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RT @PARAN0RML: obsessed with this Pokemon anime scene I want to greet my friends like this https://t.co/qLiDCZWrAU
18-01-2021 23:24
RT @PerfectlyShots: https://t.co/B4OKE6voIo
18-01-2021 23:21
RT @zuzofait: thank you kindly https://t.co/btT0e4WKlm
18-01-2021 22:49
RT @cutiefigures: ♡ Inugami Korone, Nekomata Okayu (Hololive) - Garage Kit (by O-mesallue) https://t.co/qn5RylwZuM
18-01-2021 22:39
RT @automeruz: I miss going to comic shops so much!!!! I loved going with friends and sharing what we were reading every week... so heres t…
18-01-2021 22:29
RT @eunnieboo: cuddle 💕 https://t.co/iBhgcYrNrz
18-01-2021 22:27
RT @NickLylesComedy: https://t.co/O01i8R6IpZ
18-01-2021 22:26
The replies in this tweet are making me want to stop existing in this world. https://t.co/MAl1VYW5HQ
18-01-2021 02:39
RT @zenohikas: haurchefant done! preorders should be up tomorrow!! https://t.co/LrrngMBrKf
18-01-2021 00:35
RT @dlektha1994: https://t.co/0Ve7Au91rV
18-01-2021 00:35
RT @memotyoumemo: https://t.co/Y8dAxvHpY1
18-01-2021 00:31
RT @Idolomantises: Pet peeve https://t.co/6vMMQnWr2H
17-01-2021 17:23
RT @itslesliegloria: “soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the exploit…
17-01-2021 17:21
RT @rebekahentralgo: Losing it at this https://t.co/ZOId8dmDpc
17-01-2021 17:20
RT @koirakoirana: books https://t.co/qo5CwIo2sP
17-01-2021 17:20
RT @thembolinaa: Nothing but love and respect for all adult beginners who decided to try something new as an individual older than 25. No m…
17-01-2021 17:12
:^) https://t.co/bU76qeBKYd https://t.co/vdPyd7cwyS
17-01-2021 01:30
RT @GRAVE_DOMAIN: im so so so happy posts saying “stop self deprecating its harmful” are going around. i also want people to understand tha…
16-01-2021 21:16
RT @nikiforcvs: genuine art advice if you feel like you’re finished with a piece but something doesn’t feel right and you dunno what, sleep…
16-01-2021 11:29
RT @fushimiqote: https://t.co/IsmoXJouLZ
16-01-2021 11:01
RT @arobservation: Same https://t.co/gigMKhbyQR
16-01-2021 10:56
RT @kkron_m: 갓컾 덩실덩실 https://t.co/dJ1HC39GrD
15-01-2021 21:46
RT @cutiepiesensei: Tfw @LeagueOfLegends asks you to make a Senna cosplay 😭😭😭 #LeaguePartner Tutorial is available here: https://t.co/pHn…
15-01-2021 21:44
RT @ceraliza: i did not peak in high school, in fact I was ugly the entire time i was there
15-01-2021 21:39
RT @18kst: twitter is funny because half of us are tumblr veterans watching in horror as people who weren't on there repeat our mistakes
15-01-2021 15:20
RT @hayleyderoche: mentally i'm here https://t.co/IlinXkqcTH
14-01-2021 22:37
RT @vavafle_: https://t.co/NEwJlAsD4H
14-01-2021 22:36
RT @AchillesTeeth: I mean this in the most like, non-condescending way possible but if you’re a teenager please do not list a lot of detail…
14-01-2021 19:20
RT @chlorotype: reminder that SAI is produced by a single man in his off-time and you should support him financially if possible instead of…
14-01-2021 17:48
RT @danadonly: sorry i didn’t text you back, i spent all day completely consumed by my own self hatred
14-01-2021 17:47
RT @proyearner: adhd is like “I must free my entire schedule for the day to answer one single email”
14-01-2021 17:47
RT @eskification: it terrifies me how many minors have a carrd that is like a little wikipedia article about themselves. please have safer…
