b 🇧🇧 (@lovedroughtly) — devil tried to kill my spirit today, but i sent him a fax and told him my wig is blending too good for that shit – Solange | Black, bi, artist, muslim, 22
Thinking abt the day my man and i realized we have the same fav porn star. We're truly soulmates
08-07-2020 09:46
RT @tomthicc: i wanna become a stylist for kylie jenner just so i can give her something to wear that’ll make her coochie itch i hate her
08-07-2020 09:14
RT @chloexhalle: 😭😭
08-07-2020 09:13
I hate it here!! https://t.co/lH1ntlzuJm
08-07-2020 08:16
RT @rchldnlwcz: first ellen now jeff??? wtfffff so heartbroken #ripjeffbezos https://t.co/LjcIK6TRaw
08-07-2020 08:14
More than a woman, i care 4 u, never no more https://t.co/smuqoXiXmc
08-07-2020 06:33
Growing up caribbean american, any black history i learned came from (a white run catholic) school. For a while I t… https://t.co/9XhLUSSl4s
08-07-2020 05:10
RT @saucysanusi: slushies be good asf until you gotta ↕️↙️↗️⤴️⬇️ with the straw
08-07-2020 05:03
RT @spacecowbot: whenever someone’s like “at least quarantine has made us better people” i love to blurt out that 5 people in my family hav…
08-07-2020 04:09
This nigga poured milk directly into his eye then got mad https://t.co/0vhJlwWjWv
08-07-2020 04:08
RT @tylrmntg: @lovedroughtly Marvin: dis— the crowd: 😱😱😱😱😱
08-07-2020 03:58
@tylrmntg Lmaoooooo
08-07-2020 03:58
08-07-2020 03:56
RT @tylrmntg: @bmluse i love how on his live albums you can hear everyone losing they fucking minds after each note 😭
08-07-2020 03:56
RT @tylrmntg: and his music so sexy. especially when he pleading Please Stay (Once You Go Away) >
08-07-2020 03:56
RT @thelynaeshow: first house at 19, no co-signer, i can only thank God 🥺🙏🏾 https://t.co/8LqvfXcxkD
08-07-2020 03:53
RT @voidresider: y'all scared of tik tok with your name location birthday and blood type in your twitter bio
08-07-2020 03:06
RT @samiamarium: ok so i gotta meet my friend at 1 so i gotta leave at 12, pick an outfit at 11, do my makeup at 10, shower at 9, mentally…
08-07-2020 03:05
RT @bri_buckets: here’s a thread of black owned businesses for anyone looking to decorate their rooms with black owned items:
08-07-2020 03:04
RT @choo_ek: Dear Women on Twitter: Please check your Lists. A Thread
08-07-2020 03:04
This always pissed me off but looking back at it as a 22 yr old why TF would u say that to a child omg i wish I rem… https://t.co/MhAchiF5GD
08-07-2020 03:02
RT @FlTZZZ: Jamaican love songs be like “Ya pussy so tight why we affi fight”
08-07-2020 02:56
- walking from 5th av to columbus circle via central park 🥺 - the high line - museums - bar hopping then roaming t… https://t.co/c4QDLMUJtm
08-07-2020 02:55
Everytime i see "CTFU" i just assume it means "cuttin tf up" and at this point I'll be distraught if it doesn't
08-07-2020 02:45
@jessepinkmansgf This shit https://t.co/YBsziivvzf
08-07-2020 02:43
RT @shootmeadub: Gordon Parks, 1963 My mama & her sisters 1994 https://t.co/CJnCCC5BMs
08-07-2020 02:41
RT @lukeisamazing: I think about this all the time https://t.co/zZC1RwMHWG
08-07-2020 02:41
RT @EsquiviasAdrian: @nvtlx https://t.co/F1P7jv5XLT Everything we know is a lie
08-07-2020 02:39
RT @AsiaChloeBrown: Stock up on essentials, chile. Because we might be headed back to Phase 0 since niggas don't know how to act. 😒
08-07-2020 02:34
@tylrmntg https://t.co/5y4FX9ss4u
08-07-2020 02:23
White bread should be illegal
08-07-2020 02:12
RT @EscaflowneClown: Terry Crews would've snitched on Harriet Tubman
07-07-2020 19:01
RT @akirangei: how do you not evolve politically and don't develop critical thinking in 4 years
07-07-2020 18:56
RT @rachelstitty: the t in lgbtq+ is for teen mom
07-07-2020 11:04
RT @Mahottie: I feel like we're constantly trying to prove that we're not bald and Black hair can grow while also ignoring the people in ou…
07-07-2020 10:45
RT @fatpussyhex: do y’all remember this shit https://t.co/pG9SdYI6Gu
07-07-2020 10:45
RT @sailorfemme: i just want to say the influence of black people is so powerful that even the original meanings of emoji’s have changed to…
07-07-2020 10:44
RT @seIamina: not him having a debut album before normani..
