± (@priestlythedon) — ± guy is dead. haha
RT @arxanii: James Harden with no KD and Kyrie tonight https://t.co/E04M84tCG7
28-02-2021 13:54
RT @kusssman: One life line left https://t.co/0s7NgvKPNt
28-02-2021 13:53
RT @thatgirlmareena: We need new IG captions. Drop the album @Drake.
28-02-2021 13:53
RT @k4shluver: y’all be gatekeeping weird shit like bro just tell me where u got that air fryer from
28-02-2021 13:53
RT @michelletweeets: so I lost my phone tonight & saw a cop so I pulled over & asked for directions to the highway because....no phone to g…
28-02-2021 13:52
RT @cactusksk: Tell my mom I’m sorry
28-02-2021 13:52
RT @_sheDT: You have a mom ,ask her.
28-02-2021 12:10
😭😭L https://t.co/etv2hMbA9a
28-02-2021 12:09
RT @oldredtree: everyone’s always like “omg new yorkers are so rude” but one time a guy held a knife to my throat to rob me while I was unl…
28-02-2021 12:09
RT @TalkinNets: James Harden in the first half: 25 PTS 3 AST 7 REB 🔥🔥🔥
28-02-2021 12:09
RT @valvsval: I win https://t.co/YbM20Ampu5
28-02-2021 12:08
😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/uOsycWlgm7
28-02-2021 12:08
RT @royalmavens: which book series is this? https://t.co/pukiiTSL5H
28-02-2021 12:07
RT @Brannin: Don’t win another damn game @HoustonRockets
28-02-2021 12:07
Yes https://t.co/JFPJLsm3vi
28-02-2021 12:00
RT @localjefe: you had to be there https://t.co/6YtL3mpRUW
28-02-2021 02:42
RT @fkabudu: I'm sure it's a simple case of she calls him brother and he calls her sister too 🤭
28-02-2021 02:39
@cactusksk ♥️♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/tTaZDM293I
27-02-2021 23:26
@cactusksk https://t.co/4cOeTY7U4h
27-02-2021 23:23
Loml♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭 https://t.co/lFYwhgh7jN
27-02-2021 23:16
RT @DamnDeShawn: Fuck that job Lie on ya resume They gone teach you when you get it ... just don’t OD lol
27-02-2021 22:56
RT @nfdoomed: welcome to mars #ByRockets https://t.co/ocQ9rWVVVx
27-02-2021 22:55
@oczgerald 🙇🏾‍♂️
27-02-2021 22:55
RT @bigbadj0zzy: locked & loaded, see you march 18. ⛵️ https://t.co/41KIbYragC
27-02-2021 18:13
RT @ifeoluwakishi_o: i just want someone to give me like 300k for no reason 😭
27-02-2021 18:07
RT @oise__: Need to eat coochie or am die
27-02-2021 18:06
RT @NetsNationCP: Four players in our Nets squad are leading the league leader boards 👀 🔥Joe Harris - 1st in 3P% 🔥Kyrie Irving - 1st in OF…
27-02-2021 18:06
RT @patricklane_008: You had to be there https://t.co/G2kzk5Bt31
27-02-2021 18:05
RT @nnxmdi_: tired of this place
27-02-2021 18:05
RT @amineesiriboe: you had to be there https://t.co/f2cZPjhldY
27-02-2021 16:24
Big bad jozzy
27-02-2021 16:12
RT @softebony: this shirt has seen so much https://t.co/GQVsVrgVLN
27-02-2021 16:11
RT @Itamar1710: I love him but John Wall saying he's the franchise player then losing 10 games in a row once Wood goes down is objectively…
27-02-2021 16:11
RT @eerrriiicaa: “Uhhh why does my bf follow you” idk maybe he wants fuck me
27-02-2021 16:10
RT @MOWALOLA_: After living together for the past month, i just found out my cat is a boy not a girl
27-02-2021 15:13
I'm niggas. https://t.co/vX9XxgPNXv
27-02-2021 15:12
RT @aystarr_: Nigga spent 7 years in jail he’s defo Muslim
27-02-2021 15:12
RT @_MitchThagod: Project in final year is useless and should be scrapped.