14-01-2021 17:27
RT @gotsoybeanmilk: a love story https://t.co/aEk1OeoeA6
14-01-2021 00:27
RT @leochamposa: https://t.co/NkYm6vQiAr
13-01-2021 13:34
RT @leochamposa: Finally, the end of the club ❤️❤️❤️ #shyvana #quinn #kalista #azir #ornn #LeagueOfLegendsFanArt #leagueoflegends #riotga…
13-01-2021 13:34
RT @Pguapp: Lamar and Franklin’s voice actors really re-enacted the scene 😭😭 https://t.co/SFS9T8O8xk
13-01-2021 13:33
RT @Beertheist: 2021 is the year of the sea shanty https://t.co/ohOAGvkbtC
13-01-2021 13:16
RT @MatttGFX: https://t.co/yczznG3h9r
13-01-2021 13:14
RT @FRUIITLINS: "if u post art online, it's free to repost!" ok dumb bitch if i see ur car in public im taking it because it's out parked i…
13-01-2021 13:10
RT @cloudy_girI: https://t.co/nzRCGKzSDn
13-01-2021 00:09
RT @clhubes: Remember when Boomers told us we had to untag every Facebook photo of ourselves having a beer at a party in college because we…
12-01-2021 19:40
RT @jadevrisrezi: do you ever have a. like. not a comfort character, but like a CONSTRUCT character. where you see the potential in them th…
12-01-2021 16:36
RT @thatassize: armor? i do not see it https://t.co/y3g362zLl0
11-01-2021 12:26
RT @roastmalone_: Stop bringing shitty Bluetooth speakers on hikes. No one came to the woods to hear you listen to Katy Perry
11-01-2021 12:24
RT @animaltododia: open for a surprise https://t.co/wIIq5JNajL
11-01-2021 11:37
RT @yilinglaozuo: my moral compass leaving my body when a villain is sexy https://t.co/fU8xXBwutI
11-01-2021 11:36
RT @myrthena: Fanartists have u ever had to draw a character you love so much but their complicated design puts you through the five stages…
11-01-2021 11:33
RT @FeelingEuphoric: once you reach a certain age if you pull an all-nighter, you die
10-01-2021 23:34
RT @SpaceLiminalBot: https://t.co/m9TnxzMA5U
10-01-2021 22:26
RT @hyung7754: Tea Party https://t.co/c10RuTXB5v
10-01-2021 21:11
RT @6ix_zw: me ignoring everyone until I’m in a good mood to talk https://t.co/mv8R6cKD1P
10-01-2021 15:12
RT @Dangernoodles01: Please enjoy this video I found on Reddit 🥺♥️ https://t.co/jn3gze9SmO
10-01-2021 02:33
RT @SucculentBud: asians have a colorism and anti-blackness problem within the community and I think it's my responsibility to cut that shi…
10-01-2021 02:21
RT @GROOVYCHl: please don’t commission an artist if you can’t handle waiting a few weeks for it, or if you can’t understand that we are rea…
09-01-2021 17:22
RT @vexchi: pop pop pop but animal crossing https://t.co/VQnldmG0hH
09-01-2021 00:14
RT @Giovann42564853: A little early, but I want to wish this @nero_arts_ adorable kitten a happy birthday! https://t.co/PUFQpU6Nnf
08-01-2021 23:35
@LeagueOfLegends Udyr. I love Shyvana but her splash art is so amazing and I don't want her to change like how Kayle was changed...
08-01-2021 21:05
RT @Asrikins: Just a Haurchefant smiling at you for no particular reason :) https://t.co/lwANdbAbeJ
08-01-2021 15:07
RT @riibrego: sagitta luminis https://t.co/HlAJDbs3Pa
08-01-2021 15:07
RT @CMY_Kat: They’re friends. ♥️ #ffxiv #FFXIVART https://t.co/osSDwDCQaf
08-01-2021 15:06
RT @spaaloner: Leaving voice chats: https://t.co/OEJpkzwStJ
08-01-2021 02:48
RT @somtochukwu___: we marched because we were getting killed, y’all are rioting because you didn’t get your way...we are not the same.
