Messy Elliot (@lexyszn) — #Blacklivesmatter
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RT @hannaaaa_k: @TS_286 @bilzyb
08-07-2020 06:30
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RT @bilzyb: Boohoo (the conglomerate) are running a slavery factory up in Leicester by paying workers, mainly women of colour, as little as…
08-07-2020 06:30
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RT @choo_ek: Dear Women on Twitter: Please check your Lists. A Thread
08-07-2020 06:29
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RT @samklew: idk who needs to hear this but YES, IT'S OK TO GIVE MONEY DIRECTLY TO HOMELESS PEOPLE!!!
08-07-2020 06:28
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RT @AwengChuol: I should’ve been at camp last year, but we move 🙇🏿‍♀️
08-07-2020 05:38
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RT @ThatsSoDAWN_: All I did was believe in myself and I’ve accomplished so much 💪🏾✨
08-07-2020 05:35
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RT @ChanelLondynn: If you want to help a trans sister out fulfill my dream & live my life authentically a small or large donation will be s…
08-07-2020 05:06
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RT @TevinJC: talk about a family glow up.
08-07-2020 04:36
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RT @sailorfemme: ive never seen this video and dominique literally is just so fucking stunning wow
08-07-2020 04:35
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RT @a_saltypeach: Hi again I’m trying this again with a picture of myself attached. My name is Amanda I’m 23 yrs old. I have end stage rena…
08-07-2020 04:34
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RT @MasonPippenger: These racists assaulted and attempted to lynch Vauhxx Rush, a black man, in Bloomington, Indiana.…
08-07-2020 04:03
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RT @bonsaibro: @alyssangelica__ In case you feel like your being followed, use this!
08-07-2020 04:02
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RT @SatansGf: @densephoque @alyssangelica__ Someone in a white van attempted to abduct me a few days ago in Long Beach! This is the video o…
08-07-2020 04:02
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RT @alyssangelica__: I ALMOST GOT KIDNAPPED TODAY. inside the goodwill in CYPRESS, CA. i was alone and two men followed me around and tra…
08-07-2020 04:00
RT @Tyty_1211: And this is why sexual harassment and assault for DSBW is often more extreme.
08-07-2020 03:55
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RT @t0nit0ne: Yes, yes, yes! Also, to stress: normalise whatever ‘luxury’ means to YOU. If it’s being curled up with a good book, want that…
08-07-2020 03:52
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RT @uhhlexysAha: You??? Literally?? Cut?? School?? Funding??? And ?? Increased?? The?? Police?? Budget?????????
08-07-2020 03:48
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RT @thehsltweeknd: someone should check on his wife and kids.. if he has any.. this just gives off "i beat my wife" vibes. to scream at a…
08-07-2020 03:46
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RT @donilith: deserved a movie where she wasn’t a frog the whole time
08-07-2020 03:43
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RT @sarahhanem: hold tf on...
08-07-2020 03:43
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RT @elimieralanegra: Keep black owned black plant shops running. A retweet is free.
08-07-2020 03:42
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RT @sacha_babez: So apparently they thought this VICTIM was a suspect and ended up finding the person they were looking for AFTER they MURD…
08-07-2020 03:38
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RT @DonTheCreator_: Regina Hall carried this entire franchise
08-07-2020 03:38
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RT @chuuzus: scary movie is 20 years old today. what a classic.
08-07-2020 03:37
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RT @CrysCassette: Always remember our internet niece dedicated her youth to fighting for something adults should’ve taken care of. The worl…
08-07-2020 03:36
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RT @tinnkky: I really believe any person using the term “legal” to describe their spouse or sexual partner is a predator
08-07-2020 02:39
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RT @dinaesor: @Titanbaddie @AzaleaDunn Hey! Hoping you guys wouldn't mind RETWEETING my Go Fund Me campaign for college to help me get to m…
08-07-2020 02:38
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RT @Titanbaddie: And they didn't explain shit. They said "Yes this Asian boy has a black mother and white father, what about it?!"
