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RT @Entang_234: Chanwoo tried his best dealing this whole shyiit iKON OF ALL TRADES #iKONKingsOfNoLimit @YG_iKONIC #iKON #아이콘 https://t.co…
14-05-2021 02:47
RT @omegajinhwan: PLEASE https://t.co/tdpnFMC3V8
14-05-2021 02:46
RT @hanbinpix: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' #BI_GotItLikeThat_DDAY 2021. 5. 14 0AM (EST) / 1PM(KST) https://t.co…
14-05-2021 02:45
RT @whyikonic: best kakao talk conversation ever and no one can beat this chat https://t.co/tKWMmn7vsC
14-05-2021 02:10
RT @ikonida: sunwoo is their baby https://t.co/7gLpwwcGEN
14-05-2021 02:09
RT @jiiiiiiinani_nl: Jinhwan looks like he's ready to throw his red mic to MNET anytime. https://t.co/CAIW2VmLla
14-05-2021 02:08
RT @chanuwassda_: CHANWOO IS GLITCHING https://t.co/6cQamcYfDq
14-05-2021 02:06
RT @hanbinpix: #BI_GotItLikeThat_DDAY #비아이 #HANBIN #BI @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/PZuGphmwUr
14-05-2021 02:05
RT @B_HIND_: 눈물줄줄🥲어케;;;; 넘 예쁘다ㅠ https://t.co/9aUqX3g4vD https://t.co/EvS2VmFUeo
14-05-2021 02:05
RT @kookoojune: actor bobby real bobby https://t.co/yDjcXVlh5w
14-05-2021 02:05
RT @DAMJISUS: NEW HANBIN PHOTO OMG! And it looks like they were volunteering in a farm??? My beautiful sweet caring boy 😭❤️ https://t.co/wN…
14-05-2021 02:04
RT @ynubin: sf9 inseong just mentioned that he got close with jinhwan and junhoe on his live and said it happened that he's same age friend…
14-05-2021 02:03
RT @yeonamdongcutie: Bobby really said fck this competition, I’m gonna teach my hoobaes how to have fun on stage and let them speak to the…
14-05-2021 02:03
RT @iok_music: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' PREMIERE LINK NOTICE GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] 2021. 5. 14 0AM…
14-05-2021 02:02
RT @mijingy0o: Sunwoo: “Bobby hyung told us to just have fun, and that was very beneficial to us. I couldn’t understand it at first. I was…
14-05-2021 02:01
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RT @131_label_: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' PREMIERE LINK NOTICE GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] 2021. 5. 14 0A…
14-05-2021 01:36
RT @khbsource: hanbin and his dimples to brighten your day 🥰 #비아이 @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/KoHJtG9GK1
13-05-2021 16:59
13-05-2021 15:04
RT @sssong6823: https://t.co/alhDfyCkTe https://t.co/RGoTQVAX6R
13-05-2021 15:04
RT @chanuwassda_: OKAY THIS IS CUTE THO HAHAHAHAHA https://t.co/nosRvMdFph
13-05-2021 15:00
RT @rotaewon: bobby coming over to sf9's waiting room for hwiyoung THEY BESTIES 😭 https://t.co/UPglEPqZan
13-05-2021 14:59
RT @sssong6823: 오늘은 팔당라이딩 ㅎㅎㅎ했다 ㅎㅎ 솔직히멀었다... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 89.60km... 팔당라이딩VLOG도 기대많이 주세용 ㅋㅋ!! https://t.co/Ha0vkgfPsy
13-05-2021 14:28
RT @13cmJinani_: Fuck mnet, here's Jinhwan touching Junhoe's butt😁 https://t.co/EEV5i2Qy1a
13-05-2021 13:09
RT @Mhai_S21: To those new idols who will be judging our KING, BOBBY. Take this opportunity to value your worth coz you will be judging SMT…
13-05-2021 13:08
RT @JCHANW00_: Yunhyeong saying that this outfit is something he remembers wearing but he doesn’t remember which stage. BUT isn’t that outf…
13-05-2021 13:08
