Krystal *Wash Ya Damn Paws!* (@ksaun001) — Civil Servant, Proud Black Woman, 1st Lady Spear, #KHiveForBiden, Someone's Aunt, Geneva & Mac's Daughter, #BeeninFormationsince 83' #BeyHive #SussexSquad #BLM
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RT @BerniceKing: Kindness matters. But kindness does not = justice. Civility counts. But calling for civility is not the humane response…
24-01-2021 08:15
RT @TheRickyDavila: What GOP Traitors like John Cornyn fear most about the impeachment process is discovery, which is why they’re against i…
24-01-2021 08:14
RT @deathntaxesprof: When racists and xenophobes write checks they can't cash:
24-01-2021 07:54
RT @GabbieKDrice: You misspelled effective.
24-01-2021 07:50
0 4287
RT @funder: Anyone involved in the Capitol terrorist attack in any way should be arrested and face the max sentence. No deals. No mercy. No…
24-01-2021 07:47
0 7924
RT @donwinslow: Some things are going to come out soon about the Capitol Attack that are truly frightening and speak something larger than…
24-01-2021 07:46
RT @LakotaMan1: Al Qaeda, ISIS, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers—are terrorists organizations.
24-01-2021 07:46
RT @MrsVSNC09: Wear a mask 😷 when in public, and keep 6 feet distance!! No one should have to tell you to wash your gd hands.…
24-01-2021 06:55
RT @EdanClay: #TheResistance beat the Nazis... both times.
24-01-2021 06:54
RT @PalmerReport: Calls grow for Ted Cruz to resign:
24-01-2021 06:54
RT @LeciaMichelle11: You seem upset. Let me explain something to you. Black people have historically been the most powerful voters for the…
24-01-2021 06:50
RT @WonderKing82: Shut up, you help give power to their terroristic attack. You hated Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump and you made s…
24-01-2021 06:50
RT @TheRickyDavila: Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz have been fundraising off of their incitement of insurrection and sedition instead of being re…
24-01-2021 06:49
RT @TheRickyDavila: GOP Seditionists, MAGA terrorists and insurrectionists are being treated far less harshly than say a black man selling…
24-01-2021 06:35
RT @flywithkamala: No surprise that Kamala Harris was on top of things as a teenager, too!
24-01-2021 06:35
RT @LakotaMan1: You can see his white privileged entitlement leave his body.
24-01-2021 06:31
RT @democraticbear: Republicanism is Fascism.
24-01-2021 06:26
0 2011
RT @TheRickyDavila: GOP neo-Nazi Seditionist Madison Cawthorn went on @CNN today and Pamela Brown used his own lies about election fraud to…
24-01-2021 06:25
0 5295
RT @funder: [email protected] Kevin McCarthy is one of trump’s Capitol riot accomplices.
24-01-2021 06:25
RT @LeaundraRoss: Texas-$7.25 an hour. How the fcuk are people surviving on this? Rhetorical question... I know they're not.
24-01-2021 06:24
RT @omwill3: Look at our President and his grandson. 😭#Inauguration
24-01-2021 06:23
RT @ish_not: If @JoeBiden didn’t already have a Rolex- I would GoFundMe him one😘
24-01-2021 05:27
0 1163
RT @LloydAustin: Enjoyed my first call with my South Korean counterpart, Minister Suh Wook. The U.S.-ROK Alliance is among our most combine…
24-01-2021 05:27
RT @SussexPrincess: This tweet hits a little different now that it says “Vice President Kalama Harris” 😌
24-01-2021 05:27
@notcapnamerica Yup
24-01-2021 05:26
RT @ronnygyrl: @lynnv378 With Grey Poupon in the bicycle basket.
24-01-2021 05:19
RT @GabbieKDrice: @lynnv378 It would be the serve we need.
24-01-2021 05:19
24-01-2021 05:18
0 3614
RT @donwinslow: AYE!
