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My brain is soup
11-05-2021 13:21
RT @discoursebuster: "Ugh! Normal people do not find (insert taboo subject) okay in fiction!" Game of Thrones was one of the most watched…
11-05-2021 10:12
RT @h_aema: メイド服奏汰 ଳ https://t.co/M5ghB8nmDc
11-05-2021 09:25
RT @hashima000: https://t.co/utfLgYya7y
11-05-2021 09:22
RT @dlektha1994: 신규 요정 스킬 이쁘게 나왔으면 좋겠다 이왕이면 유사 거축도... https://t.co/tHbfVxMEke
11-05-2021 09:17
RT @alkalilyy: happy (late) mother’s day #enstars https://t.co/SoZm07JRd0
11-05-2021 08:51
conclusion: wataru cards https://t.co/9AdmvvReno
11-05-2021 08:06
11-05-2021 08:05
ALSO ILLEGAFL https://t.co/Klo3vTlHkG
11-05-2021 08:04
RT @ensemble_TMI: • 린네 히요리 카나타 방 https://t.co/kgcRkMrXdA
11-05-2021 07:56
RT @FFXIVGH: 없는 직업 신경 쓰여서 마무리하려고 왔어요 1 https://t.co/0asIDyCCSD
11-05-2021 07:47
RT @FFXIVGH: 내면의 분노가 깊으신 요조 요정냠냠이님께 https://t.co/QNJ9FaZJhe
11-05-2021 07:32
RT @FFXIVGH: 까칠까탈한 윤마도사님께 DREAM★ https://t.co/AQBEpwDSOr
11-05-2021 07:31
RT @GameIdentityV: Aesop may hate the living but... it's his birthday today!! Detectives, let's wish our dear Embalmer a happy birthday!🎂…
11-05-2021 07:23
RT @jakurailvml: Love letter (Aesop style)😊😊😊 https://t.co/BmGjwHh7Zs
11-05-2021 07:23
RT @Keira_Han234: Hunter Aesop Carl https://t.co/p2upEfxpNj
11-05-2021 07:22
RT @55_Waltz: https://t.co/tY8ATyyYAz
11-05-2021 07:21
RT @ihirocat: デザインは📷さんと対になってる(写納注意) 二人の最期って感じ 多分イラスト集に入れる最後の絵になる https://t.co/gbuU6wFJdy
11-05-2021 07:17
RT @chungykhan: https://t.co/bTxf6M5mC0
11-05-2021 07:15
RT @itsukishu_horop: 쿠로슈 이벤트 정리 및 관계 정리표 & 영업글 (1/2) ※ 아무래도 스토리 찾기가 너무 어려울 것 같아 한꺼번에 정리한... 스토리, 이벤트 정리입니다 (스포 多) ※ 편집을 잘 못해서 중구난방입니다 너무 길…
11-05-2021 07:14
this card is a crime https://t.co/9BeT9PUA4Y
11-05-2021 07:06
Wait eichi has not had his feature scout either
11-05-2021 07:00
I don't care if ppl say ryuseitai's songs are bad bc ryuseitai songs are like injecting pure serotonin into my veins
11-05-2021 06:43
RT @B_M_a_g_e: MV衣装投票第二弾… 【サマーバカンス(リゾートライブ)】衣装 この日のために描いてきました(まだ途中だけど) 清き一票よろしくお願いいたします!! https://t.co/OQISmD3ovw
11-05-2021 04:31
RT @WavyThorn: Ensemble Square's Dormitory Room for the revealed room https://t.co/R6L73OIRtU
11-05-2021 03:51
Ah yes how could I forget Exhibit F(FXIV): https://t.co/yvAgIWahcu
11-05-2021 03:45
RT @bethemadbee: 룸메빨래 https://t.co/QWerX28zn0
11-05-2021 03:40
I don't follow fgo anymore but Exhibit E: https://t.co/lxGCC1q2As
11-05-2021 03:29
Exhibit D: https://t.co/9yztew74IK
11-05-2021 03:23
Banri is also stinky and is 3rd fav
11-05-2021 03:21
I probably wouldn't call eichi a stinky hoe, but he's still a brat
11-05-2021 03:20
Exhibit C: https://t.co/h4Xq3rLwlV
11-05-2021 03:18
Exhibit B: https://t.co/hknQmcimBC
11-05-2021 03:17
Exhibit A: https://t.co/NnCEm2mrwZ
11-05-2021 03:15
Of my favorite characters in a franchise there's always one "Precious sweetheart! My baby🥰" and the other "stinky hoe (affectionate) 😠"
11-05-2021 03:13
RT @Park_teria_119: 대장! 무슨일이야! 나도 몰라 https://t.co/m9XfYS6blN