RT @queeniemalx: missing chanwoo babie hours 👶🏻 https://t.co/TLTXMZ7hk0
13-05-2021 11:52
RT @difficulteu_131: Mnet using heartbreaker for bgm lol okay Donghyuk is GD's son 🥺 @YG_iKONIC #iKON https://t.co/McwYsGFfot
13-05-2021 11:51
RT @chanssari: JUNG CHANWOO?!&?!&?!?&?! https://t.co/JoHFQTQjr6
13-05-2021 11:50
RT @whyikonic: “ Jung chanwoo hierarchy breaker “ https://t.co/xomWSa1k7O
13-05-2021 09:28
RT @onlyikons: Jung Chanwoo manager-nim is serious af 😭 he’s really into rapper Bobby https://t.co/3wdr6gkPm3
13-05-2021 09:27
RT @queeniemalx: the troublemaker when it comes to age hierarchy in iKON: chanwoo (lol at the babie noise) 👶🏻 https://t.co/BP2uX5s83x
13-05-2021 09:27
RT @bobabobibabo: i will never shut up about this https://t.co/913NB83TWY
13-05-2021 05:25
RT @janbiniexx: starting my day with this chanwoo focusing the camera 😙 #CHAN #정찬우 @iKON_chan_w000 https://t.co/jeDMhfd8AX
13-05-2021 05:24
RT @chanwoo_actor: Someday we will see Actor Jung Chanwoo as an attendee, a presenter, or even a nominee at Baeksang Arts Awards. ✨ #정찬우 #…
13-05-2021 05:24
RT @jcwloops: one of those scenes in kdramas https://t.co/c3GjaikEUO
13-05-2021 04:04
RT @junhoellydaysk: he's hot for that https://t.co/49hoazu860
13-05-2021 04:02
RT @rapplerdotcom: B.I is officially back! https://t.co/qEqlW8AEj3
13-05-2021 04:01
RT @bijapanofficial: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' D-1 POSTER ⠀ GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_Tha…
12-05-2021 18:25
RT @ikonaces: remember when yunhyeong posted this pic and everyone literally ignored other members because this is the first gray haired ch…
12-05-2021 18:24
RT @hanbinpix: shxxbi131 IG update #비아이 #HANBIN https://t.co/a4I5x3wLjk
12-05-2021 18:11
RT @iok_music: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' D-1 POSTER ⠀ GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_That 2021…
12-05-2021 18:11
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RT @131_label_: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' D-1 POSTER ⠀ GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_That 202…
12-05-2021 18:11
RT @SUrFbobby_: ## 🪄💫 #BOBBY #바비 https://t.co/ZNoJP1YSzz
12-05-2021 17:41
RT @FirstSight1022: 210512 빈스타그램 업데이트 🥰❤️ @shxx131bi131 #GOTITLIKETHAT #BI #비아이 #김한빈 https://t.co/lqv40A9PCG
12-05-2021 17:41
grabe yon it still feels so unreal..... putangina the only man that's worth the wait hoy @shxx131bi131 ily I hope you'll always be happy
12-05-2021 17:41
RT @JCHANW00_: missing mr jung chanwoo a little bit more than usual tonight 🥺 i need an update :( @iKON_chan_w000 https://t.co/j4NxPma1Q2
12-05-2021 17:38
RT @bikontbz_: Juyeon birthdate: 15/01/1998 Chanwoo birthdate: 26/01/1998 Juyeon is 11 days older than chanwoo, but juyeon calls donghyuk…
12-05-2021 17:14
RT @binhwanpic: KIM HANBIN 😍 THEN & NOW https://t.co/KnHnoybL1L
12-05-2021 14:45
RT @sssong6823: 오늘은 30km 찍었다ㅎㅎ https://t.co/0mcBe4fxsi
12-05-2021 12:22
RT @K1MSUNWOO: bobby: do you guys have schedules tomorrow? sunwoo & hwiyoung: we'll cancel them 🤣 sunwoo: it's actually my birthday at 12am…
12-05-2021 11:30
RT @131threads: #HANBIN #비아이 @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/dC4WPNGMlh
12-05-2021 11:30
RT @fortheonlyhwan: somebody finally uploaded😭 #김진환 #진환 #JINHWAN #ジナン #JAY @iKON_gnani_____ https://t.co/4XfzMTjwt6
