martin (@tintinhill) — a sad boi in London
@adamclaessens96 I can't believe what I've seen
06-03-2021 17:31
RT @arsenalbarclays: This game sums up our season : we fail to kill off games, we make individual mistakes to gift goals then we complain a…
06-03-2021 17:30
RT @HLTCO: “Peter called that superbly didn’t he?” It’s hit his fucking shoulder. Unless he was blindfolded it’s the absolute base level o…
06-03-2021 17:18
@Pez_out @OrangeJuiceJaz
06-03-2021 02:47
RT @crushtina: Mini Eggs are in a league of their own; the taste, the texture, the scent, the cute pastel coloured aesthetic. a symbol of h…
03-03-2021 17:35
RT @HLTCO: Mick McCarthy has taken charge of 10 games at Cardiff, winning 7, drawing 3 and losing 0. They jumped into the top 6 last night…
03-03-2021 13:22
RT @notbenmarshall: Night in with the fellas!🤘
03-03-2021 01:35
@BoDack_Horseman Didn't Katie say this exact thing about her commute? 😘
02-03-2021 15:36
@AccidentalP @OrangeJuiceJaz
02-03-2021 14:47
RT @MrEdByrne: This is incredible. The dude is a Fast Show character made real.
02-03-2021 13:38
@OrangeJuiceJaz What
02-03-2021 02:49
@Arsenal @BukayoSaka87 @Aubameyang7 All so good but it's gotta be Saka!
02-03-2021 00:15
RT @robfordmancs: This was predictable, and predicted, by many who urged govt to act sooner in November/December. Great successes in 2021 o…
01-03-2021 15:18
RT @L3GSV: Holy fuck
28-02-2021 22:35
0 59776
RT @whyangelinawhy: good evening, clarice
27-02-2021 15:52
@OrangeJuiceJaz @BoDack_Horseman @CultureCrave Is there any colour in this film?
26-02-2021 23:44
@USofJR @TravisGlossop @OrangeJuiceJaz
25-02-2021 03:57
RT @thepincomedy: the problem with working from home
23-02-2021 14:25
RT @GrantTucker: Just booked a working-from-home day for June 22nd.
23-02-2021 12:06
This Tweet from @tintinhill has been withheld in: Turkey.
22-02-2021 13:52
@adamclaessens96 yupp, martin tyler is finished
21-02-2021 21:32
@ltarsenal Honestly I think he has already. He's not starting him and mainly bringing on as a sub when the game seems to be wrapped up
14-02-2021 21:59
@adamclaessens96 Difficult to know what is s memory and which is caused from watching the replays over the years bu…
14-02-2021 20:47
@adamclaessens96 I went to that 2004 game, let's hope!
14-02-2021 20:44
@nocontextfm1 @Hugh_Dickinson we been here tbh
14-02-2021 01:39
0 16404
RT @SoozUK: You can't compare Great Britain and New Zealand, it's really unfair, there are so many variables that are completely different.…
12-02-2021 13:48
@porksmith Yyyyyyeeessssssss
10-02-2021 14:08
@nayfunnn Christ
09-02-2021 15:07
@BoDack_Horseman I love you
08-02-2021 23:58
@BoDack_Horseman It's not with a heavy heart, he fucking loves tweeting this stuff
08-02-2021 16:17
RT @DTathletic: It’s been called the Harry Kane ‘signature move’. But others are now doing it too. Two last weekend when Arsenal played Ma…
06-02-2021 05:07
@arsenalbarclays @Hugh_Dickinson another attempt to deny the likes of the Swiss giants
05-02-2021 15:19
RT @Simply_Spurs: Mourinho when he first heard Dier speak Portuguese despite not knowing how to defend
05-02-2021 04:07
@edsbs @OrangeJuiceJaz
04-02-2021 18:06
0 15344
RT @Nigerianscamsss: This is up there
04-02-2021 14:28
RT @mralistairgreen: bumble
04-02-2021 14:11
@nayfunnn @IvoGraham @btsport @Hugh_Dickinson I take this as a big compliment
03-02-2021 22:33
@Hugh_Dickinson @wwfcofficial 👏👏👏
03-02-2021 16:13
@adamclaessens96 @Simon_Burnton It's 3 points just straight up robbed, only at arsenal man
02-02-2021 22:17
I actually think this may be my favourite snooker shot of all time. It's ridiculous
31-01-2021 14:56
@judd147t @Hugh_Dickinson Disgusting
30-01-2021 23:25
RT @SenneH90: Jürgen Klopp calling Hyypia on the last day of the transfer window.