11-05-2021 02:25
RT @WavyThorn: Hiyori : i am homeeeee!!! Because this great hiyori is back now i want everyone to welcome me grandly!--eh there is no respo…
11-05-2021 01:42
11-05-2021 01:41
kanata feature scout has not happened yet and i am scared
11-05-2021 01:40
RT @nazunyan427: and the winner for “dorm most likely to drive you INSANE” goes to... https://t.co/U9XL8rBlbd
11-05-2021 01:32
RT @brainwashingart: the cutest flower boy ever, taken at Hitachi seaside park in Ibaraki, Japan. https://t.co/6394kkrZ5a
11-05-2021 01:03
RT @m91736964691: たわむれに音をつけました 見たかったため、、 https://t.co/Vq6YkkMm0X
10-05-2021 23:33
RT @ensemble_stars: (1/6)【お知らせ】 『月刊 あんさんぶるスタジオ!!5月号』のご視聴ありがとうございました📺 イベント楽曲『指先のアリアドネ』のMVを先行公開いたします❗ イベント予告は5月12日にTwitterとアプリ内に掲載予定ですのでお楽…
10-05-2021 23:19
RT @mattxiv: D I L F: depression i’d like to fix
10-05-2021 10:42
RT @d0meri: 해양생물부 🐳 https://t.co/mlH7odyP9o
10-05-2021 10:01
RT @Kmayeon: 스승의날때 어린 묵연 설몽 사매가 돈모아서 초만녕 선생님한테 요 넥타이 사줬으면 좋겠다 https://t.co/VSosJudVoh
10-05-2021 05:57
RT @KM_helios: https://t.co/3iZY5ywhfl
10-05-2021 05:56
RT @SBixinsKy: https://t.co/LzzbNUEQSK
10-05-2021 05:55
RT @remi_riri: 얼굴주차 잘못했던거 신경쓰여서 쫌 고쳐서 재업 https://t.co/Z4xxqO5FwM
10-05-2021 04:46
honestly had i known how much this bangs i would have played the event
10-05-2021 01:52
RT @pppfine: https://t.co/yLqjrvcvCa
10-05-2021 01:26
when will fine get an outfit thats not white
10-05-2021 01:11
RT @EndlessRondo: people think the spp activation in neo sanctuary is a bug? nah. it’s just eichi being evil he’s here to owari your combo
10-05-2021 01:04
RT @himeruenjoyer: imagine this: you're a fineP and your oshi is getting a new 5* card. you prepared yourself for this and you get them fro…
10-05-2021 01:03
10-05-2021 01:02
mitsuru pop off ;;
10-05-2021 01:01
10-05-2021 00:56
10-05-2021 00:50
RT @baby_mikang: 여름의 입구 https://t.co/FXVBZnX39H
09-05-2021 12:46
RT @Nxdif: https://t.co/IqboHNYGDt
09-05-2021 12:45
RT @prinzcesz: https://t.co/qmmj9nAegb
09-05-2021 10:34
RT @mg3kiryu: welcome to the fish facts pin club 🐟 https://t.co/qAep0PRz27
09-05-2021 09:20
RT @munshiks: heavensward https://t.co/YYjgfSgHtu
09-05-2021 08:50
RT @pleasebemine00: 휴지통에서 찾아낸 성장즈 그런데 알피노도 곁들인 https://t.co/ETdkJSmWHm
09-05-2021 08:42
RT @kia_rei: #kazuscara https://t.co/uYnAK5TPM9
09-05-2021 07:59
RT @kia_rei: To be honest, I kinda bullshitted my way through this like I do with every essay. If i made typos, ignore me to save my embarr…
09-05-2021 07:52
RT @borbly_: check it 👇 https://t.co/kj4oZYH9KT
09-05-2021 07:25
RT @pirowu: 4NEMO MANAGER MISS JEANNN FROM @veechu_ IDOL AUUU thank you for the brainrot homi 😭😭 https://t.co/fPIXhyZbac
09-05-2021 06:42
RT @bestofvidgames: actors behind characters: maggie robertson — lady dimitrescu (resident evil village) https://t.co/jIcV4z6JvB
09-05-2021 06:16
RT @MattikarpArt: PSA FOR ARTISTS. PLS RT & @TwitterSupport A number of artists are currently being attacked by false DMCA claims in an a…
09-05-2021 00:45
RT @raiiro_sk: 東雲姉弟……好きなもの一緒なのかわいいね………🥞🧀 #prsk_FA https://t.co/07oV3Pondr