07-07-2020 10:34
RT @abowlofserio: Issa-me! Beyoncé! I-a singa the halo! The love-a issa right-a on top-a! https://t.co/DoOdj88XyT
07-07-2020 10:31
RT @rieslingbeauty: One thing about me I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. And you’re not finna guilt trip me into it either because yo…
07-07-2020 10:30
RT @ThatManGilmore: Aye mane Sisqo really has a hit from the Thong Song and had the same verse for THREE VERSES LOL and just sung them heav…
07-07-2020 10:29
Shit like this gon make me not 🗳 at all https://t.co/YkGkztUpDj
07-07-2020 10:16
RT @fluff_weather: Elon musk is a supervillain who owns space rockets and grew up in an emerald mine and yet he still manages to be boring
07-07-2020 10:07
Did they think the effect would distract from the fact that they look like they're going two very different places https://t.co/VCt9zBCyYF
07-07-2020 09:56
RT @Jenchy_: Maybe the weed addicted to me, https://t.co/xvkObihxvx
07-07-2020 09:48
RT @BriMalandro: This video was missing a cameo from New York and Chance
07-07-2020 09:47
RT @eveewing: It's okay to just NOT call yourself an abolitionist rather than try to do rhetorical backbends. no one will come to your crib…
07-07-2020 09:39
That part!! My first therapist was horrible and she threatened to involuntarily hospitalize me (mind u I was 15, su… https://t.co/rIXPpcpK8g
07-07-2020 09:32
@VirtuousJoi @Gmane_98 https://t.co/Ve8qYpgK7i
07-07-2020 09:27
RT @VirtuousJoi: Lmfaooo do y’all see Choyce’s face?!!! I’m WEAAAKKK https://t.co/SmoYe9dHQk
07-07-2020 09:21
RT @ccoloredgreenss: the idea that black men can be “emasculated” is laughable bc it assumes they ever had any ownership or access to hegem…
07-07-2020 09:19
RT @EboneeDavis: Being the only Black person in a space has never made me feel exceptional. It has only ever made me feel alone.
07-07-2020 09:19
RT @_RAYtedR: Girl I’m glad I already got my degree I don’t use. They want $50k for Zoom college.
07-07-2020 09:17
RT @HelloKennedi: Beyonce left Jay and he really followed her ass around the world trying to get her back. Imagine going to Paris to get aw…
07-07-2020 09:15
RT @bussydouche: girlboss culture is like: there’s so much wrong with our society. Why is it that only MEN get to exploit the labor of the…
07-07-2020 04:30
RT @shayfrmonline: i’m really concerned for how people are going to survive the next year. people are broke, jobless, and a lot are about t…
07-07-2020 04:30
@euhemeria Why the alphabet
07-07-2020 04:29
As a designer im familiar w those "A5" etc papers but i have no fckn clue what it means
07-07-2020 04:26
RT @aheyfromjay: @bonankillsconan @sofealalli https://t.co/GjQj7rCrvq
07-07-2020 04:25
RT @sapphocate_me: if type 4 hair isn’t in a twist out or absolutely drenched in product to make it look longer and in a looser curl they a…
07-07-2020 04:23
RT @RaquelWillis_: It’s easy for cis folk to call out J.K. Rowling’s transphobia + not acknowledge their own. How do you make trans folks l…
07-07-2020 04:23
RT @mixedhunty: https://t.co/gAVHGiBNGO
07-07-2020 04:21
RT @CobbySeth: Can’t believe these jons colonized us
07-07-2020 04:20
RT @euhemeria: even if we could somehow critically consume hamilton as a musical theres still the fact that lmm used the money/fame he got…
07-07-2020 04:19
RT @RootsnRevolt: When JT said, “This Pussy from the Hood, This Pussy speak Ebonics” she was confirming that Ebonics is in fact its own lan…
07-07-2020 02:54
RT @Sunrise_Chaser: Please notice the coorelation on the data that shows minority deaths occurring at significantly higher rates and how fa…