08-07-2020 02:38
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RT @jesssoomal: Students pay £9,250 a year. International students pay even more. We don’t even get an education worth that money, we get P…
08-07-2020 02:38
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RT @FadeOgunro: As a former ballerina I’m jealous of his beautiful lines, his toe points and his effortless gracefulness. @leapofdanceacade…
08-07-2020 02:21
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RT @MoistCrevices: “Why can’t I do it? Because I’m a blonde whites woman wearing a $40,000 Rolex?” I’m dumbfounded. How can you simultaneo…
07-07-2020 23:56
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RT @RexChapman: This woman in Scottsdale, Arizona was super upset with Target for selling face masks. So upset in fact, that she attacked t…
07-07-2020 23:55
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RT @ShellyAsquith: Friends in Birmingham, if you are able, support this protest tomorrow led by the families of the 5 men who were crushed…
07-07-2020 12:54
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RT @fatalethedon: Dark skin women in luxury. A thread.
07-07-2020 12:50
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RT @eramshaw: They. Had. To. Sue. To. Get. This. Data.
07-07-2020 12:48
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RT @nytimes: Black and Latino people in the U.S. are 3 times as likely to contract the coronavirus than their white neighbors — and nearly…
07-07-2020 12:48
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RT @BoboTheGoat_: Black OBGYNs we need y’all😬Ion wanna die during childbirth, thanks.
07-07-2020 12:41
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RT @ShantiPixie: This cop needs to be charged and placed on the sex offenders register so he can't be a police officer anymore.
07-07-2020 12:18
RT @xviiviism:
07-07-2020 12:08
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RT @yungskuntebony: Sis finna boutta be cap🤣
07-07-2020 12:07
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RT @litdesu: it’s the fact that all this hate towards darkskin black women is always so blatant and public and always has been yet people s…
07-07-2020 12:05
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RT @africurls: y’all see dark skin and immediately spew hatred. colorism is such a despicable habit in the black community.…
07-07-2020 12:05
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RT @Nez_216: The same people in the street saying black lives matter are not the same people running around the neighborhood shooting every…
07-07-2020 12:04
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RT @_SJPeace_: Yesterday on 2nd ST in Old City Philly Brother was on his bike just reminding people at the bars to practice social distanc…
07-07-2020 12:00
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RT @ReichlinMelnick: This is bad. ICE just told students here on student visas that if their school is going online-only this fall, the stu…
07-07-2020 11:55
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RT @ScottHech: This is brilliant. 30 seconds on Tik Tok explains the insanity & danger of “qualified immunity” better and more simply than…
07-07-2020 11:55
RT @gabhorton: BREONNA TAYLOR. Not a day goes by I don't think of her. It's wild bc like everybody else, we went from not knowing her to…
07-07-2020 11:53
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RT @Numbers28: Can you believe that cops are resigning all over America because they’re being told not to choke, beat or kill black people…
07-07-2020 11:53
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RT @soIitxa: wow... fuck the military
07-07-2020 11:53
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RT @itgirlenergy: Black 90s models you should also celebrate that aren't just Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks: a thread
07-07-2020 11:50
07-07-2020 11:42
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RT @Drebae_: Tamir Rice was only 12 years old when police kllled him for having a toy gun... this really ain’t it
07-07-2020 11:42
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RT @zoeyy227: Kylie Jenner is refusing to tag the designer of the dress she just posted, which is a black owned brand, and now limiting her…
07-07-2020 11:40
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RT @godtierp: 4 years later and I’ve kept it all off. I’m so proud of myself. I’m in disbelief every single day
07-07-2020 11:39
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RT @tariqnasheed: Some alleged KKK members were arrested in #Richmond for impersonating police officers. These men had fake badges, police…
07-07-2020 11:38
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RT @jaywin__: The Ashley O episode of Black Mirror was literally based of Britney Spears and y’all still have the audacity to continue to r…
07-07-2020 09:19
RT @selorm__a: @teaxtarot Same!🥺 Thinking about how to pay for college. Please share to support me. It would really go a long way.❤️ https:…
07-07-2020 09:19
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RT @teaxtarot: It's so sad how I'm spending my early 20s dreaming of financial stability like "WOW imagine being able to live in a one bedr…
07-07-2020 09:18
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RT @josie_exe: PLZ stop scrolling!! please help me pay for dual enrollment classes at hs, so i can graduate early and leave a toxic househo…
07-07-2020 09:15
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RT @_SJPeace_: White Officer of Austin Police Department gropes the breasts of a woman as she continously demands a female officer! THIS I…
07-07-2020 09:14
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RT @Jedba__: @msnaeblanco @NikLdn @LoudBrndStudios on insta boo x
07-07-2020 09:14
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RT @Jedba__: Ohhh no big deal KYLIE IN MY DRESSSS😭😭😭😭
