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i’m so fucking proud of you right now.
19-04-2021 10:29
@Cocaincooter fake news
19-04-2021 10:04
@Cocaincooter wagyu not even regulated here bruh that shit was just normal ass beef fr
19-04-2021 08:12
he JUST like me
18-04-2021 06:21
RT @tqcino: She really spending 2k or a bad bunny concert but not spending 25$ on your haircut, focus on yourself king
17-04-2021 03:55
@Danishgambino_ W bigger than yo cock fr
17-04-2021 00:55
@Danishgambino_ fat W
17-04-2021 00:55
16-04-2021 08:31
twin fr made a track called cum bucket
16-04-2021 00:24
@Cocaincooter this mf has hard cover copies of his work
15-04-2021 10:54
jr gave me his audible and it’s all sigmund freud wtf
15-04-2021 10:50
RT @syndari_: Last call for our Spring 2021 collection, website closes tomorrow at 3pm PDT, don’t miss out!
15-04-2021 04:48
@gaudygritt clean asf
13-04-2021 22:49
@jonaswneal 😭😭 u ain’t say what i said
12-04-2021 22:25
matt ox hasn’t washed his hair since overwhelming
12-04-2021 21:01
@Cocaincooter ugh i gotta figure out how to mute you already
12-04-2021 20:51
just got my second dose of moderna who wont me 📲📲
12-04-2021 19:37
that shit was angelic ngl
11-04-2021 04:27
two rt and i’ll ask cfa for a travis scott burger
11-04-2021 03:07
i’d shake ass for a baconator rn
11-04-2021 03:07
@Cocaincooter i bet the baconator better
11-04-2021 03:05
kanye don’t let me down 🙏
11-04-2021 02:57
this better be good man yall hype this shit so much
11-04-2021 02:39
the chic fil a deadass an hour long wait bruh tf am i doin with my life
11-04-2021 02:39
RT @Madonna: When you feel like this............,..Can’t Nobody Tell you Shit. 👿
09-04-2021 22:55
@xD_Amp looking at them make me cry, so beautiful
09-04-2021 06:03
@Cocaincooter missing olive garden bae too
09-04-2021 03:25
missing tf outta that $40 bottle of bbq sauce jr got in monterey rn
09-04-2021 00:48
RT @psychwardmike: No Caption Needed.
08-04-2021 21:37
boots make me cry
08-04-2021 21:37
08-04-2021 19:35
RT @ReallyHotBitch: got rejected frm college today so naturally i bought two marc jacobs runway shoes. retail therapy works…
08-04-2021 19:23
@Danishgambino_ and i like to cook
07-04-2021 00:11
like my playstation girl you know im 4U
05-04-2021 21:22
crazy to think my entire life in a small box. hard drive dead means all my work is dead. life is weird
05-04-2021 07:16
@jonaswneal dude i was freaking out. i had all my shapes n shit backed up but i almost lost all project files
05-04-2021 07:09
@jonaswneal i almost lost every project since like last year. my USB hub just turned it off i need a new hub
05-04-2021 07:08
@jonaswneal yo it works
05-04-2021 07:07
possibly just lost all of my data. 300GB worth of files
05-04-2021 07:01
i think my external hard dive just fried itself..
05-04-2021 07:00
RT @syndari_: Syndari Spring 2021 Reversible Hockey Jersey Releases April 10th at 3pm PST
05-04-2021 06:09
i need PeejCartier merch
03-04-2021 07:00
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RT @playboicarti: Lol DrUNk . ❤️ . SKY Video > OUT nOW
02-04-2021 21:56
02-04-2021 21:56
0 17392
RT @ennternet:
02-04-2021 08:40
RT @sssolacee: Too weird to live, Too Rare to Die. ❤️ out now on @SuperRare love you all . 🕊🤘🏼 #Cryptoart
02-04-2021 05:56
guys i’m not kidding wtf is going on
01-04-2021 20:46
they got the stonks meme in fortnite..
01-04-2021 20:45
RT @SavageGasp: some days i feel like da man☺️❤️💪 but most days i just feel like dababy 😔💔
01-04-2021 12:17
on my way there 🤞
01-04-2021 08:00
spanish post punk be hittin yo
31-03-2021 23:20
anybody wanna paypal me $500 USD lol 📲📲
31-03-2021 07:13
@poopycheems ):
31-03-2021 06:00
@poopycheems let’s play?