30-01-2021 16:36
@OrangeJuiceJaz I'm expecting 1.3K likes incoming and an angry text from dack
30-01-2021 15:46
RT @Thomaspartey22: @Osei_wusu1738 @Arsenal We are in lockdown 😬😬😅
29-01-2021 23:06
@nocontextfm1 @Hugh_Dickinson
29-01-2021 22:43
RT @WillDHislop: guy who is very into Twitter
29-01-2021 19:26
RT @5tevieM: why is it bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and not boudoir, foodoir, poodoir
28-01-2021 18:54
@GaryLineker Promoting one product for many many years could do it
27-01-2021 19:48
@Faaabianskiii 70% sure
27-01-2021 13:20
@nocontextfm1 @tameimpaella 😘
26-01-2021 01:17
@nocontextfm1 @Hugh_Dickinson
23-01-2021 21:29
@JackWilshere Worth it
22-01-2021 21:39
@MatyRyan @nayfunnn @BoDack_Horseman
22-01-2021 14:55
@OptaJoe @BoDack_Horseman @nayfunnn
22-01-2021 14:22
@adamclaessens96 @HLTCO Football Twitter can be such a toxic place, I avoid it after Arsenal defeats and it's done…
19-01-2021 14:18
RT @JayBauman1: @Sgtzima Emotionally stunted man-children, rejoice!
18-01-2021 21:28
RT @harrytrevaldwyn: how to receive negative feedback
18-01-2021 21:25
18-01-2021 04:25
@OOCSnooker So cringey
18-01-2021 02:52
@adamclaessens96 What a game! What a player, such wholesome content!
18-01-2021 02:50
@DonnyMartell @sophiedukebox @amberjadeeee 😂
17-01-2021 18:10
RT @BootstrapCook: Yesterday’s BBC News clip. I am not going to stop loudly, uncomfortably pointing out that the path to where we are now r…
16-01-2021 16:54
@OrangeJuiceJaz @BoDack_Horseman Mat Dack going against the popular opinion once again, you've got to love his effort
16-01-2021 01:10
@nomadicrevery Ridiculous standard
16-01-2021 01:09
Love how one of the fiercest Snooker players is just a big old softie away from the table ❤
15-01-2021 17:18
@BootstrapCook @KathyBurke Hero❤
15-01-2021 16:56
RT @Faaabianskiii: @Arsenal @g_martinelli01 And the angel answered and said, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Martinelli, who was injur…
13-01-2021 14:46
RT @kayvanraimi:
13-01-2021 13:54
RT @HLTCO: It’s such a pleasant change to see a player who isn’t media trained to within an inch of his life talking after a game. https…
09-01-2021 14:14
0 158927
RT @wichkid: We’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us, we’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them...
07-01-2021 16:09
RT @TheSarahDouglas: It Didn’t work then and it certainly DID NOT work yesterday! #Superman #Ursa #democracy @JoeBiden…
07-01-2021 16:09
0 112002
RT @sbstryker: Watch this.
07-01-2021 12:30
RT @twlldun: I got the same treatment for calling Frankie Boyle a twat
07-01-2021 03:49
RT @MatthewACherry:
07-01-2021 03:35
@BoDack_Horseman It finally happened Dack, soak it in
06-01-2021 00:17
RT @notlonelylosers: lockdown lockdown 2 lockdown the third lockdown forever after #lockdown
05-01-2021 03:42
RT @BoDack_Horseman: Can't believe Boris just announced that PopWorld will re-open in March with no limit on capacity. Strange he singled t…
04-01-2021 23:50
RT @alexkealy: i remember when the government said primary schools should stay open like it was yesterday
04-01-2021 23:19
RT @alexkealy:
04-01-2021 20:22
RT @FINALLEVEL: Never forget that David Bowie checked the F outta MTV for their racial BS.. THANKS Dave! Respect
04-01-2021 16:35
RT @charlottekennny: Shut the schools shut the schools shut the schools shut the schools shut the schools shut the schools shut the schools…
04-01-2021 16:28
RT @EddieLongbridg3: My sketch of Kieran Tierney celebrating his wonderful goal with the guys.
