Wendy Freyffeldt (@wenfreyy) — hi
RT @kennediangelle: be careful what you allow in. be mindful of what’s on your timeline, what you listen to, what you think about, who you’…
05-07-2020 19:29
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RT @Pastor__West: The MINUTE you stop worrying about a situation and give it to God is when he comes through. Every single time.
05-07-2020 19:24
RT @__Annessa: I wanna thank God for always revealing the truth to me in enough time to save myself. Even when it’s hard to watch.
05-07-2020 19:20
0 28233
RT @gabri3llllaaa: it’s always wyd never let’s go watch the sunset and eat wings 😔
05-07-2020 00:56
RT @bloodonmytimbs: highly appreciating whoever keeping it more than real with me.
04-07-2020 19:10
RT @busymindf: saturday mornings. https://t.co/UFyXyv4vfE
04-07-2020 19:09
0 4158
RT @kikiinotkim: BOY MOM B4 ANYTHING ❣️ https://t.co/qGl8bBdRRO
04-07-2020 06:38
RT @hautecowture: boys with no instagram presence are so hot
04-07-2020 05:49
0 76295
RT @justmalaikaa: i will not accept a hint, i will act dumb until you say it with your chest
04-07-2020 05:20
0 96112
RT @YounginMillss: We’re both😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂watching a film😂😂😂😂😂we’ve BOTH never😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂seen😂😂😂BUT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂your asking me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂question…
04-07-2020 02:21
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RT @soieange: Mood https://t.co/anaTLgdDCL
03-07-2020 18:15
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RT @softblushs: the bravest thing you can ever do, is to stay kind and soft even when the world has been cruel to you
03-07-2020 17:58
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RT @Jerome_Biggems_: T-pain be like “I know a spot” and then put you in a mansion somewhere in Wiscansin
03-07-2020 17:57
0 1493
RT @ShonteNicoleee: Communication is one thing, but your tone while communicating is very important.
03-07-2020 17:49
0 29242
RT @notThreat3x: bro shutup im trying to remember what i just said
03-07-2020 17:48
RT @Marquis__Young: I just want some random good ole unplanned fun
03-07-2020 17:46
0 3935
RT @axellevanessa1: i be like “i know a place” and take you to the happiest point in your life
02-07-2020 09:11
RT @softparisian: happy 1st july! https://t.co/KJQqXTT1tB
01-07-2020 21:16
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RT @HypeSir7: I’m not ashamed to say that I need God everyday.
01-07-2020 08:05
RT @taylor_ahyana: don’t sugar coat it , tell me what it is and what it ain’t
01-07-2020 08:05
RT @softparisian: date night but at home https://t.co/yjeH6dxzw5
30-06-2020 17:59
RT @kennediangelle: People will always project on to you, once you read people enough or see patterns, you’ll know it’s not about you. It’s…
30-06-2020 09:06
RT @douxfem: fresh start to the week https://t.co/thohG93dYx
30-06-2020 09:01
0 15739
RT @queennaija: one thing about me, I bounce back.
30-06-2020 08:59
0 112012
RT @reddropshwty: nobody: me after washing dishes: https://t.co/nwlKWnLedV
30-06-2020 08:52
0 67874
RT @omarruizz10: I want my children to grow up seeing what real love is between two people.
30-06-2020 08:49
RT @brittany_broski: God I wish that were me
29-06-2020 18:20
RT @HypeSir7: If it’s not from God, I don’t want it. If it’s not His will, take it away from me.
29-06-2020 08:34
0 8959
RT @IoveIykrystaI: I need a person like me in my life
29-06-2020 08:33
RT @urvillageidiot: i want this so bad
29-06-2020 06:51
0 23891
RT @VINETTRIA: I hate being disrespected. that’s one thing I genuinely cannot take. I’ll hold it forever.