07-07-2020 09:14
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RT @AidanSmith2020: Cute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'd ne…
07-07-2020 09:13
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RT @yafavjadamarie: men r gross ❤️
07-07-2020 09:12
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RT @4lisaguerrero: Cops sexual assaulting a woman in broad daylight on camera. Imagine what they do when the cameras aren’t rolling. Who is…
07-07-2020 09:11
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RT @OGCORLIN: Police murdered 12 year old Tamil Rice for having a toy gun
07-07-2020 09:10
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RT @mefeater: Sending love and light to Rickey Smiley and his family. His daughter was shot 3 times in Houston over 4th of July weekend. We…
07-07-2020 07:12
This cause is close to my heart - please sign:
07-07-2020 07:12
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RT @hannahbenkel: @Jaymeekat @melonxcholy The stimulus package this petition is for also includes pushing for a $450/week bonus for those g…
07-07-2020 07:11
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RT @Jaymeekat: @melonxcholy Or how about give hazard pay for those of us that are still having to work 🤔🤔
07-07-2020 07:11
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RT @melonxcholy: SIGN !!!
07-07-2020 07:11
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07-07-2020 07:10
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RT @aj3hree: like bro? 11 dawg? shot? i’m not trying to get used to seeing bs like this
07-07-2020 07:10
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RT @jodyizm: because men already view having a son as a prize and having a daughter as a punishment.
07-07-2020 07:10
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RT @schmmaryy: She is not a “fallen soldier” she was murdered and the army tried to cover it up
07-07-2020 07:08
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RT @monwalter_: Black History v.s. Black History taught in schools
07-07-2020 07:08
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RT @Michael_Krieter: A black child was murdered for having one of these
07-07-2020 07:07
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RT @HollyLarry: I styled Kimberly for this video. She publicly humiliated me, threw a flower vase at me and still has unpaid invoices... Bu…
07-07-2020 07:07
RT @v0dkabooty: boost and donate please!!!! lets get them to their goal as quick as possible!!! the more reach the more money donated!!! ht…
06-07-2020 22:22
RT @BarcaUhuru: @henmemit @zellieimani He managed to escape and wrote about it. This article has the details:
06-07-2020 22:21
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RT @zellieimani: This white supremacist lynch mob attempted to hang a Black man over the weekend in Indiana. Address and telephone number…
06-07-2020 22:20
RT @yashar: It’s Not a Snake, but Beware of Its Venomous Bite
06-07-2020 22:17
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RT @wingsofagoddes: Today is the one year anniversary of the death of the most beautiful guy, walking this earth.. Cameron Boyce. Never fo…
06-07-2020 22:16
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RT @NickNMedia: To say i'm emotionally overwhelmed would be an understatement, this past year has had so many blessings but was the HARDEST…
06-07-2020 22:15
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RT @chuuzus: the gone girl monologue lives in my head rent free.
06-07-2020 22:15
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RT @chris_j_bur: If y’all notice on their name tag the color strip is yellow instead of green. That means they are both minors. Walmart doe…
06-07-2020 22:14
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RT @AtabeyDreams: @AmayalieJ My mom always had to lie about how long and bad the symptoms and slightly exaggerated things so doctors would…
06-07-2020 22:12
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RT @AmayalieJ: Venmo- @AmayalieJohnson PayPal- CashApp- $daisydeeu
06-07-2020 22:12
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RT @AmayalieJ: I took my son with the very little money (I had to pay someone including gas) to take my son to the ER and they told me to b…
06-07-2020 22:11
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RT @lostlyrics96: Our Ethiopian 🇪🇹 Young brother Amani was found killed in a town that’s notorious for activity from the KKK Please share…
06-07-2020 10:27
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06-07-2020 10:27
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RT @NIZKID97: Y’all I don’t ask for a lot but this is my cousin. Plz retweet this so we can find her
06-07-2020 10:27
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RT @sequeenah_: a year ago today Cameron passed away, rest in peace❤️🕊
06-07-2020 10:04
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RT @consciouskidlib: Black Trans Lives Matter. If you are Black and Trans and could use a few hundred dollars to help out with rent, bills,…
06-07-2020 10:03
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RT @zoeylvsbritney: I've put a lot of thought into making and posting this so if you can't donate then sharing goes a long way 💕 https://t.…
06-07-2020 10:03
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06-07-2020 10:03
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RT @soit_goes: Rest in power Summer Taylor. They were killed last night in Seattle after a man drove his car into a #BlackLivesMatter demo…
06-07-2020 10:03
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06-07-2020 10:03
RT @222L0VE222: LUANY HAS BEEN FOUND YALL. She’s safe and in the psych ward. I’ll delete this post later but just wanted to inform every…
06-07-2020 10:02
0 128458
RT @nanettembiliiii: The children in Yemen eat cooked leaves while the rich coat their chicken wings in gold. Won’t you look at capitalism.
