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RT @jzombrush: Xanxus! 🔥 (completed) #KatekyoHitmanReborn #xanxus #varia https://t.co/ubH0kaYoI8
27-02-2021 23:06
Artist VS Art! My most recent art. Hope you all like it. Plz support and Retweet if you can. Love you buddies.… https://t.co/g32bkJMm7R
26-02-2021 22:53
@itskyannadenice I love this one! But you already know that 🥰
26-02-2021 22:14
Xanxus! 🔥 (completed) #KatekyoHitmanReborn #xanxus #varia https://t.co/ubH0kaYoI8
26-02-2021 18:55
Posting more art tomorrow! :) Please keep an eye out!
26-02-2021 02:54
@animationwithgu It looks beautiful! I noticed your line art and just had to tell you! Keep creating buddy :)
25-02-2021 22:38
@bat_hol I also love it! Amazing art buddy!
25-02-2021 22:35
Love this piece! https://t.co/2FKyC3hqfZ
25-02-2021 22:35
Check out my friends amazing art! https://t.co/NJnM2ONPBM
25-02-2021 22:34
@Monimoop_ Cant wait to see more! Ill give you a follow!
25-02-2021 22:31
@sygnin Amazing style buddy!
25-02-2021 22:29
@bat_hol The last one is sooo beautiful! Is it from hades? Great art!
25-02-2021 22:29
@heyoddri great line art! Love the first one especially
25-02-2021 22:28
@MirandaEstby Loveeee the colouring and tones!
25-02-2021 22:28
@animationwithgu great line art!
25-02-2021 22:28
@rebbybearr cuteeeeee!!!
25-02-2021 22:28
@lordsheogorath1 Amazing art alex! Especially the resident evil one!
25-02-2021 22:27
@schmesa Your art is really unique, it stands out! Loving all 4 that you posted!
25-02-2021 22:27
@KoiCee Monster hunterrr! Looks awesome!
25-02-2021 22:27
@Larmon_ Beautiful colouring!
25-02-2021 22:26
@gremlindsay Awesome art Lindsay!
25-02-2021 22:26
@Rina88aciR great line art!
25-02-2021 22:26
@KaylaKowalyk Absolutely stunning! Love the 1st one especially!
25-02-2021 22:26
@feiune_ The 3rd one is my fave, but honestly i love all of them! Great art
25-02-2021 22:25
@kollapsart Wow ... just wow Reid!
25-02-2021 22:25
@McSkirt_ Amazing colours!
25-02-2021 22:24
@Monimoop_ Loving the 3rd one especially Moni! I would love to see more horror related art!
25-02-2021 22:24
@6STONES_ART great line art!
25-02-2021 22:23
@emes_zack adoreeee the style! Really relaxing and pleasing on the eyes!
25-02-2021 22:23
@wnikeartist Link looking handsomeee! Hi terri, love the art!
25-02-2021 22:23
@AlexMichnowicz Love the zelda one!
25-02-2021 22:22
@FrancescaHarvie Very unique artwork Francesca! Love the style!
25-02-2021 22:22
@kaniosart @ViiMorteArt Beautiful colouring and designs!
25-02-2021 22:22
@solgick @ViiMorteArt Are they some of your ocs amelie? I love the designs!
25-02-2021 22:21
@sasyk_ adoring the art levi!
25-02-2021 22:21
@ViiMorteArt sooo beautiful!
25-02-2021 22:20
@VGC_News Hope this isnt true. Their games are some of my favourites. :/ Keep them creating original games!
25-02-2021 22:20
@ViiMorteArt Hi! I appreciate the art share! Im slowly approaching 500 followers, so any new support is greatly app… https://t.co/ihIYhrqLPv
25-02-2021 22:18
@linkex92 @ethereqldiana @senkoushoujo_ @Asterisen @space_trash101 @tarurys Awww thank you so much! Hi everyone!
25-02-2021 21:26
@Laph_18_ I love how you draw tsuna sooo much!
25-02-2021 21:22
@_takesushi add me on discord or something :) dm me dude
24-02-2021 21:35
Xanxus 🔥 #katekyohitmanreborn #xanxus #varia https://t.co/D5CqrIYILa
24-02-2021 17:45
There is still one more member of the Varia to post ... hmmm >.> See you in a few hours! #khrtwt #artshare
24-02-2021 13:15
@bellboyphotos @melopacare beautiful! Wow ... i feel like im there!
23-02-2021 22:50
@Blood_Eris Your art is very pretty and has a lot of emotion! Keep creating!