27-02-2021 15:12
RT @whoismorj: niggas be bald but they don't watch anime, okay saitama
27-02-2021 15:12
RT @MOWALOLA_: There is no reward for hiding your feelings
27-02-2021 15:12
RT @ceraliza: i can’t explain it but 5 x 5 = 25 gives off the same energy as Friday
27-02-2021 09:40
RT @arxanii: James Harden is the ONLY player averaging double digit assists numbers this season Ball hog tho https://t.co/nlkWGdJoLb
27-02-2021 09:27
RT @LBJamesHarden: Remember when the NBA just decided klay Thompson was allowed to assault James Harden on every jumpshot with zero repercu…
27-02-2021 09:25
RT @MoIbrahimEsq: My grandpa used to own a big ranch in Iseyin till Fulani herdsmen murdered him. Said the "cow-rearing" business was their…
26-02-2021 23:12
RT @Alic33x: If u leave a review on Shein and u include a pic of the item on, just know I love u very much and ur the best type of person o…
26-02-2021 23:11
RT @lookatzaddyyy: Normalize "I'm willing to work on that" instead of "that's just how I am."🌹
26-02-2021 23:11
@Jesurhobo @ForHipHopOnly No #respectfully
26-02-2021 23:11
RT @SirClementBanks: I mean a person was shot in the chest 4 times, we don’t really give a shit about the dog at this point
26-02-2021 23:10
Very disrespectful https://t.co/pMNHwlHyKb
26-02-2021 22:49
This is disrespectful https://t.co/pMNHwlHyKb
26-02-2021 22:49
Man,,,,,,, https://t.co/6tFy60zHi3
26-02-2021 19:25
RT @jbrous41: https://t.co/wJdmZ8y80b
26-02-2021 19:11
RT @oloye__: If not for Lugard being unfortunate, this will read, "300 girls kidnapped in neighbouring country."
26-02-2021 19:08
RT @sarahdontcare: Na mumu dey read book
26-02-2021 19:07
RT @everytimeigoout: Pretty Little Thing sent my clothes to the past. Some civil rights activist boutta be in bodycon dresses. 🤕 https://t.…
26-02-2021 19:07
RT @Khanage9: Pros of university: No one tells you what to do Cons of university: No one tells you what to do
26-02-2021 19:07
RT @_SandraBrown: Wine day 🥂
26-02-2021 19:07
RT @joshuadowdy_: @skatpac Her: When imma meet you? You: https://t.co/uuGEhWq2QU
26-02-2021 19:06
RT @kingeloca: https://t.co/iJdqtqjRli
26-02-2021 19:05
RT @kelci_li: @cinedilf Petition to change the band name to Macaroon 5 https://t.co/y6YnC8e29D
26-02-2021 14:09
RT @cinedilf: he’s going places i just know it https://t.co/1jVzTBfvsU
26-02-2021 14:08
RT @jennieclit: 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/CnfA3TyIvB
26-02-2021 14:08
RT @dubeimmmm: God wants me though 🥲
26-02-2021 14:08
RT @StreetFashion01: Bobby Shmurda for GQ! https://t.co/bztVgRa6XJ
26-02-2021 14:06
RT @ogb0010: I’ll design merch for Rema
26-02-2021 14:06
RT @superteamharden: James Harden on the Nets has a higher TS%, eFG%, 3pt percentage, FG percentage, 2 point percentage than Steph Curry th…
26-02-2021 14:06
RT @bigbadj0zzy: smada ! 💛 https://t.co/rvnp6HZhca
26-02-2021 14:05
RT @ivy_patricks__: suffer no dey tire u
26-02-2021 14:04
RT @SuperSmada: every single one of you supporting my dream, really appreciate y’all🥺
26-02-2021 14:04
RT @SuperSmada: love you guys, thank you guys fr
26-02-2021 14:04
RT @Nadeshot: https://t.co/1BlQsHiKfR
26-02-2021 10:37
RT @Nadeshot: 1 million retweets in 24 hours and you pick where it goes on my body(face excluded)
26-02-2021 10:37
RT @JHarden13: https://t.co/0xTl76eJPy