06-07-2020 10:01
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RT @RlS0TTO: share this video around. this is why there are so many fireworks.
06-07-2020 10:01
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RT @SassyE: Shaasia passed away giving birth to her babygirl
06-07-2020 10:00
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RT @mumblecomic: Last night I found a delivery man’s wallet. It had his Mexican consulate ID and was filled with nearly $300 cash. I insist…
06-07-2020 10:00
RT @j0yccee:
06-07-2020 08:41
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RT @eveadrienne: TW: death, murder, transphobia this HAS to stop.... yet another Black trans woman killed for absolutely no reason & no id…
06-07-2020 07:08
0 12479
06-07-2020 07:08
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RT @wavyemma: not y’all saying you love the hood princess aesthetic while calling the darkskin black women you went to highschool with that…
06-07-2020 07:07
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RT @ajplus: BREAKING: Aurora’s police chief has fired three of the officers involved in the photos re-enacting the chokehold used against #…
06-07-2020 06:14
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RT @yanae_mk: article about it: from it: "Police released an image a white, older model pick-up truck where Alator…
06-07-2020 06:13
0 269
RT @onlythecarol: her name is pat , she’s from bakersfield CA .. if found you can call 661. 432. 0757 selena
06-07-2020 06:12
0 57936
06-07-2020 06:12
0 118215
RT @litty_lyd: idk what’s funnier: him filming her while she’s working hard af rolling that paint or the fact that after she’s done it’s st…
06-07-2020 05:58
0 28919
RT @ritasfenty: Trans women aren’t a threat to your woman hood, let that hate go😑
06-07-2020 04:34
0 7787
RT @catrachabellaca: Mexicans needs to stop centring themselves when discussing children in ICE detention centres. How many times do y’all…
06-07-2020 04:34
0 6782
RT @upupdowndown: I-
06-07-2020 02:59
RT @ayeshakfaines: Tough read, so maybe read this only when you have the emotional bandwidth, but we need to amplify this conversation.…
06-07-2020 02:40
RT @afroblv:
06-07-2020 02:39
0 3676
RT @afroblv: A Ryan Destiny Inspo
06-07-2020 02:39
0 4266
RT @Alexis_love_mb: CiaraQ
06-07-2020 01:59
0 6733
RT @fckingkatys: Beyoncé really gave us this masterpiece 7 years ago and we paid it dust.
06-07-2020 01:53
RT @svnspirit:
06-07-2020 01:28
RT @svnspirit:
06-07-2020 01:28
RT @svnspirit:
06-07-2020 01:28
RT @svnspirit: while ur here pls consider the following petitions:
06-07-2020 01:28
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RT @sarahlugor:
06-07-2020 01:28
RT @Anabeeellle_xo: @mefeater @RyanDestiny Just throwing this out there, if any1 would like to donate to the children dying of starvation i…
06-07-2020 01:27
0 183
RT @ephrata: The way Ms. Ryan Destiny is on our necks wow😍
06-07-2020 01:27
0 13996
RT @mefeater: Wasn’t prepared for this serve from Ryan Destiny 💙
06-07-2020 01:26
0 19067
RT @svnspirit: i just wanna see a girl like dis in a coming of age movie or a quirky rom com OR ANYTHING like pls what do i have to do
06-07-2020 01:26
0 16907
RT @cynfinite: Erykah Badu fucking around on the beat machine with the “I’m Tryna F*ck” dude is chef’s kiss.
