when the tables turn i dont wanna hear shit (@w6vyleon) — The Oracle🔮 | #RollTide #GoPackGo #CamFam | aye.... who cares?
The hawks really gonna have no choice but to let JC walk and it’ll be the right decision.
19-01-2021 09:06
McFlurry....aht aht you asked what I wanted. https://t.co/0fTWtOjG9i
19-01-2021 07:14
EuroLeague stuff https://t.co/gBK0KGcHxZ
19-01-2021 06:03
Makes sense. https://t.co/UZYM4Suzyv
19-01-2021 05:53
In other words it ain’t y’all it’s them bitch ass niggas it’s ownership and management. https://t.co/g64mPSielQ
19-01-2021 05:49
@1ankyy Wit da law.
19-01-2021 03:49
I swear it was test to see if he was mature enough to be in this business and he clearly is not. They don’t even pl… https://t.co/LCLSa7j1ES
19-01-2021 03:43
Terrible news https://t.co/68lcvHDB0F
19-01-2021 02:37
BOOOOOOOOOI https://t.co/68lcvHDB0F
19-01-2021 02:36
https://t.co/wYRAAB6LKk https://t.co/PHsFRltuX5
19-01-2021 02:24
Can aint even play and yall on his dick man shit crazy.
19-01-2021 02:23
Nigga didn’t even play and y’all be on his dick anyways I don’t get it https://t.co/6sUNIEVLXh
19-01-2021 02:13
I will https://t.co/mDNdy7bLcn
19-01-2021 02:11
RT @HawksOnFSSE: De'Andre Hunter dunked so hard that he cut his wrist. We have a pair of folks on the broadcast who know something about th…
18-01-2021 23:14
Somebody shoulda told me it would be like this be like this be like this. https://t.co/shBLJZhDn0
18-01-2021 22:03
@Truw4p Pulling his girl tracks out.
18-01-2021 21:25
When he’s no longer suspended. https://t.co/C19Sw0ebty
18-01-2021 21:15
How many years has a Kentucky Guard been a draft steal and when are y’all gonna see the game Cal is running?
18-01-2021 21:08
0 1972
RT @Rory_Breaker_: Imma tweet this every time I see it on Twitter because it’s important. https://t.co/25dR664KW5
18-01-2021 20:56
0 28379
RT @TheKingCenter: A thread of Dr. King in color, as we commemorate his 92nd birthday. #MLK #CorettaScottKing #BelovedCommunity #MLKDay h…
18-01-2021 20:52
Well nothing to see here. https://t.co/y0lepWEBJW
18-01-2021 20:52
@reniedesrois He pulled his girl tracks out that’s why he hasn’t played this season. This ain’t the NFL buster.
18-01-2021 20:51
@Slim_Kutz Of course his talent is what it is but if he keep doing shit like this he won’t get a third.
18-01-2021 20:45
Please stop. https://t.co/DkhZ5OaIZT
18-01-2021 20:41
@smack_a_brax https://t.co/cjhoMcs7Yw
18-01-2021 20:41
@smack_a_brax Comeagainsaywha?
18-01-2021 20:39
18-01-2021 20:36
@Slim_Kutz he ripped her weave off or her wig off because pulling a bitch tracks is most definitely assault.
18-01-2021 20:35
@Slim_Kutz Lol why you think he not playing?
18-01-2021 20:33
Really? Terrible fire. TERRIBLE FIRE. https://t.co/GPYijvU8XL
18-01-2021 20:32
Vulcan in hell bro.
18-01-2021 20:32
@Slim_Kutz He beat a bitch up, and the nigga 20 throwing tantrums when he don’t get his way, and Chicago for what?… https://t.co/3fTdbJ3XHT
18-01-2021 20:31
@Slim_Kutz He’s had character issues his whole career. You dont stomp when you’re on thin ice. You can’t throw tant… https://t.co/TJGbQfyV2R
18-01-2021 20:26
Why aren’t we talking about Justin Tucker going 1/3 and how big that was in the grand scheme of things @FirstTake
18-01-2021 19:57
RT @DFreeFigueroa: https://t.co/KppHCBymZM
18-01-2021 19:38
South Carolina? https://t.co/Bg4kyVyZOe
18-01-2021 19:26
@ljb23x Well I haven’t changed your name in my phone yet so it applies.
