karla🧞‍♀️ (@pbkarlita) — i mostly retweet😗maybe i should tweet more...
RT @imaanbarnes_: i love my best friend. she’s so cool and pretty :)
05-07-2020 01:25
0 50618
RT @jaustaz: You ever see someone's post & be like "but you....lol nvm"
05-07-2020 01:25
RT @queennaija: being told that you’re special by someone special to you is everything
05-07-2020 01:25
RT @cravelusts: ruin her guts, not her life
05-07-2020 01:24
RT @breefeelings: Why come into my life if you’re just going to leave, not treat me right or have me begging?
05-07-2020 01:22
0 46630
RT @johnnyfigg: If you come into my house and don’t say hi to my parents walk tf back out.
05-07-2020 01:22
RT @imaaaaaannnnn: it’s such a turn off for me when people use ghetto stickers and emojis😭
04-07-2020 09:41
RT @MoAsmal: Honestly fuck online learning, I’m seeing so many students left behind, it’s just unfair
04-07-2020 09:41
0 18752
RT @cravelusts: The rumors are true I am single af & my phone dry af
04-07-2020 09:40
RT @krinaomi: Boys with nails like this>>>>>>>>>>> https://t.co/vR6QSPwkk1
04-07-2020 09:36
RT @CorridosYBandas: Pídeme la luna y te la bajaré... https://t.co/2aSBlCxxui
04-07-2020 09:35
0 54158
RT @NLSWOLF: Clothing has no gender.
04-07-2020 09:33
0 28024
RT @c0medownmachine: Anyone boycotting pornhub , get on bellesa. Only just heard about it but it’s an ethical porn site created and managed…
04-07-2020 09:33
0 33498
RT @Daystack: I’m not a catfish but if you catch me on a bad day or or OR at work 😭den idk what to tell you
04-07-2020 09:32
0 74354
RT @notjeshus: say jk after sex so you stay a virgin
04-07-2020 09:31
0 57453
RT @ali247_: You guys that sleep before 12 got your life sorted innit
04-07-2020 09:30
0 20658
RT @thaboyzmom3: Imagine a bitch tweeting about u and u don’t see it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
04-07-2020 09:30
RT @breefeelings: You gotta know your worth, even if it gets a lil lonely sometimes.
04-07-2020 09:30
0 55666
RT @J7no415: Females be driving 90mph, blasting music, throwing up gang signs, just to go to Target 😭
04-07-2020 09:29
RT @omarruizz10: once you break a girls heart or you make her feel like she can’t be with no one cause of how you treated her good shit dip…
04-07-2020 09:28
0 128449
RT @_Madting: I’m not gonna lie.. like ima be totally honest if I saw this dog running at me from a distance my soul would evaporate
04-07-2020 09:27
@saralovely_ @main_feeling do i still have a chance ?😭
04-07-2020 09:12
RT @saralovely_: Quarantine is lasting way longer than expected. I wanna keep giving my sevices out. Love you guys ⭐️I’ll be sending the fi…
04-07-2020 09:11
0 34308
RT @BoriKyn: i love how quavo just lets saweetie be herself. cause sometimes niggas be haters.
04-07-2020 09:07
RT @HopHippin: J. Cole is levels above Kendrick Lamar.
04-07-2020 09:07
@lowkeyashl3y this made me shead a tear
04-07-2020 09:07
0 68322
RT @shaynguyen__: incase you didn’t know already, 4th of July is CANCELED. idk about you, but there is absolutely nothing to be celebratory…
04-07-2020 09:05
0 165859
RT @JACENOPENNY: Everybody’s different, but personally, I’d be EMBARRASSED to celebrate America two days after the body of a US soldier was…
04-07-2020 09:04
0 98951
RT @priinnyvert: my problem is i want my package the same day i order it
04-07-2020 09:04
0 23533
RT @Blxckpolitics: DON’T let nobody save you for later.