12-05-2021 11:30
RT @jzzzindaeyo: 210512 Kingdom Ep.7 pre-release Bobby is so cute with beanie https://t.co/dylNz3uHeP @bobbyranika #BOBBY #바비 #バビ @YG_…
12-05-2021 11:30
RT @HoldingOniKON: non-iKONICS, this is not bobby. this is jiwonie🥺 #BOBBY #바비 @YG_iKONIC @bobbyranika https://t.co/MXg2mWAOSh
12-05-2021 11:30
RT @junhoejackson: Junhoe with guitar 🎸❤💙 #JUNHOE #JUNE #구준회 #준회 #ジュネ #具晙会 #아이콘 #iKON #KooJunhoe @tkwpcnfak @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/qZVWlq…
12-05-2021 08:29
RT @ForDK0103: ❁https://t.co/qHAdxRu8bL #DONGHYUK #김동혁 @D_dong_ii #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/zYwJ4CDSKX
12-05-2021 08:16
RT @kimjiwonn__: bobby's 😗😗 https://t.co/57gMQq6CCi
12-05-2021 08:16
RT @ForDK0103: good morning to our gorgeous sunshine who owns the prettiest hands in the world ❁https://t.co/C6ehDVkKhk #DONGHYUK #김동혁 @D…
12-05-2021 07:55
RT @Iisaslilacs: okay but the audience need to stan Koo Junhoe https://t.co/sP6qHDXaQR
12-05-2021 07:54
RT @Entang_234: This Filmography need to upgrade 8 years hiatus as an Actor yall wasted his talent Korea need Actor Chanwoo Back WE WANT…
12-05-2021 07:54
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/kYlNgy59xK
12-05-2021 07:54
RT @gnhwan_: Baby was cold 🥺 @iKON_gnani_____  @YG_iKONIC  #아이콘 #진환 #JINHWAN #ジナン https://t.co/JzMJXSwpNI
12-05-2021 07:54
RT @junhoetiddies: the closest thing we’ll ever get to a junhoe solo https://t.co/vucd5RJBXK
12-05-2021 07:54
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/vo0wVq4hqn
12-05-2021 07:46
RT @_sundaegirl: #HANBIN #BI #비아이 https://t.co/IBfHUj0jrP
12-05-2021 07:46
@bijapanofficial @shxx131bi131 bijjes be promoting this cake better than his 1st ever solo album....sir.....the pri… https://t.co/IkjChX98Ru
12-05-2021 07:46
RT @jzzzindaeyo: I really appreciate Bobby’s efforts to lead the convo with keep asking, as an introvert person it’s quite hard to initiate…
12-05-2021 07:43
RT @whyikonic: he is kim jiwon and not bobby. https://t.co/A25lnTQBki
12-05-2021 07:42
RT @JCHANW00_: Bobby asked both Sunwoo & Hwiyoung what their schedule is like for tomorrow and both of them said they’ll clear it out just…
12-05-2021 07:35
RT @DEARiK0N: junhoe in his usual energetic self https://t.co/0NoKgJXUBZ
12-05-2021 07:31
RT @aeternumikonic: Save this shy baby. Bobby and Jinhwan really collecting their fanboys through Kingdom 😂 #iKON @YG_iKONIC #아이콘 https://…
12-05-2021 07:31
RT @bijapanofficial: 本当に何でそうなの~😅 #本当にこれが美味しい店だよ~^^ #ビーアイ #비아이 #BI #キムハンビン #김한빈 #kimhanbin @shxx131bi131
12-05-2021 07:30
RT @iok_music: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' "AINT NO LIMIT" GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_Tha…
12-05-2021 04:26
RT @GodHanbin131: IOK CEO: A-Yo B.I ~good luck bro~ He really called Hanbin bro 😂😂😂 https://t.co/SNqEYxgkq3
12-05-2021 02:04
RT @kwonjippyong: wooyoung was eyeing chanwoo from the start https://t.co/rOaD1B1FDo
12-05-2021 02:02
BEST BOY AMPUTA ILY REST WELL!!!! https://t.co/y5HQ5LbzYj
12-05-2021 00:02
0 25651
RT @131_label_: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh 'Got It Like That' "AINT NO LIMIT" GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_Th…
12-05-2021 00:02
@shxx131bi131 ALBUM DETAILS WHEN??
