Carl Toti (@pscarltoti) — I am a pastor & professional co-active coach passionate about inspiring people to live out their highest calling in Christ.
"The universe is not going to see someone like you again in the entire history of creation." —Vartan Gregorian
16-01-2021 07:54
“A serious man ought not to waste time in stating a majority opinion.” —GH Hardy
16-01-2021 07:46
Here is a great verse to consider all day! #Yes #Amen
15-01-2021 15:31
Couldn’t get this Psalm out of my mind tonight!
15-01-2021 07:08
The Bible in three words! God is Love! #1John4:8
14-01-2021 00:27
“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” -Søren Kierkegaard #livelife
14-01-2021 00:26
SNOW UPDATE: In-person 9:00 am & 10:45 am services are canceled; instead, join us online from the comfort and warmt…
10-01-2021 17:13
#keepanopenmind The Plot to Steal America via @YouTube
22-12-2020 08:37
One week from today we have our Christmas Eve services. We have two identical services and they are both happening…
17-12-2020 21:43
This Tuesday, the city council meeting will address the ordinance to make Lubbock a sanctuary city. Be in prayer fo…
16-11-2020 17:02
Trinity family, will you help us slow the spread of COVID-19 and mask up for the weekend services? The Corona numbe…
13-11-2020 22:05
Trinity family, continue praying for the true results of this election to be revealed because the life of the unbor…
12-11-2020 19:14
May we bring Him glory today and every day!
10-11-2020 21:05
Every vote counts! “Presidents are selected, not elected.” -FDR #vote
19-10-2020 01:45
#churchisessential #keepchurchesopen
09-10-2020 06:42
01-10-2020 19:55
Happy birthday to my beautiful wife! I love you, Gloria!
22-09-2020 18:57
“You don’t have a right to what you have unless there is no one strong enough to take it from you." - Bishop E.W.…
01-09-2020 17:56
Join me this weekend as I share this special message I prepared entitled "To This End Was I Born." Who are you brin…
29-08-2020 18:00
@CawthornforNC Inspirational!!!
27-08-2020 06:04
What are you praying for today?
21-08-2020 15:35
Had fun officiating a wedding for a family friend in Denver last week! #crazypics
20-08-2020 01:12
What a blessing it was to speak at Encounter Student Conference yesterday! God is moving among the young people. Jo…
30-07-2020 19:00
You are not alone!
25-07-2020 18:26
Continue to fight the good fight and know that ultimately, victory comes from the Lord! Join me this weekend for pa…
18-07-2020 16:00
I have a powerful message to share this weekend as we launch new service times! I hope to see YOU on Saturday at 5:…
10-07-2020 21:00
"Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts a…
09-07-2020 19:01
06-07-2020 21:53
06-07-2020 21:53
With the upcoming election, here are some articles I found interesting. (In the replies.)
06-07-2020 21:52
#Immuneboost It doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile when it comes to your health! #besmart #staysafe
01-07-2020 22:25
Join me this evening at 5:00 pm or tomorrow at 10:00 am for our last weekend service in the book of Acts. The serie…
27-06-2020 21:00
Don't let the fear contaminate your faith. Trust in God!
26-06-2020 03:00
“Because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted, He is able to help and provide immediate assis…
24-06-2020 15:15
We are Christians before anything else!
18-06-2020 04:30
We need to pray for our nation to return to God!
12-06-2020 03:00
The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray. Today in your prayer time, ask the Holy S…
30-05-2020 02:07
RT @TrinityLubbock: A personal invitation from @pscarltoti for YOU to join us for services this weekend as he preaches a special message on…
30-05-2020 01:58
The Holy Spirit is still moving today!
28-05-2020 20:04
Day two, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for peace and understanding!
27-05-2020 21:03
Pentecost Sunday is coming up this weekend which is a monumental holiday in the history of the Church. All week lon…
27-05-2020 04:16
I got the amazing opportunity to listen to the stories of some of our veterans as they reflected on their service a…
25-05-2020 17:00
Excited to pick up where we left off in the book of Acts this weekend! Join us in person Saturday at 5:00 pm or Sun…
22-05-2020 03:00
He is for you!
