Vesalius Carbonated (@sphagettiRedbox)
RT @JohnnyRMcGowan: Valentine's Day Dinner by ME ❤️ #TrueCook #IIFYM #FOODIE
07-12-2021 19:58
RT @JohnnyRMcGowan: I had the great privilege of meeting this great Lady Della Reese. R.I.P.
07-12-2021 19:58
RT @JohnnyRMcGowan: Reverend Billy Graham was passionate and caring man. He was committed and passionate about his called. Well done thy fa…
07-12-2021 19:58
RT @ChifferMario: Taco time is taco Tuesday
07-12-2021 19:47
RT @MashedHQ: 😋 (📷: forkmeetsfood on IG) #macandcheese #delicious #cheese
07-12-2021 19:35
RT @catadytilea: Cauliflower cheese
07-12-2021 19:30
@catadytilea nice
07-12-2021 19:30
07-12-2021 19:28
@Cristiano I need to go there....looks nice and warm. What is the standard room price btw ?
07-12-2021 19:23
RT @spectatorindex: BREAKING: Dr Anthony Fauci tells AFP that omicron variant is 'almost certainly' not more severe than Delta variant
07-12-2021 19:23
@Reuters blah blah blah
07-12-2021 18:52
@BlackBearDiner cheers
07-12-2021 18:41
RT @BlackBearDiner: It’s #NationalFrenchToastDay. That’s enough talking. Let’s eat. 📸:
07-12-2021 18:36
RT @BlackBearDiner: Granny Bear’s Mini Corn Dogs might be Cub menu food, but you know you want that, too. 📸: https:…
07-12-2021 18:36
@BlackBearDiner price
07-12-2021 18:24
RT @BlackBearDiner: Make your list. Check it twice. Black Bear Diner gift shops will make your holiday shopping nice. 📸: @JessicaTetreau ht…
07-12-2021 18:24
RT @illoilloilloooo: @sphagettiRedbox Málaga
07-12-2021 18:06
@gigicat7_ so
07-12-2021 17:53
Pizza time...
07-12-2021 15:58
RT @MarkThompsonSr: @LadyL9850 @twobigboysblog @Asundseth @genesimmons @sinbadbad @davidcoverdale @PaulStanleyLive @karenmckersie @Living_L…
07-12-2021 15:54
@utdreport so
07-12-2021 15:53
@433 ramos
07-12-2021 15:46
@illoilloilloooo location ?
07-12-2021 15:46
RT @CookingHinz: Preparing Lamb Curry for lunch ✌️ Recipe on #Food #Cooking #RecipeOfTheDay
07-12-2021 15:39
@CookingHinz Baguette is the best
07-12-2021 15:39
@FoxNews Sooner or later the Taliban will have to open up to the world or else they are gonna be doomed...who is gonna by them ammo as well.
07-12-2021 15:37
@thebutcherysl @daveyhubb Yep...Have a Break and Eat a Steak 😋🥩
07-12-2021 15:36
RT @Pontifex: In this Season of #Advent, let us ask the Lord, through the fatherly intercession of Saint Joseph, to remain always like sent…
07-12-2021 15:34
@utdreport @LukeEdwardsTele I think its because they see him as a man who can compete with Jurgen Klopp on a person…
07-12-2021 15:24
Foods High in Melatonin from @WebMD
07-12-2021 15:22
Pearl Harbor Day name is Pearl...ha !
07-12-2021 15:21
RT @sak_shoes: Partner pleasin’ chicken and kiddo pleasin’ grilled cheese tonight. My kid has perfected the cheese pull I think 😂 https://t…
07-12-2021 15:21
@DeadlineDayLive overhyped at a very young age...00.
07-12-2021 15:19
@MerriamWebster still cant tell the difference
06-12-2021 18:45
@MerriamWebster hmm
06-12-2021 18:45
@ChampionsLeague @acmilan underrated player...Pirlo was easily one of the very best of all time
06-12-2021 18:38
@FoxNews Amen
06-12-2021 18:18
@HotSauceBlogger 😋
06-12-2021 18:14
@MensHealthUK 12 minutes in one go
06-12-2021 18:13
@gigicat7_ Once of the very best...I remember when his main competition was Lyeton Hewitt....RF has lasted too long…
06-12-2021 18:13
@cuisinedereine NICE😋...THE BAGUETTE
06-12-2021 18:10
@cuisinedereine wow 😋😋😋
06-12-2021 18:06
06-12-2021 18:05
@WebMD solution please !!! 😔
06-12-2021 18:01
@ComeGrillWithMe this is fantastically delicious..😋😋😋
06-12-2021 17:46
@ChampionsLeague Sevilla
06-12-2021 17:45
@nicolesnowxo FIT in CAPITAL BOLD LETTERS 😍😇
06-12-2021 17:40
@Bell1968Lydell what is the origin of this dish ?