08-05-2021 23:40
RT @rioneion: kohanmy but milgram! i wanted a cute theme so I made yuno into Kohane! #prsk_fa #プロセカ #MILGRAM https://t.co/yTMnc3sAVH
08-05-2021 23:37
RT @meatiors: Twitter crop gone post this akitoya #prsk_FA https://t.co/Navd5WXfEX
08-05-2021 23:36
Music doesn't have to be good to give me serotonin
08-05-2021 23:31
08-05-2021 23:14
RT @enstars_music: 【お知らせ】 9日15時にfineが歌う『Neo Sanctuary』をライブ楽曲に追加予定✨ アプリでの登場に先行して『Neo Sanctuary』のMVを公開します❗ #あんスタ https://t.co/C6akwVmFSo
08-05-2021 22:31
Reading ryuseitai event story and crying
08-05-2021 15:01
RT @yu_boshi: https://t.co/1423KRpG0J
08-05-2021 13:03
@kiIluazoIdyck I try harded with like bullion and shit in middle school but now I just boil the water and drop in an egg and calm it a day
08-05-2021 12:58
RT @leikya_: Calico cat cardigan sample came out great! 🥺 It'll be up for pre-order in the upcoming shop update ✨ https://t.co/c47RBpZNO5
08-05-2021 10:19
RT @oastlv: L/YUE #GenshinImpact #teyvatpop https://t.co/7Pm0Do5bDc
08-05-2021 09:26
RT @exodotpet: oh fuck off https://t.co/uX9wLtQUC5
08-05-2021 08:28
RT @nab0i: I drew Amelia's new outfit! ホロライブEN「Watson Amelia」の新衣装デザインを担当させていただきました! https://t.co/pzzvBhCsUd
08-05-2021 08:23
RT @taohavoc: @CRKingdomEN no https://t.co/4r47soy2BI
08-05-2021 08:19
RT @waaaai_osushi: https://t.co/3HdDytuEBt
08-05-2021 08:18
RT @sunnyowls: TOP 1 ANHANE MOMENT WHEN THIS HAPPENED https://t.co/dXErafCyXo"
07-05-2021 23:44
RT @Fyan_suiiiii_: #AmongUs "CYAN and KIDS" https://t.co/5VjektMxhb
07-05-2021 04:01
RT @jsrailton: WOAH, new Twitter #tipjar feature shows your physical address to the recipient. What could possibly go wrong?
07-05-2021 02:44
RT @tanghulululu: Twitter crop is gone so have this drawing of Childe and zhongli doing that one Douyin pose that took me like 2 full minut…
07-05-2021 00:06
RT @okazakiokaa: 微妙に縦長じゃなくなっちゃった https://t.co/LrlNcbdeeN
06-05-2021 23:54
RT @singasong_____: น่ากลัว 😖 #ฝนตก https://t.co/Z3UsQMLADv
06-05-2021 11:56
RT @pj_sekai_fans: 「프로젝트 세카이」의 일상을 그린 4컷만화를 공개✨ 제44화 「급상승」 #初音ミク #プロセカ #セカイの4コマ #하츠네미쿠 #프로세카 #세카이의4컷 https://t.co/j9Zb0NuvY5
06-05-2021 10:36
RT @streetsekai: VS Kaito - Reliable big brother figure that people depend on instinctively WxS Kaito - Reliable troupe leader and big brot…
06-05-2021 08:09
RT @inasusukan: レオハッピーバースデー🎉🎊🎂🎈🥰 #月永レオ誕生祭2021 https://t.co/TnRhIKJ4uo
06-05-2021 07:12
RT @takanashikiara: Takanashi Kiara New Outfit 小鳥遊キアラ 新衣装 Strawhat version♪ https://t.co/huZcqEBdem
06-05-2021 01:19
RT @Drugppop: 냥메리 / 에스아이 휴 안늦었다 ^^; 어린이날은 절대로 쇼타지 ~ https://t.co/Kxog5Itg1b
06-05-2021 01:15
RT @ring_411: 🌟魔法少女🌟 https://t.co/mD79CAbpLw
06-05-2021 01:13
RT @oooopsallbran: me to anyone in my life at any point. https://t.co/YdUjpEXOla
05-05-2021 14:05
RT @studio_hotaru: 4NEMO x DCKZ collab!? 😳✨ i'm in love with @veechu_'s idol au! 💘 #genshinimpact #原神 https://t.co/hvz580BMUx
05-05-2021 07:37
RT @slai711: a green lil attic room https://t.co/GIDGUDA7qp
05-05-2021 05:14
