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@AmatuerFBTalk @Sportscasting19 https://t.co/HjkciOQHta
09-12-2021 03:04
@AmatuerFBTalk @Sportscasting19 He let a lot of people say a LOT of worse things to him so I'm surprised we're the ones who got blocked.
09-12-2021 03:02
@Ravemasta Is he private now or did he block you too? Checked on my other account and it didn't say he was private.
09-12-2021 01:00
@sotexKenton Actually it works out to $42.97, gotta round up. Because of Bernie math you can't even buy a candy b… https://t.co/SACO8GQCu1
09-12-2021 00:27
@MatthewASoprano Will Brown play Sunday? Having our 3rd Center of the season won't help on Sunday although I'm not… https://t.co/m3MLHDuGbX
09-12-2021 00:22
@Ravemasta Wow, he has comments off on his FB unless you follow him too. Dude can't handle the heat.
08-12-2021 23:55
@natedog_906 https://t.co/3SBju7nmBO
08-12-2021 22:26
@natedog_906 https://t.co/OOvRT0b1VB
08-12-2021 22:24
@pointymcpointp1 I don't, he's always writing about the Lions and he's clearly got issues because he won't let us be happy.
08-12-2021 21:54
@pointymcpointp1 His Facebook posts about the entire situation have single digit likes and comments.
08-12-2021 21:35
@Ravemasta @Sportscasting19 I'm not fucking around with these clowns anymore 😂
08-12-2021 20:46
@HomestyleMelt @Negative_Rob It's not creative at all to make fun of the Lions especially with everything else goin… https://t.co/jo8X1XW0Tz
08-12-2021 20:07
THIS. https://t.co/2qotRWVExQ
08-12-2021 20:03
@Negative_Rob @HomestyleMelt Yeah I definitely stay off Lions Facebook. That's not a fun place to be 😂
08-12-2021 20:00
@KoopaKabana_ @Sportscasting19 I'm monitoring on Winston's account 😂
08-12-2021 19:56
@HomestyleMelt @Negative_Rob Probably write articles about how sad they are and find a new team 😂
08-12-2021 19:52
@HomestyleMelt @Negative_Rob He's a cheese head too 🤡😂 https://t.co/eoPLj2f2LV
08-12-2021 19:51
@Negative_Rob @HomestyleMelt True. I blocked Woodward sports because of it but this dude tried to ruin my victory Monday with this BS.
08-12-2021 19:50
@JustinMarroquin @Sportscasting19 I think I just figured it out. He's a Packers fan. https://t.co/s1GyzJwQkI
08-12-2021 19:50
@Negative_Rob @HomestyleMelt Yep. I read the headline to the article on FB and saw his name attached to it, I'm not… https://t.co/SSll9GveRr
08-12-2021 19:47
@JustinMarroquin @Sportscasting19 I guess he didn't want to hear from THIS Lions fan 😂 I will say I did troll him quite a bit.
08-12-2021 19:40
RT @HomestyleMelt: It’s crazy how bothered ppl get when we support and show an ounce of happiness towards our inept franchise. They someh…
08-12-2021 19:39
If you can't handle criticism maybe you shouldn't write bad material. @Sportscasting19 this dude shouldn't be getti… https://t.co/ssXOcK2gLe
08-12-2021 19:28
@KHMakerD W.
08-12-2021 18:23
@AmatuerFBTalk Thanks for looking out! 😂
08-12-2021 18:20
Rent. Free. https://t.co/W8quMyzBYd https://t.co/GdQfpUgdfv
08-12-2021 18:20
@Negative_Rob Probably not a lot.
08-12-2021 18:01
@Negative_Rob His second best game so far this season. I'd say he earned it on the final drive and actually with th… https://t.co/NUJTIya5MG
08-12-2021 16:50
@Blackpigeon88 Shoot she got a good point...