18-01-2021 19:14
Promise you that Stick to the models TRICKS ON MEEEEEEW https://t.co/ung7BEWzYJ
18-01-2021 18:58
This meme be coming in handy. https://t.co/ATLCnnxi8E https://t.co/wgXmPrC8Ym
18-01-2021 18:55
Honor? https://t.co/7d8yRA4ZEy
18-01-2021 18:53
The speed with which I turn around..... the death stare I give.... don’t let them pull up beside us I’m all eye… https://t.co/1m1sVBMQxj
18-01-2021 18:52
Tell em @stephenasmith TELL HIM WHO THE GOAT IS.
18-01-2021 18:49
@Moeby_Slick https://t.co/lDcPFqp9vE
18-01-2021 18:48
@Moeby_Slick And John said all summer he wanted to be more of a perimeter player and put the ball on the floor more… https://t.co/VJEWdL8DMp
18-01-2021 18:38
@Moeby_Slick It’s just a discussion Capela really is the wrong 5 for them. They got O to be their long term 5 w/ hi… https://t.co/1ki5Yg5znr
18-01-2021 18:37
@Moeby_Slick Not effectively on defense weak rim protector all in all can’t hang with good centers we saw it all la… https://t.co/3fjseWNjvm
18-01-2021 18:25
@Moeby_Slick No that’s schlenk and Pierce’s opinion y’all want a nigga at the 5 who let LaMelo Ball box him out for a rebound?
18-01-2021 18:22
Collins can not play the 5 he is soft. https://t.co/WVpvdWt3kk
18-01-2021 18:18
Browns wanted to make Baker win the game, that’s why they lost.
18-01-2021 18:16
Patriots https://t.co/znjin1rnXJ
18-01-2021 17:19
Niggas think his birthday on a Monday every year? https://t.co/mTHLQnwMfn
18-01-2021 17:18
RT @Truw4p: EVER
18-01-2021 16:51
18-01-2021 16:51
0 1692
RT @JRocIsMajor_: This will always be gawd tier content. a negro spiritual if you will.
18-01-2021 16:45
Sheryl Yoast would never. https://t.co/hP5zF0WrTR
18-01-2021 16:45
We 11-58 from 3 the last two games. https://t.co/LtObgfGWB0
18-01-2021 16:37
@davidgismera Last year? Hornets were trash Warriors were trash. Bulls were trash oh wait. Last year? https://t.co/w5KjVcimlS
18-01-2021 16:31
Damn I thought this was official. https://t.co/4iInWfIa1w
18-01-2021 16:10
Marvin Bagley had a good night which means ill be going back to watch this Pels Kings game at some point.
18-01-2021 09:43
RT @w6vyleon: Why aren’t you streaming @Demsrolling on all platforms? I’m confused??? https://t.co/f0xr6mPyuR
18-01-2021 08:31
0 9992
RT @DamnDidHeReally: SIDEKICKKKK!!! https://t.co/qZ9My0cA6C
18-01-2021 07:46
I really wanted the Saints but whAtever.
18-01-2021 05:42
To MAGA Brady..... https://t.co/FbGMt2Gft3
18-01-2021 05:41
RT @Nick__BeGreat: This is exactly how I want to see him go out
18-01-2021 05:41
When the last time Julio had zero catches in a playoff game?
18-01-2021 05:41
Still that nigga still. https://t.co/TQdkv7gifI
18-01-2021 05:40
They can take they t-shirts to Cabo
18-01-2021 05:38
He really jumped wit him. https://t.co/P66oOjx497
18-01-2021 05:37
I be right man. I be right. https://t.co/fu161JQXtF
18-01-2021 05:31
Love that stiff arm.
18-01-2021 05:30
RT @JoeDaActivist: You know who catching that? https://t.co/cXwLSzuVe9
18-01-2021 05:26
@churchoftrae You rooting for Tom Brady? https://t.co/RYJVbSQbU7
18-01-2021 05:24
The Packers. https://t.co/HkH4tTigI1
18-01-2021 05:23
Oxnard https://t.co/czA3hYncrv
18-01-2021 05:03
Apparently that’s the best receiver in the NFL right there
18-01-2021 04:37
And the movie is fucking terrible. https://t.co/KE1avfYMe5
18-01-2021 04:34
@donovanreyno1ds How?