31-03-2021 05:47
RT @sssolacee: This isn’t my account please report !
31-03-2021 05:33
i rly ain’t kiddin yo
31-03-2021 05:05
they got dinosaurs on fortnite
31-03-2021 00:18
RT @jonnymelll: never let anyone put you down. never let anyone shit on an idea you have. and never let anyone tell you how to live.
31-03-2021 00:18
RT @keybladegeorge: George DeNoto, shot by Chris Melegos.
30-03-2021 21:28
@keybladegeorge need these in a museum 😩
30-03-2021 21:27
@Cocaincooter @Danishgambino_ he forgetting bout us 😔
30-03-2021 11:50
@keybladegeorge real fucking shit
30-03-2021 02:39
you guys don’t even know..
29-03-2021 21:52
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RT @Ric3townFinest: Damn they taking away the panty raid 😂😂
29-03-2021 09:12
RT @keybladegeorge: i can give you butterflies or anger issues it’s all about how YOU play it bitch
29-03-2021 06:51
RT @flacathekilla: made the ugliest cardigan ever for my friend (:
28-03-2021 10:02
@flacathekilla in a video game
28-03-2021 10:01
@flacathekilla i wanna strangle you every time you call it ugly
28-03-2021 10:01
@jonaswneal @flacathekilla cardigan on my mind every day
28-03-2021 09:59
the cardigan fr look better every time i look at it
28-03-2021 09:59
@Cocaincooter part two soon i swear pls let me have this
28-03-2021 09:05
RT @peejcartier: gang way we on streaming services go fw the gang man @cardobans37000
28-03-2021 08:22
i was at my peak when i wore clout goggles everyday
28-03-2021 08:21
this shit got me crackin up man
28-03-2021 06:45
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RT @npeeksxo: Lil Nas x is praised for dancing on satan. Kanye West is bashed for giving his life to Christ. Welcome to 2021.
28-03-2021 06:44
they makin me n jonas viral on this not the right app
28-03-2021 05:15
so u tellin me these mfs sell their soul to the government and still be askin for a military discount? mf go do 6 more years tf
27-03-2021 03:26
@xD_Amp the fuck you even talking about
27-03-2021 00:27
@xD_Amp ur mother
27-03-2021 00:00
just saw a girl cryin in her car at the jamba juice parking lot i hope she good
26-03-2021 22:06
@itsokdontbesad please @glaiv3
26-03-2021 21:45
imma say it idc. some JIK songs be in my head more than mbdtf..
26-03-2021 19:42
stars gotta be aligning or some shit man this feeling i got rn is so crazy shit finally startin to happen n make sense
26-03-2021 11:59
fuck man these baby steps be killin me lowkey but fuck do they feel nice asf. got in contact with a manufacturer an…
26-03-2021 11:35
RT @psychwardmike: “Heaven Awaits You” Collection [Now Available]
26-03-2021 08:50
look my way.. @Converse 🤍🤍 u n me soon
26-03-2021 07:59
RT @pinapplue: 2018. hope y’all ain’t forget.
26-03-2021 07:58
so much shit i’m workin on i’m going crazy man shoutout me
26-03-2021 07:50
no time to love
26-03-2021 07:47
RT @glaiv3: math 2 sucks l sound like a genuine child when I tell people I can’t make music I have math 2 homework
25-03-2021 06:33
she said i don’t know you, bitch google me
24-03-2021 10:03
RT @pinapplue: vampires smoke menthols
24-03-2021 10:03
i’d get annoyed if i was following me tbh
24-03-2021 10:01
i fr just be tweeting random ass shit
24-03-2021 10:01
@badcitystar yungviral would go crazy on this
23-03-2021 10:08
RT @jebidiyahryder: me as a big lego man toilet paper holder // s/o to random listings on etsy for helping make this come to life 🚶🧱😭✨ http…
23-03-2021 07:13
@sssolacee 🤯🔥
22-03-2021 09:11
RT @sssolacee: Bidding war on my latest piece 🤯🤯❤️❤️❤️. @SuperRare super grateful to be in a position where I can l…
22-03-2021 06:22
RT @JxhFeelMe: “If you want something so bad and you speak it into power, it will happen.” - XXXTentacion
21-03-2021 21:03
twin got me pourin wock ina yerba
21-03-2021 09:25
@KayleeBVF @keybladegeorge we are u jus got a big head
21-03-2021 06:09
had to hire a tutor for my chain cuz it’s stupid
21-03-2021 06:01
@keybladegeorge this one bout u luv @KayleeBVF
21-03-2021 05:57
lol hey
21-03-2021 03:46
@Cocaincooter another baby carrot classic i’ve missed you
20-03-2021 06:41
RT @Cocaincooter:
20-03-2021 06:40
i don’t think my brain is wired correctly
20-03-2021 03:56
@percboyj0e ??????