06-12-2021 17:31
@ChampionsLeague United stand a good chance winning the whole that Ronaldo is hitting his peak in this competition...
06-12-2021 17:31
@utdreport good goal from outside the box
06-12-2021 17:27
@SauceHenry 😋😍
06-12-2021 17:21
RT @SauceHenry: @NichelleTN79 She’s maybe in that school building… or on some some sleds..have a look
06-12-2021 17:19
RT @SauceHenry: The lemons are looking good again.. a few weeks back they were not good!! These ones are real nice!
06-12-2021 17:18
RT @redrustybbq: Cooked up these meatballs this evening. Wanted to try the @TheSmokeyCarter steakhouse rub in them. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 12%mince, rub, P…
06-12-2021 17:12
@QueenKarma69 @SmokinHot4Life @xAliNikx @B_more_horny @PerfectPos @NightShift34 @johnnywalkeryyc @Maxx_tfd2…
06-12-2021 17:09
@SauceHenry Tobasco
06-12-2021 16:54
@daveyhubb @thebutcherysl this is as good as it gets 😋😋😋
06-12-2021 16:51
@thebutcherysl @daveyhubb 😋🥩
06-12-2021 16:49
@thebutcherysl @daveyhubb 😋
06-12-2021 16:49
RT @ChampionsLeague: 🔢 Predict how Group G will finish! #UCL
06-12-2021 16:41
@ManUnitedZone_ he reminds me of Van Gaal
06-12-2021 16:36
RT @Gophergutz1: @Hakeemx3 I made a bunch so all set for Thursday. Had enough leftover for the first batch I got my turkey sandwich and ma…
06-12-2021 16:31
@chelsea_icons ?
06-12-2021 16:30
@Reuters who is she ?
06-12-2021 16:21
@DiabetesUK BG Levels 3.3....pepsi cola time
06-12-2021 16:17
RT @ComeGrillWithMe: My sizzling Lamb cooked over fire using a rotisserie is fire. 🔥🔥
06-12-2021 16:06
RT @ComeGrillWithMe: Something for the carnivores… My medium rare STEAK! 🥰
06-12-2021 16:06
RT @ComeGrillWithMe: The Steak Essentials….
06-12-2021 16:03
RT @ComeGrillWithMe: Good morning world! Burgers with extra bacon were on the menu last night. What was on your menu?…
06-12-2021 16:03
RT @ComeGrillWithMe: Dinner was My Grilled Pesto Salmon. Very tasty! 😋
06-12-2021 16:02
@ComeGrillWithMe 😋
06-12-2021 16:01
Bg levels coffee and Kinder choco bar
06-12-2021 16:00
RT @Pontifex: Dear brothers and sister with #disabilities, the Pope and the Church are near you in a special way, with affection and tender…
03-12-2021 15:32
@utdreport He so reminds me of Louis Van Gaal`s arrival...I dont know why. I hope he performs a little better than…
03-12-2021 15:32
@goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN there is a separate award for most goals scored....thats WHY !!!! duhh
03-12-2021 15:30
@lando_AFC @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN true
03-12-2021 15:29
RT @lando_AFC: @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN Is it decided on most goals scored?
03-12-2021 15:29
RT @iniesthanh: @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN Doesn’t play anymore for bundesliga
03-12-2021 15:29
RT @Dutch_vader: @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN The same Jerome who developed epilepsy when Messi ran in front of him. dri…
03-12-2021 15:29
RT @Kashmir1214: @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN I don't know anything about football. But, as much I know C.Ronaldo is the…
03-12-2021 15:28
@OtehPhillip @Anchorman___21 @goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN opposite
03-12-2021 15:28
@goal @lewy_official @JeromeBoateng @FCBayernEN Not really...its just that Messi and Ronaldo are better.
03-12-2021 15:21
@WebMD Is the procedure painful ? do you need to be sedated ?