04-07-2020 09:04
0 135650
RT @gIxkhy: “you look tired” bro i wanna die
04-07-2020 09:03
0 69113
RT @ivbhadbx: weed shouldn’t be illegal, it’s cigarettes that should be illegal
04-07-2020 09:03
0 42865
RT @fsgalaxy: I still bump 90's & 2000's r&b like it just dropped.. it will forever be a vibe
04-07-2020 01:22
0 26135
RT @cravelusts: sex before marriage is a sin, unless you do it doggy style, all dogs go to heaven
04-07-2020 01:22
0 56563
RT @bratmove: l stopped sending paragraphs, stopped begging, i stopped teIling people how to treat me, and started walking away, blocking,…
04-07-2020 01:22
0 41844
RT @jujubangzz_: “ur so quiet” thanks i don’t wanna talk to you
04-07-2020 01:22
0 31321
RT @nunidior: Real heavy on the “Be Safe” cus life too short and the world ain’t fair
04-07-2020 01:22
0 41982
RT @johnnyfigg: get you a MAN who replies to all parts of the paragraph you sent him.
03-07-2020 22:29
03-07-2020 21:15
RT @YourAnonNews: 2020 in a nutshell https://t.co/PBcXi5VwTz
03-07-2020 21:15
0 102553
RT @DeaconBlues0: Trump just complained that his life was so much better before he became President. So was mine.
03-07-2020 21:13
RT @Jaellybean___: Look, it's a sad person reading this tweet
03-07-2020 21:12
RT @peppappig: fuck whoever made this https://t.co/ljGSaAOiK7
03-07-2020 21:12
0 36350
RT @treyvxughn: who trynna recreate this https://t.co/lVvZimFvTM
03-07-2020 21:12
0 101670
RT @jjennapxox: Still missing please share!!! Bring her back home safely 😭😭🙏🏼 https://t.co/cewfw1mT7b
03-07-2020 21:10
0 33721
RT @akirangei: frank ocean b like i know a spot and it's not the studio
03-07-2020 21:10
0 23514
RT @tameeimpala: When you read old chats and see the way you used to talk
03-07-2020 21:10
RT @peppappig: 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♀️ shut up bitch ✨ ✨ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚‍♀️
03-07-2020 21:09
0 30242
RT @alonefeeIings: u ever killed your own vibe from thinking too much
03-07-2020 21:09
RT @AlyciaTyre: Bro I am so fucking ugly on a daily basis
03-07-2020 21:09
@1dayvacay 😈😈😈
03-07-2020 21:08
RT @__stendo__: niggas buy a camera and go to the local mall and ask questions like “does body count matter”
03-07-2020 21:08
0 13645
RT @11Bilz: Ima be pissed if my kids ain’t funny
03-07-2020 21:08
0 162681
03-07-2020 21:07
0 88166
RT @friasmp: I can’t believe I used to leave my house a 5 times a week. That just seems excessive
03-07-2020 21:07
0 76196
RT @justmalaikaa: i will not accept a hint, i will act dumb until you say it with your chest
03-07-2020 21:06
0 98719
RT @skaijackson: SAY. HER. NAME. Vanessa Guillen was serving her country, and in return she was sexually harassed, brutally murdered, and…
03-07-2020 08:50
there’s one person you miss talking to
03-07-2020 08:29
0 68001
RT @litdesu: there’s dark humour, then there’s just being a disgusting person.
02-07-2020 20:39
0 43639
RT @_hhhailee: I act like I’m ok but I really just want $53,937,800,000 deposited in my bank account 💔
02-07-2020 20:39
0 69707
RT @kayyluh_: people use “😭” when they’re sad ? oops i use it as a “LMFAO”
02-07-2020 20:39
RT @viewsfromlupe: soccer guys be like “i break ankles not hearts” and end up breaking both
02-07-2020 08:12
i deadass hope my parents have no plans for 4th of july, i will not participate if they do
02-07-2020 08:03
0 69408
RT @brynntrbl: i better not see y’all celebrating 4th of july, the fuck y’all celebrating? systematic racism?