19-03-2021 20:17
nah bruh ducktails fr
19-03-2021 12:17
@Cocaincooter all good soldier
19-03-2021 11:53
@Cocaincooter get a job or sumn bro i’m worried bout u
19-03-2021 11:44
@Cocaincooter ⁉️⁉️
19-03-2021 11:42
this cramp tryna fuck me over i’m fighting hard as i can
19-03-2021 11:18
these yerbas kicking my ass
19-03-2021 11:18
@psychwardmike i was gonna name my next car lucy 😔
19-03-2021 07:13
@psychwardmike so fucking proud of you
19-03-2021 07:13
@poopycheems fr
19-03-2021 06:59
RT @percboyj0e: want her so bad might ask her to tell me about astrology
19-03-2021 04:50
any color can be bright and beautiful if u give it enough attention
18-03-2021 23:53
look at rick man. so inspirational
18-03-2021 23:07
i’m only friends with winners. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO
18-03-2021 10:34
RT @Cocaincooter: Officially a member of the finest restaurant in Monterey county
18-03-2021 10:34
RT @AQTB_: 5 years ago everyone said, “Kanye is crazy” Nahh take notes kids
18-03-2021 08:28
xxxtentacion fr
18-03-2021 07:22
god damn bars set in i cant walk now all that shit that you was talking boy whats up now got all these slits upon m…
18-03-2021 07:21
17-03-2021 09:00
no one told me da moderna shot gonna be kickin my ass like this
17-03-2021 06:27
RT @tqcino: PART 3 OF LITTLE NIGHTMARES IS UP NOW! Go check it out here :) ➡️
17-03-2021 05:49
RT @keybladegeorge: XXXTENTACION was one of the best things we had in our generation.
16-03-2021 21:27
start the dark knight or young lean documentary tonight? 🤔
16-03-2021 20:06
@flxffles i too am a cow of a person
16-03-2021 10:37
@Cocaincooter tf this mean
15-03-2021 22:17
there’s literally no way that two car set i just got was only $30 i’m geekin man i’m so happy
15-03-2021 21:50
@tqcino way ahead of ya
15-03-2021 21:50
yea lol
15-03-2021 21:17
am i rlly boutta drop $40 on legos?
15-03-2021 20:48
covid vaccine got me like
15-03-2021 19:46
@Cocaincooter i have no hope for white women
15-03-2021 09:58
she playin it on a crosley too bro what’s goin on man 🤦
15-03-2021 09:32
@xD_Amp @Cocaincooter to you
15-03-2021 08:12
@flxffles it me o clock fr
15-03-2021 07:34
@flxffles i would’ve too 😫😫
15-03-2021 07:31
@Cocaincooter i don’t even give my mom the luxary of knowing if i saw her texts just turn it off
15-03-2021 07:10
RT @NILES100: my debut comedy album “GIRLS DON’T TWERK TO JOKES” is now available everywhere ( my dream is that @j…
15-03-2021 06:27
RT @taycangt: direct deposit: $1400 me at Rick Owens: i need to talk to morty.
15-03-2021 06:14
RT @glaiv3: my heart skipped a beat holy shit
15-03-2021 05:06
RT @raptvcom: Pierre Bourne won his first Grammy ever for his work on 'Jesus is King'‼️🙏
15-03-2021 03:45
every day i get more and more embarrassed that i didn’t fw carti at first
15-03-2021 00:07
RT @keybladegeorge: Direct deposit: +$1400 me at Chick Fil A on Sunday: yall are open today.