23-02-2021 22:47
RT @jzombrush: Levi 🌩️(Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #artshare https://t.co/vfxFDo9tI2
23-02-2021 21:53
@kuranaga15 @MG_note Quagsire!!!
23-02-2021 16:56
@daily8059 They look handsome ☺️
23-02-2021 16:55
@dailykillua @aja_sgib Cute little killua!
23-02-2021 16:55
@m8059_8059m @_takesushi Gokudera!
23-02-2021 16:54
@_shibababa @HIsm_25 Kills little legs!
23-02-2021 16:54
@_takesushi Dibs on basil and any tsuna ones! ♥
23-02-2021 16:54
@yoginnnnnn Awww cute!
23-02-2021 16:52
@arucelli Love the design!
23-02-2021 16:52
@KHR_Air @Doong_Rb Aww gokudera and tsuna!
23-02-2021 16:51
@Syuka_vermilion HiBird!
23-02-2021 16:51
@myyykco Awwww cute!
23-02-2021 16:51
@LL_lyeh @kei_27270 Cute! I love it
23-02-2021 16:51
@i0UrHienGyhqmX3 I love it! It's sooo cool and unsettling
23-02-2021 16:48
@i0UrHienGyhqmX3 Woahh! I love it. I kinda love the subtle creepiness to it! I would love to see more art like this… https://t.co/2TLCMRiBIH
23-02-2021 13:25
@byeby_dino Cute tsuna!
23-02-2021 13:20
@13033303 I love this picture! I want to know the story about the picture! :)
23-02-2021 12:06
@Kamii_momoru Happy Birthdayyy!
23-02-2021 12:05
@_takesushi I knew it!!! You are amazing! Well deserved buddy! ☺ ♥
23-02-2021 04:11
He so cute https://t.co/l0BLqFHKrZ
23-02-2021 02:58
Hope you don't mind me plugging my ko-fi again. Any tips, are greatly appreciated. If you can't tip please consider… https://t.co/7HCf9qmM5h
22-02-2021 22:56
@_takesushi You will do amazing buddy! I believe in you! https://t.co/SBdZKjbQJT
22-02-2021 22:52
@neovongolaa Welcome! Vongolaaaaa fight!!!
22-02-2021 21:18
Varia's Mist Guardian. Viper! 🌫️#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/XeOaeowy48
22-02-2021 16:30
RT @elfycious: #hxh 키르아 https://t.co/9PY5eJfScN
22-02-2021 12:39
@p1uvio_ we missed youuuu buddy! Welcome backkk
21-02-2021 21:51
@iCatyuu chocolate chip? nuts? white chocolate? mint?
21-02-2021 01:29
RT @jzombrush: Viper 🌫️(Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #artshare https://t.co/o7xkNCuq1H
21-02-2021 01:26
@iCatyuu oh no :( make more? or buy some?
21-02-2021 01:26
@_takesushi I want these! Where do I get themmmn and are they expensive ♥
21-02-2021 00:01
Got a mad craving for cookies today. https://t.co/0iY6dUAxxs
20-02-2021 21:50
RT @HiuKelvin: Sadako https://t.co/kdbLn9fXdh
20-02-2021 15:45
@_takesushi I got the tsuna one! It's soo cute. Is there any others of other characters? https://t.co/lK6wESvZui
19-02-2021 16:47
Viper 🌫️(Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #artshare https://t.co/o7xkNCuq1H
19-02-2021 16:20
@_takesushi You can do it! Vongolaaaa fight!
19-02-2021 13:40
Will be posting the coloured art later today! 😌
19-02-2021 13:29
@ArtWithGert thought u might like it LOL https://t.co/Ja2O889GC9
18-02-2021 22:04
@_takesushi Did tsuna have one from jump festa 2017?
