Louie Wright (@wright_louie) — Born in Indiana, living in NZ 💜. 💙Biden Harris 2020 💙
RT @h3h3productions: Wow that’s so crazy man, imagine if she accused you of sexting minors!
11-05-2021 13:16
Fuck @jamescharles
11-05-2021 13:16
Wow!! https://t.co/1k4yy9QmyD
11-05-2021 13:14
RT @AaronParnas: I am proud to be a member of a political party that doesn’t require you to swear allegiance to a leader.
10-05-2021 06:03
RT @defnoodles: THIS SHOULD’VE STAYED IN YOUR DRAFTS: Teddy Fresh’s iconic color block design allegedly ripped off by Dolls Kill in new sho…
08-05-2021 23:11
RT @RBReich: What kind of a political party kicks out a leader because she tells the truth about a presidential election?
06-05-2021 13:45
RT @trishapaytas: How does def noodles see everything going on the internet 😳😳😳 like he never sleeps ? 🥸🥸🥸 hes a corporation ? 🧐🧐🧐 I’m so c…
06-05-2021 10:34
RT @theh3podcast: Alright y'all! A brand new special episode of Frenemies is out now! On this episode we celebrate Trishas birthday and so…
05-05-2021 13:02
RT @princess_lexi__: It’s not even a want y’all it’s a need. 😍 @trishapaytas https://t.co/9YH3wQ6vKp
04-05-2021 13:03
RT @trishapaytas: Frenemies was amazing today 🥺🥺 spoiler alert: I had a lil mini surprise birthday party episode and the costumes were LIII…
04-05-2021 13:03
Can charli damelio please gtfoo the trending page 🤢
01-05-2021 13:15
RT @Philip_Germain: https://t.co/vDalg9QTyX
01-05-2021 04:00
RT @kylegriffin1: The Justice Department is "actively considering" whether to seek a new law that would let prosecutors bring specific char…
30-04-2021 14:09
RT @ossoff: We just passed a water bill that includes funding to remove lead pipes from public schools. Now headed home to join @POTUS and…
30-04-2021 14:09
RT @defnoodles: INSTANT KARMA: Lady Gaga’s dognappers arrested. LAPD says 5 people arrested, 3 charged with attempted murder. One of them i…
30-04-2021 06:36
RT @kylegriffin1: President Biden: "I will not impose any tax increases on people making less than $400,000. But it's time for corporate Am…
29-04-2021 05:20
RT @CA_Dem: #CaliforniaWomenLead https://t.co/eeg28hldiw
29-04-2021 05:20
RT @defnoodles: BREAKING NEWS THAT WILL MOST DEFINITELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE: Britney Spears set to break her silence and speak on “status of t…
28-04-2021 04:00
RT @AriBerman: Breaking: Florida Senate just passed Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 criminalizing giving food and water to voter…
27-04-2021 10:18
RT @ProjectLincoln: Tucker Carlson is a national security threat. Pass it on.
27-04-2021 10:18
RT @mmpadellan: Tucker Carlson should be taken off the air immediately for telling his audience to accost children who are wearing a mask o…
27-04-2021 10:17
RT @666cemeterydr: @defnoodles Why doesn't he go first and then we'll talk?
27-04-2021 03:36
RT @AlexWolf1203: @defnoodles Its funny how she wants Trisha to stop saying her name but then goes on to make 999 videos about Trisha. Gabb…
26-04-2021 10:09
RT @RoArquette: I’m over entertainers running for office in government
26-04-2021 09:11
RT @TeaSpillYT: @spillseshYT That’s actually creepy? I thought she had all drama channels muted.. how did she find your tweet and automatic…
26-04-2021 09:09
RT @spillseshYT: Imagine thinking the world revolves around you where did I even say it was about you I’m screaming 😹😹😹💀 doesn’t even follo…
26-04-2021 09:09
RT @mmpadellan: A whopping 69% of Americans approve of President Biden's handling of the pandemic because they prefer Presidents who DON'T…
26-04-2021 09:08
RT @reedgalen: [email protected]_TX is a bad governor. He does shit like this to distract voters from that fact.