26-02-2021 10:35
RT @REALBURTIIS: count your fucking days petsmart https://t.co/8CvQkPEdzd
26-02-2021 10:35
RT @LBJamesHarden: I feel personally victimized by how good James Harden is at basketball
26-02-2021 10:35
RT @MattBrooksNBA: do you know how fun it would be to be 7-feet tall and play basketball with James Harden
26-02-2021 10:29
RT @SocaQueenKey: You go on Tik Tok for a quick 5 mins and next thing you know you been on dat mf for two hours 😭😭😭😭😭😭
26-02-2021 10:28
RT @Bxanca_77: I block my ex and ALLL OF A SUDDENNN. “Fuckyoustupidhoe” starts following me 😭😭😂 sirrr go to hell💀
26-02-2021 10:28
RT @SuperSmada: #KILONSO out on all platforms, not sleeping again🙏🏿
26-02-2021 10:26
RT @theedexterr: https://t.co/KBE5K2SqsC
26-02-2021 02:34
RT @DEJIxICE: https://t.co/uk9KFGxoN1
26-02-2021 02:34
RT @IAMFASHlON: BREAKING: Margaret Zhang has been appointed editor-in-chief of Vogue China. At 27 years old, she becomes the youngest edi…
26-02-2021 02:32
RT @theonlyemeks: https://t.co/HWlBCvVhmV
26-02-2021 02:32
RT @40oz_n_a_glock: @1990s_Nick @PalIahAbdul body issues
26-02-2021 02:30
RT @jaden: A Vessel For The Future
26-02-2021 02:27
RT @jaybraunxoxo: Updating my “this her” pics💜 https://t.co/wwBajFfgAN
26-02-2021 02:25
RT @SuperSmada: apple music is currently on crack, but KILONSO OUT NOW ON SPOTIFY!!! https://t.co/50SFn66cJN
26-02-2021 02:24
RT @illestmcTOBI: Naij niggas realising their visa bout to expire:
26-02-2021 02:20
RT @SuperSmada: https://t.co/oaALb0QCMm
26-02-2021 02:20
RT @Seanisamenace: Aka akaya aka Jehovah something something something
26-02-2021 02:19
@loreisnotd3ad Please
26-02-2021 02:18
RT @kingwnocrown: I ain’t taking no chances. Y’all be blessed
26-02-2021 02:02
@loreisnotd3ad Yes rocky
26-02-2021 01:59
@loreisnotd3ad Yes
26-02-2021 01:59
RT @P1OFFICIAL99: Sorry I didn’t reply for 4 hours I accidentally opened tiktok
26-02-2021 00:42
RT @PopCrave: Lizzo looks incredible in newly shared photos. ✨ https://t.co/iAA1kO3S9S
26-02-2021 00:41
RT @ophmaraj: you had to be there 😭 https://t.co/VxZ5gHpWNs
26-02-2021 00:40
RT @SheaVance: I can’t believe GAP hoodies are now a trend ???? 10 year old me is still traumatised because people bullied me and said it s…
26-02-2021 00:38
RT @phil_heal: Omo no slack my sweater
25-02-2021 23:58
RT @piz_aza: can't wait to pay 7 bucks for twitter user loli_feet458 to post about american politics
25-02-2021 23:57
RT @kusssman: you scrimmmmm
25-02-2021 23:48
Don't they have friends https://t.co/0RZtRTIVUg
25-02-2021 23:23
@softebony For real✨✨
25-02-2021 23:23
RT @strwbryybabe: https://t.co/I1qrShOKi3
25-02-2021 23:22
RT @courtnationnn: Black women >>> https://t.co/a5rqY6ijDT
25-02-2021 23:21
RT @eeyyrrww: Omggggg🥲 https://t.co/i83054HRmu
25-02-2021 23:20
RT @ThyOgheneMega: *Hausa bike men driving right past each other* https://t.co/6lYex9GKUy
25-02-2021 23:20
RT @tolufaith_: “First time Uber Eats users only” “First time Uber Eats users only” sometimes treat your loyal customers🙏🏾
25-02-2021 23:19
RT @konyislaand: so u like studs
25-02-2021 23:19
RT @kewl3bony: like i said... https://t.co/45mwkEv0B4
25-02-2021 23:19
RT @naomiosaka: Sakura could never lol. https://t.co/AIS8AATws8
25-02-2021 23:18
RT @TheBlackHermit: This rebrand from terrorist to “bandit” has been amazing to witness.