18-01-2021 04:28
@ljb23x Ok
18-01-2021 04:27
Hawks fans mad like this shit isn’t true. https://t.co/dl2nCQEWzq
18-01-2021 04:24
@JamesDakarai And ayall gotta act like Trae is some elite 3PT shot maker that boy is a career 34%
18-01-2021 04:20
@JamesDakarai If he makes that shot Dame Melo and Co have 20 seconds to get, to the line a two or a three. That’s why it’s a bad shot.
18-01-2021 04:19
Being hoemade https://t.co/ebEsWTFQuF
18-01-2021 04:17
RT @MissZindzi: Here comes the Panasonic Police
18-01-2021 04:16
this shot is terrible because the risk reward. If he makes it Dame and Co have 20 seconds to get ANYTHING. If you m… https://t.co/ofGZ9jXjHA
18-01-2021 04:07
@Tuesday_Antwi The nipslip was fake.
18-01-2021 04:06
All fake so Janet https://t.co/cX8S54AeDm
18-01-2021 04:03
A playoff run? https://t.co/i50IoMEVRM https://t.co/SHoF1YABAx
18-01-2021 03:54
Didn’t even try. https://t.co/FEfgpoCeuA
18-01-2021 03:52
No toe drag get back on the field Bucs O
18-01-2021 03:52
Yes @Bucs beat that D-line up https://t.co/snUOEwduCS
18-01-2021 03:52
He really is perfect kind of arrogant for this team.
18-01-2021 03:50
Not calling timeout there feels dumb. https://t.co/EjjNEoUYGC
18-01-2021 03:46
Jamies gets his revenge.
18-01-2021 03:45
Devin White again.
18-01-2021 03:43
Refs really be boxing out these big ass niggas man.
18-01-2021 03:42
Thomas only failed to separate from that angle https://t.co/lMyPshJ4nk
18-01-2021 03:38
Mike Evans J Cole on a football field.
18-01-2021 03:36
In his last game in the superdome.
18-01-2021 03:34
Pointing matches at the line of scrimmage be having me dead.
18-01-2021 03:33
@ljb23x Tall?
18-01-2021 03:23
@youcant4cme It was a good PI he was right to do it but I don’t understand how it doesn’t get called.
18-01-2021 03:23
Marshon Lattimore get away with PI more than any corner I’ve ever seen.
18-01-2021 03:19
This nigga is literally traveling like an AAU nigga https://t.co/gVCpT0VxJV
18-01-2021 03:14
Fans of the 6-6 team calling the 5-7 team trash. https://t.co/mVqPzX5gYS
18-01-2021 03:00
Completely different defense with Devin White back and he makes an immediate impact should be a fun game.
18-01-2021 02:50
Same cash day as Ali. Goat talk https://t.co/nPvhSiqjoy
18-01-2021 02:43
@saints trading for Deshaun I feel it in my bones and I’m gonna hate every second of it.
18-01-2021 02:42
On Ali birthday....... tasteless. https://t.co/0hBXkNaOm7
18-01-2021 02:29
Lol duh. https://t.co/OGfctToHHH
18-01-2021 02:23
You just not smart. https://t.co/UfMEr0nqHc
18-01-2021 02:20
@johnrobinson545 Is cam top 4 most important players on this team yes or no?
18-01-2021 00:37
@johnrobinson545 30 more seconds a game than JC 1 minute more than Clint and Kev?????? We’re gonna act like thats substantial?
18-01-2021 00:23
@johnrobinson545 Trae JC Dre, and Capela are not currently better players than him? In role and production? Putting… https://t.co/jaz3DcEOjE
18-01-2021 00:20
@johnrobinson545 Up 16 on a team without their 2nd and 3rd best players out and youre blaming it on the hawks what… https://t.co/lA3iRobaar
17-01-2021 23:59
@johnrobinson545 That don’t mean shit to me.
17-01-2021 23:55
@IamTjai So you think Tsunade is Minato’s mother?
17-01-2021 23:51
No Nurkic, MCCollum gets hurt in the 1st half. Trae has 2 chances to tie the game in the last 30 seconds and golds… https://t.co/EmCOJgXTss
17-01-2021 23:50
https://t.co/y7nawkjDXH https://t.co/IJlMXOTpPv
17-01-2021 23:46
RT @ImNotPPR: And dem boys from atl got bananas for them monkey niggas
17-01-2021 23:42
Let’s check in on Mike McCarthy. https://t.co/h4wWwmRvyz
17-01-2021 23:39
Ive wanted that TTU Mahomes jersey for the longest I want the black one tho them red Raiders jerseys so hard.