RT @waren_Harlock: I’m sorry for who I am 💜 https://t.co/Lw13xyOLAO
04-05-2021 23:56
RT @epsilonkai: "you must like butterfinger huh" well sir idk what to tell you except for the fact that the critically acclaimed mmorpg ff…
04-05-2021 23:23
RT @heartsarchive: heart shaped dried lemons https://t.co/T7LPbNPUF2
04-05-2021 22:58
RT @liamdunne__: this was the most insane stage of the pandemic https://t.co/44fIpXixWE
04-05-2021 22:40
RT @rolanberrypie: the WoLs have gone through the candy aisle https://t.co/WhJWAUDWHr
04-05-2021 22:22
RT @Stellateart: Terrarium Garden Lanterns 🎋🌸 https://t.co/ssiM5WJBg5
04-05-2021 21:41
Why am I awke
04-05-2021 15:04
What https://t.co/KpxpMeaJDi
04-05-2021 14:21
The day the kanata event happens is when my wallet dies
04-05-2021 14:18
RT @Butterfinger: Score the exclusive @FFXIV Chocorpokkur Mount when you #GameBetterWithButterfinger. Buy $5 of Butterfinger and upload a…
04-05-2021 13:13
RT @surfacage: finding out who plays ffxiv via butterfinger https://t.co/1C8JefiWvG
04-05-2021 13:10
Pls I just want an apt
04-05-2021 13:03
RT @tinyxingyun: https://t.co/OiqBe7wf5l
04-05-2021 06:32
RT @vertremble: race swap yviy... 🤔 https://t.co/g75qn58LJm
04-05-2021 05:47
RT @INFOr_up: 오늘 지구 반대편 캘리포니아 해변의 필터 없는 바닷속 색깔...5초안에 알티하면 복이 파도치듯 밀려올거야 https://t.co/xFjnDm8VYg
04-05-2021 05:46
Looking at apts and resisting the urge to make bathtub jokes
04-05-2021 05:45
RT @OtakuPup: I have like a huge soft spot for haruka 🥺❤️ HIS BIRTHDAY ART THO SO CUTE AAAAAA ❤️❤️❤️ #MILGRAM #ミルグラム #ミルグラムファンアート https://…
04-05-2021 05:36
RT @ScarletExarch: Let expanse contract, eon become instant! Champions from beyond the rift, heed my call! https://t.co/wc1QixrE0B
04-05-2021 04:20
RT @AKlANGEL: someone said to look at their liked tweets and i’m begging you please do u will not regret
04-05-2021 04:14
KANESAN https://t.co/DwfZGtXKcf
03-05-2021 12:53
time to go watch the emo touken ranbu anime again
03-05-2021 12:37
would i commit violence for horikawa? perhaps.
03-05-2021 12:35
let me have kanesan hori is waiting
03-05-2021 12:34
RT @chamoulie: Thinking about cactus measuring spoons https://t.co/h2fGNyme0F
03-05-2021 03:37
There's nothing better than someone commenting on a post with "IM GONNA PEE"
03-05-2021 00:18
RT @mollypriddy: dang, ursula le guin was Fed Up with all your war metaphors https://t.co/BK1RAutWKP
02-05-2021 06:48
RT @ame__lr: イェーイッ!!!😎🌴🌺✨😎 https://t.co/9Cmp59dHe3
02-05-2021 05:17
RT @potion_lilac: VS 漆黒のヴィランズ https://t.co/sdUKCcJEWF
02-05-2021 05:15
Status update: still in pain
02-05-2021 05:12
RT @fafalovesgege: who needs a boyfriend when your girlfriend is so strong https://t.co/i8PM7y1rZo
02-05-2021 05:11
RT @Velinxi: wish i had half as much swag as chinese skater boys wearing hanfu on douyin... https://t.co/wvCmIuLNMh
02-05-2021 04:19
RT @0_skyblue: 水の描き方シリーズ https://t.co/WMmxka7vON
02-05-2021 02:47
RT @Lesbiologist: The vaccine experience is basically "This edible ain't shit" and then passing out for at least five hours.