07-07-2020 02:52
look at the bronzer they sent her safgvdsfnsdfgvx this is an act of terrorism https://t.co/JJYjuMPej0
07-07-2020 02:52
RT @beyonseh: green light is still one of the greatest moments of beyoncé’s career btw https://t.co/DXQcNsqg4o
07-07-2020 02:17
RT @_ReidLogic: @hoodopulence They treated Galleria like how them kids treated Annalise Keating
07-07-2020 00:54
RT @GOLDENGLITSZI: @hoodopulence Galleria CARRIED the cheetah girls . She was actually serious about their career & all they wanted to do…
07-07-2020 00:54
RT @hoodopulence: The movie villian The actual villian https://t.co/z6oMrypJOM
07-07-2020 00:52
RT @workingoncrying: nonblacks be like “whew sis chile nigga purr 😂”
07-07-2020 00:52
RT @mattsaspire: “cah-stee-jo”
07-07-2020 00:50
RT @jstcwarrior: I really want to see Britney free from her conservatorship
07-07-2020 00:49
RT @5ive_zw: you aint sensitive you aint overreacting. if it hurts you it hurts you.
07-07-2020 00:48
RT @hsw50123: Social distancing https://t.co/4dw51fGFsz
07-07-2020 00:48
I swear my 8 month old nephew just slapped me in the face then kissed me
07-07-2020 00:48
RT @lnterpolating: https://t.co/fbN7HYWVGI
07-07-2020 00:47
RT @byrunt: THE WAY THIS UAS ME SCREAMJNG https://t.co/xX6HX6TSxE
07-07-2020 00:46
RT @cvndywaifu: https://t.co/U5DI3zkYrK
07-07-2020 00:46
RT @saintcasso: It’s seeing men seeing u that does it for me ...
07-07-2020 00:45
RT @keyonstrggletwt: oh my god... https://t.co/l9cVKeHK0k
07-07-2020 00:45
RT @JrWave19: We really turned “😭” into a laughing emoji
07-07-2020 00:44
It truly haunts me that my abuser went on to become a marine like I'm always worried he's using that power to abuse… https://t.co/2wLr93Jn3P
07-07-2020 00:44
RT @peachdekuu: The US Army having an Attack on Titan fan recruit kids through esports/anime... living in 2020 feels like a parody
07-07-2020 00:41
RT @adedamola_op: This picture is funnier when you remember Beyoncé cannot cook. https://t.co/09mDj4AONo
07-07-2020 00:39
I'm looking for 2xl/3xl/44ddd high impact sports bras and i keep coming across some that range from 2xs but dont ev… https://t.co/NwccbI6XZT
06-07-2020 23:08
RT @ToneBizone: My grandpa sent a threat to my uncle via group text lmaooooo at 7 in the morning 😭 https://t.co/y6tUIUcgfG
06-07-2020 20:52
06-07-2020 20:51
RT @KevOnStage: Beating this pandemic is a group project. This is why I always hated group projects.
06-07-2020 20:50
RT @IndianCountry: BREAKING NEWS. US District Court orders Dakota Access pipeline to be shut down and be emptied within 30 days because of…
06-07-2020 19:04
Every time they had the Ciara playlist my bestie and i would get on the phone and scream over her videos together
06-07-2020 18:59
Life was so good and simple when I was a child who watched MTV 24/7 and lost my shit every time Lose Control came on
06-07-2020 18:58
RT @skintinty: hamilton is the artistic equivalent of the term POC
06-07-2020 18:55
RT @e_alexjung: i profiled michaela coel, the creator of the best television show of the year https://t.co/3QrVHF7qOA https://t.co/WQZn7iu5…
06-07-2020 18:54
RT @sammie_scottie: what the fuck is a phase 3 bitch coronavirus will kill you
06-07-2020 18:54
RT @brynismyname: Detransitioners deserve better than to be used as "gotchas" by transphobes. I know a few detransitioners that went on to…
06-07-2020 17:51
These are soo cute https://t.co/gcnJGYS6zc
06-07-2020 15:55
RT @GoldxHaze: this is still insane https://t.co/l7lGlW1mZn
06-07-2020 09:59
RT @SymonB6: I do not believe in competition. You’re NOT me, and that’s it.