17-01-2021 23:39
Yeah I got a Sephora rewards account..... and.
17-01-2021 23:38
142 52
And then the government comes and takes 2 dollars and a quarter. https://t.co/qtcP8cCADi
17-01-2021 23:36
@camreddish @DreHunter take your time you got another year https://t.co/UavllPMaQM
17-01-2021 23:27
No trade clause. https://t.co/viodmjRhY7
17-01-2021 23:15
My mental clock is elite
17-01-2021 16:19
Two whole months of winter left. https://t.co/XbDLgyNJaD
17-01-2021 16:11
Even our media is pussy I can’t. https://t.co/UqoouG1jIV https://t.co/l5TibK3wg4
17-01-2021 09:09
The Packers won and I don’t even feel it fr. I feel nothing rn.
17-01-2021 09:08
How this ended in neither a drive to the rim nor a timeout I have no idea. https://t.co/PKk4F46CQP
17-01-2021 09:08
Wit that many question marks you probably are!¿?! https://t.co/pHIFS9fNbD
17-01-2021 09:06
Isn’t Mercury going to the third grade soon or whatever?
17-01-2021 09:05
WITH 2 TIMEOUTS MAN https://t.co/5vCEiA5d2P https://t.co/4pANpbE4mc
17-01-2021 08:54
@CamReddishSzn God help us all https://t.co/Vl8qzmPSX6
17-01-2021 08:52
Hawks really bout to go into the ugliest part of the schedule under .500
17-01-2021 08:46
Hawks follow up 5/28(18%) from 3 with a 6/30(20%) performance. Steadily improving. https://t.co/BP5BoCM030
17-01-2021 08:43
https://t.co/rmLlB74ySB https://t.co/qQYC4GKWy7
17-01-2021 08:39
28% from 3 since the New Years Day win over BKN https://t.co/Ccat6nG7lq
17-01-2021 08:34
17-01-2021 08:21
Blazers on a 17-8 run since the Stotts tech.
17-01-2021 08:12
RT @OverlyLiked: Dating a girl who doesn’t like hearing “No” https://t.co/RTdGRGePTH
17-01-2021 08:09
According to opposing benches nobody fouls Trae Young.
17-01-2021 08:05
He’s just speed you need somebody dangerous underneath for speed to be effective. https://t.co/3x9OBwFAjb
17-01-2021 07:08
@EmbraceMeHere Yeah they weren’t even on the conversation. Tbh. Minnesota is in hell.
17-01-2021 06:50
That boy would’ve been nice wherever he went 5Star stayed home https://t.co/sY7isYGDgE
17-01-2021 06:48
I definitely think there are stars from pre 2000 that wouldn’t have survived in this era where every single thing o… https://t.co/gSmH99txxK
17-01-2021 06:24
Bigs should dominate tonight @ATLHawks
17-01-2021 06:06
Kyrie and others getting traded for some bigs.
17-01-2021 05:56
Kev finna be in hell tonight pray for him
17-01-2021 05:49
Poor Deandre gon have to play defense alone tonight.
17-01-2021 04:51
If we get baggy long sleeve Lamar Jackson tonight it’s gonna be a movie.
17-01-2021 03:35
Can’t teach dog https://t.co/ScILkWYVMN
17-01-2021 03:11
A 2nd round receiver from the 2020 draft doing work on the Packers feels like karma
17-01-2021 03:02
Man these niggas not named Davante Adams are so ass
17-01-2021 00:46
Pause PFF https://t.co/K8jdaEI8Wd
17-01-2021 00:44
That’s a drop man.
17-01-2021 00:44
70 ball https://t.co/qk62JEx2yR
17-01-2021 00:43
Yac yac yac
17-01-2021 00:43
0 25611
RT @97Vercetti: that “im off tomorrow” sleep hit different
17-01-2021 00:42
0 4251
RT @ShanonBrianna: https://t.co/QOAdLAfk06
17-01-2021 00:34
Jalen finna be harlem shaking toniiiiiiight. https://t.co/nstHnoZng7
17-01-2021 00:32
RT @stunnatiff: https://t.co/zjdqYf95Al
17-01-2021 00:28
Whatever the Robert Tongan over is in yards I’ll take it.