26-04-2021 09:04
@h3h3productions Hes finally where he deserves to be
26-04-2021 09:03
RT @atrupar: Don Jr posted a fake LeBron quote and this is what his Instagram story now looks like https://t.co/WuAWl7xGSE
26-04-2021 05:31
@defnoodles Why elon tho how boring
25-04-2021 14:21
RT @tedlieu: If you hunt elephants, you are straight up a bad and despicable person. You would also be a coward because elephants can’t sho…
25-04-2021 12:46
RT @defnoodles: AGED LIKE MILK: Gabbie Hanna says in podcast with Trisha Paytas that people who are toxic and berate others online should f…
25-04-2021 11:33
@trishapaytas Followed your video to make the Penne alla Vodka and it was amazing!! 😋🍝❤️❤️
25-04-2021 11:08
@trishapaytas gonna recreate your baked ziti sometime soon it looked so good!! 💜😋
25-04-2021 11:03
💜 https://t.co/O5RHBHGtQz @trishapaytas
24-04-2021 11:57
RT @TeaSpillYT: I rather watch an entire series of Charli D’Amelio playing with slime than this
23-04-2021 06:43
RT @MollyJongFast: A pretty good case against the electoral college
21-04-2021 14:15
RT @VaushV: If you're a cop and today's verdict makes you want to resign, do it. Your community deserves better than you.
21-04-2021 14:14
RT @VaushV: None of this would have happened if it weren't for the brave woman who filmed Floyd's murder. Record all police activity.
21-04-2021 09:14
RT @angelikaoles: no wonder everyone in LA warns people against you gabbie. i haven’t seen ONE PERSON have a good experience with you. tris…
20-04-2021 13:37
RT @ladygaga: Introducing our new PhD HYBRID LIP OIL STAIN from @hauslabs! 5 transformative, true-to-you, sour candy-inspired shades, named…
20-04-2021 07:20
RT @ben_rosen: MONDAY: mass shooting TUESDAY: mass shooting WEDNESDAY: mass shooting THURSDAY: mass shooting FRIDAY: mass shooting SATURDAY…
19-04-2021 04:55
RT @h3h3productions: Condolences to everyone who wasted their Saturday night watching that Jake Paul fight
18-04-2021 10:22
RT @kylegriffin1: Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert were the only members of Congress to vote against a bill that would…
18-04-2021 06:01
RT @WapiroBen: @atrupar Can you imagine Fox News if Kamala were to sleep through an event? https://t.co/0wXetPu3Cm
17-04-2021 13:46
RT @briantylercohen: Hey Republicans: your way isn't working. https://t.co/U3aOPdykZe
17-04-2021 13:22
RT @troyesivan: Home 🙇🏻‍♂️❤️ https://t.co/QI8CHRCjk4
16-04-2021 14:36
@RichLux713 @QueenGia Neither
16-04-2021 14:35
RT @CoriBush: In 2019, Black drivers were 95% more likely than white drivers to be pulled over by police in Missouri. We were then 40% mo…
15-04-2021 10:50
RT @MysterySolvent: 6 Senators voted no to create Asian Hate Crime legislation. COTTON CRUZ HAWLEY MARSHALL PAUL TUBERVILLE What is wrong…
15-04-2021 04:43
RT @ossoff: The state should not kill its own citizens. https://t.co/4PX3EJBBPx
15-04-2021 04:42
RT @mmpadellan: Black Lives Matter.