07-01-2021 21:51
RT @gizmo_neko: 倒れた https://t.co/UF85ISfcji
07-01-2021 21:01
RT @jacobdeloakland: https://t.co/mfFcmIvR13
07-01-2021 19:40
RT @LilNasX: it’s something so sexy about ppl who don’t want you. like damn you really don’t want nothing to do with me 😍
07-01-2021 01:05
RT @manglegrove: https://t.co/VZrAIZcBeu
06-01-2021 19:01
RT @LeftAccidental: Kyle Rittenhouse defender approaching the point https://t.co/DxjvSVluUv
06-01-2021 19:01
RT @MisterABK: Every single Scandinavian crime drama: https://t.co/tLXNv45sbU
06-01-2021 19:00
RT @iamw0man: https://t.co/6i6BSZyIlV
06-01-2021 18:58
RT @ShouldHaveCat: https://t.co/SfKVPSQ2ET
06-01-2021 18:55
RT @VeroniKaboom: What is today? The 4th? The 5th? The minor fall? The major lift? idek
05-01-2021 23:12
RT @mana_chan__: reminder...a baby miltank 🥺 https://t.co/VFgGFS0SBJ
05-01-2021 22:26
Picrews are basically free OC fanart so make sure to credit and appreciate those who make them for you!!!
05-01-2021 21:07
RT @TAHK0: pokemon masters is actually so powerful https://t.co/c1zCUFpNjg
05-01-2021 19:14
RT @drawntosenia: The guac in your fridge an hour later. https://t.co/eVmCXYKbVD
05-01-2021 19:11
RT @klausdykegf: ao3 is for ppl who used to read 24/7 as a kid but now are brunt out have no attention span and can only read things that a…
05-01-2021 18:58
RT @Mihira_Fanfic: One day⑨ 「☀」 「👍」 #FF14 https://t.co/vm2K09IoG5
04-01-2021 11:16
RT @djarindriver: can i be 5ft and not be made a victim by my own fuckin height for 5 seconds please jesus christ https://t.co/iOPCCqKcSa
04-01-2021 04:27
RT @MCRMAKA: neurodivergent and depressive solidarity is this https://t.co/8gvZzfGikp
04-01-2021 04:22
RT @cveol: “my child is fine” your child plays a catboy in an mmo
04-01-2021 04:21
RT @hexlesbian: i wanna be sexy and mysterious but also i cannot shut the fuck up
04-01-2021 03:29
RT @PechaGummy: Lance singlehandedly ending the Pokémon community's age-old dragon controversy is wonderful. https://t.co/1aYegdEbsR
04-01-2021 01:20
RT @dinoman_j: https://t.co/vqDVyPDaPk
03-01-2021 19:52
RT @Mhuyo: artist struggle https://t.co/DLT86BB5bB
03-01-2021 15:18
RT @esteemedmothman: on the brink of 2021 i am making a public promise to NEVER go off my bullshit. if anything i will become MORE annoying…
03-01-2021 15:07
RT @maisielm67: when i get married i am ABSOLUTELY making my decision on whether i take my partners surname or not based solely on if their…
03-01-2021 13:37
RT @luulubuu: These are my favorite kind of posts https://t.co/x5u2P7mu69
02-01-2021 18:01
RT @NipuniDraws: Dance me to the end of love #FFXIV #finalfantasyxiv #EmetSelch #shadowbringers #emetwol https://t.co/E3XeZD0ugK
02-01-2021 14:37
RT @Kekeflipnote: https://t.co/gEWr5zAkCL
02-01-2021 14:35
RT @EscapeComplex: Re-animation of a segment of "It's Over Isn't It" from Steven Universe, done in the style of the pilot. Been working on…
02-01-2021 14:34
RT @demonnnrice: zurvan (200x200) https://t.co/S0PcaKqgxi
02-01-2021 14:30
02-01-2021 03:33
RT @KylePlantEmoji: "But what if they don't deserve that money?" is only ever a question asked of poor people
01-01-2021 18:24
RT @ShouldHaveCat: https://t.co/puJCben1Zj
01-01-2021 03:59
RT @glacier_clear: chicken pot pie https://t.co/4PTjALupQY
01-01-2021 03:58
RT @couple_images: https://t.co/wzt8g1Kfew
01-01-2021 03:57
RT @ceraliza: Fake laughing with customers is a real SKILL
31-12-2020 21:15
RT @insinirate: song i like: exists me: https://t.co/Kcyi2iz4Db
31-12-2020 15:42
RT @sarahlugor: being friends with people who’s entire personality is being “mean” is not worth it.