02-07-2020 08:02
RT @SAlNTLUST: kendall jenner for burberry shot at home https://t.co/sJhXhaZIri
02-07-2020 07:59
0 26487
RT @DreQuestJA: I need a drink, a spa day and about $30M.
02-07-2020 07:59
RT @R_Jeezy_DaGreat: “Taking a knee is disrespecting our soldiers” Meanwhile y’all let this woman die and didn’t give no fucks! She signed…
02-07-2020 07:59
RT @imaanbarnes_: if you like your egg yolk runny, i love you and you deserve happiness
02-07-2020 07:58
RT @MariTheMagician: Yall better start making mfs realize its a PRIVILEGE to be fucking with you.
02-07-2020 07:56
RT @IXTZXL: i match your energy & you get upset ???
02-07-2020 07:56
RT @themikalaleeann: praying financial prosperity and wealth over all of my people.
02-07-2020 07:55
RT @MariTheMagician: Sometimes you need your feelings hurt and your world shaken up a bit so you can wake the fuck up and start focusing on…
02-07-2020 07:55
0 80318
RT @tbhnasa: who else can proudly say they’ve never purchased anything from jeffree or shane ? 🤩
02-07-2020 07:55
0 181538
RT @six8uso: Soldiers are going missing, black people are getting killed & kidnapped, children are being raped and put in cages by the gove…
02-07-2020 07:55
0 127646
RT @Trinij13: i hope my bestfriend heal from things she don't talk to me about .
02-07-2020 07:54
time is flying so FASTT
02-07-2020 03:56
i finally got my right airpod😭😭
01-07-2020 21:44
RT @breefeelings: REMEMBER who the fuck you are. Wipe your tears. Put that crown on. Love yourself because ain’t no one going to do it for…
01-07-2020 21:44
0 32311
RT @_krystelaa: Do you flip tortillas with your hands or are you a bitch?
01-07-2020 21:44
0 64319
RT @CoochDoctor: Boys pockets be like: Left Right https://t.co/wSwSagGvHH
01-07-2020 13:54
0 29809
RT @RavenRaybay: I feel so ugly after reacting off of anger. That’s why I just dead a lot of situations and keep my distance. It’s so much…
01-07-2020 13:54
0 40455
RT @jadaapat: i still laugh at the fact we thought we was only finna be out of school for 2 weeks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “yeah we’l…
01-07-2020 13:53
0 112004
RT @reddropshwty: nobody: me after washing dishes: https://t.co/nwlKWnLedV
01-07-2020 13:52
RT @breefeelings: Yes I really check to see if you’ve viewed my story😭🤣🤣🤣
01-07-2020 13:34
RT @denzeldion: make yourself a priority
01-07-2020 13:33
RT @jor_danmk: my future is on my mind 24/7
01-07-2020 13:33
RT @420Anjali: if u don't listen to Brent faiyaz or Bryson tiller I actually can't fw you
01-07-2020 13:32
0 33858
RT @maaanibaaby: Small boobs and a fat ass is really a combo
01-07-2020 13:31
0 35692
RT @2Taity: do you ever listen to your own playlist and think fuck me my music taste is impeccable
01-07-2020 13:30
RT @JuiceKing5x: I just wanna be someone's favorite notification
01-07-2020 13:30
0 272425
RT @Reformxd: June’s over ??? Julying
01-07-2020 13:29
RT @ezzygxrcia: finally losing your attachment to someone who wasn’t good for you>>>>
01-07-2020 13:29
0 54636
RT @wrstflck: girls be like “i know a spot” but can’t go out bc their parents are strict
30-06-2020 21:01
0 36408
RT @gabzinoo: Sharing music on your story even tho no one cares >>>>>>>>>>>>
30-06-2020 08:49
0 36792
RT @Easy_Z3: If we stop talking , don’t move like we got beef... weirdo
30-06-2020 08:49
0 61165
RT @uzmaax: sis wants clear skin and no eye bags but sis be sleeping at 5am😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I am sis, sis is me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
30-06-2020 08:46
0 12412
RT @omarruizz10: why tf you wanna entertain another female when you have a down ass females by ur side makes no sense.