24-01-2021 05:17
RT @flywithkamala: Vice President Kamala Harris at her desk doing the work for the people. ✊🏾
24-01-2021 05:17
RT @DearDean22: He thought: “But I’m with THEM!” would mean he gets the same privileges... hfaafo...
24-01-2021 05:16
RT @Ms_MMMJ: Pamela Brown is de-stroying this young nazi. 🤣🤣🤣
24-01-2021 05:16
RT @PalmerReport: The Arizona Republican Party just imploded
24-01-2021 05:06
RT @BidenHarrisBro: Just because the Bernie meme *was* funny doesn’t mean we like the him. Trump was in plenty of funny memes and I didn’t…
24-01-2021 05:05
RT @WisePaxCat: Another drama show. They took breaks there for less than one day, and it was immediately corrected. Republican governors a…
24-01-2021 05:02
RT @Pulsa48: John Dean: Insurrectionist Senators are Co-Conspirators and Should Not Sit in Judgment of Trump - via…
24-01-2021 05:01
0 1684
RT @Blue_Texas2020: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton tried to overturn the election results in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvan…
24-01-2021 04:59
0 14841
RT @RevJohnHMoore1: When you read about how Hitler failed at his first attempt to overthrow the government on November 8, 1923, being tried…
24-01-2021 04:59
RT @OMGno2trump: I was hoping the problem with Republicans was Trump's leadership. But I was wrong. They're just as un-American, deceitfu…
24-01-2021 04:58
RT @abefromanohio: Jesse Owens beating Hitler & the Nazis on their home turf in ‘36 is near impossible to beat
24-01-2021 04:57
RT @SeditionHunters: Please share across all platforms. Do you Know this person?? Please contact the FBI with ID 146-AFO if you do! #Sediti…
24-01-2021 04:54
RT @josecanyousee: Spare me the “Republicans will win if...” nonsense because you didn’t give af in 2016.
24-01-2021 04:54
0 1087
RT @thomaskaine5: Reminder: Arizona GOP candidate Nicole Garcia wants you to KEEP IT A SECRET. On January 6th she wrote tweets "gushing ov…
24-01-2021 04:51
RT @covie_93: This is hilarious! I laughed so hard I was in tears. QAnon shaman regrets “been duped” by Donald Trump, his lawyer says. h…
24-01-2021 04:47
@joncoopertweets Showy?! Seriously?
24-01-2021 04:47
RT @csd: Do all these coup plotters still have jobs? Also, do better Harrisburg, PA.
24-01-2021 04:44
0 5010
RT @funder: This week President Biden will reveal the plan to reunite refugee families that were separated by trump.
24-01-2021 04:36
RT @WonderKing82: I told you he would be an example 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
24-01-2021 04:36
RT @Drea_got_rage: he was not ready. back to clown college, bozo
24-01-2021 04:33
RT @WonderKing82: South Carolina.
24-01-2021 04:31
RT @tify330: Why we lost 2010 midterms: -Death Panels -Socialism -Racism -Citizens United -Bush Tax Cuts -High Unemployment -ACA misi…
24-01-2021 04:31
0 9749
RT @donwinslow: There are many domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol that are receiving minor charges, light bail or no bail, & some…
24-01-2021 04:30
RT @jamesBandler: Michigan is one of only two states that exempts both the governor and Legislature from open records requests, a fact that…
24-01-2021 04:04
Hell No!
24-01-2021 04:01
0 2600
RT @PattyArquette: We are going to be reeling when we see what has been happening at the Treasury this last 4 years. I’m nauseated with the…
24-01-2021 04:01
RT @JonFlan: Crying they were turned out. They had four years to show they cared for anyone else. Hopefully we’ll give them something mor…
24-01-2021 03:56
RT @dianelyssa: Boris Johnson is what you get when you try ordering Donald Trump on Wish.
24-01-2021 03:55
RT @Kahil: @notcapnamerica Hrmmm... BLM protesters were swooped off the street in unmarked vans for peacefully protesting and are facing 1…
24-01-2021 03:54
RT @TheRickyDavila: White supremacy is on full display any time I see a MAGA terrorist being freed and sent on their murderous way.