08-12-2021 16:48
We're really in this guy's head rent free. https://t.co/sZti2a5xOU
08-12-2021 16:47
@Sabina2084 @KoopaKabana_ We know 😂😂😂
08-12-2021 15:20
@fangirlfornfl Mine blocked me 😭😭
08-12-2021 15:09
Did not expect to see this on my walk over this morning. https://t.co/9xktl1FV17
08-12-2021 14:17
@woodwardsports @AdhamBeydoun Can Woodward just can this guy already? If I said something this dumb at work to a cu… https://t.co/j3e71mVdin
08-12-2021 06:13
@det_news @adamrank He blocked me when I called him out for being a clown. He's soft. https://t.co/qVBayJdI3S
08-12-2021 06:11
@Devoted2DET You already know I'd follow twice if I could... Wait I have an account for my dog. I never post ther… https://t.co/J2qdwneII6
08-12-2021 05:59
@MadMikeOfficial Hell I used this economy to find a new job. It's been a lot better for my mental health. Problem i… https://t.co/RpBKa5NH2q
08-12-2021 05:02
@spid3rdad I wouldn't be surprised if both happened in the same week 👀
08-12-2021 03:50
@ChrisSalts It's ELITE.
08-12-2021 03:27
@Hayes2690 @AndrewKulha @Sportscasting19 W
08-12-2021 03:24
@AndrewKulha @LeeBender07 @FieldGs Yeah and @Sportscasting19 should expect better from it's writers. It's not that… https://t.co/U9bz1QB5Jp
08-12-2021 03:13
@spid3rdad Have you been watching Hawkeye???
08-12-2021 02:50
@DuncanSmithNBA Someone needs to start a petition to get this guy removed from Woodward sports.
08-12-2021 00:14
I try to be positive on this app because it's hard to find but come after my team and I'll be sure to let you know… https://t.co/9Q3NsEwjOx
07-12-2021 23:37
@AndrewKulha Bro you let a guy with 800 followers waste 2 hours of your day. 😂😂😂
07-12-2021 23:30
@AndrewKulha Making a difference by writing bad opinion pieces? Oof.
07-12-2021 23:25
@KoopaKabana_ Oh well it makes it easier to aim the tomatoes if they are bunched together.
07-12-2021 23:24
@KoopaKabana_ 100% correct.
07-12-2021 23:18
@KoopaKabana_ Yeah it's sad really, need to make the choice to wake up every day and be positive 😂
07-12-2021 23:11
@AndrewKulha I enjoy every day. Can you say the same? You seem pretty miserable to me.
07-12-2021 23:10
@HonoluluBlues_ He did look like classic Matthew Stafford on that drive. I guess that makes Godwin Golden Tate and Amon Ra Marvin Jones.
07-12-2021 22:52
@KoopaKabana_ He's commenting back to me.
07-12-2021 22:48
@AndrewKulha If you want to get paid for trash maybe you should be a garbage man. Let people be happy, not sure w… https://t.co/SKcRdgW4Jk
07-12-2021 22:48
@AndrewKulha Yes they did again, no originality that picture has already been posted by everyone.
07-12-2021 22:29
@AdamSchefter The battle to be the team that beats the Packers in the NFC championship game is heating up.
07-12-2021 22:19
@spid3rdad https://t.co/aFhS5VbMF9
07-12-2021 22:13
@Begickjr Exactly. Any player not drafted by Bob Quinn is going to make this team better. https://t.co/pdCHJq32Kc
07-12-2021 22:09
@MrHart__ @_RyMcCluskey Yeah he's better than Hutch and Thibs that's for sure.
07-12-2021 22:04
@_RyMcCluskey @MrHart__ Oh snap and he's already that good 👀
07-12-2021 21:59
@DETStafford9 https://t.co/Y3IHAFkogM
07-12-2021 21:58
@MrHart__ Is Will Anderson going to declare for the draft this year?
07-12-2021 21:56
@MCannon313 Yeah I've been there. I just can't get over how people are so pissed that the Lions won.