01-05-2021 20:36
I'm in so much pain
01-05-2021 18:58
RT @Sankavi_Arts: artists... we can finally snack while drawing??https://t.co/2F4AeShnXT
01-05-2021 18:54
RT @baihuahua5441: 深渊4线下!5 https://t.co/KfnK2s3eCh
01-05-2021 09:47
RT @syo_tyu0716: 【傭占】 ファラ月 雰囲気で読んでください🦸‍♂️ https://t.co/tWer8iGSHd
01-05-2021 09:45
RT @BeastlordNier: #PS5Share, #NieRReplicant Devola. It's good to see you again. https://t.co/NWYHn6wlFR
01-05-2021 03:58
RT @KLLiiNNG: POKEMON CENTER OH MY GOD..... https://t.co/RwcgzLO8DO https://t.co/T0yNqt86Y1
01-05-2021 01:07
RT @hashima000: https://t.co/BHRsr0BRH3
01-05-2021 01:05
RT @onegin_z: 旅途 #FFXIV https://t.co/QDRohQScge
30-04-2021 22:57
RT @A__akanen: 光のSPPめちゃくちゃかわいい🐰💓🍄 https://t.co/xs3vsGNvup
30-04-2021 22:31
RT @Foureyedalien: EXCUSE ME THIS IS THE BEST HOPPIP PLUSH EVER TO EXIST I need one for each room and MORE https://t.co/UrrlB0UQE3
30-04-2021 22:30
@egglet0 ❤
30-04-2021 11:41
RT @_EternalReturn_: https://t.co/wjSzAvzwQD
30-04-2021 10:28
RT @rekiimf: // please start talking about this more my country needs help pls read the whole article and donate if you can https://t.co/kW…
30-04-2021 03:10
RT @Xepla: Alisaie https://t.co/80fFmIxHFq
30-04-2021 02:41
RT @IDdosak: 텐쇼인 에이치 https://t.co/oaD0X6XgVw
29-04-2021 22:54
RT @Calpi15: Chapter 02 of my #Tartali manga Wildfire. #公钟 #chili #タル鍾 20 pages in total for this chapter:) Translation thanks @echoooozy…
29-04-2021 21:13
Not me spending money https://t.co/gbAWVw9raq
29-04-2021 13:22
FINALLY https://t.co/kcmA0JYbZE
29-04-2021 13:20
RT @prayersnthots: He won’t hesitate bitch #JJK #JujutsuKaisen #NanamiKento #GojoSatoru #nanago https://t.co/hivrqL9Pww
29-04-2021 13:10
RT @mym0300: Another jjk art 🧎‍♀️ #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦 #ItadoriYuuji #GojoSatoru https://t.co/gkQcCFcVID
29-04-2021 13:09
RT @Llittlecaroline: I​ have​ never​ seen his​ face​ like​ this​ #Zhongli​ #GenshinImpact https://t.co/YZnOJOeTln
29-04-2021 05:55
RT @keepcalmron: 텐쇼인에이치 미쳤어 ????????누가천사아니랄까봐 https://t.co/B6CD36SE1F
28-04-2021 12:05
RT @jerukin: https://t.co/Slegu2s1Wt
27-04-2021 22:40
RT @ffxivstruggle: https://t.co/2Kxd4neXti
27-04-2021 22:33
RT @rokuon_: Childe, take a rest. Leave it to me. https://t.co/nwCONBQtHb
27-04-2021 22:32
RT @doublerainbow82: All six missions were cleared, so we will get the full six ten rolls. They will be given out as 10-roll tickets as da…
27-04-2021 13:04
RT @nimnki: ive been watching Lucrons playthrough of SHB on youtube and this edit he made had me cry laughing https://t.co/C2RyWpCXxn
27-04-2021 11:42
RT @WkfxjfrP: 이거 완전 진열대 직원의 광기 https://t.co/6MmqwSAY9E
27-04-2021 03:55
RT @IDN_278: 마들렌이랑 에슾 말장난 너무 귀엽다 (소리주의) https://t.co/rdmeXvclTb
26-04-2021 12:30
RT @SkyandSunn: Inumaki Toge https://t.co/zp4xFle8ZQ
26-04-2021 12:25
@nekota009 fuckuu
26-04-2021 12:22
i miss haikyuu
26-04-2021 12:21
RT @karohroka: 鴉 https://t.co/psVpLG907l
26-04-2021 03:46
RT @kurolee97: My friend kept saying Chongyun looks like Syaoran and I cannot stop thinking about this AU on them #genshinimpact #原神 #chon…