24-01-2021 03:48
RT @momof3inpa: @laurenboebert Yes, @laurenboebert, without even a high school education, a history of being financially irresponsible hers…
24-01-2021 03:45
RT @LosferWords: @yvonnewingett @AZGOP Arizona GOP is making it crystal clear that they would rather side with domestic terrorists than GOP…
24-01-2021 03:44
RT @MollyJongFast: The @AzGOP seems set on turning Arizona blue. I don’t hate it
24-01-2021 03:43
RT @mog7546: NOTHING HAS CHANGED Republicans aren’t going to change their attitude and work for the good of the country Republicans are c…
24-01-2021 03:42
RT @MarieB08: @richsignorelli @MarciaMarciaM12 Clark, Rosen, Barr - all out of the same firm - Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago. Seems DOJ unde…
24-01-2021 03:40
RT @mog7546: Calls grow for 9/11-style panel to probe Capitol attack Rank-and-file House Democrats are calling for a bipartisan commission…
24-01-2021 03:40
@JillWineBanks @LizLassetter @JohnWDean How do you know they may not? It’s only 3 days in.......
24-01-2021 03:21
RT @WonderKing82: A Black woman made history and we're celebrating a white man who was at her inauguration looking grumpy.
24-01-2021 03:18
0 2885
RT @ReverendWarnock: Georgians need COVID-19 relief now.
24-01-2021 03:16
RT @roneltron34: Well said.
24-01-2021 03:15
RT @nettiesnoggin: @rolandsmartin @piersmorgan @kingsthings @CNN In a time when folks are asking if Americans can unify, we get Americans o…
24-01-2021 03:12
RT @rolandsmartin: I see @PiersMorgan tweeted that Larry @kingsthings ripped his show after replacing him. Nothing Larry said was wrong. Pi…
24-01-2021 03:10
RT @darcy_mcrae: So they didn’t care that the former so-called President started an insurrection, but they’re looking at Biden’s watch? Mak…
24-01-2021 03:09
0 4072
RT @ReportsDaNews: BREAKING NEWS CHUCK SCHUMER calls for DOJ Inspector General to investigate NY TIMES report of TRUMP plan to replace AG…
24-01-2021 03:05
0 4087
RT @GeorgeTakei: No @nytimes we don’t care what watch Joe Biden wore, like we never cared about Obama’s tan suit. Do better.
24-01-2021 03:05
0 4472
RT @donwinslow: Jesus. Cop's Son Who Punched Officer In Capitol Attack Has A Brother In The Secret Service via @Ya…
24-01-2021 03:04
0 1030
RT @Oprah: It was always a treat to sit at your table. And hear your stories. Thank you Larry King.
24-01-2021 03:04
RT @PalmerReport: President Biden has now spoken with the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the UK. No international incidents have occurred a…
24-01-2021 03:01
0 18453
RT @littledeekay: Trump paid Stormy Daniels about 13 times the amount it costs to buy a Rolex. Just sayin'.
24-01-2021 03:00
RT @PunkResists: I see GOP arguing that small businesses will be forced to shut down if minimum wage is raised. In other words, it’s ok for…
24-01-2021 02:57
RT @people4kam: It’s Saturday and the President of the United States is at the White House and not on a golf course.
24-01-2021 02:51
RT @LeaundraRoss: It says a lot about how great Kamala is if even the ex-wife really likes her.
24-01-2021 02:50
0 1570
RT @LepapillonBlu: MAGAt’s that attended the Capitol rally, are now complaining & crying for being expelled and fired from their jobs.