25-02-2021 22:58
RT @_SJPeace_: Turtle said "see ya later alligator" 😭 https://t.co/Db6945wZYD
25-02-2021 22:32
RT @EhisIlozobhie: They’ll call it ghetto now but give it a few months and once the Kardashian-Jenner Instagram Industrial Complex eats thi…
25-02-2021 22:32
RT @litluke2: Bobby Shmurda Instagram probably still look like this https://t.co/u4G82GT8PP
25-02-2021 22:31
RT @RACH4_theSTARZ: Stop making cbd drinks we r ready for acid water
25-02-2021 22:31
@ixmunaa https://t.co/6nG4cR9mzc
25-02-2021 22:31
RT @OseUghu: I go carry another person own ❤️
25-02-2021 22:27
RT @lilNIYA__: Y’all wasn’t there https://t.co/Td7Zpz6Mp1
25-02-2021 22:27
RT @SuperSmada: marry me then
25-02-2021 22:26
RT @lemonjelloarts: new funniest photo on the internet thanks nova https://t.co/Gtlx47fzQ6
25-02-2021 22:26
@ixmunaa Me
25-02-2021 22:24
RT @davidstayinc0zy: https://t.co/dtk9xazNJ2
25-02-2021 22:24
RT @Houst0n4L: G-League triple doubles: Kevin Porter Jr - 1 James Harden - 0 Can’t argue with the facts 🤫 https://t.co/2SSYIp0mni
25-02-2021 22:23
RT @The49thSt: - Tune into our account on Instagram @/the49thstreet tonight at 10pm. We’re going live w @SuperSmada, talking about his new…
25-02-2021 22:18
RT @ColtonPappas: https://t.co/h2yf7sdpj6
25-02-2021 22:17
RT @yurioswifeu: bestfri(end) boyfri(end) girlfri(end) b(∞)bs
25-02-2021 22:03
@Ferbcoin A beaut
25-02-2021 22:03
RT @theakorede: Anon ti je gbese😭😂😂 https://t.co/7CWmt9DRcP
25-02-2021 22:03
RT @RooshWilliams: The Boston Celtics were “strongly advised to not contend for a championship” after doing some research on James Harden (…
25-02-2021 22:02
RT @Marlene_LoYo: Fetty Wap was a whole era lmao who wasn't yelling out "1738"
25-02-2021 22:01
RT @wallmeko: So this COVID couldn’t wipe out these politicians?? Had one job.
25-02-2021 22:01
RT @TexaQueer: I GOT ACCEPTED INTO MY DREAM NEUROSCIENCE PHD PROGRAM!! I’ve been manifesting this day since I was 12 years old 🥺 https://t…
25-02-2021 20:58
RT @0llyfyb: if i get a gender change, all the homies getting some pussy fr fr
25-02-2021 20:57
RT @LowkyZae: “I just need some sleep bro” https://t.co/FejQipQaqA
25-02-2021 19:05
RT @placesplusfaces: #placesplusfaces https://t.co/RGQV9xnbkM
25-02-2021 18:22
RT @TunmiseAJ: Sent 4 Policemen to kidnappers hideout but sent 300 to Lekki toll gate for peaceful protesters.
25-02-2021 18:21
@kingeloca 😂
25-02-2021 18:19
@kingeloca I'm literally right here
25-02-2021 17:54
@SuperSmada @SpecialSlim #Kilonso
25-02-2021 17:54
RT @SuperSmada: drop a #Kilonso if you’re ready!💛 @SpecialSlim https://t.co/p1xKrptLbt
25-02-2021 17:54
RT @joelibz: jan - feb 2020; a memoir of my favorite pieces thus far. https://t.co/alJKLUpDEC
25-02-2021 17:54
@em0slut_ That's a Netflix special right there
25-02-2021 16:37
25-02-2021 16:37
RT @_Nosa_: If this guy can become CBN governor, there’s no reason not to drop that mixtape, my brother.
25-02-2021 16:35
RT @MI_Abaga: Crown of Clay. V & M Soon https://t.co/6IkZTPTKOz
25-02-2021 16:34
RT @TheJitNextDoor: Niggas would have to tie a rope around my tongue and tape the other side to a rocket ship to remove my tongue from her…
25-02-2021 16:33
RT @MENXC3: Send me media of your booty in tight shorts
25-02-2021 16:32
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/3srXXmqvBr
25-02-2021 13:47
RT @KendrickPerkins: I’m gonna call a spade a spade, every time, no exceptions! When James was BSing, I let it be known. And right now is w…
25-02-2021 13:13
RT @ChuntelDali: If my boo wanna show off his thicc thighs I’m secure enough to let him do that. If you wid a bad bitch you gotta let him b…
25-02-2021 13:11
RT @777xie: platonic flirting scares me sometimes like one second ur just joking then the next ur smiling at their messages
25-02-2021 13:10
@chikweiii Haha.