30-06-2020 08:46
0 25157
RT @jisskhlf: i’m a private person so if i open up with you, damn i trust you.
30-06-2020 06:27
RT @breefeelings: Dear God, if I don’t have a future with them please stop making me think about them.
30-06-2020 06:26
0 34214
RT @drew2wavy: Girls shoot their shot by posting pictures of themselves
30-06-2020 06:26
0 58296
RT @jimmineutch: i like private but not a secret.
30-06-2020 06:07
RT @clowngirlshittt: mirror says yes. my camera says no.
30-06-2020 06:07
0 83831
RT @keevrai: how y’all take 15-30 minute naps mine be 2-4 hours 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
30-06-2020 06:07
0 34092
RT @omarruizz10: Whoever I end up with, I promise I got you.
30-06-2020 06:07
0 57602
RT @alvin_the_don: Mental health is real, please take care of yourself.
30-06-2020 05:56
0 20991
RT @famouslexxx_: One thing about me...ima leave you alone😂
30-06-2020 05:56
0 25392
RT @derickmaldona: If she text you “bye” you still gotta reply bro
30-06-2020 05:55
RT @heyyymannyyy: don’t try to give me your all after you fucked up, should’ve given me all of it from the beginning
30-06-2020 05:55
@DavinJohnson20 being single gets boring sometimes😔
30-06-2020 05:55
RT @DavinJohnson20: As much as I complain about being single I don't think I actually want a relationship
30-06-2020 05:55
i’m finally tweeting😜
30-06-2020 05:54
you’re not pretty if you don’t have a good personality idcc bro
30-06-2020 05:54
RT @main_feeling: Growth over company
28-06-2020 17:24
RT @imaansbiitchass: why do i add 😭 to every sentence auj give me a new emoji
28-06-2020 17:23
RT @kidzeynep_: please i just want to feel something
28-06-2020 17:23
RT @hawwaa_you: Can't wait to go on roadtrips with the loml and detour for coffee and pictures 11 times 🥰🥰🥰🥰
28-06-2020 17:22
0 63006
RT @mxxxa___: me adding a splash of cold water at the end of my shower to keep my hair healthy https://t.co/enihG1nvXK
28-06-2020 17:22
0 51719
RT @chilled_stars: Me in 2016: "emojis are DUMB" Me in 2020: "👀👀😔😳😭😩🥺👉👈✨🤟😌👁️👄👁️"
28-06-2020 17:21
0 70016
RT @sarahlugor: men be like “women aren’t funny” then say a slur and think it’s peak comedy.
28-06-2020 17:21
RT @scorpio_bella: If you have a E or A in your name that means you’re loyal with a good heart.
28-06-2020 17:20
0 70921
RT @_JessiVanessa: How I walk into the gas station so no guys talk to me
28-06-2020 17:20
0 108334
RT @I_amLina: Friends who plug you when they hear about an opportunity that would suit you, friends who recommend you, friends who support…
28-06-2020 17:19
0 23890
RT @VINETTRIA: I hate being disrespected. that’s one thing I genuinely cannot take. I’ll hold it forever.
28-06-2020 17:19
RT @Yung__Naan: I don't know any of these "spots" because I'm not a whore like all of you. Smh
28-06-2020 17:19
RT @breefeelings: I miss how interested you were in me at the start😂 but whatever it is what it is.
28-06-2020 17:17
0 266686
RT @sureokae: i really wanna go for walks at night but i’m actually a girl
28-06-2020 17:16
RT @breefeelings: If you love someone, you won’t do shit to hurt them. Understand that.
28-06-2020 17:16
0 14955
RT @geekinjenn: when HE starts copying your slang >>>>
28-06-2020 17:15
@alonefeeIings karlita._
28-06-2020 17:15
RT @trulyanj: boys will really tell you that there's things going on in their life and they can't be with you bc they're not ready but end…
28-06-2020 17:15
0 103562
RT @tttheresaa: u ever look at girls n think how the fuck u that pretty
28-06-2020 17:02
0 49931
RT @steIIarbitch: get in loser we're healing & falling back in love with life.