11-05-2021 16:22
0 31492
RT @shxx131bi131: 정말왜그러는거야~😅 #정말이게맛집이지~^^ https://t.co/IuosiZeFUS
11-05-2021 16:21
RT @Bibebe4: 끝까지 가면 네가 다이겨 너무예뻐 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 미모무슨일이야ㅠㅠ B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh - 'Got It Like That' Teaser B.I GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It L…
11-05-2021 15:24
RT @CHANCECHANWOO: 180609 #챈스찬우 찬우야 랩 준비됐지 〰️ 래퍼차누 보고싶당 ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و🖤 #iKON #아이콘 #찬우 #정찬우 #CHANWOO #チャヌ @iKON_chan_w000 https://t.co/…
11-05-2021 14:44
RT @bobbitokki: he literally grabbed that transparent glass to like hide his face bcs he's embarrassed as if it would do something 😭 such a…
11-05-2021 12:55
RT @EB0YJUNHOE: highnote king. #JUNHOE #구준회 @tkwpcnfak https://t.co/gMTW4CxK4y
11-05-2021 11:40
11-05-2021 11:40
RT @syh_bae: Bobby: What’re you up to after Kingdom? Sunwoo: Meet with hyung (you) Bobby: Me? Meet with me? Really? kkkk the not sociable…
11-05-2021 11:39
RT @sssong6823: 오늘 라이딩 하늘 맑다 ㅎㅎㅎ https://t.co/bnAfsObmey
11-05-2021 11:11
RT @Kimrula__: Koo junhoe, your campus athlete ❤️ https://t.co/THrxEFmHut
11-05-2021 11:09
11-05-2021 10:56
RT @bijapanofficial: #BI #Destiny_Rogers #Tyla_Yaweh #Global_Single #Got_It_Like_That #GILT #IOK_MUSIC #131LABEL
11-05-2021 09:59
RT @KJNF0LDER: Junhoe finally had his red mic on ✅ #JUNHOE #ジュネ #具晙会 #JUNE #구준회 #iKON @tkwpcnfak ☽︎ https://t.co/RmQ8IcIhuS
11-05-2021 09:29
RT @jiwonkim08: keep avoiding each other's gaze but keep on staring at each other's faces. JUNBOB what the H LOL! Love you both!💜💙 @bobb…
11-05-2021 09:28
RT @hanbinstime: B.I GLOBAL RELEASE MAY 14 #HANBIN #비아이 #GOTITLIKETHAT @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/zajy4ILuuv
11-05-2021 09:27
RT @soompi: WATCH: #BI Drops Teaser For Upcoming Collab Single With Destiny Rogers And Tyla Yaweh https://t.co/EAaINTHCWY https://t.co/h8OW…
11-05-2021 09:27
RT @donghyuknism: https://t.co/xSDRNHObM5
11-05-2021 08:38
RT @fairyppuyo_: iKON who? I only know NOꓘi https://t.co/ji9XzHAzx2
11-05-2021 08:37
RT @gnanique__: A sign that iKON are bad in games they cant even l show the iKON banner/flag correctly .. NOKi lmao https://t.co/fb6Jd5zp8X
11-05-2021 08:36
11-05-2021 07:36
RT @131_label_: #BI #Destiny_Rogers #Tyla_Yaweh #Global_Single #Got_It_Like_That #GILT #IOK_MUSIC #131LABEL
11-05-2021 07:33
11-05-2021 07:33
RT @CWSNHB_: AAAAAA A CLEAR ONE YEY ❤️ #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC #CHANWOO https://t.co/u8bfil8kb1
11-05-2021 07:32
RT @iok_music: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh - 'Got It Like That' Teaser B.I GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_That 202…