29-06-2020 06:48
0 1644
RT @turtlebreezee: Never envy people's light ..you have no idea what ppl have endured to get to where they are
29-06-2020 06:48
0 44328
RT @777jorgeivan: Me texting: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Me in person: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
29-06-2020 06:47
0 120649
RT @Martial_15: Cleaning your room after being sad for a while is a different type of glow up
29-06-2020 06:45
0 8157
RT @imjesiah: get in loser, we’re succeeding and breaking generational curses
28-06-2020 21:37
0 1500
RT @etherealdior: a lived-in home brimming with love https://t.co/PA9skBTrSi
28-06-2020 21:37
RT @FRANCVIVANT: we still need an iced coffee emoji.
28-06-2020 21:23
0 1055
RT @OnlyCae_: every time you see me, ima be doing better then the last time you saw me.
28-06-2020 18:59
0 15576
RT @lovedualot: being attacked by kisses is the cutest thing idc
28-06-2020 18:37
0 30743
RT @zarnnj: I’m a sucker for good views idc sunrise/sunset/mountains/lakes/beaches/countryside’s just take me
28-06-2020 18:37
0 70924
RT @_JessiVanessa: How I walk into the gas station so no guys talk to me
28-06-2020 07:17
RT @SoooSami: quality over quantity. quality over quantity. quality over quantity. quality over quantity.
28-06-2020 07:16
0 51424
RT @SabeianGilzene: When babies liff up their lil arms for you to pick em up 😭😩
28-06-2020 04:56
0 32824
RT @Bradonema: Normalize, praying in the morning before you touch your phone!!
28-06-2020 03:27
@chloe_perron 🤣🤣😭
28-06-2020 03:26
0 49933
RT @steIIarbitch: get in loser we're healing & falling back in love with life.
28-06-2020 02:15
If you knew me any day before today, no you didn’t ❤️
28-06-2020 02:11
Never stoop down to anyones level or play along to anyones game. When you recognize it, don’t judge them... instead… https://t.co/z5VSw5ZajR
27-06-2020 19:27
0 74118
RT @Martial_15: Highkey don’t wanna tell anyone whats going on in my life ever
27-06-2020 18:43
RT @hfrunway: walk your dog but make it fashion like @/emrata https://t.co/p3neYNX8fo
27-06-2020 18:40
RT @offcamerashy: keep to yourself & let other people assume incorrectly https://t.co/KJ2uiBz3Em
27-06-2020 18:40
RT @TheQuoteBitxh: practice being calm in every situation....reactions cant be undone.
27-06-2020 18:39
0 70548
RT @valeria_maria7: Someone with broken english likely knows every single word that you know, but in a different language. They literally k…
27-06-2020 17:53
0 5329
RT @Dxpeebabe: Find somebody that doesn’t play when it comes to you.
27-06-2020 17:52
0 11564
RT @emeIIyy: ima raise D1 athletes idc
27-06-2020 17:51
0 52747
RT @loyalttyy_: Da older u get, u just wanna get money & find somebody dats good for ur soul
27-06-2020 17:44
RT @Dxpeebabe: Don’t even do them like they do you, just disappear & do better..
27-06-2020 05:27
0 23199
RT @BrownExellence: Manifest and Pray over the life you want. job you want. career you want. love you want. Never limit the power of Manife…
27-06-2020 05:25
RT @Anneliese__xo: In a relationship you can’t loose that spark or get to comfortable where you know you don’t need to do certain things be…
27-06-2020 02:36
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RT @monsteramommy: Life’s too short to not speak from the heart.
27-06-2020 02:31
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RT @yclzzzz: A picnic by the sea for my birthday 🤍 https://t.co/DLbgvkDh8a
27-06-2020 02:30
RT @_slimarella_: morning motivation: never stop taking care of yourself. be radiant, keep your skin glowing & body hydrated. and most impo…
27-06-2020 02:28
0 2257
RT @BrysonTlIIer: If u in my life rn, i love u most definitely
27-06-2020 02:26
0 155374
RT @gabrielar_0211: i hope my friends heal from things they don't talk to me about .