04-01-2021 13:48
@BoDack_Horseman I'm starting to get the impression that you don't like things Mat
04-01-2021 13:47
RT @the_bigstep: The word 'Bet' is visible 24 times in this 14 second clip. Pitch side adverts are constantly nudging the audience, many o…
03-01-2021 22:33
@BBCSport Mooooonnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
03-01-2021 17:01
RT @IanDunt: He'll change his mind on this soon. But too late. Always too late. Ignoring the advice, ignoring the evidence, and only ever d…
03-01-2021 16:59
RT @AngelaRayner: You, along with hundreds of other Tory MPs, voted against scrapping it in 2015. Do you really think we don't remember? ht…
02-01-2021 14:45
RT @paulsinha: An assassination.
01-01-2021 17:30
RT @LightsCameraPod: This was the best video of 2020, and there is no close second place.
01-01-2021 06:55
@OrangeJuiceJaz Love u
01-01-2021 06:54
RT @SeanBurkeShow: This man plays acid jazz piano for wild elephants - and they fucking hate it.
31-12-2020 16:11
@OfficialPDC @Hugh_Dickinson
30-12-2020 18:26
@Bernd_Leno @LacazetteAlex @Arsenal Great pic choice bro! ❤
30-12-2020 12:37
RT @afcjxmes: Maybe in the short term we would’ve won more games under Mourinho but I’m so glad this man isn’t manager of my football club
28-12-2020 01:45
RT @PhantomnAFC: We're 1-0 down vs City at the Emirates Spot the difference in desire here between Captain Laca & Martinelli 🤷🏾‍♂️ https:/…
24-12-2020 18:06
@BoDack_Horseman This is so hard to watch
23-12-2020 00:48
RT @tom_usher_: as a left wing arsenal fan living in london whose anti tory but pro eu, looks forward to christmas, is used to having a reg…
22-12-2020 01:00
@BoDack_Horseman Fucking hell
20-12-2020 01:56
RT @Hugh_Dickinson: 12 years of Conservative-led governments has turned us into a third world banana republic
16-12-2020 14:53
RT @APartridgeQOTD: When practising CPR I opt for Queen's 'Another one bites the dust', a pounding rock number that provides an important d…
07-12-2020 12:18
RT @AccidentalP: #AccidentalPartridge
29-11-2020 17:32
@Arsenal @g_martinelli01 @OrangeJuiceJaz I gonna cry
28-11-2020 17:55
@bet365 @Hugh_Dickinson guy got two against you for Zurich right?
26-11-2020 21:45
@BoDack_Horseman End it
22-11-2020 15:27
@nocontextfm1 @Hugh_Dickinson
21-11-2020 17:53
RT @TheOnion: U.S. Economists Predict Endless, Mandelbrot-Shaped Recovery
21-11-2020 06:51
@BoDack_Horseman @nath___________ @OrangeJuiceJaz Walker LCB? Really?
15-11-2020 22:05
@nath___________ @BoDack_Horseman And done by shirt number instead of position, awful
15-11-2020 21:52
RT @afcjxmes: I don’t want to hear a single person mention sacking the manager, just a week ago we beat United and our fans were all over h…
08-11-2020 23:55
@nocontextfm1 @Hugh_Dickinson
08-11-2020 17:32
RT @clemencyewhite: To end the week: perhaps the best tweet, ever 🐝
06-11-2020 15:22
RT @kim: The Internet: 1 Talibangelicals: 0
05-11-2020 19:45
@OrangeJuiceJaz I'm not even dignifying it with a like
05-11-2020 15:31
0 10982
RT @kyleconic: they’re gonna display this video in the smithsonian
05-11-2020 02:34
RT @Samfr: Because you told Republicans not to vote by mail you absolute balloon.