15-04-2021 04:41
RT @sahilkapur: These two headlines are exactly one year apart. https://t.co/iLOYvzvk5J
15-04-2021 04:41
RT @ProjectLincoln: Matt Gaetz should be removed from his committees. RT if you agree
14-04-2021 12:55
RT @RealDLHughley: Who would’ve thought that breaking into the Capital, killing a cop, and threatening to hang a Vice President! Is safer t…
14-04-2021 05:39
RT @AdamJSmithGA: Speaker Pelosi invited President Biden to address a Joint Session of Congress on April 28, 2021. For the first time ever…
14-04-2021 05:28
Download the Zap Surveys app right now for a guaranteed minimum of $6.00 on your first survey! @zapsurveysapp https://t.co/7ia4Ris0r1
14-04-2021 04:55
RT @ImSpeaking13: Let me bring this back for a third time. https://t.co/KZKZnTGFXB
14-04-2021 03:12
RT @mama_c2: If you are so “distressed” over doing a part of your job—that you “accidentally” chose a lethal weapon instead of a taser—turn…
14-04-2021 03:12
RT @matthewstoller: New Senator @ossoff is turning out to be *exceptional.* https://t.co/IzlEHzKusf
14-04-2021 03:12
RT @Angry_Staffer: How the actual fuck does a 25 year veteran mistake her Glock for her taser?
13-04-2021 13:55
RT @VP: Prayers are not enough. Daunte Wright should still be with us. While an investigation is underway, our nation needs justice and hea…
13-04-2021 11:54
❤️❤️ https://t.co/WOB9KelGaA
13-04-2021 11:47
RT @defnoodles: INSTANT REGRET: It appears James Charles’s discount code has been removed from Morphe’s online store. https://t.co/kDLQmH20…
13-04-2021 08:22
RT @BreeNewsome: AMAZING how police consistently make the most “mistakes” when the person they’re dealing with is Black yet they manage to…
13-04-2021 08:21
RT @junkee: 'Frenemies' with @trishapaytas and @h3h3productions has gone from being a drama podcast to the journey of two people gradually…
13-04-2021 08:18
RT @mmpadellan: Interesting how quickly they were able to mobilize hundreds of cops in Brooklyn Center when they knew that Black folks were…
13-04-2021 08:18
RT @emrazz: It's weird that we always activate the national guard to protect cops from what protesters might do but never to protect Black…
13-04-2021 05:56
RT @mmpadellan: Eric Garner: selling lose cigarettes Sandra Bland: turn signal George Floyd: $20 bill Duante Wright: Air Fresheners Our li…
13-04-2021 05:56
RT @CherylB28256459: @atrupar Why does Murdoch/Fox News refer to women in power by their first name, where as men in power are referred to…
13-04-2021 05:11
RT @kattenbarge: Every day I see people asking why James Charles isn't facing charges. To get insight into the legal process with these typ…
13-04-2021 04:07
So gross! https://t.co/pV0YA4sy0u
12-04-2021 06:51
RT @ananavarro: Dear God. How many more of these do we have to see? How many of these have happened and we haven’t seen? And there are st…
11-04-2021 02:59
RT @h3h3productions: James allegedly solicited sexual photographs from this 16 year old before asking for his age. @FBI should know he is l…
11-04-2021 02:59
RT @funder: GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger calls on Matt Gaetz to resign, the first Republican to do so. Have a nice Friday.
10-04-2021 14:43
This is why new zealand media sucks, cover the things that actually affect us!! Instead of every single article https://t.co/uxLHqZcu7f
09-04-2021 18:53
RT @tanamongeau: @kattenbarge 100% manipulated and begged to tweet that. I was defending someone that was my friend at the time and believe…
09-04-2021 16:09
Oh fucking well literally who cares 🤣
09-04-2021 14:59
RT @troyesivan: And you got me round your fingertips, should be fed up w the bullshit, but everything about you i can’t resist 👽 ‘you’ Apri…
09-04-2021 13:30
RT @trish_zornio: Does your congressperson know what year 2A was ratified? Hint: Lauren Boebert doesn’t. https://t.co/2vf1sugSCu
09-04-2021 13:30
RT @keithedwards: Thinking about how corporations shouldn’t get political https://t.co/PHqGu1AEmL
09-04-2021 12:19
RT @TeaSpillYT: What’s there to evaluate when someone confesses their crimes to millions of people? @MorpheBrushes
09-04-2021 06:26
RT @h3h3productions: While @MorpheBrushes “looks into” James Charles, the allegations keep piling up. 16 total, 10 minors, one as young as…
09-04-2021 06:24
RT @MaryLTrump: Just a reminder, the NRA is a terrorist organization. And Wayne LaPierre is a snowflake. #NRAisaTerroristOrganization
09-04-2021 02:57
RT @mmpadellan: I don't care what George Floyd did before, during, or after. Derek Chauvin murdered him. HE BELONGS IN PRISON.