20-05-2020 03:00
What Next? From Pandemic to Possibility! Special sermon for the current state of our nation this weekend. How will…
15-05-2020 00:00
Raising Godly children is an eternal investment!
14-05-2020 04:15
Let us know when and how you plan to attend and RSVP at this link! See you soon!
08-05-2020 03:19
I am enjoying being back in the book of Acts! You can catch up on all the previous sermons at…
07-05-2020 04:00
Just a reminder — I will never contact you directly to ask for gift cards or money. If you have received a similar…
03-05-2020 18:20
Church, then dinner date walk-On’s! #doingitsafely #Makingup4lostTime @ Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux
03-05-2020 03:34
Three takeaways from this weekend's sermon! What spoke to you this most from this message?
28-04-2020 20:13
It's that time again! I'll see you online for prayer at 4 and for service at one of our four service times!
25-04-2020 22:00
Good things come in life to those who are searching!
24-04-2020 21:00
Commit your life to the Lord!
23-04-2020 17:38
RT @TrinityLubbock: New week, new prayer! We are joining the #UNITE714 movement & praying for our country along with countless churches aro…
20-04-2020 20:09
I’m ready for weekend services! Are you? Join us live at 4 for prayer and again at one of our four normal service t…
18-04-2020 22:23
Just posted a photo
18-04-2020 21:11
What we do in this life prepares us for what will come in the next life. Jesus' resurrection brings us hope and a p…
16-04-2020 22:30
I am excited to continue our yearly series going through the book of Acts starting this weekend! We are picking up…
15-04-2020 00:59
Even though Easter looks a little different this year, we pray that your day is blessed and full of hope! Happy Eas…
12-04-2020 21:30
Trinity First Easter Service @Stars & Stripes 8:30pm
12-04-2020 04:20
#GoChanda #LetLubbockOpen 💯 good job!! You have my support!!
11-04-2020 22:54
RT @TrinityLubbock: Make sure to watch this whole video so you show up to the Drive-In prepared with knowledge of all the special guideline…
11-04-2020 19:36
Join me for prayer and healing live stream at 4 today, and then join us at the Drive-In! Gates open at 7:30 and ser…
11-04-2020 19:34
RT @TrinityLubbock: Here's all that we've got going on this Easter weekend! There are so many opportunities to join us, and we can't wait t…
10-04-2020 16:27
Hopeful news!
10-04-2020 02:49
Join me tonight for Midweek live at 7:00!
08-04-2020 23:24
RT @TrinityLubbock: Did you hear our announcement this weekend? We are excited to be having an in-person gathering for Easter this Saturday…
07-04-2020 20:29
RT @TrinityLubbock: Join us LIVE online tonight for Midweek at 7! Service will be streamed through Facebook and at…
01-04-2020 20:23
God can use what the enemy meant for evil for His glory and our good!
01-04-2020 03:00
Three temptations to overcome in a crisis!
31-03-2020 00:00
RT @TrinityLubbock: We are joining the #UNITE714 movement and praying for our country along with countless churches around the world. Set a…
30-03-2020 18:54
RT @TrinityLubbock: We have one more live stream service at 11:45! Head to to join us!
29-03-2020 19:26
God is not surprised by our current circumstances. Through it all, He is our Provider! Join me online this weekend…
28-03-2020 04:00
I appreciate seeing our community come together to help one another. Bravo! Racer Classic Car Wash!
26-03-2020 06:32
Hope you’re all well during this period of isolation and social distancing!
24-03-2020 01:10
5 Prophetic Statements from today’s message. 1. Don’t Distress 2. Be Not Alarmed 3. Stand Firm 4. Preach the Go…
23-03-2020 05:46
Came across this verse. Is the prophet speaking to us? “Come, my people, go home and shut yourselves in. Go into se…
21-03-2020 06:16
RT @TrinityLubbock: All weekend services moving forward will be live streamed only! Please refer to our announcement video on our Facebook…
19-03-2020 00:52
We want you to stay updated with the precautions we are taking regarding COVID-19! Visit to…
14-03-2020 21:04
He will give you rest!