18-02-2021 22:01
@Eden_Daphne_ Your edit is sooooooo much better! I love it. Hope jeremy listens
18-02-2021 22:00
@asperabeart @ArtWithGert
18-02-2021 21:51
RT @jzombrush: A little art vs artist for valentines day. #artvsartist2021 #KatekyoHitmanReborn https://t.co/Z8edMor38B
18-02-2021 13:16
RT @Laph_18_: らくがき🍫 https://t.co/Cj1tl7SFMr
18-02-2021 13:14
@kiomiri Aww thank you for tagging me. I really appreciate it buddy! I will tag @ArtWithGert @PanSketches… https://t.co/8LumIZF7TE
18-02-2021 03:22
Skyward Sword is best zelda game. Dont @ me. Lol Nintendo really gonna make me pay again tho >.> Prob gonna be full price aswell
18-02-2021 01:53
Viper 🌫️ #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #artshare https://t.co/qgFVPQNyNV
17-02-2021 17:20
@Kamii_momoru My favourite! 😍 https://t.co/lYKnYWf8K3
17-02-2021 12:05
RT @jzombrush: Varia's Lightning Guardian. Levi A Than! 🌩️#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/mDP4uNukXX
16-02-2021 22:00
RT @jzombrush: Valentines Day Reborn (Even though I hate valentines day) #valentinesday #katekyohitmanreborn #khrvday2021 https://t.co/uudT…
15-02-2021 23:59
@PanSketches @ArtWithGert @TheDualPhoenix Bless your soul. Thanks a bunch ♥
15-02-2021 21:31
Varia's Lightning Guardian. Levi A Than! 🌩️#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/mDP4uNukXX
15-02-2021 16:32
@Bluechama Thank you soo much! I hope you stick around to see more :)
15-02-2021 13:45
RT @itslopezz: “but in the night, she’s all he thinks about🥀” #MiraculousLadybug https://t.co/Cm7d3bdSrV
15-02-2021 04:07
@Ellesra1 I KNOWWWW! Hes a yummy chocolate arcobaleno! Haha I appreciate your continued support! Hope you sticking… https://t.co/LI9VNVtbCh
15-02-2021 01:07
@zenmaibook I would buy this if it was a game!
14-02-2021 21:41
A little art vs artist for valentines day. #artvsartist2021 #KatekyoHitmanReborn https://t.co/Z8edMor38B
14-02-2021 18:32
@kiralushia Aww thank you so much, i try to post something every 2 days haha. Im currently drawing the Varia members!
14-02-2021 17:01
@kiralushia Its nice meeting another KHR fan art creator! Your art is beautifulllll
14-02-2021 16:47
@kiralushia Beautiful art! Awww love tsunakyoko!
14-02-2021 16:45
Valentines Day Reborn (Even though I hate valentines day) #valentinesday #katekyohitmanreborn #khrvday2021 https://t.co/uudTijSjyn
14-02-2021 16:40
Would you be interested in an art raffle when I hit 500 followers? If you see this post Plz VOTE and RT ❤️
13-02-2021 22:40
@liXhu Sweeet! Ill check it out buddy! Your art is always incredible
13-02-2021 18:10
Levi 🌩️(Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #artshare https://t.co/vfxFDo9tI2
13-02-2021 18:05
@DXmmgm Cuteee tsuna!
13-02-2021 18:01
@_PericraniuM_ @mochiimochii_i Wow! Stunning artwork!
13-02-2021 18:00
@FunnyCartOons4 cute artwork juan!
13-02-2021 17:59
@Solstice_oo beautifullll!
13-02-2021 17:58
@liXhu I adore the 3rd one lixhu!
13-02-2021 17:58
@ArtbyMasonBrown Thank you sooo much for the art share! And congrats on the 3.5k! Here are some of my art pieces! I… https://t.co/oEsNb5PCC8
13-02-2021 17:58
@_takesushi There is one of the characters in beach wear and tsuna has a water gun ... i want it but like a big ver… https://t.co/1qwoCZ3nYY
13-02-2021 17:15
RT @jzombrush: Levi🌩️ #katekyohitmanreborn #artshare https://t.co/kjc8C0EbXB
13-02-2021 00:12
King. 👑 https://t.co/Z4zzQKNy6v
12-02-2021 22:04
@_takesushi TSUNAAAA :)
11-02-2021 22:51
Levi🌩️ #katekyohitmanreborn #artshare https://t.co/kjc8C0EbXB
10-02-2021 21:28
@PanSketches https://t.co/bOIrLOpk7F
09-02-2021 00:08
@PanSketches Massive congrats! I hope i helped slightly. Well done! Now on the way to 100!