24-01-2021 02:20
RT @mfstern: Imagine if the horror of Nazi concentration camps were pushed under the rug, to fluff it over and be forgotten, like Republica…
24-01-2021 02:20
RT @52fairway: 'Seditious conspiracy': Ethics complaint filed against Republicans over Capitol coup #SmartNews 🙏🏻
24-01-2021 02:13
RT @CanterburyCiCi_: The sad truth
24-01-2021 02:12
0 3308
RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Matt Gaetz is a proud boy
24-01-2021 02:09
RT @BusiswaGibson: What have we become as a Country when we are more concerned abt a 78year old President wearing a Rolex Watch than 412.00…
24-01-2021 02:05
0 6198
RT @FINALLEVEL: Today is @Mariska ‘s Birthday! We’ve worked side by side for over 20yrs. I love her to death. Everyone show her some love..…
24-01-2021 01:58
0 9822
RT @JuddLegum: 1. @Microsoft is one of the largest contributors to the members of Congress who tried to subvert the Democratic process Mic…
24-01-2021 01:55
0 11083
RT @Reevellp: Navalny protesters pelting police with snowballs in Moscow. #Russia
24-01-2021 01:54
0 6254
RT @AnaCabrera: BREAKING: Capitol rioter charged with threatening to 'assassinate' Rep. Ocasio-Cortez
24-01-2021 01:52
RT @WonderKing82: Look how whiteness work... Justice Department, FBI debate not charging some of the roughly 800 Capitol rioters in cases…
24-01-2021 01:49
0 2656
RT @MollyJongFast: Shouldn’t all the people who committed crimes be charged?
24-01-2021 01:40
RT @MuellerSheWrote: @RepChuck Hi, Chuck is it? Yes he can.
24-01-2021 01:40
0 17818
RT @donwinslow: "Arkansas senator has repeatedly said he served as "a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan." That's not true." Sen. To…
24-01-2021 01:39
RT @brat2381: He’s a cop AND a member of the National Guard.
24-01-2021 01:38
0 11251
RT @POTUS: We’re facing a historic moment in our nation’s history — one that requires bold and swift action. That’s why this week, I took h…
24-01-2021 01:36
24-01-2021 01:30
RT @Jolover2021: @BidenHarrisBro Chile wait til @VP pops out in this suit. She’ll make their heads spin
24-01-2021 01:29
RT @BidenHarrisBro: I’m literally begging Joe Biden to wear this suit again to make the media implode.
24-01-2021 01:29
RT @WonderKing82: Bernie Sanders used $400k of his campaign donations to purchase his book....... and they're attacking President Biden ov…
24-01-2021 01:29
RT @flywithkamala: Kamala Harris has always exuded power but @VP Harris hits different! 😯
24-01-2021 01:07
RT @BaddCompani: To all you 2nd Amendment folks who attacked the Capitol You About to be Well Regulated You were so worried about losing…
24-01-2021 01:07
RT @jadeecee1: Don't get sucked in to Rolex BS stories. Change the narrative. Our US Capitol was breached by insurrectionists with INSID…
24-01-2021 01:07
RT @ateacher97: @TeamPelosi @SpeakerPelosi was the only one with enough fortitude to stand up to tRUmp. We made it through the last four ye…
23-01-2021 23:23
0 1311
RT @TeamPelosi: American democracy has prevailed through a harrowing challenge but our commitment to support and defend our Constitution re…
23-01-2021 23:21
0 26346
RT @RonFilipkowski: Young Democrat / Young Republican
23-01-2021 23:15
RT @Limmered: “I always considered quitting” -Dr. Birx But didn’t I bet you also considered telling the truth But didn’t Condemning…
23-01-2021 23:13
RT @rena_korb: Who out there actually cares if a big covid-19 relief plan is bipartisan? When you know your side is in the right, let the o…
23-01-2021 23:13
0 3999
RT @DrTomFrieden: Covid is evolving in weeks and months the way flu evolves in years. Ominous.
23-01-2021 23:11
RT @notcapnamerica: NBC gave this person their own show.
23-01-2021 23:07
RT @meenaharris: Framing this Amazon review!!
23-01-2021 23:04
0 21258
RT @BeschlossDC: Now Hawley is claiming that he “was never attempting to overturn the election” and was merely “representing my constituent…
23-01-2021 23:03
RT @SisterNightSays: @lacadri34 The loud and wrong left stays on media rotation when there’s plenty of Black women that could be interviewe…
23-01-2021 23:03
0 3132
RT @SecondGentleman: One of many highlights of the past week was a curator-guided tour of the White House. Here are a few photos of what I…
23-01-2021 23:02
RT @redheadb3: They should be. Very worried.