06-07-2020 09:20
RT @sheisresting: can’t nobody with a baby by a white man say shit to me tuh
06-07-2020 09:19
RT @TAMARAJUANA: there’s more than enough to pay people livable wages so they can live comfortably and feed themselves/their families and t…
06-07-2020 09:17
RT @MariahCarey: 🌻❤️ https://t.co/ZsPjQDUjv3
06-07-2020 09:17
RT @jaboukie: white liberals seeing kanye announce like “well there goes the black vote 🙄”
06-07-2020 09:16
RT @vloids: stop saying "pro black doesn't mean anti-white" to make white ppl comfortable lol because it absolutely does mean that. fuck wh…
06-07-2020 09:15
@LexRambeau While we're here do u know what show this is? The memes i see of this boy are always good
06-07-2020 09:15
@iamshooked Oh shit this is on my list lol I'll watch it next
06-07-2020 09:13
@iamshooked What was the doc u watched btw
06-07-2020 09:12
@LexRambeau Wow what the hell is going on w his head
06-07-2020 09:10
RT @yungdijj: look @ these tapestries I bought 🥰 https://t.co/Ei1Slyx0eK
06-07-2020 08:23
RT @earringdealer: If Beyoncé really Italian then why was Formation not called Fettuccine? Since y’all know everything
06-07-2020 08:19
RT @TJLewis95: @urbestenemy https://t.co/0VOe6A93zM
06-07-2020 08:04
RT @KingLouie8th: Today my mother and her fiancé tied the knot. It has been wonderful witnessing their journey and I couldn’t be happier. I…
06-07-2020 08:02
RT @IndyaMoore: You can't force people to unlearn and learn, but trans people keep dying at the hands of people who learned not to believe…
06-07-2020 07:57
@euhemeria Why did i think that was a screen of the duo owl
06-07-2020 07:57
RT @BriMalandro: Every “update” on this case is more disgusting than the last
06-07-2020 07:56
RT @InADash: The captions keep putting “sis” as “cyst” on RuPaul’s drag race 💀💀💀💀
06-07-2020 07:55
RT @LRNROSE: one of my favorite exchanges in twitter history https://t.co/p9ICj52wJN
06-07-2020 07:54
Why is jk rowling still going
06-07-2020 07:53
RT @BacockObama: IM FUCKCJFJDJDJDJJD https://t.co/2Xew6AuwEy
06-07-2020 07:52
RT @litty_lyd: idk what’s funnier: him filming her while she’s working hard af rolling that paint or the fact that after she’s done it’s st…
06-07-2020 07:51
RT @KeeshiaRenee: I love when FaceTime disconnects & we both decide not to call back
06-07-2020 07:51
RT @IndyaMoore: Black trans women are still being murdered. 3 known deaths this week. Could actually be 4 if I'm not mistaken. @NAACP
06-07-2020 07:46
RT @r3bunny: Fuck “hanging out” were calling it play again. Do you guys wanna go play
06-07-2020 07:39
@CancelChopped Right ugh it used to be so simple
06-07-2020 07:38
RT @mminthecity: folks becoming more financially stable via unemployment is an indictment of our nation’s government, not its citizens.