28-06-2020 16:57
RT @Pretty_BoySello: If actors can kiss without catching feelings why can't we?
27-06-2020 20:00
0 86053
RT @heybuddy_comic: "your generation is so spoiled" bro we own literally nothing
27-06-2020 19:59
RT @zoonigaa: I dont like problems okay? I just like coolan it frfr
27-06-2020 19:59
0 23199
RT @BrownExellence: Manifest and Pray over the life you want. job you want. career you want. love you want. Never limit the power of Manife…
27-06-2020 19:59
0 119669
RT @JuiceKing5x: Not the greatest at math but I know when shit don't add up
27-06-2020 19:59
RT @hmtfu: only bad bitches type in lowercase
27-06-2020 14:44
0 155374
RT @gabrielar_0211: i hope my friends heal from things they don't talk to me about .
27-06-2020 14:44
0 16408
RT @ASluttyLeo: I’m antisocial asf in person, if you dont talk to me ion talk to you 😂 simple.
27-06-2020 14:43
0 15851
RT @nose_inthee_air: Stop playing WITH me cause God don’t play ABOUT me. Ima win every time.
27-06-2020 14:42
RT @97Vercetti: Who else got a bad habit of laughing when ain’t shit funny
27-06-2020 14:42
0 85728
RT @kxmil: the key to saving money is forgetting you have money
27-06-2020 14:41
RT @sergioestala6: How embarrassing is it when you talk so highly about someone who ends up disappointing you.
27-06-2020 14:41
0 24890
RT @Jesluxry: My kids will not have to worry about me getting mad at them for being in the kitchen at 3am. You want mc Donald’s?? LETS GOOO…
27-06-2020 14:41
0 83681
RT @hyphylaura: Me on social media : Make his pockets HUURT 🤪🥳💰😈 Me in real life : Omg no it’s okay I c…
26-06-2020 21:35
0 36372
RT @bratmove: Someone who brings good energy into your life and maintains it >>
26-06-2020 21:33
RT @monicabrancon: male friends that don’t fall for you>>>
26-06-2020 21:33
RT @peppappig: yes i am dumb but atleast i’m not racist.
26-06-2020 21:33
0 114365
RT @shmaded: Stop asking “wyd” I’m literally at home crying
26-06-2020 21:33
0 40186
RT @dirtyydlana: u ever look at someone & just hope they’re in ur life 4ever
26-06-2020 06:25
RT @peppappig: y’all literally forgotten about the virus huh?
26-06-2020 06:25
RT @karelynotsanity: Just remember, some people only talk about you because they lost the privilege to talk to you
26-06-2020 06:25
26-06-2020 06:24
0 69722
RT @chofiiissss: ugly boys be like “ she for the streets “ , stfu you for the drain
26-06-2020 06:24
RT @peppappig: saw this girl crying because she wants an ice cream and I felt bad so I bought myself an ice cream then ate it right in fron…
26-06-2020 06:23
RT @breefeelings: I’m not going to beg🤣🤣 you’re going to do whatever regardless of my feelings. Forgerriittt.
26-06-2020 06:23
RT @VloneKiara: i really want a piercing man
26-06-2020 06:23
RT @ezzygxrcia: it’s nice when someone remembers small details about you
26-06-2020 06:23
RT @GettinMoneyJr: If you’re a “jr” your mom has probably moaned your name during sex
25-06-2020 12:43
0 80847
RT @aethosnia: I grew up without sharing my problems to my parents
25-06-2020 12:43
RT @bratmove: once u put your hair in a bun there's no going back until you wash it
25-06-2020 05:47
0 13017
RT @LilNasX: This user has hidden their tweets from people who will have an amazing life changing second half of the year. L͟e͟a͟r͟n͟ ͟m͟o͟…
25-06-2020 05:47
@nxpxgg nah frrr
25-06-2020 05:46
0 16498
RT @LilNasX: can we normalize
24-06-2020 08:55
0 198664
RT @_ade_baby_: Say his name !! #CorneliusFredericks https://t.co/xHs7bVp8G3
24-06-2020 08:53
RT @breefeelings: mood: I want to talk to you but I don’t wanna bother u
24-06-2020 08:52
RT @totallynotshido: You’ve gotta dip em with precision. 1 second longer and your day is spoiled.