27-06-2020 02:26
RT @GodlyDating101: There are times when God will ruin your plans because He sees your plans are about to ruin you.
27-06-2020 02:26
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RT @stevenfurtick: It's impossible to experience peace when you're expecting perfection.
27-06-2020 02:26
RT @Easy_Z3: You gotta be mature enough to understand that we all have toxic traits . We are not perfect nor will we ever be , it’s not alw…
26-06-2020 06:02
RT @jordanjenaee: it’s so easy to tell when someone isn’t being genuine
26-06-2020 05:58
RT @busymindf: evenings. https://t.co/xVCTdlRalS
26-06-2020 05:57
0 12074
RT @Bananakinss: You can outgrow someone to find them again. You aren’t back tracking. Somethings need space to grow
26-06-2020 05:54
RT @softparisian: concept: it's a hot summers day, you spend your day enjoying coffee in the sun, eating a picnic at the beach and cycling…
25-06-2020 22:03
0 26056
RT @blvck_pvrvdox: Potatoes really be hitting in all of its forms. Impressive food.
25-06-2020 19:21
0 21305
RT @dukedammy: I'm a very private person, yet so open, so like if you don't ask I won't tell
25-06-2020 19:21
RT @_AstonRenee: blessed to have people in my corner that genuinely love & support me. i don’t feel like i lack anything.
25-06-2020 05:07
0 4493
RT @CaucasianJames: buying an electric scooter strictly for mental health reasons. sunset rides listening to sza will cure me
25-06-2020 05:05
RT @Rhay1991: Reacting is losing. Stay quiet when people want you to get angry. Silence beats anger. Keep yourself calm and continue to plo…
24-06-2020 10:11
0 51022
RT @LEXSANJ: Friends who understand yo MIA phases >>>
24-06-2020 09:59
0 5275
RT @tamararenaye: I love treating myself to nice things.
24-06-2020 07:44
0 13591
RT @lecrae: You can’t cancel Gods plans.
23-06-2020 23:04
0 40727
RT @loveemilynxo: To be loved out loud is such a beautiful thing
23-06-2020 23:00
0 109441
RT @KILLBILLEVOL1: Y’all glamorize overworking way too much. Stress KILLS.
23-06-2020 22:59
RT @bigphabe: I think I owe it to myself to rise to my full potential right now
23-06-2020 22:59
Normalize working on yourself so you can serve others better and not in a selfish way...
23-06-2020 07:26
0 20215
RT @armaninm: them prayers... they really work.
23-06-2020 07:24
0 12338
RT @CaucasianJames: this is my new king until further notice
23-06-2020 05:40
RT @chunkyfila: normalize oat milk
23-06-2020 05:36
0 27743
RT @QueennKay__: Crazy how your spirit knows something is off before you physically see it...
23-06-2020 05:33
0 3675
RT @stevenfurtick: God knows how to feed you what you need for every season you're in.
23-06-2020 05:31
0 28007
RT @sochaliyah: Treating me good is going to make me want to treat you 10x better.. I’m just saying.
23-06-2020 05:29
0 24056
RT @iamblackbear: if u dont learn from the past u will live there
23-06-2020 05:29
0 71831
RT @priinnyvert: i'm definitely the type of person that'd take the long way home so i could listen to more songs
22-06-2020 20:40
0 1462
RT @BrysonTlIIer: i love my mom. she's a blessing
21-06-2020 02:49
0 42010
RT @Jawdaaay: When you crying over a tv show but gotta remember it’s fake
20-06-2020 09:32
RT @Maryamhasnaa: Time to become it.