07-12-2021 21:54
@MCannon313 I normally don't but I couldn't help myself today 😬
07-12-2021 21:45
I keep thinking it's still 2020 tbh. https://t.co/FMbS2GbsFq
07-12-2021 21:41
@MrHart__ Even I spiked my hat in celebration. It was a huge moment for the entire organization. Locker room celly proves it.
07-12-2021 21:39
@JustinMarroquin He definitely didn't write anything original or worth reading. Let them celebrate, they like their coach and they won.
07-12-2021 21:37
This is the best one yet. https://t.co/4mr3hxf2m4
07-12-2021 21:36
Saw this clown on FB and came all the way here to help with this ratio. https://t.co/v6okCP0AEk https://t.co/WN9KBjJL1h
07-12-2021 21:30
@AndrewKulha @Sportscasting19 Things more embarrassing than the celebration: This ratio The fact that someone A… https://t.co/OdwnAMKw64
07-12-2021 21:29
@Lion4lifedet Isn't the trash where he finds most of his clothes? https://t.co/BiwX0g5tlj
07-12-2021 14:44
@IMacEachern Yep. He was a trash human being.
07-12-2021 02:18
@lionswinone3 Same
06-12-2021 22:37
All post "defensive guru" guys. https://t.co/1xJgTgaR2n
06-12-2021 22:33
@DETStafford9 Hope everything is okay. Let me know if you need anything, DMs are always open.
06-12-2021 19:49
Even with the lack of talent and coaching issues they're 3 or 4 bad plays away from 3 more wins. https://t.co/HDRi1ol292
06-12-2021 18:36
@DamoneHardy I'd say 10 or less bad plays from a 5-6 win team. Could've beat PIT, BAL, MIN, all with one slightly b… https://t.co/pK5oHenGjw
06-12-2021 18:33
@CarlosD89462922 It's about time 😂
06-12-2021 18:23
@MCannon313 If they punt Vikings kill the clock and we lose then everyone complains they didn't go for it 😂😂😂
06-12-2021 17:42
@LionsGuy9 Jackson really made up for that early mistake. The biggest non surprise on here is Harris yet again.
06-12-2021 17:05
@SlateJetpack @LionsPR @Lions @amonra_stbrown @USC_FB @USC_Athletics @pfref @NFL @USC @EliasSports Yeah it was massively busted coverage.
06-12-2021 16:50
Finally. https://t.co/iaYm2BUthE
06-12-2021 16:12
@Blackpigeon88 I completely agree but some people in the Detroit media and some fans don't see that. Also talk abou… https://t.co/TcsIE4DCxS
06-12-2021 15:20
@alaina4liberty Saw a bunch of my lefty friends posting this on FB, peak irony.
06-12-2021 15:01
@LionsPR @Lions @amonra_stbrown @USC_FB @USC_Athletics @pfref @NFL @USC @EliasSports How was nobody covering him? 😂
06-12-2021 14:57
@JaceOSweet The American two party system in one gif.
06-12-2021 14:52
He definitely hasn't lost the Locker room. Super happy for him still today and glad to have a coach that actually w… https://t.co/5K9gqKG14j
06-12-2021 14:51
Starting victory Monday the right way! https://t.co/4UDSj051Q0
06-12-2021 14:15
@fbiagent4hire @KHMakerD Or if he does it and it's successful because of more talent you'll be even happier!
06-12-2021 05:30
@MatthewASoprano I had zero faith tbh but damn they did it.
06-12-2021 05:20
@KHMakerD @fbiagent4hire His QB didn't help much on that 4th down. They still won, why can't we just be happy they won? 😂
06-12-2021 05:18
@talk_lions @TBrandon84 Wonder how much they'll like him in 2 years? 🤔
06-12-2021 05:18
@prophetoffett2 Guess that Detroit vs Everybody includes him and his kid.
06-12-2021 05:16
@Ben2b23 Honestly I do too!
06-12-2021 05:08
@kellyrae2723 @Lions For real we had as many injuries. Both starting RBs and only one starting WR from week 1.