08-04-2021 13:20
RT @briantylercohen: @tedcruz Dude you literally flew to fucking Cancun while your constituents were freezing to death, I’m pretty sure she…
08-04-2021 13:18
RT @drmistercody: @tedcruz For fuck's sake, man. https://t.co/JjCpwkXlgV
08-04-2021 13:18
RT @pattonoswalt: When the polio vaccine dropped in 1955 people lined up to get it, & we were 2 years away from artificial satellites. Now…
07-04-2021 14:30
RT @Philip_Germain: Okay okay but hear me out https://t.co/6RjOzgRglR
07-04-2021 11:41
Life fucking sucks sometimes yall :/
06-04-2021 14:48
RT @defnoodles: CALL OUT: D'Angelo Wallace speaks on James Charles confessing to having inappropriate contact with 2 minors. D'Angelo says…
06-04-2021 14:47
RT @briantylercohen: Trump: BOYCOTT COCA-COLA! Also Trump: https://t.co/7zfnRRF9LQ
06-04-2021 03:20
❤️ https://t.co/UkR423ZB1n
06-04-2021 03:19
RT @ProjectLincoln: Thank you, @united Wonder what airline the GOP will be left to fly with? https://t.co/R8v60PKQgw
06-04-2021 02:49
RT @defnoodles: INSTANT REGRET: David Dobrik and Shane Dawson merch apparently being found in Goodwill stores. https://t.co/79eWePhe2Q
06-04-2021 01:41
RT @cwebbonline: Dr. Jill Biden rockin those fishnets & booties🔥 #FLOTUS https://t.co/MMqRQooosz
05-04-2021 16:25
RT @TheKingCenter: Dr. King was 39 years-old when he was assassinated. 39. https://t.co/GYQdYX4m9k
05-04-2021 16:25
@ChipotleTweets @MorpheBrushes stop supporting p*dophiles like @jamescharles !!
05-04-2021 07:49
LOCK HIM UP DISGUSTING!! https://t.co/KyKPn7s61H
05-04-2021 07:48
RT @mmpadellan: I wish news outlets would stop calling it a "sexual relationship" between Matt Gaetz and an underage girl. We already have…
05-04-2021 07:47
And @ChipotleTweets @MorpheBrushes stop deleting peoples tweets calling you guys out this needs to stop its disgus… https://t.co/x44w14ShjF
05-04-2021 07:46
@ChipotleTweets @MorpheBrushes stop supporting gross pedophiles like @jamescharles
05-04-2021 07:45
RT @QueenGia: @defnoodles oh please @jamescharles youre NOT the only famous person that this only happens to you. get off that high horse…
05-04-2021 07:43
@ChipotleTweets @MorpheBrushes support a pedophile!
05-04-2021 05:08
RT @NYinLA2121: Cost of Tax Payers for Presidential Golf 74 Days into Presidency. Bush 41: $0 Obama: $0 Trump: $578,640 Biden: $0
05-04-2021 04:37
RT @PalmerReport: Joe Biden has been in office two and a half months and he hasn’t had one late night Twitter meltdown yet
04-04-2021 12:22
💜 https://t.co/VrMhM1xqOM
04-04-2021 12:22
RT @defnoodles: TODAY IN SHADE: SNL makes fun of YouTube pranksters and apologies. https://t.co/ghCjuiUjK1
04-04-2021 11:17
RT @h3h3productions: DojaCat for frenemiesmmmh
04-04-2021 11:16
RT @mmpadellan: Hey Republicans: you can prove to everyone how much you hate cancel culture by NOT trying to cancel the votes from people o…
04-04-2021 02:07
RT @TeaSpillYT: Will morphe drop James like they did with Laura Lee, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson and others?
