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RT @donwinslow: Marjorie Taylor Greene (@mtgreenee) is dangerously stupid. She is threatening to file impeachment papers against Joe Biden…
16-01-2021 08:28
RT @jdawsey1: It's been a honor to call Jabin a colleague on the White House beat for the last four years. Jabin, along with @dougmillsnyt…
16-01-2021 08:28
RT @TrickFreee: July 2020: FRONTLINE Investigates the Alliance Among Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Donald Trump — and How Conspiracy Theories…
16-01-2021 08:18
16-01-2021 08:18
RT @TrickFreee: January 2019: How the Proud Boys Became Roger Stone’s Personal Army
16-01-2021 08:17
RT @LibbyInPhilly: Nunes sent Kash and another staffer to London, in 2017, to meet with Chris Steele, author of the dossier outlining RU in…
16-01-2021 08:16
RT @jdawsey1: Lindell said he gave POTUS this document & also provided to me. Said, falsely, it was clear Biden lost and Trump won — by 11…
16-01-2021 08:13
RT @liamstack: “If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection,” he sa…
16-01-2021 08:11
RT @BeschlossDC: Restore Jimmy Carter’s solar panels to roof of West Wing.
16-01-2021 08:09
RT @Bigbald1Gee: @levparnas @billisback2019 @DevinNunes @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer Impeached Presidents lose: 1) secret services protection…
16-01-2021 08:09
RT @karolcummins: @levparnas @DevinNunes @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer Nov 10: Trump loyalists elevated to powerful roles at the Pentagon afte…
16-01-2021 08:09
RT @alinaselyukh: BREAKING: Some 6,000 workers at Amazon's warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., will begin voting on Feb. 8 on a groundbreaking pos…
16-01-2021 08:07
RT @Taniel: Folks, 1/ Biden can stop executions next week, *and* commute the death row to prevent the next Trump from organizing a repeat.…
16-01-2021 08:06
RT @Taniel: Justice Sotomayor, on the Trump administration’s rush to kill.
16-01-2021 08:05
RT @PalmerReport: Lauren Boebert goes completely off the deep end
16-01-2021 08:04
RT @CREWcrew: The Trump administration was in such a rush to execute people that it sought to enter into a no-bid contract with the seller…
16-01-2021 08:03
RT @politico: "If in fact it is found that members of Congress were accomplices to this insurrection, if they aided and abetted the crime,…
16-01-2021 08:02
RT @sheisartmoney: @NoirVegeta
16-01-2021 08:02
@TrickFreee All. Roads. Lead. To. Roger. Stone. 👈🏼
16-01-2021 08:01
RT @TrickFreee: The leader of the Proud Boys Hawaii chapter, who was endorsed by Roger Stone in his bid for state office last year, was arr…
16-01-2021 08:01
@TrickFreee Roger’s always wanted his Band of Merry Twinks 👈🏼
16-01-2021 08:00
RT @TrickFreee: Members of the Proud Boys attended court hearings in 2019 for Roger Stone in DC, forming a core support group for Stone an…
16-01-2021 07:58
RT @TrickFreee: Roger Stone organized the Brooks Brothers riot, which had a similar goal at the time of stopping vote certification in Flor…
16-01-2021 07:58
RT @TrickFreee: Roger Stone has been an ally of, and perhaps de facto leader of, the Proud Boys, which led the Capitol insurrection https:/…
16-01-2021 07:58
RT @TrickFreee: A Week Before the Insurrection, Roger Stone Says He Met With Trump, Discussed How to Ensure He 'Continues As Our President'…
16-01-2021 07:58
Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller Praises Russia, Says He 'Can't Wait To Leave' His Job | HuffPost
16-01-2021 07:56
RT @DirigoPost: Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller Praises Russia, Says He 'Can't Wait To Leave' His Job - HuffPost #Pentagon must be li…
16-01-2021 07:55
16-01-2021 07:55
16-01-2021 07:54
RT @dave_brown24: Quite a contrast in messages between the Joint Chiefs (left) and acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller (right). H/T: @Le…
16-01-2021 07:53
RT @DefenseBaron: “I’m like, wow.” - Trump’s Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, on Russia
16-01-2021 07:52
@dave_brown24 Tell me there’s audio/video 🙏🏼
16-01-2021 07:51
RT @dave_brown24: "What's the biggest challenge for the Defense Department to fix?"