31-12-2020 12:52
RT @MNateShyamalan: can’t wait for my new year’s kiss ❤️ hope it’s a dementor
31-12-2020 12:52
RT @jojobaoilhoney: I’m so tired of hustle culture. I’m not on earth to work myself to death for money. And I won’t be shamed into feeling…
31-12-2020 12:52
RT @PunishedHag: today in stupid tweets i thought up while sitting on the toilet https://t.co/Rjb5ZfO7eE
30-12-2020 21:28
RT @mdb2: Need to convince my cat that $2,000 checks means wet food and then drop her off at Congress until we get a vote
30-12-2020 16:27
RT @ShouldHaveCat: https://t.co/2MITTq3Xfb
30-12-2020 16:26
RT @antisimulation: elon musk and grimes https://t.co/eFpHjds817
30-12-2020 03:01
RT @couple_images: https://t.co/MmINcOYfCu
30-12-2020 02:27
RT @larsaddams: it’s fucking crazy that when you were 12 you could just get out of bed on a snow day and decide to draw an entire manga in…
29-12-2020 18:29
@Flashyasf Literally had this happen to me multiple times. Bitches hate someone who snaps back.
29-12-2020 15:36
RT @Flashyasf: Y’all ruin the calmest people, then call em crazy when they react.
29-12-2020 15:35
RT @just_kdot: 8AM before 7AM on your your 9-5 day off https://t.co/UxQI…
29-12-2020 15:34
RT @DevinElleKurtz: The guardian of the sea 🌊 https://t.co/QtTg9879Sg
29-12-2020 00:56
RT @iammightor: https://t.co/ZnaqQkQLHA
28-12-2020 11:31
RT @ShyanneSky: https://t.co/aXJISAcfh1
28-12-2020 11:28
RT @ziyedyusufayoub: PLEASE never reply to anyone's art on Twitter that you "want this on a shirt"!! There are still active twitter bots th…
28-12-2020 11:28
@oatmilkmom This unlocked a memory I had repressed. I had no idea so many others have done this.
28-12-2020 11:28
RT @oatmilkmom: if you haven't cried in a walk-in cooler i don't really care what you have to say about food service workers
28-12-2020 11:27
RT @0Srecorder: #FFXIV #FF14 Mind Game https://t.co/BeUDrC55Jl
28-12-2020 11:27
RT @Gabvrial: https://t.co/K8cdOuljgM
28-12-2020 11:10
RT @Lidlllll: Cleaning your glasses is like changing from 360p to 1080p
28-12-2020 11:09
RT @Badgirlsbedhead: It is terrifying how expensive it is to be poor
28-12-2020 03:05
RT @shannondrewthis: Happy Birthday anime Jesus 🌟 https://t.co/mGJVeI9CLe
27-12-2020 11:58
RT @CattyDonnelly: ❄️ Season's Greetings ❄️ https://t.co/JkwKI8sNBD
27-12-2020 11:56
RT @sarahhollowell: I love when you ask someone about a thing they know a lot about and they start with "okay, so" because you KNOW you're…
26-12-2020 18:31
RT @roefizzlebeef: fhsjlg I just warped back to limsa to log out and someone cast cure on me so I went to look at them and, it was, https:/…
26-12-2020 09:53
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/TMKAfjJyFl
26-12-2020 09:51
RT @venmo4feet: Heard my dad playing guitar and walked in to find this https://t.co/4Hb3JPAR2D
26-12-2020 09:49
RT @CrackleVoid: @sheebman @bruh5moments__ Look at what happened to shit like Boomer and Based, 4chan has been using it for years, once Red…
25-12-2020 14:35
25-12-2020 14:20
RT @superlark: today in #FFXIV https://t.co/WbvRgPJ8pR
25-12-2020 11:38
RT @imapanicbomb: https://t.co/saX5T6bX9y
24-12-2020 22:17
RT @blkspells: do u excessively immerse urself into fictional worlds of your own creation to avoid thinking about the state of your own lif…
24-12-2020 18:54
RT @instingrid: https://t.co/jAgujUMXn0
24-12-2020 14:51
RT @tanketom: Norsk Twitter kvar julaftans morgon: https://t.co/KzUYHEFF6z
24-12-2020 14:50
RT @makeupaguy: guy who chooses their rpg party based solely on emotional attachment
24-12-2020 10:51
RT @MrsBundrige: “Stop being so sensitive” is code for “allow me to abuse you, gaslight you and/or disrespect your boundaries in peace”.