20-06-2020 03:46
Theres a difference between a calling and a desire. A desire is something that you push and a calling is something… https://t.co/af4KMSsdso
20-06-2020 02:03
0 7941
RT @chasebarnes_: If she wants better, be better bro. Don’t let it be too late
20-06-2020 01:03
0 1054
RT @BrysonTlIIer: Healthier body , healthier skin , healthier mindset , etc >>>>
20-06-2020 01:03
RT @abgburt: Pls take care of your mind, body, and soul. Read, go for a walk, take on a new hobby, learn something new, workout, eat health…
19-06-2020 19:44
0 24613
RT @halsburton: hurt in private. heal in silence. shine in public
19-06-2020 09:13
0 1711
RT @creamysl: the problem with me is that i wanna be the designer, the stylist, the photographer and the model.
19-06-2020 09:11
0 53912
RT @livewithnoregrt: when your intentions are pure, you don’t lose anyone. they lose you.
19-06-2020 09:10
0 122539
RT @saraha1i_: if i was a guy i would simply go for long walks at 1 am 😔😔
19-06-2020 09:10
0 66302
RT @tweetsbykeezy: 2 rules to live by: • Don’t hate on nobody • Don’t wait on nobody
19-06-2020 03:57
0 149802
RT @xjoeortiz: hate when i go out in public and the public be there
19-06-2020 03:47
RT @softparisian: https://t.co/dT4rEo6azt
18-06-2020 16:34
0 1169
RT @NoahHerrin: Prepare for what you’re praying for Prepare for what you’re praying for Prepare for what you’re praying for
18-06-2020 08:32
0 8470
RT @william_land_: Treat yourself like I-20 and never stop working on yourself no matter how inconvenient it is for anyone else
18-06-2020 00:10
RT @kennediangelle: “That’s how I was raised” yeah well you’re grown now. Time to pick apart what needs to be fixed/changed to suit you.
17-06-2020 23:20
RT @Coleyped12: My worth is found in Jesus Christ.
17-06-2020 22:39
0 24319
RT @shailamariiie: people think if you’re not posting it, you’re not doing it, what a world we live in
17-06-2020 22:38
RT @ashblackburn03: i feel like i have a constant craving for wings
17-06-2020 22:38
0 86679
RT @_slimarella_: it is okay to change your perspective after new information has been presented.
17-06-2020 22:37
0 40459
RT @abusedhim: hanging out with the same person everyday and never getting bored of them >>>>>
17-06-2020 22:37
0 1119
RT @softparisian: i just want to be surrounded by the my friends and good food https://t.co/573uViPcFf
17-06-2020 22:08
RT @BrysonTlIIer: vibing with someone who has the same goofy energy as u is so therapeutic
17-06-2020 22:08
0 37314
RT @sheissidney: I never faked my "I miss you" to someone
17-06-2020 22:08
RT @offcamerashy: make it a rule to say something nice to yourself everyday. i promise this does more thank you think. https://t.co/k3u5dmU…
16-06-2020 21:25
0 33776
RT @_slimarella_: people don’t realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a dark place.
16-06-2020 19:55
0 15989
RT @sincerelyoursis: Your individual experience of me does not dictate my existence as a whole.
16-06-2020 08:59
0 22893
RT @Jmoney14367809: Idc how hard life get imma crack me a joke 😭
16-06-2020 08:56
0 158075
RT @1Novek: Kids: “what happened in 2020??” Us:
16-06-2020 08:19
0 53607
RT @auntieeva07: It’s unhealthy to constantly consume traumatizing information. Don’t let people guilt you for taking a break
16-06-2020 08:17
RT @allyyarid: Stop setting unrealistic expectations, but start setting realistic standards. Both are equally important.
16-06-2020 08:07
0 46932
RT @DearVaughn: no one: me: i was gonna say something but i forgot
16-06-2020 08:06
0 7501
RT @Snobb_UNIVERSE: I Fixed Me Because Sometimes I Was The Problem🦋 You Gotta Hold Yourself Accountable Too!