25-02-2021 13:09
RT @_p0eia: Just wait until you hear what he did to an entire wedding party in Yemen
25-02-2021 11:36
RT @Itamar1710: Ah shit, almost forgot: 9 Game losing streak. https://t.co/SYqJwB2gQX
25-02-2021 11:35
RT @SandsTurissa: “y0u’Re Pr0baBLY tAlKiNg To SoMEoNe ElSe” Me: I’m barely talking to you
25-02-2021 10:55
Resin rings for the comeback https://t.co/GoaGCE4nvt
25-02-2021 10:49
RT @_Eddie313: Big Show in the news. Gotta bring this back. https://t.co/g4NEBX2mYq
25-02-2021 10:47
RT @NetsDaily: Remember when during his post-trade press conference @JHarden13 was asked what he would bring to the Nets and he responded,…
25-02-2021 10:44
Yessir. https://t.co/9GDhNDYgCM
25-02-2021 10:31
@dickglitterr I'm proud of you
25-02-2021 10:30
RT @Dee01Sammie: I have a feeling that $0.00 is still bigger than ₦0.00
25-02-2021 10:29
RT @LocalAIien: I pray you never see no loss
25-02-2021 01:05
RT @meli_xxoo: Abeg make everybody get out
24-02-2021 23:17
RT @sarahdontcare: 1 credit alert. 15 debit alerts ???? Make it make sense
24-02-2021 23:15
RT @JAYVERSACE: y’all are my CULT. yall need to start acting like it. start cussing niggas out for me. I shouldn’t have to respond to hate
24-02-2021 23:15
RT @LocalAIien: Im hanging in there, don’t you see? In this process of elimination
24-02-2021 23:14
@sarahdontcare @JustOlamilekan_ 😂😂📢📢📢
24-02-2021 22:30
RT @Chukwukaav: The funniest people on this app are the ones you no sabi from anywhere but will quote your tweet with your name. “Chivo?” 😭…
24-02-2021 22:16
RT @jskylerinc: How does this make sense like on ANY level?
24-02-2021 22:15
@sarahdontcare LeBron is ass
24-02-2021 22:14
@sarahdontcare Haha
24-02-2021 22:14
RT @v17szn: I don see result Abeg stream my music Oluwa lon guide🙏🏽
24-02-2021 22:03
RT @RTNBA: Zach LaVine will NOT participate in this years NBA Slam Dunk contest. Per @ScoopB https://t.co/SWo0usmggl
24-02-2021 20:51
RT @BillyReinhardt: And that’s The Truth
24-02-2021 20:50
RT @notshebJAMmin: No she wasn't. She saw she was losing and flipped the board over.
24-02-2021 20:50
RT @fyrebear: Chris Paul never made the all star team his 2 years in Houston. The 2 years after he made the all star team and 1 all NBA.
24-02-2021 20:47
RT @paulpierce34: James harden is playing better than anyone in the league right now
24-02-2021 20:45
@kingeloca Can't be hard
24-02-2021 18:46
RT @certifiedrapper: Don’t call me bro we are not family
24-02-2021 18:39
RT @chinasa_anukam: Everyday: “Bop Daddy, Bop Daddy” 🙄🙄🙄 @falzthebahdguy https://t.co/vbAIZbVYrm
24-02-2021 18:10
RT @queen_curator: Men. Fine Men. Tall Men. Respectful Men.
24-02-2021 16:24
Haha. Me too https://t.co/mo8jejJRxp
24-02-2021 15:28
RT @playboikell: If you don’t kiss your female friends, are you even friends ? https://t.co/RAz8fwn86e
24-02-2021 15:28
RT @Samuel0X_: Any product you're selling in Africa is in direct competition with food.
24-02-2021 15:16
RT @Lolade4PF: Consciousness over coochie my brother
24-02-2021 14:51
RT @Lolade4PF: Demystifying
24-02-2021 14:47
RT @kingeloca: staphylococcus 🙈
24-02-2021 14:47
RT @maurice_ldn: So because this killer can sing and click his fingers he should be let free? 😭😭😭
24-02-2021 11:32
RT @Maraculousness: Bro sacrificed half of his HP to increase his attack stat only to get slumped
24-02-2021 11:31
RT @XXL: Bobby Shmurda was welcomed home with four new plaques today 💿📀 https://t.co/WN4p0sZ5Qj
24-02-2021 11:31
RT @DrOlufunmilayo: Everybody deserves to see this. https://t.co/Gd6EA9MofT
24-02-2021 11:28
RT @Lolade4PF: I’d be mad if someone told me they wanted to demystify me too
24-02-2021 11:26
RT @kusssman: One president dey always experience shock. The other one dey always scream.
24-02-2021 11:26
RT @CarefreeChello: A good day not to make an attempt to demystify anyone.
24-02-2021 11:26
RT @kingeloca: https://t.co/8BTiIO64My
24-02-2021 10:39