12-03-2020 04:00
“If you want to see big change in your life, you have to start small.” Are you enjoying this sermon series we’re in…
05-03-2020 04:21
Continuing our series Getting Out of Your Own Way this weekend! Don't forget to join us for a special time of praye…
29-02-2020 19:00
Is God your Lord of all or not at all?
27-02-2020 05:00
Just a reminder — I will never contact you directly to ask for gift cards or money. If you have received a similar…
22-02-2020 00:15
This is my birthday week and I was blessed by our Elder Board and our TCS Board members Wednesday night. Plus we ha…
21-02-2020 19:48
A simple but powerful reminder!
19-02-2020 04:00
Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful bride! I love you, Gloria!
15-02-2020 07:03
What a great evening spent with Dr. Alveda King and so many remarkable people who contribute to making the ministry…
09-02-2020 01:33
You are never alone!
07-02-2020 23:23
A man, his dog, & his gun! It’s a good day 😂 #gatewaynetwork #seniorpastorsfellowship #roughcreeklodge
04-02-2020 21:05
Listening to 3 legends of the faith today at #Thrive2020. #TommyBarnett #BrianHouston #CharlesNieman
30-01-2020 23:18
An exciting announcement! Will you join us?
29-01-2020 00:48
I hope you’ll join me for part two of our series on identity! This week’s sermon is titled, “Who am I?” Which servi…
26-01-2020 02:05
What are you praising God for today?
23-01-2020 05:00
I am excited to be starting a new sermon series this weekend! Knowing where to find our identity is a huge step in…
16-01-2020 05:30
Nothing that happens in this life can or will diminish what you and I will inherit in the next world!
10-01-2020 21:17
Wishing my oldest son, Nathan, a very happy birthday! Praying this year is filled with blessings!
10-01-2020 00:19
Merry Christmas from my beautiful wife and I to you and your family. Wishing you all the very best!
25-12-2019 18:00
It's our last weekend of Christmas at the Movies! Which service are you coming to?
21-12-2019 19:00
Take a moment to reflect on all the times the Lord has not let you down and praise Him!
19-12-2019 05:00
Excited to share a sermon based off of my personal favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life, this weekend! S…
14-12-2019 19:00
Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Spoiler alert...the answer is NO!
13-12-2019 04:00
I’m excited to continue Christmas at the Movies this weekend! I hope to see you here!
08-12-2019 01:03
Gloria and I had a wonderful time taking new pictures this week!
06-12-2019 04:00
Happy Thanksgiving! Praying your day was full of blessed time with family!
29-11-2019 04:07
My family and I are excited to help share the Gospel and Christmas joy with the children of Peru! What special thin…
19-11-2019 01:57
You are a new creation in Christ Jesus! Join me this weekend for Part Three of You Asked For It!
16-11-2019 21:53
Thank you to all our veterans for serving so selflessly and faithfully!
11-11-2019 22:42
Delight yourself in the Lord and watch Him work!
08-11-2019 04:00
It is so important to be in community with other believers! How are you intentionally building relationship with ot…
06-11-2019 04:00
We must fight on in faith. You can faith today!
01-11-2019 03:00
Midweek about to start—looking forward to hearing my son speak. #wherefamilygrowstogether #gospelofmark @ Trinity C…
31-10-2019 03:06
Keep the faith, drop the fear! I hope you will join me at one of our four services this weekend!
26-10-2019 18:00
God wants to bless you!
23-10-2019 21:00
Praise His name today!
21-10-2019 19:04
Don't be a sell out, be SOLD OUT!
17-10-2019 04:00
If you want to embrace what God is about to do, you have to forget the past!
11-10-2019 17:01
What can we learn from snakes? Join me this weekend as we dive into three big lessons from snakes that we can apply…
05-10-2019 04:00
Go Cowboys! #prayforDak #gatewaynetwork #fieldtrip @ AT&T Stadium
02-10-2019 20:59
Date night craving Chinese food😊#Chinesekitchen #goodfood #iknowtheowner
28-09-2019 04:05
Morning encouragement!