16-01-2021 07:50
RT @dave_brown24: Miller was also asked about his visit to U.S. Northern Command and he said this to say
16-01-2021 07:48
RT @dave_brown24: ...
16-01-2021 07:47
RT @dave_brown24: "I cannot wait to leave this job." -- Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller
16-01-2021 07:47
RT @AndrewDesiderio: Relevant
16-01-2021 07:44
RT @AndrewDesiderio: Shorter Chris Miller: Yes, good on Russia for using their capabilities to undermine democracies worldwide and tear awa…
16-01-2021 07:43
RT @AndrewDesiderio: I can’t believe what I just read. The defense secretary actually said this about Russia: “Professionally I’m like, w…
16-01-2021 07:43
RT @morgfair: Trump’s Pentagon chief stuns reporters with ‘incoherent briefing’ in which he declares ‘I cannot wait to leave’…
16-01-2021 07:42
RT @TrickFreee: Interior Department employees were apparently given explicit instructions to help bolster Trump’s 2020 campaign. https://t.…
16-01-2021 07:41
@lynnv378 @Playfulimp
16-01-2021 07:40
RT @DonLew87: 7/7 - For a more details on these roads flowing from Rittenhouse, have a read through link below. It is interesting stuff, m…
16-01-2021 07:39
RT @MichaelCohen212: I have been asked and have agreed to cooperate with multiple government agencies to provide testimony on the wrongdoin…
16-01-2021 07:39
RT @TomJChicago: The terrorists were going to take hostages & assassinate Congress members. Trump admin preplanning is clear. The mob was g…
16-01-2021 07:38
RT @WendyBrandes: Remember in 2009 when the GOP lied that health-care legislation would lead to rationing of care and “death panels”? Now m…
16-01-2021 07:37
RT @atrupar: Fox & Friends is bravely covering the biggest story of our times
16-01-2021 07:35
RT @mog7546: Cruz announced his commitment to challenge the results in Congress in early January, despite state officials and former Attorn…
16-01-2021 07:34
RT @BayouRising: “Dances With Kale” denied bail
16-01-2021 07:33
RT @GeoRebekah: #K12 Schools within districts and states in the USA who regularly post #COVID19 data have now surpassed 500,000 student and…
16-01-2021 07:32
RT @renato_mariotti: The President of the United States is meeting with conspiracy theorists who are trying to push him to support a milita…
16-01-2021 07:32
RT @SethAbramson: Trump has been in the WH not presidenting for the last 10 days. Do we really imagine that he's not plotting something awf…
16-01-2021 07:31
RT @jaketapper: If @HawleyMO was so concerned about election integrity in Pennsylvania, I assume he would have raised the issue at some ove…
16-01-2021 07:30
RT @chefjoseandres: Hey everyone...just finished delivering hot stews to some of the National Guard & others on this rainy night in DC. I k…
16-01-2021 07:28
RT @DrEricDing: 4) here is what that ambulance rule means... it’s bad.
16-01-2021 07:21
RT @DrEricDing: Los Angeles situation here is dire. Ambulances circle for hours, unable to find ERs that can accept patients. Hospitals run…
16-01-2021 07:21
RT @LouisRBridgema3: @RexChapman Jenna, lambi-kins, you know how the insurrection game is played. You rolled the sedition dice. Snake eyes.…
16-01-2021 06:54
RT @mostly_sleepy: @keithnetzel @RexChapman They do, but the main point is that she's dropping Trump right in it. He's saying he didn't inc…
16-01-2021 06:54
RT @keithnetzel: @RexChapman These people sound like nazis after the Nuremberg trials. “I was just following orders”. Same social psycholog…
16-01-2021 06:53
RT @MorikoGray: @RexChapman It sure sounds like Trump incited them before they traveled to the Capitol.
16-01-2021 06:53
RT @CheriJacobus: @RexChapman They are all confirming that Trump incited violence.
16-01-2021 06:53
RT @joepolitics4: @RexChapman Man these "Patriots" are quick to toss "Dear leader" Trump under the bus. They were ready to die for him one…
16-01-2021 06:53
RT @RexChapman: Case closed: “I thought I was following my president. I thought I was following what we were called to do. He asked us to…
16-01-2021 06:53
RT @estherschindler: Cool!