24-12-2020 10:51
RT @kiIIhisoka666: i can’t fucking win on twitter https://t.co/XRX71eVLGu
23-12-2020 21:14
RT @WholesomeMeme: https://t.co/y7gVZMYVPe
23-12-2020 21:13
RT @sunnylecter: the mads mikkelsen holy trinity https://t.co/w3mM3UXiMz
23-12-2020 21:12
RT @ashwllliams: can we universally agree that 14 is the absolute worst age and nobody is proud of what they did in that god-forsaken year
23-12-2020 21:11
RT @hannibollockz: any adhd ppl who loved long (3+ hour) car rides as a kid because it gave u an acceptable excuse to stare blankly out at…
23-12-2020 13:52
RT @tanijrou: https://t.co/SquSvNAwEw
22-12-2020 21:09
RT @YungSengo: @percdolls @linearefunktion This is how it should be; alwayd https://t.co/YGwSEld8Mz
22-12-2020 16:58
RT @CRPZJsh: Until we meet again~ https://t.co/Ssh6a1lec2
22-12-2020 02:41
RT @littleteafox: been seeing tweets like this for days and it hurts. weve been in a serious global pandemic for almost a year now. pls hav…
21-12-2020 17:27
RT @_chismosa_: Rich people did not experience the same pandemic as working class people and now they get the vaccine first. It’s actually…
21-12-2020 17:15
RT @zhyphenth: earlier this week. . . my brother found my twitter. . . and followed it. . . then he read my profile and knocked on my door…
21-12-2020 10:12
RT @galactic_sab: Tanking. #FFXIV #ffxivmemes #FFXIVART https://t.co/L3XPhs6YIF
21-12-2020 10:10
RT @Purilly: pls put ur dumb nostrils back in ur masks in public https://t.co/cfUgOilMzS
21-12-2020 10:08
RT @LDHustIes: Anybody that believes lies about u before hearin yo side of the story was already lookin for a way to be against u. Read tha…
20-12-2020 13:51
RT @SethEverman: so excited to finally announce i’m wasting my life away doing nothing
20-12-2020 04:34
RT @lizardtown: heavensward https://t.co/71OfEvfAIp
20-12-2020 04:30
RT @bardings: im just messing around https://t.co/sIr99jC3gY
20-12-2020 04:28
RT @princessxemnas: BAD BITCHES ONLY https://t.co/15l4fK6sa7
19-12-2020 23:47
RT @itmeJP: what a video game and what a community #FFXIV @FF_XIV_EN https://t.co/BMoDUkjH8P
19-12-2020 23:46
RT @HoratioSkald: the generation who worked a part time job in the summer to pay for college is sending you $600 to live on
19-12-2020 23:42
@coeurlclaw Dude go ham just write it like it's an erotic novella, make sure they get the feel you're going for.