06-07-2020 01:26
0 22324
RT @PettyWalker_: RIP Summer Taylor. They died tonight in the hospital after being hit by a car on I5 in Seattle while protesting last nigh…
06-07-2020 01:07
0 12973
RT @__justkeith: “If you are black and you’re standing in it, stand in it in all shades.” - Tiffany Pollard. New York ate Laura Govan up. h…
06-07-2020 00:18
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RT @_SJPeace_: Martinez, CA. Denying racism exists while being overtly RACISTS! This is how racism has been preserved over time. WHO AR…
06-07-2020 00:11
0 91929
RT @dejachanels: my brother just passed away because of Covid-19. please, please, please wear your masks.
06-07-2020 00:10
0 95364
RT @_SmallsNoBiggie: What's wild to me is they killed him in August of 2019 and we heard nothing of it until June of 2020
06-07-2020 00:08
0 19491
RT @Bjhenry612: Wait wait wait. So I paid full price for a cake, just to be told that @SamsClub refuses to put “Black Families Matter” on a…
06-07-2020 00:08
0 280
RT @itskeyon: Saying a black woman don’t deserve her awards over yt people in 2020?
05-07-2020 21:09
0 16715
RT @annalisedior: I’ll be so real, I don’t see the problem here
05-07-2020 21:07
0 109392
RT @ElisaC: Protests continue all over the country every single day, even if the media has grown bored with it.
05-07-2020 21:04
0 78585
RT @junky4rdgod: y’all better spread her story like wildfire
05-07-2020 21:04
0 1627
RT @yonceir: Beyoncé singing Countdown is pure nostalgia
05-07-2020 20:51
0 6370
RT @MatthewACherry: Happy 15 days after Juneteenth
05-07-2020 20:47
0 87632
RT @Kayy_xoxxo: My household will not be built on double standards when i have kids. If my son curfew is 1 so is my daughters. My son will…
05-07-2020 20:46
0 140929
RT @keystodabakery: He ain’t have to flex on us with that straight line
05-07-2020 20:45
0 145104
RT @CHEETAHDEMA: wait ... holy shit
05-07-2020 20:44
0 10422
05-07-2020 20:43
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RT @bebe_ego23: @Taaaaaaaty_ 5 star meal you say👀? Follow my personal chef @bitesbybebe #BitesByBebe
05-07-2020 19:23
0 48466
RT @Phil_Lewis_: On this date, four years ago, Alton Sterling was fatally shot by police outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge. No cha…
05-07-2020 19:21
0 11022
RT @Chissypop: #justiceforbellymujinga
05-07-2020 19:21
0 172
RT @Anabeeellle_xo: @hotyflashdrive Just throwing this out there, if any1 would like to donate to the children dying of starvation in Venez…
05-07-2020 19:12
RT @futtermeinego: @ledbetter_jsu @AlyssaBissler2 @oystertrident she's safe
05-07-2020 19:10
RT @AlyssaBissler2: Update: She was found yesterday in La Porte Tx, and is now home safe!! Thank you to all that have liked and shared!! ❤️
05-07-2020 19:10
0 1695
RT @FredTJoseph: If Kanye is running under a third party or as a democrat, he is obviously doing this to help Trump win.
05-07-2020 19:09
0 56671
RT @AtlKing83: This shit right here is utterly fucking ridiculous. This could have been my Mom or Aunt.
05-07-2020 12:38
0 66072
RT @LakotaMan1: Non-Natives, through no fault of their own, will misconstrue this as a dance, when it’s anything but. He’s shaming his oppo…
05-07-2020 12:29
05-07-2020 12:26
0 14768
RT @FlawsyTre: Blessing to be even be on espn! It’s always been a dream to make espn and today I’ve lived up to it !
05-07-2020 11:45
0 22927
RT @ShvniiTrill: congrats and happy 18th birthday tamir 🤍 class of 2020 😘 I miss you & you know had to t up for you down here 🕊 #TamirRice…
05-07-2020 11:44
0 19747
RT @oldeways_: He’s not dancing he’s channeling Spirit.
05-07-2020 11:44
0 53681
RT @e_lumumba: This kid's car collection 😅😅
05-07-2020 11:42
0 67671
RT @KaminaBlue: He’s an insanely good driver 😭
05-07-2020 11:42
0 50488
RT @car0linef0ley: Amani Kildea was a PedoGotCaught member who had exposed child sexual abuse in police depts. he got lynched in a public p…
05-07-2020 11:37
0 13995
RT @africanarchives: What our ancestors were doing on 4th of July 1776.