11-05-2021 07:32
11-05-2021 07:32
11-05-2021 07:31
0 39445
RT @131_label_: B.I X Destiny Rogers X Tyla Yaweh - 'Got It Like That' Teaser B.I GLOBAL SINGLE [Got It Like That] #We_Got_It_Like_That 20…
11-05-2021 07:30
RT @JCHANW00_: Chanwoo and his peace signs ✌🏻✌🏻 #CHANWOO #찬우 @iKON_chan_w000 https://t.co/dGQgPi65lM
11-05-2021 07:06
RT @D199984: team B have chanwoo the trophy 🏆 😌 #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/9BGbG2kRzV
11-05-2021 07:05
RT @Kimrula__: Look at his smile, i'm happy junhoe found in jujitsu not only something that he loves and enjoys but also a place where he c…
11-05-2021 07:05
RT @131photos: the most handsome 🥺 https://t.co/mKjDbNcZ6v
11-05-2021 07:05
RT @ikonaire: nothing new just junhoe being a whole big babie 🥺 https://t.co/UlCkRKR0Pf
11-05-2021 07:05
RT @chanuwassda_: just hanbin using the nihilism book (a fan project by frommeto13) as his lyric book <3 https://t.co/UcwkNwyNiL
11-05-2021 06:18
RT @BID131USA: Who gave you permission to be this damn handsome Kim Hanbin!!! Watch the collab with @shxx131bi131 @destinyrogers @TylaYawe…
11-05-2021 04:51
RT @khbsource: Got It Like That — B.I, Destiny Rogers, Tyla Yaweh 2021.05.14 0AM (EST) #비아이 #HANBIN @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/GizyiUAGuT
11-05-2021 04:51
RT @KHBFess_ID: ^131 kim hanbin ganteng banget 😭😭 https://t.co/mqFizym9H5
11-05-2021 04:48
RT @khb131_Global: [INSTAGRAM] Destinyrogers’s IG Story “Got It Like That” #BI_BackOnTrack_D3 #HANBIN @shxx131bi131 @131_label_ https://…
11-05-2021 04:45
RT @notbutterspoon: iKON members giving support for Bobby 😭 I’m so soft for this. Their friendship is the purest https://t.co/8QdaEqxm8r
11-05-2021 04:44
11-05-2021 04:44
RT @iK0NTENT: #CHANWOO: hi ! I’m Chan (˙༥˙(✌️ https://t.co/Xgt0CPjeg1
11-05-2021 04:43
RT @HWAN43_: A baby taking care of another baby👶🏻🍼 https://t.co/4aktPmpKzs
11-05-2021 04:43
RT @ikonida: GOT IT LIKE THAT THIS MAY 14 👀 @shxx131bi131 #BI #김한빈 https://t.co/npIcXwQLp8
11-05-2021 04:42
RT @GodHanbin131: OMG Hanbin @shxx131bi131 and Destiny!!!!! https://t.co/fRfN47jjYP
11-05-2021 04:42
RT @geniusquail: junhoe in jiujitsu fit makes me feel something, he looks so good fr🥵 https://t.co/FgyTVb9OCF
11-05-2021 04:00
RT @chanuwassda_: chanwoo what r u looking at ??? https://t.co/6kABpAzCB2
11-05-2021 04:00
RT @PR0DBIN131: too much visuals to handle https://t.co/4cI1Lk6Aol
11-05-2021 03:59
RT @jiwondetailss: his hair #바비 #BOBBY #아이콘 #iKON https://t.co/VA6Iys8Wma
11-05-2021 03:59
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/THKjyos7nh
11-05-2021 03:59
@shxx131bi131 SIR?!?!?????