16-01-2021 06:51
RT @CuomoPrimeTime: The attorney defending a retired firefighter who has been arrested and accused of throwing a fire extinguisher that hit…
16-01-2021 06:50
RT @democracynow: Report Says ICE Failed to Provide Basic Coronavirus Protections, Threatened Prisoners
16-01-2021 06:49
RT @RobertMaguire_: Never fear, our tracker will keep counting Trump's conflicts of interest until Wednesday, right here:…
16-01-2021 06:49
RT @jrpsaki: @marypatcormier Also confirming I wouldn’t expect My Pillow guy to appear on the WH visitor logs
16-01-2021 06:47
RT @maggieNYT: This policy disappeared under Trump and significantly limited visibility into who he was meeting with/who was influencing hi…
16-01-2021 06:46
So, this is documented somewhere 🧐
16-01-2021 06:42
RT @CarolLeonnig: SCOOP O'Clock: In eerily-worded Jan 3 memo, Capitol Police's intel unit predicted every grim thing that happened in the C…
16-01-2021 06:40
RT @jaredlholt: The more we learn the worse it gets
16-01-2021 06:40
RT @TheAtlantic: 1/Overwhelmed hospitals. A floundering vaccine rollout. Coronavirus mutations. We’ll walk you through the headlines you ma…
16-01-2021 06:39
RT @xeni: Weird, just like us
16-01-2021 06:38
RT @joncoopertweets: HHS Secretary Azar has resigned, and admitted that the US doesn't have reserve a vaccine stockpile after all. Up until…
16-01-2021 06:37
RT @ericgarland: - The goal was overturning an election, a coup d'état - Stop the Steal had no permit - Trump himself promoted this - Membe…
16-01-2021 06:37
RT @ericgarland: "Congress itself is the target." They knew it was *never* First Amendment activity, which does not include murdering Con…
16-01-2021 06:36
16-01-2021 06:36
RT @JohnFugelsang: Keep in mind that Deutsche Bank worked with Hitler, but they're quitting Trump. They felt Hitler had a more reliable br…
16-01-2021 05:36
RT @RawStory: Manhattan DA issues subpoenas in expansion of Trump criminal probe: WSJ
16-01-2021 05:35
RT @DemopJ: "New York prosecutors conducted an hourslong interview Thursday of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney." h…
16-01-2021 05:31
RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Hey @Loews_Hotels. Why are you hosting weekend event for traitor @HawleyMO next month in Orlando, Florida…
16-01-2021 05:30
RT @MuellerSheWrote: If @Loews_Hotels goes forward with this event, I’ll make sure no one I know ever stays there again.
16-01-2021 05:30
RT @KlasfeldReports: Smocks, who also had a Parler account called Colonel007, was as much a real colonel as Colonel Sanders. "Smocks is no…
16-01-2021 05:30
RT @KlasfeldReports: "Smocks has made a flight reservation to depart the United States for a foreign country on the morning of January 15,…
16-01-2021 05:29
RT @MalcolmNance: “ many of us will return on January 19, carrying our weapons…“. The #ParlerAPP Is a hotbed of seething Sedition and Terro…
16-01-2021 05:29
RT @KlasfeldReports: The man authorities linked to these Parler posts, 58-year-old Dallas resident Troy Anthony Smocks, has been arrested a…
16-01-2021 05:26
RT @fawfulfan: I'm so tired of these companies virtue-signaling that they won't donate to Republicans for "6 months" or "a year." None of…
16-01-2021 05:24
RT @TheDemCoalition: You love to see it 👇 Curt Schilling says that his insurance company canceled his plan because he praised Trump on his…
16-01-2021 05:21
RT @CREWcrew: Trump: incites people to attack the government Republicans in Congress: no one knows why they attacked People who attacked…
16-01-2021 05:21
RT @BrendanKeefe: ALL 159 Georgia counties have now certified the US Senate elections. State has until next Friday. Likely to certify by CO…
16-01-2021 05:20
RT @DrTomFrieden: Don’t let your mask down. Don't let our guard down. Learn, connect, empower. 2021 can usher in a more connected, empa…
16-01-2021 05:19
RT @DrTomFrieden: Covid Epi Weekly: Could Covid Kill 1 Million Americans? New strains are a shot across the bow. A message from the virus:…
16-01-2021 05:19
RT @JuliaDavisNews: No one wants to defend the indefensible for free.