23-01-2021 21:46
0 5677
RT @PamKeithFL: Dear @GOP: You misunderstood what Joe meant by “unity” & “bipartisanship.” He meant you working in good faith to help us…
23-01-2021 21:45
RT @marcynorsk: @lt4agreements Clearly white privilege imho.🤬
23-01-2021 21:44
RT @lt4agreements: @marcynorsk It appears they view some of them as just people following the crowd. And ‘many have no criminal record’. 🙄😡
23-01-2021 21:44
RT @lt4agreements: There should be zero debate. #HoldThemAllAccountable
23-01-2021 21:44
RT @lt4agreements: Wtf?? Justice Department, FBI debate not charging some of the Capitol rioters
23-01-2021 21:44
0 10645
RT @FPWellman: Absolutely insane. Both of the white men who were in the Senate with flex cuffs to take hostages were granted bail. If you d…
23-01-2021 21:42
0 2090
RT @kylegriffin1: Trump's campaign paid more than $2.7 million over two years to individuals and firms that organized the Jan. 6 rally that…
23-01-2021 21:37
RT @MingGao26: mnuchin and pompeo out of country on 6th. pence cancel... they all knew.
23-01-2021 21:36
RT @chrisgalea: @Acosta We can’t let the GOP “both sides” the January 6th insurrection. PERIOD.
23-01-2021 21:25
RT @Risethroughfire: @Acosta @HunterJCullen Completely false!! Take ownership @GOPLeader for your party selling lies, yelling lies, stoking…
23-01-2021 21:24
0 4109
RT @BetoORourke: Grateful to the Senators who have the courage to hold Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley accountable for sedition. If your Senator i…
23-01-2021 21:23
RT @LilyJacksWrites: @SussexPrincess RIP #LarryKing
23-01-2021 20:59
RT @ShimminyKricket: I fuck with Prince Harry for what he did for his wife and family. Stand up dude. I think about that whenever I see a p…
23-01-2021 20:57
RT @JoDivaRunner: Notice how many cool, sexy, and smart people support Harry?
23-01-2021 20:56
0 1118
RT @marsha_vivinate: Sandra Bland. She never made it to the courtroom. Yet the world watched in awe a 22 year old white domestic terrorist…
23-01-2021 20:55
RT @blackwomenviews: #AintDisSomeShh....the way y'all have people on these shows talking about the very things they are guilty of when it c…
23-01-2021 20:55
RT @PurpleReign14: No Velshi the memes don’t mean we wanted bernard. Damn y’all continue to be dumbasses. Vermont Jesus is exactly where he…
23-01-2021 20:51
@KildayMorgan @thefabulous0ne @NicolasEdny Elijah McClain
23-01-2021 20:51
RT @WonderKing82: That was a dope ass Rolex watch President Biden was wearing!!!!
23-01-2021 20:42
RT @PalmerReport: Politics makes more sense once you realize the Republicans are the arsonists and the Democrats are the firefighters
23-01-2021 10:10
0 17266
RT @RepJeffries: Why are so many violent insurrectionists being let out on bail? ENOUGH.
23-01-2021 10:10
RT @metroadlib: About 16-19K on this bed, and not a headboard in sight.
23-01-2021 08:37
0 6684
RT @donwinslow: Dr. Birx is out there trying to rehabilitate her image and minimize what she did. Let's be clear. 1. She lied. 2. She agg…
23-01-2021 08:34
RT @mayatcontreras: @morningmoneyben Your tweet in a nutshell is why Politico is the living worst, Ben. Only a white cis male such as yours…
23-01-2021 08:31
RT @timmytrueblue: ... Thank You @DanRather!