16-06-2020 02:51
0 22847
RT @jayqwuapo: she too raw to be treated like a regular girl
16-06-2020 02:51
0 16219
RT @Rickfar67426170: Being bilingual is a flex
15-06-2020 18:28
RT @meredithmgm: i wish it was 2008 & i was on my couch watching drake & josh eating a drumstick
15-06-2020 18:24
RT @softparisian: summer days like this https://t.co/cHbfn2t6HH
15-06-2020 18:22
0 41489
RT @iambrimiah: 2 years from now i’ll be living a complete different life.
15-06-2020 06:14
0 70044
RT @waistFTP: we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson.
15-06-2020 06:14
0 30815
RT @NVRB3ND: I never wanna be on bad terms with anybody cause death is so real and so random
15-06-2020 06:13
RT @madison_hogue: when we discipline ourselves to listen more than we talk, we can learn a lot. quick to listen, slow to speak.
15-06-2020 06:13
RT @MUESELLE: the thing is i'm both kat stratford and bianca stratford https://t.co/IqyrRHdTAo
14-06-2020 18:19
RT @busymindf: craving a nice picnic. https://t.co/4cx1kyqGTM
14-06-2020 18:16
RT @stevenfurtick: https://t.co/YYo46sNxdY
13-06-2020 15:00
0 91171
RT @livthehomie: Dear taco trucks, Please go through our neighborhoods like ice cream trucks.
13-06-2020 14:43
0 1264
RT @Maryamhasnaa: Accountability just feels good to me. Maybe it’s because I realize that aside from improving the lives of others around m…
13-06-2020 14:40
RT @softparisian: selfcare https://t.co/UyezXiQYKz
12-06-2020 16:35
0 1876
RT @stevenfurtick: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philip…
12-06-2020 16:35
RT @ambr_ncole: Exclusive, always.
11-06-2020 21:30
0 3255
RT @romanscohen: Representation is rare for Indigenous people. We often have to be our own representation. My mom is an Apache & Tarahumara…
11-06-2020 21:24
0 15711
RT @ICYMAMIl: I’m at a point in my life where it’s my peace over anything & anybody.
11-06-2020 21:24
0 16936
RT @_Braylynn: Manifestation is cool but then you also need to pray and ask God to show you what He wants for you. Meaning you might have t…
11-06-2020 21:24
RT @careharrington: I’m so glad that God is in control and I don’t have to be.
11-06-2020 21:21
RT @softparisian: a pastel pink summer https://t.co/2fjSlEVvyZ
11-06-2020 21:20
Be honest with God about your struggles and let him mold and grow you... it’s okay to struggle just never give up o… https://t.co/2Hozg8LDU7
10-06-2020 17:58
0 235534
RT @omgwanye: italian man lying on the floor unconscious while the police stand there and do nothing https://t.co/5HjroXwjcz
10-06-2020 17:46
0 2360
RT @stevenfurtick: The places in your life where you acknowledge your dependence on God can become the places He works the most.
10-06-2020 17:43
0 72798
RT @kindfuls: one conversation could fix soooo many problems just by listening and being honest to eachother
10-06-2020 16:52
RT @busymindf: A romanticized life: waking up alongside the sun, soaking in the silent moments before the day starts, making or picking up…
10-06-2020 15:26
0 14661
RT @Theylovestorm_: I’m happy, hurting AND healing at the same time. LMFAO, don’t ask me how, idk.
10-06-2020 15:25
RT @Renellaice: Soo much to balance in this thing we call life
10-06-2020 15:24
0 119451
RT @somber: yes i talk to myself she has some good points
08-06-2020 09:32
0 72079
RT @f0lake: Im not even the person i was pre-quarantine at this point
07-06-2020 09:09
0 63718
RT @Avkyz: i love car rides, i don’t care where we’re going just pick me up
07-06-2020 05:28
0 35544
RT @cobgokrzy: best revenge is no revenge. let it go & go on with life
06-06-2020 18:50
0 5528
RT @sopharush: God has provided in ways I didn’t even know I needed. That’s how amazing He is.