04-11-2020 19:06
RT @georgiebingham: He called it.
04-11-2020 13:44
RT @iamconnaugh: The virus showing respect to our troops by avoiding Remembrance Sunday events. Take a bow COVID-19. Class 👏🏻 1 like = 1 r…
02-11-2020 19:28
@ElNennY @Arsenal You were superb tonight, Mo! 🤜🤜
02-11-2020 00:45
@biel_m04 @Arsenal I love you
01-11-2020 22:15
@OrangeJuiceJaz @optosi Yup, not great Jaz, surprised this didn't get 1.5k likes
01-11-2020 14:45
@gregianjohnson @nath___________
31-10-2020 22:04
RT @Aiannucci: He saw it across Europe, just like at the start of the year, and he didn’t prepare enough. He had time during summer to plan…
31-10-2020 15:17
@afcjxmes @OrangeJuiceJaz
27-10-2020 03:44
RT @ltarsenal: Making sense of our struggles this season. (A thread)
26-10-2020 14:32
RT @PatrickTimmons1: Start. Integrating. William. Saliba. Rather. Than. Playing. Mustafi. In. October. 2020. And. Stop. Playing. Aubameyang…
26-10-2020 00:15
RT @ReidTheGame: I love Arteta and he’s definitely the right man for the job but he definitely has his flaws. Consistently playing Aubameya…
26-10-2020 00:14
@BoDack_Horseman We conceded 21 shots to Watford once btw
26-10-2020 00:01
@BoDack_Horseman This is a bad take chief. Reactionary
26-10-2020 00:00
@BoDack_Horseman Agreed, hoping they drop as many points as poss. before it happens
24-10-2020 21:13
@nath___________ @OrangeJuiceJaz I dunno, ask @BoDack_Horseman
23-10-2020 15:33
@OrangeJuiceJaz Yeah but id like to see him at the front on the battlefield in 1949-1955 in WW2, that's the real wa…
23-10-2020 15:28
RT @OrangeJuiceJaz: The year is 2024. England have won the World Cup in Qatar and for the Euros, our captain and prime minister Mr Rashford…
23-10-2020 14:08
@OrangeJuiceJaz This tweet is popping 🔥
23-10-2020 14:08
RT @kimpossiblefact:
23-10-2020 11:20
@JamieTonight @Channel4 @jemma95_
23-10-2020 10:58
RT @28llock: Reiss Nelson vs Rapid Wien
23-10-2020 00:46
@amberjadeeee It's too soon. C'mon now
22-10-2020 20:40
RT @nath___________: absolutely mental that @MarcusRashford is the only person putting pressure on this govt - imagine if we actually had a…
22-10-2020 12:59
@BoDack_Horseman I reckon it will happen in next 15 years
20-10-2020 16:58
RT @sophiedukebox: RACIST? YOU CAN STAY MAD - a loving open letter doubly dedicated to my white guys, vanilla kings, gam fam 🌼🤠🌼 & all the…
20-10-2020 16:30
@Hugh_Dickinson @Jaack So good
19-10-2020 21:30
@nocontextfm1 Centurions and Invincibles and 2nd
19-10-2020 21:22
@nocontextfm1 I beat PSG at home and drew away.
19-10-2020 20:42
RT @DrRosena: BRB heading back to Tooting.
18-10-2020 15:48
@OrangeJuiceJaz @BoDack_Horseman Who?
17-10-2020 23:40
@BoDack_Horseman Yes, hopefully when Partey gets up and running we can switch to a 4-3-3
17-10-2020 21:34
@BoDack_Horseman 🙌🙌
17-10-2020 03:54
@RhysHandley2113 Fantastic!❤
15-10-2020 21:16
@BoDack_Horseman Dont know what you mean, I love that formation AND really love scoring all our goals from set pieces or crosses.