03-12-2021 15:16
@ChampionsLeague Thankyou for your services...Legend you are !!!⚽️🏋️‍♀️
03-12-2021 15:16
@TennisTV duh...Novak
03-12-2021 15:15
RT @Tanya_Renai: 🍒 $5 SALE 🍒 👉🏾
03-12-2021 14:58
RT @DrIshMajor: We’re getting in touch with our #InnerChild tonight y’all!! Yup, the kids are coming…get ya Kleenex ready 🥲😢 See you tonigh…
03-12-2021 14:48
@TheSun Russia is basically giving them snipers something to do...kinda like training...or else they get bored at h…
03-12-2021 14:48
RT @spectatorindex: JUST IN: First case of omicron variant reported in Hawaii
03-12-2021 14:46
RT @spectatorindex: JUST IN: New York confirms five new cases of omicron variant
03-12-2021 14:46
RT @spectatorindex: NBA: Memphis Grizzlies beat Oklahoma City Thunder by record 73 points, largest margin in NBA history.
03-12-2021 14:44
RT @spectatorindex: US Presidents since Angela Merkel became Chancellor of Germany: - George W. Bush - Barack Obama - Donald Trump - Joe B…
03-12-2021 14:43
@spectatorindex how does this virus travel so far ?
03-12-2021 14:42
@spectatorindex why ?
03-12-2021 14:42
@spectatorindex Why is Greece so high ? I had thought Greece was a cradle of the West...or has Greece shifted towar…
03-12-2021 14:42
RT @spectatorindex: Unemployment rate Argentina: 9.6% Australia: 5.2% Brazil: 12.6% Canada: 6.7% China: 4.9% Egypt: 7.5% France: 8.1% Germ…
03-12-2021 14:41
@utdreport van gaal used to say the same..
03-12-2021 14:37
@goal @Cristiano @ManUtd van gaal was a lot like Rangnick
03-12-2021 14:36
RT @Pontifex: Like the blind men in the #GospelOfTheDay, we are like wayfarers immersed in darkness. The first thing to do is go to Jesus:…
03-12-2021 14:31
@JanAageFjortoft van gaal was a lot like Rangnick
03-12-2021 14:26
@utdreport van gaal used to say the same..
03-12-2021 14:16
@utdreport van gaal used to say the same..
03-12-2021 14:16
@Ladbrokes rashford imho
03-12-2021 14:11
@utdreport I dont see him making any difference...he will kinda be the next Louis Van Gaal
03-12-2021 14:10
@utdreport I dont see him making any difference...he will kinda be the next Louis Van Gaal
03-12-2021 14:07
RT @ESPNFC: Man United's new manager Ralf Rangnick is amazed by Cristiano Ronaldo 💪
03-12-2021 14:04
@WebMD duh
03-12-2021 14:03
@TEXASCOUNTRY14 the very best dish of all...nothing beats this imho 😋
03-12-2021 14:01
@kimmylopezbstv ☺️😍
03-12-2021 13:58
@Pontifex Amen
03-12-2021 13:58
RT @ChefGruel: Best topping for a superior steak is a high quality salt. I used a natural pink salt here - natural salts are actually packe…
03-12-2021 13:54
RT @ChefGruel: A shark can smell blood in the water from 1500 ft away.
03-12-2021 13:53
RT @ChefGruel: Here’s a great dessert for those who don’t like pumpkin pie.