11-05-2021 03:59
RT @jinhwanfiery: it's so cute when junhoe can easily wrapped his arms around him and jinhwan can only reach half on his back 😿😿 @iKON_gn…
11-05-2021 02:34
RT @131photos: #BI_BackOnTrack_D3 #HANBIN @shxx131bi131 @131_label_ https://t.co/qJUXuEpIu4
11-05-2021 02:32
RT @jzzzindaeyo: My heart, why is he so lovely 🖤 @bobbyranika #BOBBY #바비 #バビ @YG_iKONIC #iKON #아이콘 https://t.co/sl7NbvYEsg
11-05-2021 02:32
RT @aayyesthetic: Normalize being single until you find your own Song Yunhyeong. yes he do the cooking, yes he do the cleaning 👉😙👈 https…
11-05-2021 02:31
RT @junhoellydaysk: each of them wrote their concerns and this is what bobby said: "B.I is so into me and he flirts with me. I'm sad becaus…
11-05-2021 02:29
RT @bubblejayhwani: Jinhwan: at work. at home. https://t.co/Bdk2LSa1Jy
11-05-2021 02:29
RT @junhoellydaysk: idk but junbob shippers are so cringy like wtf 🤢🤮 https://t.co/fixQIxVRwX
11-05-2021 02:28
RT @junhoellydaysk: Just gonna leave it here https://t.co/i2IhryJH58
11-05-2021 01:30
RT @binhwanpic: how come and we didn’t see this picture of jinhwan? he looks so cute oh my god!!! 🥺 https://t.co/iC4TzEp2tX
11-05-2021 01:28
RT @chanwoo_actor: 🎥 How about Actor Jung Chanwoo as your Heartbroken Playboy? #정찬우 #CHANWOO https://t.co/qccDp6F1Jc
11-05-2021 01:27
RT @uhaaaauhaaaa: Pack up we gonna get iKON main vocal JunHwan with their red mics for the 3rd round of 👑dom?!!!! https://t.co/qZl6Qxr0UT
10-05-2021 17:15
RT @khbsource: These concert pics of hanbin live in my mind rent free https://t.co/dKxp8BZuT1
10-05-2021 17:14
RT @chanuwassda_: its "KOO JUNHOE & THE RED MIC" https://t.co/Kr3KuQq9Vj
10-05-2021 17:14
RT @you_real1221: 🎤💓 #바비 #BOBBY https://t.co/8yT9ImaddE
10-05-2021 17:13
RT @gnanique__: Giant main vocals and then there’s Jinhwan cutieeeeee smol baby .. cant wait to hear you sing this Thursday 🥺🥺 https://t.co…
10-05-2021 17:13
RT @changuslife: #CHANWOO #정찬우 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/jSMethgVXk
10-05-2021 17:13
Bijjes be dropping pre-order link without much details and having a cb in less than a month without dropping some t… https://t.co/5pmlSQTHgL
10-05-2021 17:13
RT @jinxrudy: same chanwoo same https://t.co/iZuDEjtzbW
10-05-2021 17:03
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/mJN8o9RH5f
10-05-2021 14:52
RT @itsbobbySUrFn: it's the "shaved braided hair + specs" for me tho #BOBBY #iKON @YG_iKONIC @bobbyranika https://t.co/0Xythpmv2W
10-05-2021 14:52
RT @bazhoe: it means business when Junhoe sings his veins out. #JUNHOE #JUNE #구준회 #ジュネ #具晙会  #iKON #아이콘 @tkwpcnfak https://t.co/uxkBYzInTQ
10-05-2021 14:51
RT @chanwoo_actor: Chanwoo asking for content ideas for Chanwoosari is making me look forward to the content he will release once he comes…
10-05-2021 14:50
10-05-2021 14:50
RT @juneyxxs: idk where to keep my eyes on https://t.co/JPjEJRaQSE
10-05-2021 14:49
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/5ft2BUlTVO
10-05-2021 14:49