06-12-2021 05:01
How can you not be happy for this guy? C'mon man gtfo with any negativity for the rest of the week and just be happ… https://t.co/flVWVaW9ap
06-12-2021 04:59
@Lions YES.
06-12-2021 04:54
@Ben2b23 @fbiagent4hire All very true as well.
06-12-2021 04:38
@MatthewASoprano @Lucky_Canuck He did, with the exception of the 4th down call he coached a much better game.
06-12-2021 04:37
@BDylenski @ChrisSalts Yeah the rule may have changed I just read that if it won't change the outcome and the clock… https://t.co/6ajzaqTXZK
06-12-2021 04:12
@Vikings You just lost to the color rush cats 🤣 https://t.co/cobPz5T3tN
06-12-2021 04:03
@ChrisSalts Definitely would have!
06-12-2021 04:00
@ChrisSalts They don't have to. If clock is at all zeroes it isn't required.
06-12-2021 03:59
@FireUpUmich Yeah but this time it was Zimmer 😂
06-12-2021 03:54
RT @PrideOfDetroit: Matt Patricia never beat the Vikings.
06-12-2021 03:45
It was a great weekend capped with a Lions win! Also super lucky, my wife's friends both happened to be in Maryland… https://t.co/Amkk7MydpF
06-12-2021 03:10
@DETStafford9 Respect to both honestly.
06-12-2021 03:05
@Ravemasta https://t.co/ewpjnKng8M
06-12-2021 03:04
@Ravemasta Feels so good to have a W.
06-12-2021 03:01
@GailBilly3 @99Bananas007 Oh yeah definitely a big weekend for Michigan!
06-12-2021 02:34
@NanduriNFL He's built tough... 😉
06-12-2021 02:29
@fbiagent4hire Twelve games with the injuries and talent is still a small sample size. He'll be fine. He wants to b… https://t.co/9Jtkgh3qnt
06-12-2021 02:26
@_luhjerry Love having you on the team!
06-12-2021 02:24
@GailBilly3 @99Bananas007 For sure. He also called a better game. Everyone will point to the 4th down call but toda… https://t.co/KwLsMKOSry
06-12-2021 02:18
@fbiagent4hire I agree that wasn't a great call but he's got a lot to learn and all coaches make mistakes and questionable calls.
06-12-2021 02:17
To everyone who says Campbell makes questionable calls. Why didn't the Vikings super experienced HC take two knees… https://t.co/mT6VJyHusy
06-12-2021 02:12
@NanduriNFL Zimmer can't even get on the plane at this point can he? 😂😂
06-12-2021 01:10
@lamos_mary @DanMillerFox2 I am in the car and listened on SiriusXM. I started SCREAMING when I heard him shout 😂😂😂
06-12-2021 01:08
@Spartan9395 @Lions True!
06-12-2021 01:02
@Spartan9395 @Lions I hope we can somehow keep him for a long time.
06-12-2021 00:59
@talk_lions Yep. Honolulu blue is out, only gray from now on 😂
06-12-2021 00:58
@Spartan9395 @Lions This defense is only getting better next year. There's been a ton of improvement too.
06-12-2021 00:58
@Spartan9395 @Lions Amon Ra stepped up, so did Wright, Barnes Levi and Okwara.
06-12-2021 00:56
@Spartan9395 @Lions Me too. They needed some confidence they're a young team and they know they can win and what it feels like now.
06-12-2021 00:52
@Spartan9395 @Lions It's been a long time coming. He's going to be a good coach.
06-12-2021 00:49
@Devoted2DET It was definitely better with a few exceptions. He's improving.
06-12-2021 00:49
@Ben2b23 I would have but my dad was ready to go 😂
06-12-2021 00:48
@Lions This video has been viewed 297k times as of this comment and I've watched it at least 200k.of those times 😭
06-12-2021 00:47
@bushwood_c https://t.co/lfwBPq0YDT
06-12-2021 00:45
@brewcrew2019 @WigginsBurner @NFL @Lions Also that's Campbell's first win and Amon-Ra's first TD. Huge moment for a ton of reasons.