26-09-2019 15:30
I want to end the day by wishing my beautiful wife a very happy birthday! Life with you is an extraordinary blessin…
23-09-2019 06:23
Part two of Into the Wilderness is off to a great start! If you didn't make it tonight, I hope to see you tomorrow…
15-09-2019 03:00
We remember the sacrifices made and we are thankful to the selfless acts of the first responders and countless peop…
11-09-2019 17:59
Final day in Bogotá - let’s play name that dish! 😋 #Bogotá #ComingHome @ Restaurante Tábula
03-09-2019 03:42
You have 4 seconds to convey 3 things to an audience, that you are... Sharp. Smart. Trustworthy. Leadership session…
01-09-2019 03:01
This is from the prayer breakfast we attended this morning in Bogotá, Colombia before the leadership conference. A…
30-08-2019 02:14
Are you holding on to the dream that God has placed in your heart? Never back down and never give up!
22-08-2019 04:00
30 years ago today, Gloria said, “I do!” Best day of my life! #thankyouJESUS #2amazingsonslater
13-08-2019 00:54
The journey begins celebrating 30 years🎊🎉 #marriage #anniversary
09-08-2019 22:38
You will never regret trusting in the Lord!
09-08-2019 03:00
RT @TrinityLubbock: Please join us in praying for all of those who have been affected by the shooting in El Paso. We pray for supernatural…
04-08-2019 02:21
Nothing you are facing is too big or too little for God! He cares about what is on your heart.
01-08-2019 19:01
Thank you, Lord! 🙌
25-07-2019 19:00
Don't make happiness your pursuit! Happiness is the byproduct of pursuing Jesus wholeheartedly.
23-07-2019 23:17
I am so thrilled to be back preaching this weekend! Join me at any one of our four services this weekend!
20-07-2019 18:00
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of Encounter Student Conference! This generation is going to be powerful!
19-07-2019 03:00
Trying to talk Mom into joining the U.S. Army!
12-07-2019 01:25
What are you praising God for today?
11-07-2019 04:00
No matter what, always HOPE in Christ!
06-07-2019 04:00
Happy Independence Day!
04-07-2019 16:01
Trust in the Lord's goodness and sovereignty in the hard times. Your circumstances may change, but His character an…
03-07-2019 03:00
I am looking forward to spending time in the presence of our Lord with my church family this weekend! I hope to see…
29-06-2019 18:27
The first day of summer was last week! How are you spending your days?
25-06-2019 02:18
Getting to the next destination God has for you is not always an easy trek. Join me this weekend as we continue in…
22-06-2019 04:00
The Lord hears your cries! Take comfort in the fact that He is near to you and cares for you.
20-06-2019 04:00
God's word says that we should be in church! We need to be meeting together and encouraging one another!
14-06-2019 03:00
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come!
12-06-2019 21:00
I'm ready for services this weekend! Are you? Join me Saturday at 5, or Sunday at 8:30, 10:00, or 11:45 AM!
08-06-2019 18:00
It doesn't matter what your past was like. What matters is that you're here now! We love and care for you. We are h…
06-06-2019 04:00
You have VALUE just the way that you are. You MATTER.
04-06-2019 00:00
RT @TrinityLubbock: This weekend's sermon is powerful. We can't wait for you to join us!
02-06-2019 22:00
We can learn so much from the book of Acts. Join me tonight or tomorrow morning as we continue in this series!
01-06-2019 21:17
Praise Him even when you don't feel like it. 🙌
30-05-2019 21:25
RT @TrinityLubbock: We need YOU to help fight against human trafficking! Race day is this Saturday, but it's not too late to join #TeamTrin…
29-05-2019 00:12
RT @TrinityLubbock: Today we honor of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We remember. Thank you.…
27-05-2019 21:14
I am expectant for the Lord to speak to YOU this weekend! I'll see you at one of our four services this weekend.
25-05-2019 18:00
Something ALWAYS happens when you pray!
23-05-2019 23:54
RT @TrinityLubbock: YOU can make a difference in our community. YOU can impact the lives of victims of human trafficking. We cannot do this…
23-05-2019 17:49
Something to think on!