RT @sssong6823: 송슐랭가이드X한량임영준 👇👇👇👇 https://t.co/xREVlbk4Lt. 친구들이랑 남산 라이딩 vlog 업뎃됬네영@ㅎㅎㅎ 가서 송님 분들 코닉이분들 구독좋아요로 혼좀내주세여 ㅎㅎㅎ https:/…
10-05-2021 12:33
RT @ikonaces: lets talk about how perfect freedom by ikon is https://t.co/6BovGLZtZU
10-05-2021 11:33
RT @baekonichoe: a helpful guide to #iKON https://t.co/AqeBoXZp7C
10-05-2021 09:48
RT @Kghaniii__: I'm mentally stuck in here:) #iKON #HANBIN @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/YgTl1JT0Pm
10-05-2021 09:12
RT @junhoetiddies: instant serotonin boost 😋 https://t.co/feTUmnYwU4
10-05-2021 09:11
RT @aeternumikonic: Everything becoming useless to iKON when it comes to sports 😂 #iKON @YG_iKONIC #아이콘 https://t.co/5JSMdsoLHm
10-05-2021 09:10
RT @itsbobbySUrFn: BOBBYs duality at its finest #BOBBY #iKON @YG_iKONIC @bobbyranika https://t.co/flLmdkwAgN
10-05-2021 08:41
RT @kimjiwonn__: the part when donghyuk said they all slept together in one room😂 #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/xOe4VOjiEw
10-05-2021 08:40
RT @gnani020794: 📸 Hwangssabuda's IG Story Update 051021 https://t.co/VhKf8rhdCB
10-05-2021 08:39
RT @laura00x: breathe🤨 #정찬우 #CHANWOO @iKON_chan_w000 https://t.co/VovClajwUz
10-05-2021 07:22
RT @chanuwassda_: good morning to predebut chanwoo :) https://t.co/xVUXs6ljUL
10-05-2021 07:22
RT @spicyjiwon: jinhwan as me (bobbic): a thread https://t.co/snz2Xy3Yxo
10-05-2021 07:22
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/YKc1eD3bp3
10-05-2021 01:25
RT @junggem152725: Remember when Junhoe & Donghyuk gave Chanwoo the book with the title "He's being suspicious" bcus he has a trust issue.…
09-05-2021 21:24
RT @sexyhot0331: 셀카 찍어주고 만두나눔 https://t.co/C0Mg9Bhm3h
09-05-2021 21:24
RT @boredbinic: hanbin can't even go a minute without pouting 😭 https://t.co/5pUAy1Fotp
09-05-2021 17:05
RT @hanbinlocal: B.I SINGLE ON 14 MAY #BI #비아이 #HANBIN @shxx131bi131 https://t.co/1imsQsPqrL
09-05-2021 16:44
RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/bm0XbiHQTm
09-05-2021 16:44
RT @ForDK0103: good morning to this not so athletic baby. ❁https://t.co/Lj0QtWVA2b #DONGHYUK #김동혁 @D_dong_ii #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https:…
09-05-2021 16:44
RT @hanbinbest131: Happy mother’s day also to iKON’s Song eomma who cooks and gives warm advice for iKON and who also feeds the fans with c…
09-05-2021 16:43
RT @solojinhwan: jinhwan why ru so handsome n pretty n cute n adorable 😖😖😖😖😖💖💖💖 https://t.co/e1XwBbIFqS
09-05-2021 16:42
RT @bobbysupremacy: really enjoying this no crop thingy https://t.co/aEHrmyLdlg
09-05-2021 16:42
RT @junhoetiddies: its junbin hour 😔 https://t.co/OJ4dUbjhQk
09-05-2021 16:42
RT @rapplerdotcom: B.I is officially back! https://t.co/cWhQKBZwj1
09-05-2021 16:41
RT @juneyxxs: "hotbar is my life." —koo junhoe, 2018 https://t.co/KXbk1TBQKA
09-05-2021 16:41
RT @ChanwooJuseyo: Chanwoo as your boyfriend: A Thread (ctto for gifs) https://t.co/mrWoOGpQ9q
09-05-2021 16:38
RT @MaknaeOnTopWoo: Chanwoo: I actually have a black belt. Junhoe: In what, karate? Chanwoo: No, from Chanel.