23-01-2021 08:24
0 2197
RT @PalmerReport: Democrats got rid of Al Franken at the first hint of inappropriate behavior. Republicans still haven’t lifted a finger ov…
23-01-2021 08:22
0 1260
RT @nytimes: An unruly passenger who had been shouting “Trump 2020!” was escorted off a flight leaving a Washington airport. Less than an h…
23-01-2021 08:20
RT @timewarden1: Meet Your Local Republican Insurrectionist
23-01-2021 08:17
RT @maddenifico: Jeffrey Clark is not only about to lose his licence to practice law — he is destined to become the star witness in a case…
23-01-2021 08:14
RT @AdamParkhomenko: @igorbobic @aterkel This is fucking insane. McCarthy can’t be in leadership. This is disgraceful even for him.
23-01-2021 08:11
RT @jeneps: The POTUS account on FB just posted a photo of him and VP Harris. "A new Administration means a new lunch partner. My first wee…
23-01-2021 08:04
RT @rwcogito: @chrislongview Joy referred to him as “Florida man” and “the little autocrat that couldn’t” tonight… I may have cackled.
23-01-2021 08:01
0 2519
RT @hakeemjeffries: Stephen Miller is a degenerate xenophobe. Go away.
23-01-2021 07:53
RT @coreybking: I have no complaints from the President and MVP; they hit the ground running, and our burdens are much lighter!
23-01-2021 07:50
0 1074
RT @rmayemsinger: Dr. Fauci tonight told Rachel Maddow he was BLOCKED from going on her show. By Trump. What the fuck else do you need to k…
23-01-2021 07:26
0 1466
RT @YNB: Dear God...
23-01-2021 07:19
RT @Sifill_LDF: This. We must understand this and demand thorough investigation and accountability.
23-01-2021 07:19
RT @notcapnamerica: When black people see other black people running 🏃🏾‍♂️ 😆
23-01-2021 07:10
0 12714
RT @FLOTUS: With all my heart — thank you to the National Guard for your continuous commitment to keeping our nation safe.…
23-01-2021 07:10
0 8036
RT @MeidasTouch: Never forget
23-01-2021 07:08
RT @MadisonKittay: If you haven’t been double-masking, research says to start now
23-01-2021 07:02
RT @JaviciaLeslie: Check out the feature in @nytimes
23-01-2021 07:01
RT @JaviciaLeslie: This one hit close to home for me. Stuck between my safe space 🌱 and my purpose 🦇... it’s crazy how much Ryan and I have…
23-01-2021 06:58
RT @Baligubadle1: Do it!
23-01-2021 06:52
RT @jilevin: Trump campaign paid $2.7 million to groups that organized rally that preceded Capitol riots
23-01-2021 06:52
RT @lt4agreements: The POS is still in the headlines. Because the uncovering of corruption will take months.... Fvck the Republicans! #L…
23-01-2021 06:51
RT @Kokomothegreat: Co-sign every word.
23-01-2021 06:48
0 2675
RT @QueenSincic: @SenatorWarnock How it's started. How it's going.
23-01-2021 06:46
RT @keithboykin: NYT: Trump plotted with a lawyer named Jeffrey Clark to remove the acting attorney general and replace him with Clark to o…
23-01-2021 06:46
0 10555
RT @AyannaPressley: It’s long past time to end the Jim Crow Filibuster.
23-01-2021 06:44
RT @zeebap2: @NotHoodlum Biden is all kumbaya, smiles and sweet while telling you to get in formation in a stern voice. I love that about…
23-01-2021 06:41
RT @KTforBiden: #MyPresident 👏🏽 is 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 playing 👏🏽with 👏🏽y’all!! Do not be fooled by his kindness. #PresidentBiden means business.
23-01-2021 06:40
RT @sussexsquadpod: So i have been seeing a lot of right wing Brits upset that the first call the Biden is making is to Canada not UK. Let…
23-01-2021 06:35
0 65310
RT @SenatorWarnock: The last time I was here in 2017, Capitol police were escorting me to central booking for leading a non-violent protest…
23-01-2021 06:31
0 2186
RT @EleanorNorton: *Update*: I now have 208 cosponsors for #DCStatehood.