17-01-2021 00:16
Like @TheTraeYoung if you want a new coach just talk to Tony bruh. Don’t waste my time.
16-01-2021 18:06
@youcant4cme I’m saying the pussy needs to stop.
16-01-2021 17:49
@youcant4cme Cuz 1. Why would the Nets trade their only Center for no centers 2. Why would the hawks trade their 2n… https://t.co/uJgKLzHg4o
16-01-2021 17:47
16-01-2021 17:10
RT @AyeThatsHoOtie: Aren’t you a Lakers fan? That’s how that shit works Whatever player you slander the most the better they get through…
16-01-2021 17:05
Yo is this Dragan Bender.... y’all funny https://t.co/CAR3HkJ3Lu
16-01-2021 17:05
Thank God I’m devoid of talent and will never be famous.
16-01-2021 17:04
Stop comparing turnover Wentz to hall of fame QBs, and if you wish to continue try Eli Manning. Wentz struck magic… https://t.co/m0CCGdaN2E
16-01-2021 17:02
Steve Nash’s complaining literally changed the rules of the NBA.
16-01-2021 16:57
I should probably do oatmeal this morning. Gonna be a long day I reckon.
16-01-2021 16:54
That ain’t no problem. https://t.co/azWX8XyKj0
16-01-2021 16:50
This don’t even make sense. https://t.co/Hzc5kVUPH7
16-01-2021 16:46
“ a green and white peppermint” https://t.co/ixb1ANhMaM https://t.co/iVn9OqU615
16-01-2021 16:42
People could’ve been solid in the past but all things turn soft over time. https://t.co/eX0BIWPsIG
16-01-2021 16:40
Anybody https://t.co/eX0BIWPsIG
16-01-2021 16:39
@ImNotPPR @97Trademarked And O
16-01-2021 16:19
@packers don’t let me down.
16-01-2021 08:21
0 10308
RT @iStalkPhatGirls: Post a pic of a movie character that you HATE! Mine is this mf! https://t.co/P3lgNoY7MV
16-01-2021 08:20
They weren’t giving Trae the bump fouls they usually do and he then proceeded to check out of the game.
16-01-2021 08:14
Lol https://t.co/oxndNzw3Jq
16-01-2021 08:11
@Elijah_Newsome They call him LP anyways
16-01-2021 08:09
@oreokookiGaming Thanks
16-01-2021 08:05
@oreokookiGaming Ahhhh a Luka stan nvm.
16-01-2021 08:01
So let me get this straight, last year Trae became an All-Star despite Lloyd’s bad coaching, this year Trae’s playi… https://t.co/RBPMqxDhje
16-01-2021 07:55
@Elijah_Newsome True
16-01-2021 07:50
When he said that the hawks were 4-1 and had just beaten his team https://t.co/SpZ9KySGFQ
16-01-2021 07:49
I feel like the no plays thing is just the narrative yall be pushing because that’s not what I see when I watch the… https://t.co/fgybkOHnzZ
16-01-2021 07:46
Nigga said Jarrett who https://t.co/MXXBNHEeSY
16-01-2021 07:40
Nate McMillan on the sideline tonight: https://t.co/0DGyd14njF
16-01-2021 07:40
https://t.co/chNDKLf6XC https://t.co/XoJTaxx3P7
16-01-2021 07:30
When I start coaching the hawks. https://t.co/8cTxYoSXXr
16-01-2021 07:29
What it boils down two is your two best players are soft. John Collins and Trae Young are soft. When y’all ready to… https://t.co/JObV8ouf5o
16-01-2021 07:28
Now that I’m a Hawks fan again the last couple years I get why people say our fanbases are shitty.
16-01-2021 07:26
I didn’t think we were gonna win but what the fuck was that man. Y’all haven’t played since Monday what’s the excuse?
16-01-2021 06:55
I want them to trade him now. https://t.co/Z0cFmxY8dS
16-01-2021 06:40
It’s because we’re shooting 21% https://t.co/YxwhJ8r9HJ
16-01-2021 06:36
@CARDlBREE I didn’t have the meme
16-01-2021 06:33