06-12-2021 00:39
I'm not crying we're all crying 😭 https://t.co/8yMzDFPPc5
06-12-2021 00:38
RT @PrideOfDetroit: That was Amon-Ra’s first career TD, by the way.
06-12-2021 00:37
LETS GO RICK IS BACK 🦁🦁🦁 https://t.co/cCQFQmR9EQ
06-12-2021 00:37
@Lucky_Canuck I'm honestly shocked Goff did it and I owe him an apology.
06-12-2021 00:36
@Ben2b23 Yep. Leaving in Q4 did not help us at all in the Bengals game.
06-12-2021 00:34
@okiefrommn Watching the replay they needed to have guys closer to the LOS, easy route and catch by St Brown with extra soft coverage.
06-12-2021 00:34
@Ben2b23 Amazing. Gotta stay until the last second with the Heart Attack Cats!
06-12-2021 00:32
@IMacEachern Me too!
06-12-2021 00:31
@Ben2b23 I imagine the fans went nuts.
06-12-2021 00:29
@talk_lions Agreed, his staff is great other than OC.
06-12-2021 00:29
@IMacEachern I'm still stunned!!
06-12-2021 00:27
@talk_lions I still think he's going to be a good coach. He is going to learn from his mistakes (look how they move… https://t.co/SY9kVLfrPv
06-12-2021 00:26
@MCannon313 Vikings fans still sitting in front of their TVs like: https://t.co/yJBpkdrD8b
06-12-2021 00:25
@sadlionsfanJD Just watched the replay and saw Goff go right to Campbell, that's what got me 😭😭
06-12-2021 00:22
Campbell was playing CHESS not Checkers. Let them get the easy TD and then STRIKE with Goff in a perfect 2 minute drill.
06-12-2021 00:19
@DylansModernLyf @no246108 What a POETIC ending. Lost to them earlier in the season and then beating them on a walk off TD incredible!!
06-12-2021 00:17
NO 0-16-1
06-12-2021 00:16
@no246108 @DylansModernLyf TODAY WAS THE DAY.
06-12-2021 00:16
@CathMcB263 I'm crying in my car rn 😂😂😂😭😭😭
06-12-2021 00:16
@okiefrommn That was incredible. I am listening on Sirius XM and as soon as Lonas yelled yes I started screaming in… https://t.co/bk5MJELdZn
06-12-2021 00:16
06-12-2021 00:13
06-12-2021 00:12
@CathMcB263 Yep as many as they've won in the last 15 minutes we've lost.
06-12-2021 00:06
@okiefrommn If you told me it was on purpose I would ALMOST believe you honestly.
06-12-2021 00:01
@talk_lions They should've run up the middle. That's the easiest call in NFL history. Don't get cute and DON'T trust Goff.
05-12-2021 23:59
If Goff never plays a snap as a Lion again after this game or after this season we're all better off for it. Idc ab… https://t.co/Cvpx3GzILT
05-12-2021 23:57
05-12-2021 23:49
@Ravemasta https://t.co/zV7yg9PtXR
05-12-2021 23:49
@Ben2b23 Honolulu Boom is the shit.
05-12-2021 23:38
Anything less than a TD here is an L.
05-12-2021 23:37
We should've seen this coming. Vikings always come alive in the 2nd half. How many games have they won in 4th Q or OT in the last 2 years?
05-12-2021 23:32
@Mike_Nichols Damn 💀💀💀
05-12-2021 22:07
This team today 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
05-12-2021 22:03
Has Goff doubled his season TD passes for the season in this game?
05-12-2021 22:02
05-12-2021 21:58
The Okwara Bros are so damn good at Football 💪
05-12-2021 21:53
Dan Miller just said "That forward pass thing is fun!" It sure is Dan... It sure is...
05-12-2021 21:49
@CathMcB263 Me too. I'll be listening in the car today.