19-12-2020 17:35
RT @lizardtown: remember who you are https://t.co/tSlmlKbZSP
19-12-2020 00:41
RT @drunkenoprah: BREAKING: Congress has announced that the next round of stimulus will be a pizza party
18-12-2020 19:37
@elfwifecity Prime numbers were not taught regularly in my country when I grew up so when I first went into this bo… https://t.co/FP1fXg8ga3
18-12-2020 01:47
RT @Thorthulhu: its the start of my vacation and with all this temporary free time i made a nice little piece of garbage. i hope its to you…
17-12-2020 17:33
RT @ellorysmith: ✨ fave if $600 is not enough for you to pay a single month’s rent! ✨
17-12-2020 17:30
RT @moriyoshijon: Everyone who complains about censorship in games needs to be taking a long, hard look at this situation. A Taiwanese comp…
17-12-2020 13:03
RT @mcapriglioneart: cat physics no. 01 https://t.co/lVbg0WMDXs
17-12-2020 13:00
RT @MattTheBrand: i’ve been really missing my friends lately so naturally i didn’t reach out or communicate with them whatsoever
17-12-2020 13:00
RT @ARCTIC_ST0RM: Transformers fans be like "omg they're so cute 😍" https://t.co/r6HXiuaUq3
17-12-2020 08:19
RT @NotBrunoAgain: I see people who ought to know better retweeting this and I have to point out: Talking about techniques like object cull…
16-12-2020 22:30
RT @Velnna: Okay but how about https://t.co/FIhY9JjYHj
16-12-2020 12:18
RT @Aliciawitdaart: Please take a look at this. Original Reposted with no credit https://t.co/JvDcxNx7Q8
16-12-2020 12:15
RT @slimyhipster: younger yshtola and matoya!! working on a certain project together ☺️ https://t.co/lXmSpgO7Vg
16-12-2020 09:48
RT @NipuniDraws: I have no excuse for this 😔💖 #FFXIV #FinalFantasyXIV #EmetSelch #shadowbringers https://t.co/zGyFbhRF6R
16-12-2020 09:47
RT @girlrifle: me getting me getting socks for socks for christmas at 12 christmas at 20 https:…
15-12-2020 16:37
RT @reallynotjin: nobody has the sheer amount of class and - for the lack of a better word - Swag™ as the japanese fandom artists who have…
15-12-2020 16:31
RT @GalaxyPeaBrain: Boss makes a dollar i feel nothing inside that's why I disassociate on company time
15-12-2020 16:22
RT @pk_kenzie: forgotten early 2010s aesthetic: the teaboo https://t.co/1Czxhv4yPk
15-12-2020 14:05
RT @AC_Roald: this is what true happiness looks like https://t.co/opw9uYy9Va
15-12-2020 14:05
RT @keris3ne: https://t.co/AkeWj8EDBm
14-12-2020 23:41
RT @PleaseBeGneiss: brain: did we get anything done this weekend? me: no brain: ok then at least we relaxed me: somehow also no
14-12-2020 23:41
RT @Oxleythebeardog: What “adult animation“ should mean: -Dynamic characters & storylines -Show-don’t-tell storytelling that respects the v…
14-12-2020 23:37
RT @IDoTheThinking: Really makes no fucking sense how taking pictures of yourself without clothes on is "selling your body" but destroying…
14-12-2020 23:37
RT @The_Lucbomber: https://t.co/wmIY1RMQEW
14-12-2020 15:11
RT @AGON1SED: Every artists needs that one person who always hypes their art no matter what. To those individuals, i can never thank you en…
14-12-2020 15:11
RT @shuuuuuuushhhhh: “women are so emotional” bro u threw a controller at the wall after losing a video game
14-12-2020 14:58
RT @coeurlclaw: pov you are a ffxiv raid boss https://t.co/RQyXPRs5ao
14-12-2020 14:58
RT @jasminericegirl: Alternative headline: NYC medic is not being paid a sustainable income despite her important role particularly during…
14-12-2020 01:15
RT @vavafle_: EmetWol/에메히카 https://t.co/p9WhG3uxB3
13-12-2020 23:08
RT @dantielwmoniz: In my abusive relationship, I didn’t tell anyone what was happening for years, until it was over. Because I was embarras…
13-12-2020 20:53
RT @azuresiegfrieds: THIS https://t.co/mFaV9uDpDd
13-12-2020 20:52
RT @bocxtop: sorry i didnt respond to ur email in a timely fashion i literally cannot tell days apart anymore and thought today was 2 weeks…
13-12-2020 17:54
@vavafle_ I don't think it will be persephone but I hope they make it so vague that I can pretend it's persephone f… https://t.co/lLnR9nxjOu
13-12-2020 15:33
RT @brainwxrms: ur not “vibing” u are in severe psychological distress
13-12-2020 15:33
RT @Markrihel: https://t.co/UhTSdHe3xU https://t.co/6X02zhiCh2
13-12-2020 14:52