03-12-2021 13:49
@ChefGruel 😋🍕
03-12-2021 13:47
@Pontifex Amen
03-12-2021 13:46
RT @FabrizioRomano: Barça president Laporta: “I like Ousmane Dembélé, for me it’s clear: he’s better than Kylian Mbappé. He wants to stay a…
03-12-2021 13:44
RT @FreeneyNick: What a lovely problem to have 🙌🏻 #VivaRonaldo @Cristiano
03-12-2021 13:44
RT @KerryKez7: The GREATEST of all TIME #mufc #CristianoRonaldo #GOAT #VivaRonaldo ❤️🤍🖤🇵🇹🧣😍
03-12-2021 13:44
RT @Tahur_07: First ever player to score 800 career goals vamos My GOAT Factos 👍 #CristianoRonaldo #cristiano #Ronaldo #vivaronaldo #GO…
03-12-2021 13:43
RT @TBbqbeast: @gaascloud saw your dish last night or so and decided to give it a go ! Delicious
03-12-2021 13:33
@FabrizioRomano I dont see him making any difference...he will kinda be the next Louis Van Gaal
03-12-2021 13:31
RT @ChampionsLeague: Cristiano Ronaldo has passed the 800 mark for senior goals 🤯 🍿 Watch all 140 of his Champions League strikes 👇 #UCL
03-12-2021 13:22
RT @Reuters: Cementing ties, UAE buys 80 French-made Rafale warplanes
03-12-2021 13:19
RT @goal: Ralf Rangnick is in awe of Cristiano Ronaldo 💪
03-12-2021 13:19
RT @ChampionsLeague: Caption this! #UCL
03-12-2021 13:19
@FoxNews Old one was a tragic accident. nuff said
03-12-2021 13:06
@ChampionsLeague ramos
03-12-2021 13:03
RT @DeadlineDayLive: 🚨 Ralf Rangnick with the Manchester United shirt at Old Trafford. (Source: @ManUtd)
03-12-2021 13:03
'What's the Best Time of Day to Take Vitamins?' from @WebMD
03-12-2021 13:02
@Mad_Dallas 😋
03-12-2021 12:45
RT @Pontifex: We are brothers and sisters, loved by a single Father. We need to work together to build a future worthy of humanity, to over…
02-12-2021 18:30
Will Apple Cider Vinegar Burn Your Skin or Heal It | Dr.Berg Blog
02-12-2021 18:25
RT @MrJason020: @ESPNFC As if zlatans words would change mbappes mind
02-12-2021 18:03
RT @ESPNFC: Zlatan just wants to watch the world burn 😅
02-12-2021 18:02
@ChampionsLeague ronaldinho
02-12-2021 17:33
RT @spectatorindex: RESEARCH: Playing violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto every day for two months straight is not linked with red…
02-12-2021 17:32
@BreitbartNews Europe...needs to protect itself fast or else..
02-12-2021 17:30
@pontyak29 @Reuters fair nuff...didnt know that...
02-12-2021 17:23
RT @utdreport: #mufc players spotted at the Hyatt Hotel: De Gea, Heaton, Henderson, Bailly, Dalot, Jones, Lindelöf, Maguire, Telles, Bruno…
02-12-2021 17:19
@drmarkhyman probiotic as in ?
02-12-2021 17:03
RT @lequipe: Nommé ce lundi à la tête des Red Devils, Ralf Rangnick va prendre ses fonctions à Manchester United à partir de vendredi. L'Al…
02-12-2021 17:00
@Nacro solution ?
02-12-2021 17:00
@Reuters ffs...why the hell would migrants want to go to Poland in the first place ? want Greece good enough ?
02-12-2021 16:56
RT @WhoScored: 👀 Cristiano Ronaldo and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have both scored four Premier League goals each this season but there is o…
02-12-2021 16:49
RT @jyothir_10: @ChampionsLeague 👀🐐🔥
02-12-2021 16:40
@UniversBarca @ChampionsLeague playstation like
02-12-2021 16:39
@ChampionsLeague When John Terry slipped in Moscow...🙂
02-12-2021 16:37
RT @MerriamWebster: Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'derrick'
02-12-2021 16:35
@PtFamous right foot is always swollen ...why ? I used to drink heavy weeks ago btw
02-12-2021 16:22
02-12-2021 16:15
RT @jon_wertheim: One moral for tennis: resist the seduction of fast, easy $$. China, Gemdale, ISL, Kosmos, beIN, expanding Cincy at the ex…
02-12-2021 16:04
@MerriamWebster cool...share
02-12-2021 16:00
RT @MerriamWebster: Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'smarmy'
02-12-2021 16:00
RT @Pronamel_US: Start the morning with confidence. Strong & Bright helps strengthen and protect enamel from food acids that can thin ename…
02-12-2021 15:59
@ChampionsLeague Must admit Salah is surprisingly good...and I am not even a LFC fan
02-12-2021 15:57
@goal @KAKA @acmilan Brazilians are overrated imho...Kaka was NO better than say Yaya Toure
02-12-2021 15:47
RT @f00d4adventure: Homemade stuffed Grape Leaves! Instagram: #quote #wednesdaythought #ThisMorning #DOT #Facebo…
02-12-2021 15:44
@Football__Tweet wtf
02-12-2021 15:28
RT @joukesp: #TuesdayLunch #Porkchop #Cauliflower #ChateauJaulien Rustic comfort food. Another concerted effort by Htje & myself (still do…
02-12-2021 15:23
@GilbertoEZayas 😋
02-12-2021 15:12
RT @GilbertoEZayas: @JennieDierberg Thanks! Yes, Jennie that’s my favorite! 🤤 awesome!