05-12-2021 20:28
@no246108 We can only hope ❤️ https://t.co/gPbOCMkWD7
05-12-2021 16:42
@no246108 This is typically what I do. https://t.co/2f1PkTicOp
05-12-2021 16:17
Wake up Lions fans it's GAMEDAY #OnePride Let's get this W.
05-12-2021 15:53
@Michael_for_now Love it man. Have to do what you're passionate about
05-12-2021 04:52
@_max_p0wer_ Welcome back!
04-12-2021 22:25
@dadlook It's too early to be attacked like this Dadlook.
04-12-2021 17:09
@CathMcB263 Sounds like a fun day! Congratulations to your niece!
04-12-2021 16:56
@KoopaKabana_ Jealous.
04-12-2021 07:44
@ajruszk5k Isn't this The Crocodile Hunter? https://t.co/nn5zGkHvJ8
04-12-2021 07:09
@Mike_Nichols The best way to spend a weekend. If I do nothing during the weekend I've had the most productive weekend.
04-12-2021 06:31
What's everyone got planned for the weekend? We're spending time with family.
04-12-2021 06:28
@Ben2b23 Don't know who but probably a W 😂
04-12-2021 02:32
@prophetoffett2 https://t.co/1A3KSddey0
03-12-2021 21:01
@Jarich01 @dadlook @Lions You mean the Crew?
03-12-2021 20:37
@DylansModernLyf This is ridiculous. It Takes Two if a fantastic game.
03-12-2021 20:36
@Jarich01 @dadlook @Lions The Blue Jackets and the Columbus Crew. The Crew is pretty popular with the rest of the state.
03-12-2021 20:33
@Ravemasta I just love to compare the idea of Thor now to the little green guy from SG1 😂😂
03-12-2021 20:31
@Ravemasta The guy from Stargate SG1? https://t.co/QrcEjgDslu
03-12-2021 20:18
@iamironman1998 https://t.co/GbISgc4bsY
03-12-2021 20:17
@SinktheKraken4 Then I'ma have to go threaten the supply chain until I get some. https://t.co/GwlHoXpO2K
03-12-2021 17:27
What we ordered when we wanted the Metaverse vs what we got https://t.co/TJr01VeL1j
03-12-2021 17:20
4 years ago today I went to my first ever Lions game with my Father in law. Only time I saw Stafford play in person… https://t.co/Wbr91MrOeL
03-12-2021 16:29
@dadlook @Lions Oops I misread your comment 😂 I will gladly take them so I only have to drive 30 minutes to games 😎
03-12-2021 14:46
@dadlook @Lions Not even a little? Not even Goff??
03-12-2021 14:44
@dadlook @Lions I would love it if they relocated to Columbus!
03-12-2021 14:40
@Michael_for_now Not until I'm Robin Williams in Jumanji. https://t.co/ngxPxHgBbj
03-12-2021 14:33
@dadlook https://t.co/y3sZ088DPg
03-12-2021 14:28
My wife says I'm starting to look like a mountain man. I'd say my hair needs to grow out considerably before that h… https://t.co/5E91bIufhk
03-12-2021 14:17
@Blackpigeon88 They'll blow a big call with less than 2 minutes left and ruin the entire game I can almost guarantee it 😂
03-12-2021 05:59
@thatMGOBLUEgirl @MrCorrie Yeah I've made that mistake https://t.co/C5nxvxTTN5
03-12-2021 04:35
@MrCorrie Only if we give them reason to https://t.co/DghbLcZc1l
03-12-2021 04:31
@thatMGOBLUEgirl @MrCorrie Yep 😂😂😂 The worst thing is after a long day when you get in your car, don't touch your… https://t.co/avCsX78eol
03-12-2021 04:26
@thatMGOBLUEgirl @MrCorrie I drive a Subaru Forrester. It's reliable if you take care of it, great AWD and mine has… https://t.co/Ix4nFI81Id
03-12-2021 04:23