05-07-2020 05:58
0 20409
RT @culinarydoll: 2 trans women were jumped by 5 cis women in Vegas and need financial support!!!!
05-07-2020 05:56
0 1441
RT @BritniDWrites: Anna Murray-Douglass deserves her flowers. And her place in history.
05-07-2020 04:21
0 72853
RT @ElStrickland: Detroit, where the Columbus statue once stood.
05-07-2020 04:21
0 24523
RT @reynachabeli: Hey Mexicans 👋🏾 Just wanna remind y’all that Afro-Mexicans exist. Yes there are Black Mexicans. When you bash the BLM mov…
05-07-2020 04:01
0 331
RT @AlexYoung: 140,000 people have died in four months. Fuck everyone in this video.
05-07-2020 03:12
@elektrikhippie @NielsenCurrent Post it.
05-07-2020 02:37
0 315
RT @itskeyon: Who’s doing it like her
05-07-2020 02:27
RT @linnyprivate: Just wanna remind everyone that South Asians are disproportionately more likely to die from COVID-19 than any other group.
05-07-2020 02:27
0 31316
RT @softummy: i did this yesterday and it works so well!!! helps shield your nose and mouth from tear gas and it can cover your face and ha…
05-07-2020 02:23
0 12184
RT @lwthoneys: REMEMBER TO COVER YOUR FACE IF PROTESTING!! helpful video if you don’t have a mask:
05-07-2020 02:23
0 1121
RT @lollybowean: The Hidden History of Anna Murray Douglass | History | Smithsonian Magazine
05-07-2020 02:15
0 474
RT @MarcelsOdyssey: @Melissa_Kimble @amberthealchmst I knew this but this really should be taught. Their daughter Rosetta wrote about her b…
05-07-2020 02:14
0 16934
RT @amberthealchmst: read this.
05-07-2020 02:07
0 1785
RT @NickNMedia: After months of deliberating and anxiety (& thanks to a push from my friends) I have chosen to be vulnerable & ask for help…
05-07-2020 02:06
0 124172
RT @YazzieB0022: EXPOSE Air Force Lt. Col. Betsy Schoeller of Milwaukee, WI. These are her comments regarding an article about the murder o…
05-07-2020 02:05
0 77853
RT @98heyjt: What day is it again?
05-07-2020 02:05
0 3138
RT @LisaMcCray: I regret to inform you that Frederick Douglass did his first wife, a dark skinned Black woman who helped him escape slavery…
05-07-2020 02:03
0 50955
RT @pleasurepinkkk: he went to nsu and this story hasnt got much attention
05-07-2020 02:02
0 8025
RT @BarraganLeslee: Missing girl in Kern County area please twitter do your thing. PLEASE RETWEET so we can find her and bring her back hom…
05-07-2020 01:56
0 35206
RT @tawni_rican: Vanessa Guillen didn’t “fight” for this country, she fell trap to the predatory military industrial complex probably with…
05-07-2020 01:55
0 2056
RT @AyoPockeylove: My barber just told me yesterday that he cuts cops hair and they told him to stay in the house this weekend and he told…
05-07-2020 00:25
0 75122
RT @hallekinsey: aye so my uncle old cell mate is in the white militia and told my uncle to stay in the house on the 4th bc they’re deadass…
05-07-2020 00:24
0 39390
05-07-2020 00:18
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RT @skaijackson: Let’s not forget LaVena Johnson. She was found dead in her tent in Iraq in 2005. She had a broken nose, loose teeth, burns…
05-07-2020 00:18
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RT @zekehugo: This tweet extra fire because I just remebered she won that shit while pregnant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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RT @La_Julissa: Fuck your Independence Day!
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RT @jachinkedar: No. She Black. Purchase It.
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RT @itsgabrielleu: Lets be clear 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾💯
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RT @savydanii: My apartment burned down this morning and now myself and my one year lost everything. Any donation to help us start over is…
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RT @arealX___: Kamaya has been found. Thank you for your shares and well wishes !
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RT @6MEHAH5: The best thing I ever tweeted:
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RT @itskeyon: The way Chloe and Halle would eat if they was in a broadway musical.......
04-07-2020 22:53