04-04-2021 01:45
RT @jaqsre: p3do p3rms 😍😍😍 https://t.co/z2Sr520CZV
04-04-2021 01:43
RT @trishapaytas: Imagine being morphe rn. Embarrassing
04-04-2021 01:40
RT @defnoodles: WHO COULD’VE SEEN THIS COMING: James Charles hit with petitions to have his “Kid’s Choice Award” removed. They also ask tha…
03-04-2021 12:02
RT @NoLieWithBTC: This you? https://t.co/hzuefQZ0Ob
03-04-2021 08:06
RT @kirkacevedo: God, Guns, Minors and Ecstasy! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
03-04-2021 08:05
RT @TeaSpillYT: idk an apology video should be made when you have hair in your lipsticks or when you make a mistake and want to apologize t…
03-04-2021 08:05
RT @basicbitch422: A summery of James Charles video #jamescharles https://t.co/WyG7VTOa5w
03-04-2021 08:04
RT @kylegriffin1: Pelosi to Dems: "May it be a comfort to Officer Evans and his family that America's flag flies at half-staff in his honor…
03-04-2021 08:04
RT @kylegriffin1: A giant inflatable pink cake topped with rainbow-flamed candles made its way through Amsterdam's canals as the country ce…
03-04-2021 08:04
RT @mehdirhasan: These are the 12 House Republicans who, lest we forget, just *last month* voted against the awarding of Congressional Gold…
03-04-2021 08:02
RT @defnoodles: TODAY IN SHADE: James Charles shaded by Marlena Stell the owner of Makeup Geek who said “An apology doesn’t mean sh*t if yo…
03-04-2021 03:02
RT @RachelKiki_: #jamescharles should be behind bars. Instead he has access to over 40 million children.
03-04-2021 03:00
Why people gotta constanlty ask why some people dont have profile photos im insecure bitch 🙃🤣
02-04-2021 13:17
RT @joncoopertweets: WHAT A SLEAZEBALL! Matt Gaetz showed nude photos of women he said he'd slept with to lawmakers — including while on th…
02-04-2021 12:50
A fucking spinal injury i stg 🤣 https://t.co/5U1zL2rFvc
02-04-2021 12:49
RT @POTUS: A Cabinet that looks like America. https://t.co/XZNOSTE2GJ
02-04-2021 12:47
RT @travisakers: Rep. @mtgreenee introduced the Fire Fauci Act today. Her bill would suspend Dr. Fauci’s salary until “a new National Inst…
02-04-2021 03:44
RT @funder: Lol the company CrossFit disavowed Marge Greene and called her a liar.
02-04-2021 03:43
RT @thebiggestyee: this is the 6th time james charles has “accidentally” had sexual contact with a minor. gonna go out on a limb and say it…
02-04-2021 03:43
RT @LilNasX: i haven’t been upset until today, i feel like it’s fucked up they have so much power they can get shoes cancelled. freedom of…
02-04-2021 03:43
@jamescharles https://t.co/2cP16WYYIX
02-04-2021 03:42
RT @imhinterlude: [email protected] https://t.co/u23mjn0si1
02-04-2021 01:05
RT @defnoodles: SINGLE PEOPLE BE LIKE: “I’m desperate for love. Going to look for someone my own age.” JAMES WEINSTEIN CHARLES: “I’m despe…
02-04-2021 01:04
RT @trishapaytas: Just a reminder. U ask for inappropriate pictures from minors - u can face 10 years + in prison. It’s disgusting. Ppl don…
02-04-2021 01:01
RT @seanryan4: People saying Melania Trump speaks five languages, but I only ever heard her give Michelle Obama’s speeches in broken Englis…
01-04-2021 13:10
RT @briantylercohen: This woman is literally only known for her belief in a conspiracy theory that politicians are child sex traffickers...…
01-04-2021 11:40
RT @TeaSpillYT: Tati should come back and just drop her fave beauty products for spring plz
01-04-2021 11:07