09-05-2021 14:51
RT @chanuwassda_: introducing #iKON @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/BhE1wun2y4
09-05-2021 13:51
RT @untitled131_: still can't move on from hanbin's smile when chanwoo went bungee jumping https://t.co/ro6JBThx5G
09-05-2021 13:28
RT @msKooNicks: The JunBobChan 😆. Bobby can do that to Junhoe too tho 😉 #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/JvYIAmcCOX
09-05-2021 10:20
RT @arthoejun: look at the way he gets all excited and immediately turns around to look for the ikons instead of the camera 🥰 he's so cute…
09-05-2021 10:18
RT @junhoellydaysk: "bobby saranghae", he's always reading comments about bobby ngl https://t.co/gWEiducOxN
09-05-2021 10:17
RT @kimjiwonn__: chanwoo 🤣🤣 https://t.co/C9WLIBfNUP
09-05-2021 09:13
RT @troll_ikon: 👊🏻👊🏻 #아이콘 #iKON #동혁 @D_dong_ii @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/xlVvRx5TFn
09-05-2021 08:51
RT @gnani020794: Yunhyeong's friend is so handsome. 🤭 https://t.co/5fseYoojxe
09-05-2021 08:51
RT @ChanwooJuseyo: Chanwoo's face when Nani mentioned his mom 😂 https://t.co/KfMLyUER2g
09-05-2021 08:26
RT @kkotgil131: Just Hanbin squatting.. https://t.co/NynT2dygJW
09-05-2021 08:25
RT @awwjunhoe: HES SO CUTE OMG #구준회 https://t.co/KVNCUDD1UI
09-05-2021 08:25
RT @syh_bae: Yunhyeong lost his nivea lol #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/ZKjJSGkYWy
09-05-2021 08:25
RT @sssong6823: #남산라이딩 #브이로그업뎃예정 #날씨좋넹 #남산팬더 https://t.co/UT670sOb9r
09-05-2021 08:01
RT @jzzzindaeyo: To cute to be true ♥️ @bobbyranika #BOBBY #바비 #バビ @YG_iKONIC #iKON #아이콘 https://t.co/XUhkkzPZ2T
09-05-2021 04:59
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RT @hourlykoojunhoe: #JUNHOE #구준회 @YG_iKONIC https://t.co/lUfDIkqRKh
09-05-2021 04:58
RT @Kimrula__: Remember idol school trip when it looked like a drama press conference for chanwoo, can’t wait for his officially drama pres…
09-05-2021 04:58
Bringing this isko hanbinnie back to make me study even more huhu naway lahat sumablay @shxx131bi131 luv u https://t.co/EbiNoKkqzG
09-05-2021 04:56
RT @iKONxTWICE: Happy 7 years with our Precious Maknae! Thank you for your hardwork all these years, you did well! Big 💚💜 4 u ( ^3^) Anyway…
09-05-2021 03:57
RT @_3RAE: 🏃🏃 https://t.co/qZrdiQ1jxS
09-05-2021 03:56
RT @binhwanpic: Lockscreen/Wallpaper of Kim Hanbin’s new photoshoot 🤍2 versions 🤍 Feel free to use and repost them. B.I IS READY TO RET…
09-05-2021 03:56