06-06-2020 18:49
RT @Coleyped12: When you come to the realization that life isn’t about you, but God, then that’s changes everything. Come to the end of our…
06-06-2020 07:52
0 44972
RT @jjjalenB: Y’all laugh at y’all own jokes? Cause I be weak af at myself
05-06-2020 17:52
0 137695
04-06-2020 18:00
0 118512
RT @nesquikfanatic: And one last thing. You don’t have to touch women or girls on their waist as a form of saying excuse me
04-06-2020 17:58
RT @maddy_herrin: God, I’ve seen You move before. You make a way when we feel like there is no way. In 2020, I’m expectant to see You do it…
03-06-2020 06:41
0 161790
RT @abitoflivo: the worst part is that you can’t educate ignorant people
03-06-2020 06:39
0 31092
RT @obj: Losing fathers mothers aunties uncles etc.... VIOLENCE isn’t not the answer ... cops killing us is not the answer, us killin cops…
31-05-2020 18:24
0 205017
RT @Special_K334: This needs to be JUST as viral as the Target video.
31-05-2020 09:15
0 809955
RT @andymilonakis: Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice
31-05-2020 06:55
0 50846
RT @ChinnyOh: Christ and racism don’t mix. You can’t say you love God and hate His creation. You can’t say you love God and ignore when peo…
29-05-2020 20:01
RT @xirtempest: Lately, I haven’t been feeling social media. Too many projections and ego trips, it’s just too much to witness. Lots of thi…
29-05-2020 07:47
0 3788
RT @DOPEITSDOM: I will pray you get over that fear and face whatever it is that got you scared and hurt.
29-05-2020 07:13
RT @nillythesquid: I will never look at another women as competition, we should all be on the same team! Real women lift each other up!!!
29-05-2020 04:18
0 39352
RT @itskyaaa_: Leaving home and returning back safely is the biggest blessing>>>
29-05-2020 03:06
0 137377
RT @JoeBerkowitz: Chris Rock, 2018 https://t.co/0DEGYUI9hY
29-05-2020 03:02
RT @BrysonTlIIer: My future be on my mind heavy everyday , I just wanna be great frfr
29-05-2020 03:00
RT @busymindf: wednesday https://t.co/hbY6VIE8QB
28-05-2020 21:23
RT @COOLCHICBLONDE: https://t.co/oFsQ5C4UNi
28-05-2020 20:28
RT @jacquemuis: get in loser we’re going to the farmers’ market https://t.co/364k2GxqnW
28-05-2020 20:25
0 2489
RT @stevenfurtick: What keeps you from trusting God in the present is your attachment to the past.
28-05-2020 05:10
0 31135
RT @_ommaarr_: So I like to be babied and what
28-05-2020 05:10
0 44473
RT @maxxvrde: a relationship where you’re also best friends>>
28-05-2020 05:09
0 50130
RT @Space2Mal: When I say “ be safe ” I mean that from the bottom of my heart
28-05-2020 05:09
0 218032
RT @baeronchan: she ate him omg 💔
27-05-2020 14:05
RT @glowingrosy: summertime https://t.co/XvxCa11XRS
27-05-2020 14:03
RT @softparisian: wednesday morning mood https://t.co/e2yt2pDpNb
27-05-2020 14:01
0 32641
RT @Wuggaaaaa_: Idk who’s funnier me or myself 🤣🤣
27-05-2020 14:01
0 1082
RT @GodlyDating101: We sometimes question God’s timing, but I’m glad God opens doors when I’m ready and not just when I ask. Rushing into s…
27-05-2020 13:59
RT @lukelezon: It’s ok if you’re being shaped in private. Not everyone needs to know the plans God has for you. Stay focused on yourself an…
27-05-2020 13:57
RT @voguevivant: your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same https://t.co/3IWjSYy7hZ
26-05-2020 22:52
0 3834
RT @taffetasaab: emily ratajkowski walking her dog and dressing well while doing it: a thread https://t.co/w9BeQIvNLp
26-05-2020 22:50