24-06-2020 08:51
0 79935
RT @ZakkGarcia: YOOO NEW SHREK?? https://t.co/qkqTXPQELR
24-06-2020 08:51
0 61562
RT @tiffany_lenice: i hope the girl reading this gets financially blessed this week . 🥰
24-06-2020 08:50
RT @Mohamm3d_Ismail: We be typing these emoji's "😂😭😂😭🤣" with a straight face, depression really fucked our generation over.
24-06-2020 08:50
0 94766
RT @medinathehuman: i sincerely hope black lives still matter to you and you’re still actively challenging your thoughts, people around you…
24-06-2020 08:50
0 61679
RT @UGHBARBlE: does anyone else feel an awkward tension whenever u see another person ur age in the grocery store?
24-06-2020 08:50
0 53641
RT @Egzakkly: summer 16. Controlla and One dance blasting in the background. Life was good.
24-06-2020 08:49
0 79668
RT @TheNayaJ: Y’all need to accept that this has to be a chill summer. It’s a whole ass pandemic like relax.
24-06-2020 08:49
0 26122
RT @Kitranada: I love women that ooze confidence and sex appeal. May they forever reign in that power
24-06-2020 08:49
0 12017
RT @nots1eez: half of twitter wants to fuck the other half wants to die.
24-06-2020 08:49
RT @chatniggah: skinny white girls be like “i have ass” yeah the music you listen to
24-06-2020 08:47
0 19110
RT @Iordies: bye https://t.co/8yOoMVvGPy
24-06-2020 07:18
RT @peppappig: #itsokaytoberacist wow, shut the fuck up bitch. it’s not okay to be racist.
24-06-2020 07:18
RT @Moristiko: yall be in the house all day talkin bout "my life a movie" yea bro Home Alone😭😭
24-06-2020 07:17
RT @breefeelings: Do u ever just want to sit outside with someone and talk all night?
24-06-2020 07:15
0 43683
RT @_VXDER: I think a tattoo would make me feel better
24-06-2020 07:13
RT @ezzygxrcia: I HATE feeling like I’m bothering the only mf I wanna talk to
23-06-2020 01:17
RT @leyyaisnthere: Don’t trust a man who : - breathes air - Is born on his birthday - is between the ages of 0-168 years old
21-06-2020 20:50
RT @777jorgeivan: Girls never admit to liking you. They just start talking to you everyday.
21-06-2020 20:49
0 19589
RT @LilNasX: happy father’s day to my fellow fathers out there! it’s hard but we get it done! https://t.co/Up2SsvkNOq
21-06-2020 20:49
RT @ejay_a1: Everyone needs a playlist with brent faiyaz, jhene aiko and frank ocean type vibes I dont care who you are
21-06-2020 20:49
RT @zubyyr: lord please help, your kids are messaging themselves again😭😭
21-06-2020 20:41
RT @tawfeeqgallie: do your thing please🥺 https://t.co/MY9NfmHABh
21-06-2020 20:39
RT @rumenwyd: i’ll never know why my heart is so sensitive
21-06-2020 20:32
0 12036
RT @Gecorious_: Y’all be losing good women because y’all think y’all that nigga and y’all not
21-06-2020 20:32
0 297758
RT @unknwns0ul: Can we all agree that cooking & cleaning is a basic life skill and not a gender role??????
21-06-2020 20:32
0 30898
RT @Luxsies: you drop a toxic friend, and everybody think you the bad person
21-06-2020 20:31