23-01-2021 06:19
0 3864
RT @RexChapman: Kalief Browder sat in Rikers for three years without trial. He was accused of stealing a backpack. This white terrorist w…
23-01-2021 06:17
RT @Sifill_LDF: My God.
23-01-2021 06:16
0 8107
RT @POTUS: I know times are tough, but help is on the way.
23-01-2021 06:15
RT @TheRickyDavila: Sandra bland was murdered in police custody after being pulled over for a traffic stop. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, T…
23-01-2021 06:15
0 34939
RT @RepValDemings: Some of my colleagues are throwing tantrums because they have to go through metal detectors. Do they know that countless…
23-01-2021 06:14
RT @iamchanteezy: If I was a young woman in the 1960’s, President Biden would’ve got it.
23-01-2021 06:13
23-01-2021 06:11
0 10515
RT @POTUS: Hardworking Americans need help and they need it now. That's why today, I took action to provide relief to those who are struggl…
23-01-2021 06:10
RT @troubleshade: "A Rupert Murdoch newspaper" is how we are calling the BM now 😎
23-01-2021 06:06
RT @2RawTooReal: Joe Biden: *ONLY 48HRS IN OFFICE* Resigns back into the Paris climate agreement, Ends keystone pipeline, Ends Trans milita…
23-01-2021 05:46
0 3204
RT @sfpelosi: Jesus was the radical left.
23-01-2021 05:41
@alexisohanian @sevensevensix Yes
23-01-2021 05:41
RT @LaurenUnderwood: Today we celebrate 48 years of Roe as the law of the land. Let’s recommit to our fight to make sure all women have acc…
23-01-2021 05:27
0 1264
RT @TheRickyDavila: Because of the limited wording in their pardons, Traitor Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and other lunatics ca…
23-01-2021 05:25
RT @MuellerSheWrote: I’m hearing from friends across government agencies that they aren’t waiting for the Biden and Harris portraits to com…
23-01-2021 05:25
RT @KildayMorgan: President Biden just said people shouldn't lose their unemployment because they refuse a job that puts their health at ri…
23-01-2021 05:25
RT @flywithkamala: Mittens didn’t steal the show, hands down these ladies did.
23-01-2021 05:24
0 1860
RT @funder: Dr. Birx retired. Good.
23-01-2021 05:24
RT @thetimes: Interview 🎙️ | Her aunt’s election to vice-president is, @meenaharris believes, a shot in the arm for every woman who’s ever…
23-01-2021 05:10
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RT @meenaharris: things i’m still not over
23-01-2021 05:09
RT @WonderKing82: Y'all killing me!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
23-01-2021 05:07
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RT @PalmerReport: The New York Times is now trying to paint President Biden as elitist and out of touch because he has a Rolex and a Peloto…
23-01-2021 05:07
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RT @lawcrimenews: Texas Supreme Court Silently Denies Alex Jones All Forms of Relief: Sandy Hook Families and Others Can Now Sue Conspiracy…
23-01-2021 05:02
RT @katheln2: @sbg1 Wait, Mick Mulvaney's niece was involved? Really? Huh, he was so disgusted by the event that he just HAD to resign as e…
23-01-2021 05:00
RT @TruDemEileen: @sbg1 @SykesCharlie Anyone looking at Clarence Thomas’ wife? I never see anything about her and her funding of buses to…
23-01-2021 04:59
RT @BishesBrew: @sbg1 @JuliaDavisNews Co-conspirators to an attempted insurrection. That's what we need to call them.
23-01-2021 04:59
RT @realTuckFrumper: WATCH: Jill Biden Delivers Cookies & Thanks to National Guard Troops
23-01-2021 04:55
RT @BaddCompani: Charges for Congresspersons are coming. Mark My Words.
23-01-2021 04:52
RT @SteveHofstetter: WaPo Reports: Feds uncovered a plot to gas all members of Congress to death in the Capitol. Yet Republicans are STILL…
23-01-2021 04:50