her fired within 4 HOURS of them reporting her LMFAO
25-06-2020 06:01
@poppafloppa @BarkyBoogz Fuck that bitch
25-06-2020 06:01
I have to do a power point for my speech, and I want cry lol. It’s not hard, but I really don’t care to do it 😂
25-06-2020 04:42
You’re not exempt from catching the Covid 👀.
25-06-2020 04:41
RT @woowhector: if you tested positive for covid, don’t be a shitty person & let people know
25-06-2020 04:39
RT @alissa_ashleyy: Arnell is such a wholesome little Nelly Bean sometimes, she said this earlier & it really did make me rethink how I was…
25-06-2020 04:38
My son fights with me every time :(. One day he’ll cooperate 😭. I won’t lose hope 😂
25-06-2020 04:35
RT @quintabrunson: I can't say it enough: please don't forget that coronavirus is still very here. another young and seemingly healthy pers…
24-06-2020 20:06
RT @HeroNacho: The character The voice
24-06-2020 18:52
I hate that I love Winstop. Like, I’m better than this 😂😂😂😩
24-06-2020 07:35
RT @KoticCouture: In Baltimore, a Trans Activist was lured to a cookout to be assaulted. Here's a gofundme to support her medical bills and…
24-06-2020 04:11
RT @FaeryAngela: Cool cool cool, so there's this wing photo trend people are doing, using my images mostly, without any attribution. This p…
23-06-2020 22:23
RT @quintabrunson: In other news, when movie theaters open, do not go to them. You don’t have to die seeing frozen 3 in theaters 💕
23-06-2020 22:21
RT @dyllyp: Elijah’s last words were: “I’m an introvert. I’m just different that’s all. I’m so sorry. I don’t have a gun. I don’t do that s…
23-06-2020 17:56
RT @BleacherReport: Mystics guard Natasha Cloud has decided to opt out of the 2020 WNBA season to fight for social reform "I have a respon…
23-06-2020 17:56
RT @KenDuffyNews: Still lots of tense friction down here near Lafayette Park where we’re having occasional flareups btw protesters and poli…
23-06-2020 07:06
RT @zackfox: decided to take a shot every time I heard fireworks lastnight
23-06-2020 06:45
RT @lostincosmo: This young man, Elijah Mclain, was another victim of police brutality, and his murderers are still roaming around, free as…
23-06-2020 06:43
RT @PhoenixPolice: MISSING CHILD: Please help us locate 7-year-old Armor Jay Williams. He went missing from 15th Ave. & Mohave St. on June…
23-06-2020 06:42
RT @amandaoee_: yup
23-06-2020 06:38
RT @ghoulishbat_: Me trying to figure out how to stop my brain from thinking negatively
23-06-2020 06:35
RT @TheSharkPunch: This was Elijah McClain. He wore masks due to his anemia and Colorado weather. Someone called 911 on him and the poli…
22-06-2020 21:26
RT @kennybeats: Rico and I made smack a bitch the first night we ever met eachother To see her become the mother, person, and artist she…
22-06-2020 21:25
RT @allmirvelovic: our dads really came here wit nothing and gave us everything, that’s some shit right there
22-06-2020 19:12
RT @santiagomayer_: Y’all might forgotten about the story, but the two cops that pushed and nearly killed a 75yo man in Buffalo were releas…
22-06-2020 09:58
On god!!!
22-06-2020 09:58
RT @jhunebeauty97: 🧚🏾‍♀️ 💛
22-06-2020 09:57
RT @paolangomez: They bought all the paletas so he can go home and relax on Father’s Day 😭😭
22-06-2020 09:56
This scares me a bit 😂
22-06-2020 09:50
RT @_kaiceeee: (the entire album)
22-06-2020 09:48
Keeping all my nursing classmates “studying” vibes, fucking away from me 😩😩😩😩. Bitch stfu 😂. But you right I need to review 😭😭😭😭😭😭
22-06-2020 09:30
I love it, when an album transitions between tracks beautifully 💜.
22-06-2020 09:25
RT @iambrattyb: Ungodly Hour (the song)
22-06-2020 09:19
RT @Saylah_D: Tiffany Pollard is a really great interviewer, she’s very attentive. She needs another TV show.
22-06-2020 09:18
RT @fentybeauty: Happy FLEEK day! Thank you @peaches_monroee 🙌🏾👸🏾
22-06-2020 09:13
RT @onlychloexhalle: A two-part story
22-06-2020 09:12
RT @Jwalk35_: please retweet this so we can find this young man.
22-06-2020 09:11
RT @davy10306: Brownsville is a city plagued with ignorance and homophobia. If you don’t like the event, then don’t go. Don’t rob people of…
22-06-2020 08:03
RT @_gabyology: 6485 Arlington expy Jacksonville Florida 32211 !!!!
22-06-2020 07:59
RT @BCF_4: These bitches look like they got paid to do that weird shit 😂😂
22-06-2020 03:29
RT @yohannabeee: Angola is the largest prison in the US. It is named after the plantation that once existed there, which was named "Angola"…
22-06-2020 03:27
22-06-2020 03:27
RT @luvsolies: kuju flower park in japan is a dream
22-06-2020 03:25
RT @TonyDecay: Worlds Elites are running a child pedophilia ring.
22-06-2020 03:25
RT @pingkipenguin: Just some Roald ✨🐧💕 #animalcrossing #acnh
22-06-2020 03:23
@ANoForMeDawg Nah girl, I think I have nerve damage from all the heat 😂😂😂
22-06-2020 03:23
RT @Nigensei: You are an actual terrorist
22-06-2020 03:22
22-06-2020 03:21