08-02-2021 23:44
@_takesushi Nooooo add me back to it XD
08-02-2021 23:43
RT @jzombrush: Varia's Sun Guardian. Lussuria☀️#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/Hbda89LKKr
08-02-2021 22:06
Varia's Cloud Guardian. Gola Moska! ☁️#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/wFR7M6T1sK
08-02-2021 16:15
RT @jzombrush: Hi everyone, im Jzombrush and here are some of my more recent artworks! I will tag @ArtWithGert @niume_purin @kiomiri https:…
08-02-2021 12:45
RT @NekroNell: @jzombrush Hello! I’m Nell:) thanku for hosting! https://t.co/kuqLGt1No7
08-02-2021 12:44
RT @ROSEMXRIIQ: @jzombrush Hi! Thank you for the art share! I’m looking for more art moots! I’m trying to follow more art accounts! 💞 And…
07-02-2021 23:31
RT @TheJemPowered: @jzombrush Thanks for hosting #artshare Hi everyone, I'm Jem! I draw 'Ships, NSFW and superpowered women OCs. jpystud…
07-02-2021 23:30
RT @_lukementa_art: @jzombrush Some art from my comic 🧡 @NozakaRuki https://t.co/jgZJJymDnR
07-02-2021 23:30
RT @emes_zack: @jzombrush @elycini Hello, im a Blender Artist, thx for the opportunity. Here is my latest artwork. Hope you like em. Look…
07-02-2021 23:30
RT @DollyDrori: @jzombrush @linkex92 Hi there!, thank you for hosting, I'm Dolly and this is my work! https://t.co/qI0MBif8fS Tagging: @Ka…
07-02-2021 23:30
soooo beautiful! Please follow my friend, her art is great https://t.co/tXbhfmVyHV
07-02-2021 23:30
@6STONES_ART Wowww! Love the art 6stones
07-02-2021 19:17
@tyi_art I love them all but especially the 2nd one!
07-02-2021 19:16
@artofprefeito @outoftheazul @BedosGuilhem @CysgodionALlwch @BeenellisA @chunterart @ArteDeFantasia @LeonRaven @TDZ_ART wowww!
07-02-2021 19:16
@Tailsgod Incredible art patrick!
07-02-2021 19:16
@AsheIllustrates Unique!
07-02-2021 19:15
@JustMomochi LOVEEEE the 3rd one especially
07-02-2021 19:15
@magical_scope wow ... sooo stunning!
07-02-2021 19:14
@elliott_gr Beautifulllllll as always! I adore your art
07-02-2021 19:07
@outoftheazul Im Jordan/Jzombrush and i create a mix of artworks. Here are some of my more recent works. I hope you… https://t.co/tXN2o2RWQ7
07-02-2021 19:06
@AlexMichnowicz Love the zelda art alex! Thanks for joining the art share
07-02-2021 18:42
RT @AlexMichnowicz: @jzombrush Hi! I’m Alex! I’m a 14 yo aspiring artist who loves fanart, Zelda, Final Fantasy VII and so much more! I hop…
07-02-2021 18:42
@ArtWithGert This is looking so good. Haha i wondered where ur upload had gone
07-02-2021 18:18
Follow my bestie, she makes amazing art and always mixes it up! https://t.co/GUr2oiLXwK
07-02-2021 18:17
@PanSketches @ArtWithGert amazing art!
07-02-2021 18:04
RT @PanSketches: @jzombrush @ArtWithGert https://t.co/wam6ccBO6z
07-02-2021 18:04
@linkex92 @MarinetteDraws @HexHoundArt @Alienpopx @BellyBean16
07-02-2021 17:43
Hi everyone, im Jzombrush and here are some of my more recent artworks! I will tag @ArtWithGert @niume_purin… https://t.co/4vHxllzxB2
07-02-2021 17:43
⭐️SUNDAY ART THREAD⭐️ ⭐️Share your art! 🙂Like and follow other artists work 🙂Like and share this tweet 🙂Tag art… https://t.co/dEjhmVcxCX
07-02-2021 17:41
RT @jzombrush: Gola Moska☁️ (Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #animeart https://t.co/elylV0v7SB
07-02-2021 17:38
RT @jzombrush: Varia's Rain Guardian. Superbia Squalo 💧#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/GgInmDTlLk
06-02-2021 23:55
I had a plan to make a RTS Cork board but I miscalculated the picture sizes and now I got one space missing... I ne… https://t.co/d5aL7bnETz
06-02-2021 18:55
@_takesushi oh my, HE CUTE!
06-02-2021 17:55
@_takesushi OOOOO! I want to see whats insideeee, photos?
06-02-2021 00:22
Gola Moska☁️ (Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #animeart https://t.co/elylV0v7SB
05-02-2021 21:38
@_takesushi I believe in you buddy, you can do it! https://t.co/I0qPryBWjO
05-02-2021 21:36
@HexHoundArt heckin' heck my dude!
05-02-2021 21:33
@_takesushi Does it have cute/handsome pics of tsuna in it?
05-02-2021 21:33
@_takesushi Good luck with finals! I know you will do amazing buddy!