22-05-2019 00:55
RT @TrinityLubbock: If you haven’t already joined us in worship this weekend, join us online now or in person at 11:45!…
19-05-2019 18:20
What you have and what you do does not determine your value!
18-05-2019 19:39
You. Are. Valuable.
16-05-2019 19:22
Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us…
14-05-2019 00:00
Don't give up, persevere! Eventually, the door will open, and THAT will be the door that the Lord wants you to go t…
11-05-2019 18:01
How about a #praisebreak to celebrate that no matter what, the Lord is always with us?!
10-05-2019 19:40
If you want to alter your destiny, you have to alter your character!
03-05-2019 18:39
A friend is someone who is close to you, who knows you and cares for you deeply. We have JESUS as our friend, and I…
01-05-2019 03:00
I hope you'll join me this weekend as we resume our series in the Book of Acts! Saturday at 5:00 pm, or Sunday at 8…
27-04-2019 04:00
Because we believe, we shall SEE!
25-04-2019 23:55
RT @TrinityLubbock: Keep in mind when traveling to church this weekend!
25-04-2019 20:11
Happy Resurrection Sunday from my family to yours!
22-04-2019 04:45
We have three more opportunities for you to join us for Easter at Trinity. I hope to see you tomorrow morning!
21-04-2019 02:41
I hope to see you and your family on Good Friday as we reflect on the final week of life for our Lord and Savior, J…
18-04-2019 00:30
It's not what you do, it's what Christ has already done!
17-04-2019 01:06
Join us! 🙏
16-04-2019 03:00
This weekend is Palm Sunday weekend and I can't wait to share my message "Blessed Monday" with you all! I hope to s…
13-04-2019 04:00
You're not alone! Jesus promises that He will never leave us or forsake us!
11-04-2019 23:58
Where is your focus? In the middle of your busy days, turn your eyes upon Jesus and watch your day shift!
11-04-2019 04:00
WRECK ‘EM TECH! Our red raiders made it to the championship game! Celebrate with your church family by wearing red…
07-04-2019 15:30
Wear your red & black to support our Red Raiders as you join us for services this weekend! #4to1 #WreckEmTech
06-04-2019 20:33
There's something for everyone to use to work hard for God's glory!
04-04-2019 22:01
Don't lose hope. The Lord is working in your life!
03-04-2019 21:00
When you work hard as unto the Lord, there's a blessing that comes upon your life!
03-04-2019 03:00
I'M excited for part two of All In, are YOU? Join me at one of our four services this weekend. I'll see you soon!
30-03-2019 04:00
Jesus looks at you with love. No matter what your life looks like, He loves you.
28-03-2019 19:00
There's not a broken heart that Jesus cannot heal! I loved this series. This weekend, we are beginning a new series…
22-03-2019 03:00
RT @TrinityLubbock: We are going MOBILE! Jesus tells us to go into all the world to preach the gospel. With this RV, we are going to be the…
21-03-2019 06:02
Through the good and the bad, the big and the little, and the highs and the lows, God REIGNS. Who else is thankful…
20-03-2019 03:00
Jesus has come to heal the brokenhearted, so let's get healed & whole! I am excited to be bringing the last message…
16-03-2019 04:00
Check it out! I donated to 'Eye Surgery for Cade Savage' - via @gofundme
13-03-2019 17:22
Those that deserve our love the least need it the most!
13-03-2019 03:00
I am excited to be back this weekend with part three of our XO series! We've talked about loving your spouse, your…
09-03-2019 05:00
THREE THINGS PEOPLE LOOK FOR IN A LEADER: • Character so we can trust in them. • Consistency so we can believe in…
07-03-2019 18:45
Saw this at a gym in Albuquerque on my way to #leadershiproundtable. How’s that for some motivation?!
05-03-2019 20:26
State champions! Way to go lady lions!
03-03-2019 03:16
You've seen the commercial, haven't you? We need to be the friend that will be there for others when they fall!
02-03-2019 05:00
Nathan Toti being coached by Coach Stacy Ward in a practice drill at our #TrinityCoachesTraining. It's been a power…
01-03-2019 01:40
Don't lose hope! Trust in the Lord and His plan for your life.
27-02-2019 04:00