16-01-2021 05:18
Grandpa got the phone again 😒
16-01-2021 05:17
RT @Kris_Sacrebleu: 36-24-36?
16-01-2021 05:16
RT @bungdan: This is basically to allow the God King of Guns, LaPierre, to continue turning donations from the rubes into no-show jobs for…
16-01-2021 05:16
RT @thehill: Former GOP congressman says he's leaving party: "This has become a cult"
16-01-2021 05:02
RT @TimInHonolulu: More Trump winning.
16-01-2021 05:01
RT @briantylercohen: It's nice that certain companies are suspending donations for 6 months to GOP lawmakers who objected to the election r…
16-01-2021 04:56
RT @kylegriffin1: In a break with recent tradition, no military farewell is being planned for Trump.
16-01-2021 04:54
RT @JohnFugelsang: I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't even finished my thank-you cards from last Impeachment.
16-01-2021 04:54
RT @NotHoodlum: Donald Trump to Air Force One Pilot on 1-20. “I’m gonna need you to do me a favor though.”
16-01-2021 04:53
RT @mog7546: Accused Capitol Window-Smasher’s Charges Show Gripping Account of Combat “Officers took photos of #HunterEhmke and the damage…
16-01-2021 04:46
RT @mog7546: Some veteran Georgia prosecutors said #Trump had clearly violated state law “If you took the fact out that he is the presiden…
16-01-2021 04:32
RT @mog7546: POSSIBLE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION #Atlanta Prosecutor Appears to Move Closer to #Trump Inquiry The Fulton County district atto…
16-01-2021 04:32
RT @thehill: Colorado officials pen letter requesting probe into Boebert's actions
16-01-2021 04:28
Definitely. Referenced. Martial. Law.
16-01-2021 04:19
RT @maggieNYT: Lindell insists the papers he was holding, which were photographed and visible, didn't reference "martial law." An administr…
16-01-2021 04:18
RT @maggieNYT: Lindell tells me that he was carrying the notes for an attorney he's been working with to prove the election was really won…
16-01-2021 04:18
RT @maggieNYT: Once up there, he insisted on meeting with Cipollone. It got contentious, in part bc supposedly on the blacked-out part of h…
16-01-2021 04:17
RT @maggieNYT: I got a bit more information about the Lindell meeting. It was a brief meeting, Trump sent him upstairs to the WH counsel's…
16-01-2021 04:17
RT @sbg1: So the national security advisor was in the meeting with the pillow guy about invoking martial law, per @maggieNYT
16-01-2021 04:16
RT @mog7546: Trump Criminal Investigation Expands To #EricTrump Eric Trump is the executive vice president of #TrumpOrganization, and was…
16-01-2021 04:13
RT @mehdirhasan: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
16-01-2021 04:01
16-01-2021 04:01
RT @washingtonpost: Exclusive: Capitol Police intelligence warned three days before attack that "Congress itself" could be targeted https:/…
16-01-2021 04:00
Joy: How bad off ARE the grown children? Olivia:
16-01-2021 03:59
Did @Olivianuzzi just RIP ONE in front of @DrJasonJohnson on @thereidout with @JoyAnnReid??? 😳🤫
16-01-2021 03:53
RT @NYinLA2121: Remember when a police officer was killed by a Black Lives Matter protester by beating him with an Obama Flagpole? Me neit…
16-01-2021 03:47
@JoeNBC @eagle4congress free pillow? 🤷🏻‍♂️
16-01-2021 03:46
It’s only a step from 👣 Marital Law to Martial Law 👈🏼
16-01-2021 03:45
@BenjaminNorton It’s only a step from 👣 Marital Law to Martial Law 👈🏼
16-01-2021 03:44
RT @C_C_Krebs: Yes! User experience matters. First impressions matter. When countering #Disinfo take control of the narrative from first c…
16-01-2021 03:42
RT @thehill: Up to 25,000 National Guard in DC for Biden inauguration: Army
16-01-2021 03:36
#FIGHT ✊🏼...For Fifteen 👈🏼
16-01-2021 03:30
RT @maggieNYT: McEnany, while still on payroll, is finished at the White House, according to Trump advisers. She's not planning on staying…
16-01-2021 03:29
RT @kylegriffin1: Joe Biden has tested negative for COVID again, according to the pool report.