05-02-2021 13:26
@_takesushi I will also! Lets just say ... since your time away i mayyyy have got a little collection of new merch… https://t.co/vKwqquvedG
05-02-2021 13:25
@BoiGenn love the art!
05-02-2021 13:10
Ima be posting coloured gola moska a little later! Keep an eye out!
05-02-2021 12:47
@yukuzai Skull!
05-02-2021 12:45
This is what i needed in my life, but i never knew it ... until now. Gokudera helping tsuna do ringfit. https://t.co/TZ7UXjzAci
05-02-2021 12:43
RT @kiomiri: [rts 💕] hii!! just to let you know, my kofi commissions are open eternally hehe https://t.co/F58TCDYEQB https://t.co/vxnQY51p…
05-02-2021 12:42
@kiomiri And your art is awesome as always kiomiri!
05-02-2021 12:42
@HexHoundArt That is pretty fookin rude!
05-02-2021 12:41
@_takesushi I think you missed a lot haha but im happy you are back!
05-02-2021 12:38
@_takesushi My KHR friend! I missed you and your tsuna posts!
05-02-2021 12:29
RT @jzombrush: Gola Moska ☁️ #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #animeart https://t.co/KbPaoScRwa
05-02-2021 01:23
RT @jzombrush: Squalo 💧(Completed) #katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/Ymi8mzr8MA
04-02-2021 12:47
Gola Moska ☁️ #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #animeart https://t.co/KbPaoScRwa
03-02-2021 16:30
Varia's Rain Guardian. Superbia Squalo 💧#katekyohitmanreborn #artshare #varia https://t.co/GgInmDTlLk
02-02-2021 15:40
RT @kiomiri: pirate king coming through!! collab with @jzombrush (for the lineart)!!! i colored hehe https://t.co/830YnYs4Ku
01-02-2021 02:57
@werupz lovveeeee the artwork wero!
31-01-2021 21:09
@DeePeeArts Thanks a bunch for the art share! I will be sure to RT! I hope people enjoy my art. https://t.co/bsdgKRwUiL
31-01-2021 21:08
@JustMomochi Thank you sooo much! I appreciate the support and RT's! 🥰
31-01-2021 20:43
@atMedoly niceeee colours medoly!
31-01-2021 20:42
@kava666_ 3rd one is cute! Is he an OC? :) id love to see more of him
31-01-2021 20:42
@Kthranart VERY unique style amy! I love your characters
31-01-2021 20:42
@kingdesignz007 soooooo cool cobey!
31-01-2021 20:41
@helenicchi veryyyyy nice style helen!
31-01-2021 20:41
@WowzaDawg the last one is amazingggg! and the one of the person in the bed!
31-01-2021 20:41
@AsheIllustrates such a unique style ashe! I love it!
31-01-2021 20:40
@elliott_gr loveeee the designs!
31-01-2021 20:40
@JustMomochi beautiful colours momo!
31-01-2021 20:40
@JustMomochi Thank you for the art share, any support is greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy my art! i will tag… https://t.co/2Kz5MlQNui
31-01-2021 20:39
Why are so many people drawing katekyo hitman reborn characters with headphones? I love it ... hahaha
31-01-2021 19:48
RT @jzombrush: Squalo💧 #katekyohitmanreborn #varia #artshare https://t.co/kyIK2znU1f
31-01-2021 17:18
@kiomiri Thank you for collabing with me! I really enjoyed it, we need to do it again in the near future!
31-01-2021 15:03
A collab I did with @kiomiri ! I really enjoyed it haha, luffy with his snacks! I hope we collab again soon!… https://t.co/ngnsZz9GDW
31-01-2021 14:54
@Kamii_momoru Did you find out why they abandoned all their accounts?
31-01-2021 05:36
@weakoco They are the perfect mix with creepy and cute and a hint of handsome hahaha. Great design! Id love to see more of them
30-01-2021 22:31
@agutorom Yay! Thank you thank youuu! 😍 https://t.co/dwvVCcchK6
30-01-2021 22:26
@agutorom Your English is very good! I'm excited to seeing more of your art in the future! I hope it is Tsuna!
30-01-2021 22:08
@linkex92 I love your art as always haha
30-01-2021 21:42
@agutorom Thank you! For drawing Tsuna and making amazing art! I love it!
30-01-2021 21:39
@agutorom sooo cute tsuna!
30-01-2021 21:37
@agutorom your art is beautiful! I love how you draw tsuna!
30-01-2021 21:37
@weakoco I love this character, are they an OC? Can i be friends with them please? lol Amazing art jana!
30-01-2021 21:02