02-12-2021 15:11
RT @washingtonpost: Symone Sanders, a senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Vice President Harris, is leaving her position at the end o…
02-12-2021 15:07
RT @Reuters: Victory for Duchess Meghan as UK tabloid's court appeal dismissed
02-12-2021 15:07
@ChampionsLeague @Inter_en fire
02-12-2021 15:07
RT @TheLeoTerrell: Good morning fair minded friends. I'm pleased to join @BillHemmer and @DanaPerino on #FoxNews. Please tune in at 6am PT/…
02-12-2021 15:06
RT @MensHealthUK: Here's how Mark Wahlberg keeps his impressive physique
02-12-2021 15:00
mid day Lantus Insulin shot 10 units
02-12-2021 14:59
RT @goal: Manchester United haven't won a Premier League game since October 🤯 Ralf Rangnick has work to do.
02-12-2021 14:32
RT @goal: Guardiola: 204 matches Mourinho: 230 matches Ferguson: 247 matches Wenger: 258 matches Pep Guardiola is the fastest manager to r…
02-12-2021 14:24
@MensHealthUK nice share...its mainly starts and ends with DIET
02-12-2021 14:15
@ChampionsLeague @Benzema so
02-12-2021 14:12
RT @goal: Chelsea fans have Ralf Rangnick to thank for Thomas Tuchel 👀
02-12-2021 14:11
bg levels 12.9 black coffee and kinder white chocolate
02-12-2021 14:06
@spectatorindex Israel wants to keep the kettle boiling....but WHY ?
02-12-2021 13:54
@spectatorindex why ?
02-12-2021 13:53
@MirrorFootball what was it ?
01-12-2021 19:31
@GilbertoEZayas I like to eat yogurt in the morning. It's easy and quick and available anywhere.
01-12-2021 19:20
@spectatorindex blah blah blah
01-12-2021 19:19
RT @utdreport: Michael Carrick ❤️ Fred
01-12-2021 19:18
RT @NicolaMunroe1: @gigicat7_ NK, is a discredit to the game. Not so much concerned about his comment about Serena, but what he said about…
01-12-2021 19:17
RT @pinkintwit: @gigicat7_ Peak Serena would beat peak Kyrgios(if you can even call that peak) in a Best of 5 match in 3 sets. Tennis is fo…
01-12-2021 19:17
@gigicat7_ ha...that is MORE of a compliment...😎
01-12-2021 19:17
BG Levels 9.2....natural low fat yogurt and a bar of KitKat
01-12-2021 19:16
@Reuters so whats new? he will win a few more
30-11-2021 16:43
@UberFacts for free
30-11-2021 16:36
RT @Riflemanscreed2: 5 pounds of deer meat ready for jerky. I used @PoppaEarles and a few other ingredients to season it… #CajunLife #Louis…
30-11-2021 16:19
RT @TheLeoTerrell: Best Buy, Levi’s Using Rittenhouse Acquittal to Further ‘Racial Trauma’ Narrative
30-11-2021 16:18
@npeeksxo ?
30-11-2021 16:17
RT @TheShowtimeReds: Just wanted to say that Bruno Fernandes has more G/A Contributions in the last season than Mason Mount, De Bruyne, Kan…
30-11-2021 16:05
@ChampionsLeague degea lol
30-11-2021 16:05
RT @WebMD: Don't let sciatica pain stop you -- this simple stretch may help bring some relief:…
29-11-2021 22:38
@utdreport good
29-11-2021 22:36
RT @francefootball: 📣 WHAT AN ARRIVAL! 📣 Robert Lewandowski is here! #ballondor
29-11-2021 22:35
RT @KMbappe: KB x KM 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
29-11-2021 22:23
@KMbappe where is this ?
29-11-2021 22:18
@DeadlineDayLive @TheAthleticUK psg IS not ATRACTIVE..
29-11-2021 22:04
@EuropiaMcr To Whom This May Concern, I have been residing in Manchester since November 2009 continuously and yet…
29-11-2021 21:49
RT @billboard: Here are 5 of the best moments from the 2021 #SoulTrain Awards
29-11-2021 21:38
@UberFacts only
29-11-2021 21:37
RT @DeadlineDayLive: 🚨 Fred Hermel: "In Doha, they want Zinedine Zidane as PSG coach. I can tell you that. Doha is courting Zidane. But the…
29-11-2021 21:29