16-01-2021 03:29
RT @RobertMaguire_: "It’s hard to characterize how bizarre and outrageous this is."
16-01-2021 03:28
RT @AthenaSalman: Under @dougducey’s “leadership,” Arizona now is averaging 1000 covid deaths PER WEEK. Our population is roughly 7 million…
16-01-2021 03:28
RT @JuddLegum: BIG UPDATE: The following companies (all part of the S&P 500) have suspended their donations to the 147 Republicans who obje…
16-01-2021 03:28
RT @kylegriffin1: Sen. Ben Sasse: "Investigators have strong evidence to suggest that some of the rioters who stormed the United States Cap…
16-01-2021 03:27
RT @gregolear: "Worse even than falling for 'Stop the Steal' is believing that all the world’s doctors & scientists & journalists are lying…
16-01-2021 02:55
RT @GenMhayden: “If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence, I predict that the dividing line will not…
16-01-2021 02:51
RT @saradannerdukic: They seem very economically anxious what with their shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years.
16-01-2021 02:50
Broken. System. 👈🏼
16-01-2021 02:48
RT @BradMossEsq:
16-01-2021 02:48
@davidhogg111 need more of your voice these days 🙏🏼😒
16-01-2021 02:47
RT @davidhogg111: Do I hate guns ? Do I hate tools that are made explicitly by humans to kill other humans and destroy the lives of so man…
16-01-2021 02:46
@sandibachom @jonathanvswan "rudy" "James Sullivan" "Kash Patel"
16-01-2021 02:45
@Angry_Staffer like installing a GRU agent to senior DoD 🤦‍♂️
16-01-2021 02:43
RT @Angry_Staffer: “Move Kash Patel to CIA Acting” Fuck no.
16-01-2021 02:41
RT @RexChapman: Dumbest people alive. Check this out...
16-01-2021 02:41
RT @DavidOAtkins: Republicans are trying to skate on the technicalities of whether their speeches met the legal standard of inciting violen…
16-01-2021 02:39
16-01-2021 02:39
@Eangel4285 W
16-01-2021 02:38
RT @michaelshure: Amazing that Mike Lindell thinks that he can somehow fool Americans into believing something
16-01-2021 02:37
RT @williamlegate: A short list of far-right clowns who launched PR campaigns against me & threatened litigation against me who are now goi…
16-01-2021 02:36
@EPluribusUnumYT @PAWGsForBernie yes. it is.
16-01-2021 02:36
RT @JenniferJJacobs: Today is Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s last day physically at the White House, although she continues in her role…
16-01-2021 02:29
RT @atrupar: McEnany’s denunciation of rioting may end up being the last of many memorable White House briefings during the Trump era https…
16-01-2021 02:29
RT @RexChapman: “She weyant thayurr. She hayad ta coal me Snookie.”
16-01-2021 02:27
RT @Strandjunker: If you agree with me that the FBI should have a chat with the My Pillow guy, then raise your hand. ✋🏼
16-01-2021 02:25
@RashidaTlaib #MMT, baby! 💪🇺🇸
16-01-2021 02:23
RT @RashidaTlaib: #MinttheCoin already.
16-01-2021 02:23
@blmohr dude needs to keep his opinions to himself 😒
16-01-2021 02:23
RT @SenBlumenthal: The NRA cannot use bankruptcy to avoid accountability & culpability for its legal & moral wrongs. Hearings & an investig…
16-01-2021 02:21
RT @BeschlossDC: Look at this — hints that even now, Trump people have not stopped plotting against our democracy:
16-01-2021 02:20
RT @bradheath: DC as fortified ghost town.
16-01-2021 02:20
RT @jonathanvswan: “martial law if necessary”
16-01-2021 02:19
RT @Acyn:
16-01-2021 02:19
@morgfair you're on a roll, mama! 💪🇺🇸
16-01-2021 02:18
16-01-2021 02:16
RT @csd: Fox News = The Kremlin.
16-01-2021 02:10
Dan was right. Dan was always right. #SueDeSantis 👈
16-01-2021 02:09
RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: Hey DeSantis. You’re still a disaster as I said last 10 months ago
16-01-2021 02:06
RT @RBReich: Congress must ensure that Donald Trump can never hold public office again.