RT @defnoodles: TWITTER ARCHEOLOGY: Nikita Dragun tweeting in defense of Tony Lopez, who is being sued for sexual battery of two 15-year-ol…
01-04-2021 05:20
RT @briantylercohen: Biden: "No one making under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up. Period." https://t.co/ps7syHNHro
01-04-2021 05:17
RT @WendyWilliams: #ArianaGrande is replacing #NickJonas as a judge on #TheVoice next season. #HotTopics https://t.co/4QvdfL3b85
01-04-2021 05:17
RT @defnoodles: TWITTER ARCHEOLOGY: Nikita Dragun’s 2012 tweet saying “imagine being black? i could never” resurfaces. https://t.co/kXk1kLc…
01-04-2021 05:16
RT @defnoodles: Ayo @jamescharles I know u got me blocked, but I also know thru the grapevine u follow me from a sock account. So if u see…
01-04-2021 04:49
RT @defnoodles: TWITTER ARCHEOLOGY: Nikita Dragun asks “what race is nikita gonna be today?” Nikita has been accused numerous times of usin…
01-04-2021 04:48
RT @defnoodles: Ayo @nikitadragun I heard thru the grapevine that you started beef today because you wanted to distract everyone from the f…
01-04-2021 04:48
RT @defnoodles: INSTANT REGRET: Nikita Dragun tweeted and deleted this response to Trisha Paytas in their epic Twitter battle. https://t.co…
01-04-2021 04:45
RT @vulture: A complete timeline of the James Charles allegations and controversies https://t.co/7URpifFB2P
01-04-2021 04:42
RT @ArtistrySalomea: @trishapaytas Nikita’s just mad because her only fan is herself 😢
01-04-2021 04:41
RT @trishapaytas: Honestly if I was still escorting in old age I’d be bitter too. Yikes. Poor thing is so delusional. Hopefully one day she…
01-04-2021 04:40
RT @trishapaytas: I’ve had isolated incidents 10 years ago thst I talk openly about , acknowledge and repent. @NikitaDragun hasn’t apologiz…
01-04-2021 04:39
RT @trishapaytas: Nikita trying so hard to stay relevant 🤣🤣🤣 she hangs out with 18 year olds but old af. She creepy as hell. And delusional…
01-04-2021 04:39
RT @CoriBush: On #TransDayOfVisibility, we make it clear to every trans person across the country and the world: You are beautiful. You ar…
01-04-2021 04:39
RT @trishapaytas: The stuff Nikita brought up is stuff I did at my lowest. It really triggered me and for what ? Because she’s problematic…
01-04-2021 04:38
RT @trishapaytas: James Charles deserves prison. I really hope one of these parents press charges. It’s so nauseating. I’m physically nause…
01-04-2021 04:36
Honestly get fucked @NikitaDragun your an absolute joke , keeping making your shitty reality show on snapchat 💀🤣.
01-04-2021 04:36
Have to agree 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/Ltn6kWerdz
31-03-2021 14:05
RT @kylegriffin1: Two Capitol Police veterans who were on duty during the Jan. 6 riot have sued Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting the…
31-03-2021 14:02
RT @giodello: @TheRickWilson Same folks upset about “vaccine passports” are steady demanding 3 forms of ID for people to vote
31-03-2021 13:55
RT @kylegriffin1: The New York Senate voted tonight to legalize marijuana for recreational use.
31-03-2021 13:54
RT @BernieSanders: Good. Marijuana should be legal nationwide. All marijuana convictions must be expunged. It is absurd and idiotic that th…
31-03-2021 13:54
RT @mmpadellan: Matt Gaetz needs to resign. NOW.
31-03-2021 13:51
RT @Cortini: @mmpadellan Why are so many #GOPers involved in sex crimes etc? I mean, it's weird
31-03-2021 13:51
RT @ACLU: BREAKING: We're suing Georgia over its illegal voter suppression law.