14-03-2021 08:07
this coffee got my heart soundin like an 808
14-03-2021 08:07
@keybladegeorge hold up 🤔
14-03-2021 06:44
@keybladegeorge stimmy hit? tell chic fil a they staying open tomorrow
14-03-2021 04:44
@keybladegeorge on the phone with the boys.. this a hit
14-03-2021 04:37
@deadadiari @Wendys give me cream* 😅
14-03-2021 04:36
@deadadiari @Wendys i’ll make her cream one way or the other
14-03-2021 04:35
stimmy hit? tell @Wendys i want her for the night
14-03-2021 01:59
RT @sssolacee: My latest piece to one of the greatest collectors out there ⁦@Crypto888crypto⁩ thank you for everything family 🤍✨ (Heaven…
13-03-2021 23:25
13-03-2021 13:06
they shut down my favorite youtube to mp3 site this my sign to finally quit music and stick to clothes
13-03-2021 11:07
@tqcino fucking love you
13-03-2021 11:01
@tqcino this partly about you too bro keep fucking that youtube shit up man
13-03-2021 11:01
shit not even bout me i just love the energy that rises when good things happen to the mfs i care about like bro let’s keep fuckin goiiiiing
13-03-2021 10:55
i get so fucking excited for my friends when things come up for them man i fucking love this feeling
13-03-2021 10:54
love seeing the people around me win
13-03-2021 10:40
@peejcartier expect nothing but the best from u twin we takin over 🤍✈️
13-03-2021 05:23
RT @peejcartier: i’ve been doing me recently and i almost cried today just talking about it with fiz rida and jonas i’m genuinely happy for…
13-03-2021 05:22
@KayleeBVF i’m worried bout u
12-03-2021 20:43
who givin white girls 100gecs vinyls bro this not okay
12-03-2021 13:08
@benmicro53 nah u just a loser
12-03-2021 13:04
@peejcartier ppl gonna be saying “this us” to our pics one day
11-03-2021 05:40
this me and peej fr damn
11-03-2021 05:35
i got a weeks worth lmk
11-03-2021 04:48
listened to Jesus is King for the first time all the way through today. it’s not even a bad album at all i still loved it
11-03-2021 04:17
y’all ever just listen?
11-03-2021 03:07
every time i see that meme of vision with the chain on i think of dani ngl
10-03-2021 03:47
@flxffles heyy lol
10-03-2021 02:03
noise be so crazy
09-03-2021 08:15
@flxffles u look like u belong in among us
08-03-2021 21:34
@killaghostboy loser
08-03-2021 02:21
i need a stylist lowkey
08-03-2021 02:05
RT @keybladegeorge: my kids mess up one xxxtentacion lyric and they not eating
08-03-2021 02:04
categorization is a flawed system and classification only exists to simplify the abstract
07-03-2021 22:29
RT @sexyenzyme: just got vaccinated
07-03-2021 05:09
06-03-2021 11:40
@tqcino i’m hacked bro it won’t let me delete fr
06-03-2021 09:57
@tqcino I WAS HACKED!!
06-03-2021 09:50
@tqcino why would you bring this up ur making me look bad 😭
06-03-2021 09:49
@peejcartier not with that attitude
06-03-2021 01:26
@peejcartier lyrical maniac fr
06-03-2021 01:13
i’ll never get over this line
06-03-2021 00:24
and u use to be my muse nowadays i can’t look you in the face anymore
06-03-2021 00:24
RT @blxcksaint: Matt Ox is the first ethical white rapper
05-03-2021 23:41
05-03-2021 04:28
this been the feeling for a while now
05-03-2021 03:31
@geeeezz_luiz hor/ny
04-03-2021 23:09
@geeeezz_luiz ur/gay
04-03-2021 23:08
04-03-2021 07:01
lucky just like me fr thats crazy
04-03-2021 07:00
my brain on sicko mode fr
04-03-2021 04:07
im an ugly boy she play with me like a toy she so fake she a decoy
04-03-2021 04:01