16-01-2021 02:05
he's leaving the Party 🙀
16-01-2021 02:04
@DeanObeidallah *capitols 👈🙏✌️
16-01-2021 02:01
RT @ddayen: The Prospect and The Intercept have learned that Renata Hesse, a former Obama Justice Department official who then went on to w…
16-01-2021 02:00
RT @OlgaNYC1211: Please don't tell me it's true that My Pillow guy is planning on how to overthrow our government.
16-01-2021 01:59
RT @RachelBitecofer: Well @JohnBrennan is saying what I've been thinking for days- that it seems like there was some type of intentional "s…
16-01-2021 01:55
RT @DeanObeidallah: Apparently Trump's exit interview was with the My Pillow guy because no one else is still working in the White House?
16-01-2021 01:50
RT @meiselasb: Bed Bath & Beyond has refused to respond to this request to stop selling products from the My Pillow guy who supports sediti…
16-01-2021 01:49
RT @JoJoFromJerz: Dear “unity & healing/don’t remove him from office” dumbass Republicans, A former drug addicted pillow guy just strolled…
16-01-2021 01:48
RT @JYSexton: Day after day, week after week, Trump's handling of the pandemic and now the vaccine rollout has been a crime against humanit…
16-01-2021 01:47
RT @DeanObeidallah: Think about this: We have the National Guard surrounding the US Capitol and activated in various states to protect capi…
16-01-2021 01:46
RT @BaddCompani: Damn, Mike Pence's Wife and Daughter were with him hunkering down in an Office.
16-01-2021 01:46
RT @shannonrwatts: On top of what happened today, the @NRA is under investigation by Congress, state lawmakers and the IRS for financial mi…
16-01-2021 01:45
RT @AdamSerwer: I would prefer Less Brooks
16-01-2021 01:44
RT @TimInHonolulu: @GregAbbott_TX And they may be committing Bankruptcy fraud.
16-01-2021 01:44
RT @donwinslow: Just a reminder: We are winning! 1. The House (2018) 2. The White House (2020) 3. The Senate (2021) 4. NRA files bankruptc…
16-01-2021 01:43
16-01-2021 01:41
RT @CheriJacobus: Colorado officials pen letter requesting probe into Boebert's actions
16-01-2021 01:37
@AriMelber can you cut his vocal chords? asking for a nation 👈
16-01-2021 01:37
RT @EoinHiggins_: The My Pillow guy with notes saying "Insurrection Act now" and "martial law"
16-01-2021 01:35
RT @Acosta: My Pillow guy is at WH today
16-01-2021 01:34
@lauferlaw time to join you. #PST ✌️
16-01-2021 01:30
RT @PalmerReport: Let’s all take a moment to be thankful for how stupid Trump and his remaining henchmen are. The My Pillow guy typed up a…
16-01-2021 01:29
RT @Noway7791: @briantylercohen
16-01-2021 01:28
@briantylercohen others were involved in planning/arranging those tours
16-01-2021 01:28
RT @briantylercohen: This is gonna be so easy. Wanna know who should be expelled from Congress— who gave tours of the Capitol on January 5?
16-01-2021 01:27
@JohnFetterman Fetterman for World Chancellor 👑
16-01-2021 01:27
RT @JohnFetterman: What’s with all these <checks notes> ruby red states legalizing <checks notes> weed? Almost as if it’s a bipartisan th…
16-01-2021 01:26
RT @doseofcurves: @RexChapman If you’re lucky...a dog will come into your life, steal your heart, and change your life! 🥰😂
16-01-2021 01:26
RT @RexChapman: Dogs, y’all...🤣🤣🤣
16-01-2021 01:25
RT @AprilDRyan: Fox News has been in historic run at last place in the cable news ratings for eight straight days. Details via @Mediaite: h…
16-01-2021 01:24
RT @FPWellman: Planning seditious insurrection. These people are part of a criminal conspiracy. The FBI needs to roll this asshole up. http…
16-01-2021 01:24
RT @Amy_Siskind: There is a certain schadenfreude joy in knowing how scared Trump is right now about lawsuits, impeachment, his damaged bra…
16-01-2021 01:23
16-01-2021 01:22