31-03-2021 12:02
RT @mmpadellan: It's really hard to believe, one full year of losing 550,000 Americans, and we're still having to argue with morons to wear…
31-03-2021 12:02
RT @stardustyx: satanic imagery is so common in modern culture, it makes you wonder why people are disproportionately losing their minds wh…
31-03-2021 01:20
RT @BernieSanders: Amazon workers in Alabama are sick and tired of being treated like robots. They are standing up and fighting back, and I…
31-03-2021 01:20
RT @trishapaytas: I’ll say without a shadow of a doubt James Charles is the ONLY creator that deserves to be banned and stripped from all s…
31-03-2021 01:14
RT @ReallyAmerican1: Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue should still be indicted for insider trading. RT if you agree.
30-03-2021 13:10
RT @ChristopherHahn: The election wasn’t stollen. The Former Guy lost because he was the worst President in American History. #PassH…
29-03-2021 04:50
RT @Philip_Germain: I don't even know where to begin. It's heartbreaking to us. I saw how much time & effort my father put into the job." -…
29-03-2021 04:50
@FoxNews is getting sued, its a good day!
29-03-2021 00:21
RT @staceyabrams: From passage of the #SB202 voter suppression bill targeted at Black and brown voters to the arrest of a Black legislator…
28-03-2021 12:09
RT @JakeLobin: Pepsi is trending because it doesn't fund voter suppression.
28-03-2021 11:59
Happy Birthday @ladygaga ❤️
28-03-2021 10:27
RT @trishapaytas: It’s no secret I’m not Gabbie’s biggest fan but clips I’ve seen from her time with VS make me sick to my stomach. Like wh…
28-03-2021 09:17
RT @KerryDonovanCO: Lauren Boebert won her last race by only 6%. We can flip this seat.
28-03-2021 09:16
RT @DearAuntCrabby: Breaking News: The cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal is blocking so much important and useful stuff that they have de…
28-03-2021 09:16
RT @TaraSetmayer: If lack of self awareness was a person...🤨 I mean, seriously? 👀🤦🏽‍♀️
28-03-2021 08:53
💀🤣 https://t.co/o3gRLqg1lm
28-03-2021 08:51
RT @trishapaytas: On snapchat 😂
28-03-2021 08:51
RT @joncoopertweets: [email protected] supports racists. Pass it on.
28-03-2021 08:51
RT @BetteMidler: https://t.co/JXOQDdhhlr
27-03-2021 08:14
RT @jadedcreative: I know the haters will slaughter me, but I’m okay with no guns ever.
25-03-2021 13:11
RT @Mikel_Jollett: Why should we care what the “founding fathers” thought about guns or statehood for DC. That was 200 years ago, guns were…
24-03-2021 13:56
@DanRather @mmpadellan Hell no!
24-03-2021 11:57
RT @CoriBush: The polling shows that gun violence prevention policies are among the most popular in our country. Why hasn’t the Senate pass…
24-03-2021 11:57
RT @RBReich: If you're against gun reform, you're not pro-life.
24-03-2021 02:51
RT @ReallyAmerican1: ABOLISH THE NRA.
24-03-2021 01:57
RT @amyklobuchar: My heart breaks for the victims and their families in Boulder. “Back to normal” cannot mean a return to horrific gun viol…
23-03-2021 09:39
RT @McFaul: You cannot be pro-life and pro-AR15 at the same time.
23-03-2021 09:38
RT @ProjectLincoln: It’s refreshing when an administration is run by qualified experts and not the president’s sadistic son-in-law
22-03-2021 23:48
22-03-2021 11:56
#LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb #ExpelLaurenBoebert
22-03-2021 11:54
RT @mmpadellan: #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb she thinks Joe Biden wants her guns, AND thinks that telling everyone she's hiding them upstairs wou…
22-03-2021 09:03
RT @CultureWinnie: @trishapaytas https://t.co/nHPbzEVLBV
22-03-2021 02:44
RT @ProjectLincoln: RT if you agree it’s time to #ExpelGreene
21-03-2021 12:52
RT @ossoff: .⁦@SenatorWarnock⁩ and I addressed today’s rally in Atlanta to mourn the victims of this week’s massacre and to express our lov…
21-03-2021 08:15
RT @KerryDonovanCO: Lauren Boebert has already: 1. Tried to stop people from getting relief checks. 2. Opposed protecting voting rights.…
21-03-2021 08:15