06-07-2020 06:15
Also its just ABSURD that theres no designer plan. Like it would kill them to bundle PS, AI and ID. I wanted to cur… https://t.co/MzDMzCcPmF
06-07-2020 06:07
Sucker punch is one of my fav bad movies so here's a concept: they redo and improve it AND HAVE RINA SAWAYAMA DO TH… https://t.co/Jj9keBZcFF
06-07-2020 05:58
Fuck ab0de i begged them to at least let me put 2gether a plan that works for me after paying for all the programs… https://t.co/DnE8vuw6bk
06-07-2020 05:55
RT @ManiiMade: Adobe used to "buy once, use forever" product until they realized that since they're an industry standard, they can just ble…
06-07-2020 05:48
RT @sariyahive: this bitch served the military for 8 years 😭
06-07-2020 05:22
My sis just passed by city hall and here's what she had to say about the sleep in lmaooo https://t.co/wa6jhwbMkv
06-07-2020 05:22
We're back in business https://t.co/6avTEvifVb
06-07-2020 03:03
RT @georgeciveris: Much like the actor Darren Criss, fireworks are gay in theory but straight in practice.
06-07-2020 00:36
06-07-2020 00:32
RT @yungskuntebony: I decided I don’t care what black people do/did on the fourth lmao ok they had a cookout and shot fireworks now what
06-07-2020 00:08
RT @encarta94: https://t.co/pQbc6MkB1r
06-07-2020 00:06
RT @workingoncrying: ur daddy not a hero he a security guard for BP oil
06-07-2020 00:04
U a grown ass and man u fell for this https://t.co/C2kuAopPpt https://t.co/pp1zZYyktm
06-07-2020 00:02
RT @NubianNea: bruh said i be dammed if I miss out on this bag lmaooo https://t.co/A2nHORlbch
05-07-2020 23:59
RT @sarah_ogun: All black people can experience ungendering. It manifests itself in different ways, but ultimately what is does is reduce u…
05-07-2020 23:58
RT @sarah_ogun: We can recognize that ungendering for black cis women can manifest itself in the form of transphobic slurs and comments but…
05-07-2020 23:58
RT @areujealous_: The way this is one of my favourite videos ever hrgdgdgd https://t.co/XJAMOiAYck
05-07-2020 23:57
RT @lemomil: ぴえんのコスプレです🥺 https://t.co/NAy9XgrVvP
05-07-2020 23:32
RT @abroshar: In case you’re thinking only Americans are insane: this was London last night.
05-07-2020 12:23
RT @CeciATL: i honestly see why white ppl love using fireworks to show pride in america, makes total sense as they are loud, obnoxious, dan…
05-07-2020 12:22
RT @JAYVERSACE: this shit be having me on the FLOOR EVERYTIME. https://t.co/KHdmN3Cqqd
05-07-2020 12:20
RT @throwback_mr: "Cater 2 U" 2004 https://t.co/z8vQ2K1M0h
05-07-2020 12:06
RT @likeokaysure: She put her nails in her bra to eat crabs. A woman cut from quality cloth.
05-07-2020 11:58
I want playa bowls rn. Specifically the coco coconut bowl w extra toppings https://t.co/NoZGq2IkB0
05-07-2020 11:57
Now shaun kinq is beefing w his own people (yt) https://t.co/oQHLBmbNGG
05-07-2020 11:52
RT @orbgoddess: Y’all be like “I’m not white I just look white”
05-07-2020 11:41
RT @1Rylic: The fact that Ciara really had Goodies, 1 2 Step, and Oh on her debut album...
05-07-2020 11:31
RT @CoachJustice10: What COVID and Racism have in common: People don't believe they exists if they haven't been affected personally.
05-07-2020 10:54
🧐 i really want an air purifier
05-07-2020 10:53
RT @thezamarron: What it should have been all this time in detroit #detroit #anishinabe #NativeAmerican https://t.co/9vVrdU2LIq
05-07-2020 08:38
RT @Woezzz_: Honestly the year the clowns tried to kill us was better
05-07-2020 08:36
RT @TAMARAJUANA: Imagine Beyoncé hearing your music and demanding to fly you out....
05-07-2020 08:36
RT @okayoffei: @veronicaray_ @RAGGEDYROYAL The way that shit has dialects depending on your city or area>>>> we top 2 and we ain’t number 2.