26-04-2021 03:16
That is all https://t.co/xRZCkJzl9k
26-04-2021 03:16
RT @ensemble_stars: (9/14)【お知らせ】 2ユニットの合同楽曲プロジェクト『FUSION UNIT SONG』始動! 初回を飾る楽曲、Switch⚡×Eden🍎の『Majestic Magic』を6周年衣装Verで先行公開! 6月8日の本公開では新衣…
26-04-2021 03:07
RT @dokoka_me: あなたが私の善き隣人であることを、心から願っています。 https://t.co/AWEcrIbPTf
26-04-2021 02:24
RT @Crystalrina_: Hu Tao ↻ Ouma clotheswap #ndrv3 #原神 https://t.co/1X4wElTZwn
26-04-2021 01:43
RT @huhsmile: i made one https://t.co/yPO762psLY
26-04-2021 01:37
RT @natsumeoww: love like you - a xiaoven animatic!! enjoy!! i cried so many times making this lmao T__T #GenshinImpact #原神 https://t.co/nX…
26-04-2021 01:37
RT @ensemble_stars: (1/14)【お知らせ】 6周年生放送『FUSION 6SESSIONS』のご視聴ありがとうございました! あんスタ!!の6周年のテーマは『FUSION』 『LOVE』×『SOUL』の前後編でお祝いします💫 第一弾『LOVE』編のP…
25-04-2021 23:43
Everyone in jjk is gay
25-04-2021 10:19
RT @yubto_45: 한스타도 옷 줘 https://t.co/15KSvfZ3fe
25-04-2021 09:06
RT @Kami_garin: Aether is in love with Xiao but needs to get approval from his parents and one of them was the geo archon! [Fake FNF geshi…
25-04-2021 07:02
RT @gothspiderbitch: so did anyone else know that there was a massive pool noodle battle planned between all the people named Josh today th…
25-04-2021 06:56
RT @nobeemiku01: お花見 https://t.co/TPie2ImDWu
24-04-2021 21:27
RT @noredemptionarc: GENSHIN IMPACT 1.5 SPOILERS Having a dragon friend is an archon thing now https://t.co/MCeBfO7RD6
24-04-2021 13:45
RT @urade_neyo: https://t.co/xqBKEoUIFB
24-04-2021 03:55
RT @joelle_welling: https://t.co/efnpaPQJ1t
23-04-2021 10:43
RT @MaguSays: Horchata's first order of business was to spoil me apparently https://t.co/ChMLsX1J8j
23-04-2021 08:09
RT @nii_0901: i drew kou and mitsuba #原神 #genshinimpact #tbhk #xingyun https://t.co/eq4XksuXGw
23-04-2021 07:17
People: omg greedy company 😡😡 Devsisters:
23-04-2021 06:00
HUH https://t.co/F7qaz280W9
23-04-2021 05:58
RT @FEConversations: For those wondering heres what the scream sounds like https://t.co/yLqrgMOHvW
23-04-2021 05:51
RT @thatsmymaam: i made one !! https://t.co/GHMLNuP2sN
23-04-2021 01:13
RT @kurolee97: I believe in Venti wearing frilly clothes supremacy 🤲 #GenshinImpact #原神 #venti https://t.co/8AQvg8YguB
22-04-2021 04:50
RT @besidecoffee: Lily of the valley https://t.co/iimAq12MEt
22-04-2021 03:12
RT @KawaiiMess: It's time for the sluttiest objection to finally grace our screens https://t.co/rcJ6QAngQ1
22-04-2021 02:52
RT @m167cm: 篝火 https://t.co/bnOcrRdTS3
22-04-2021 01:29
RT @GingerBrave_dev: 부드러운 라떼 vs 쌉쌀한 에스프레소! 커피의 진리를 가리는 대결의 승자는?! #오늘도고통받는_천사 #절대그만두지말자 #쿠키런X엔제리너스 Creamy latte vs. aromatic espresso.…
21-04-2021 06:29
RT @SHINGGG: 5.5 werlyt AU where everything is the same except they just remove Alfonse's sapient core from Diamond and transplant him into…
21-04-2021 06:27
RT @milfgaards: the way she ducks under doors and yells at men...i need her so bad https://t.co/xJ0Gaac2Fl
20-04-2021 06:25
RT @theshadowsea: why does this get funnier each time i watch it https://t.co/9vZWtfMxqq
20-04-2021 04:55