14-10-2020 23:52
@subsidesports @btsportfootball #jefferswatch @nath___________
14-10-2020 14:34
@AlexScott Legendddddd
14-10-2020 02:27
RT @ThePCCLondon: And... WE ARE BACK! 🤘
13-10-2020 20:28
Miedema is too good
11-10-2020 14:58
@RhysHandley2113 You're not joking - f-ing massive! (thumb for scale)
11-10-2020 02:38
RT @ltarsenal: Football Twitter is one of the most toxic places online. We need social media companies to have proper identity verification…
11-10-2020 02:36
@officialgoogly @Hugh_Dickinson
11-10-2020 02:22
RT @davidschneider: Just reading about a failed state where they gave billions to pals rather than experts in a pandemic so they ended up w…
11-10-2020 02:19
RT @Priceless_Silva: The international break brings out the worst of football twitter. Horrible opinions, forced debates and recycled tweet…
09-10-2020 18:19
05-10-2020 20:45
So good
05-10-2020 20:11
@FabrizioRomano @afc3mily @charles_watts @TheAFCBeII Class 👏
05-10-2020 20:10
@David_Ornstein @afc3mily @_KingWale @TheAFCBeII Nice lad ❤
05-10-2020 16:51
RT @HLTCO: This GIF is absolutely outstanding.
05-10-2020 16:16
Welcome to The Carpet
05-10-2020 16:09
05-10-2020 15:45
05-10-2020 15:43
RT @paddypower: "So that's it, after 27 years, so long, good luck." Kroenke: "I don't recall saying good luck."
05-10-2020 13:25
@BoDack_Horseman Xhaka*
05-10-2020 11:43
@BoDack_Horseman Cebellos, Chaka, elneny and willock 😂 we defo need another for a long long season
05-10-2020 11:42
@BoDack_Horseman Seen this all over Twitter, shame man
04-10-2020 23:14
Wouldn't mind it m8
04-10-2020 20:28
@DUALIPA @jemma95_
04-10-2020 19:49
@ManUtd keep OGS forever pls😂
04-10-2020 19:16
@HectorBellerin I fucking love you man
04-10-2020 19:09
@afcjxmes Welcome back, king
04-10-2020 19:07
@UTDTrey @TheImmortalKop Looooooooooooooooooool
04-10-2020 19:05
RT @Zonal_Marking: Come on, you can’t blow the full-time whistle when there’s an open goal. Even if the player is 80 yards from goal...
04-10-2020 17:53
@BoDack_Horseman Always believed, my guy
04-10-2020 17:27
Arsenal fans are bottom tier
03-10-2020 17:57
RT @cantdrawarsenal: Ainsley Maitland-Niles penalty
02-10-2020 19:53
@BoDack_Horseman Do u h8 arsenal
02-10-2020 13:45
RT @James_Dart: So much went on in the Rio Ave v Milan penalty shootout
02-10-2020 12:01
RT @Gunnersc0m: Ice cold, what a player 👏
01-10-2020 23:54
@BukayoSaka87 @England You deserve it, chief!
01-10-2020 16:40
01-10-2020 13:53
RT @HLTCO: “Hi, I’m Jake Humphrey and today I’m joined in the BT Sport studio by Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton.”
27-09-2020 14:12
@adamclaessens96 Unless they get signings, they're not gonna be top 4 for sure. I'm feeling confident about finishing above them
26-09-2020 17:47
@Arsenal Lol there's the women's NLD pal
26-09-2020 13:10
Not my words, Carol, the words of Top Gear magazine
25-09-2020 12:10
25-09-2020 10:55
@BlasianSays @nath___________
25-09-2020 00:58
@ltarsenal @OzilThings Yyyyyeessssss
24-09-2020 15:43
Lol let's not
24-09-2020 15:39
@nath___________ @Faaabianskiii @Arsenal @EddieNketiah9 Lol it is really bad keeping
24-09-2020 15:36
@Faaabianskiii @Arsenal @EddieNketiah9 @nath___________
24-09-2020 15:24
15/16 Bellerin coming back yooooo
24-09-2020 01:51
@aaronramsey You bossed it, big man!
21-09-2020 00:51
21-09-2020 00:49