05-07-2020 08:26
RT @veronicaray_: the way AAVE is so complex that if you aren't a native speaker, you will never fully understand it...that is so powerful…
05-07-2020 08:25
05-07-2020 08:24
...i have to watch it i need to understand https://t.co/XfvkD8QMYk
05-07-2020 08:16
well damn do u have to be all up in my grill? https://t.co/KG4HFFcGhl
05-07-2020 07:36
https://t.co/6Nmrlqfazw im sayin!! https://t.co/fZj3zFAtZG
05-07-2020 07:30
RT @ferris9ueller: anonymous didn’t shake the table like the girls was making it seem like they was going to
05-07-2020 07:27
RT @jaboukie: with all due respect they are still sitting
05-07-2020 07:27
Found a random ass notebook from high school https://t.co/6jpcPhEXew
05-07-2020 06:05
RT @HooiWanV: fucking here i am thinking mount rushmore is like 250 years old and i just find out the shit is only 79. we cancelled bill co…
05-07-2020 06:03
@CancelChopped here it is
05-07-2020 05:30
FOUND MY CHILDHOOD DIARY. Found the entry where I decided I h8 alabaster ppl. (i didn't go to school w alabasters s… https://t.co/jlyRAuEG6X
05-07-2020 04:59
RT @ishnocap: i asked somebody how hot it is outside they send me this : 😂 https://t.co/8fyyECc9yx
04-07-2020 23:09
I just realized kyIee ienner and i are the same age
04-07-2020 23:08
RT @lib_crusher: https://t.co/hLbOM0pPrr
04-07-2020 23:04
04-07-2020 23:01
RT @neruda_bro: Idk why people are talking about Hamilton but I’m thinking about that tweet that said “I just learned Lin Manuel Miranda is…
04-07-2020 22:28
04-07-2020 09:41
WHAT https://t.co/4V9Aicc1ve https://t.co/wEi96YqwKJ
04-07-2020 09:29
Why is SZA so beautiful like that bih look like a disney princess
04-07-2020 09:18
RT @driveakompressr: what we mean when we say god-tier https://t.co/Hze4SRlhMg
04-07-2020 09:06
Its been a wild night but my sis and I finally won https://t.co/QmY4IHEess
04-07-2020 09:06
RT @fussybabybitch: If you want to see how the coronavirus crisis interacts with the rent & court systems this is a fun little thread of la…
04-07-2020 09:01
Content warning: SA. I'm not gonna describe anything but what I wanna say is: the first time it happened I remember… https://t.co/6K4cUp2iW1
04-07-2020 08:56
I clearly make boundaries and my mom explicitly disrespects them and then is shocked that I'm not having it. What r… https://t.co/Xw8zDMYpt0
04-07-2020 08:56
RT @PettyWalker_: “Why aren’t Black people marching about this?” - a non black person of color who has spent their entire life assimilati…
04-07-2020 08:02
RT @JahelisWasHere: Look at Quavo’s face. He truly hates how much he loves her. Love to see it.
04-07-2020 08:02
@iamshooked Omg not at 11!!! https://t.co/DfF6NUTCtT
04-07-2020 07:54
My sisters dad literally unexpectedly died 2 months ago and we couldn't even mourn him properly and here my mom is… https://t.co/9IwwrJwO3A
04-07-2020 07:48
RT @duckie_thot: https://t.co/kQPZGqvWB2
04-07-2020 07:38
RT @LucasBrownEyes: They're arresting Lakota people protesting on Lakota land now.
04-07-2020 07:37
I love and prefer chunky guac but I absolutely hate it when there's whole ass avocado slides in the shit
04-07-2020 07:36
I lied my fav thing is her being manipulative and telling us that she could die tomorrow and we're just being spoil… https://t.co/1NKg7a84DB
04-07-2020 07:32
RT @JavaughnSYW: i’ve been thinking I was just randomly losing things all week. turns out my daughter was dropping all of my belongings int…
04-07-2020 07:25
RT @QuecianaWalton: So we both decided to wear heels today lmaoooo https://t.co/aaVBmR5hl4
04-07-2020 07:25
My favorite thing about my moms delusional narcissism is that she accuses my sister and I of things but when we tel… https://t.co/xJIxHGnrgn
04-07-2020 07:23
Nah why this good planet coming for chaos neck??? This really taste like smoked provolone https://t.co/pxxLtBfQ6T
04-07-2020 07:18
RT @yungmy_: Y’all 😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/tfo5Ae2QeL
04-07-2020 07:16
RT @boughettobaby: conspiracy is one of the best songs ever made, paramore snapped
04-07-2020 06:55