🐺[___ord $tark$🔯 (@wuzyurdaddy) — typing.....
05-07-2020 09:50
@Halaal_lady One is enough.
05-07-2020 09:50
RT @Halaal_lady: One partner ,kids, money , happy home and peace of mind ... Goals one day
05-07-2020 09:50
@josiah_japheth @MeekMill @jstcallmeAking That new album on the way son.
05-07-2020 09:49
@MadamSteamfunk @TRAEABN Synchronized mastery. ✊💛
05-07-2020 09:30
RT @MadamSteamfunk: Trae tha Truth x the Houston Symphony GOES HARD 😯🤘🏽 https://t.co/AeCwvjDG46
05-07-2020 09:29
@Mondaylee *nods* 💛
05-07-2020 09:28
RT @Mondaylee: Success won’t be instant, and there will be plenty of highs & lows along the way. But if you remain committed and consistent…
05-07-2020 09:28
RT @OgaHans: Hope Rudiger the Carpenter watched this match? Saw how Stable and confident Zuoma was.. Oga Carpenter!!!
05-07-2020 09:28
@segalink You're doing well.
05-07-2020 09:25
SO THERE ARE REALLY PEOPLE IN KENYA, who wake up at night, to scare their neighbors by making scary noises. They ar… https://t.co/Q2nIvNHzVH
05-07-2020 09:24
OK. https://t.co/E0xL7N5Fs3
05-07-2020 09:16
RT @MeekMill: Once you let the internet dictate your life your gone!
05-07-2020 09:14
BURNA BOY SURE KNOWS GREATNESS when he sees it, Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye! ▫✊💛
05-07-2020 06:57
RT @russdiemon: When they gonna make a horror movie about Lake Lanier cuz there’s definitely somethin goin on up there
05-07-2020 06:55
@lilearthangelk Bussin*. 💦💦
05-07-2020 06:55
RT @universal_sci: Gorgeous view of the SpaceX Crew Dragon and Japan's HTV-9 resupply ship The SpaceX Crew Dragon, the Japanese H-II Transf…
05-07-2020 06:53
RT @_harrisonJNR: Say no morrreeeee 😂😂 😂💔 https://t.co/fHEjm4otYg
05-07-2020 06:29
05-07-2020 06:27
0 189755
RT @kanyewest: We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for pr…
05-07-2020 06:09
RT @Thundercat: IT IS WHAT IT IS : https://t.co/HOGElfvYPZ https://t.co/3S8PHi0nDH
05-07-2020 05:58
RT @AndLookPretty: Girls in DM rooms: Good morning sweet friend. How did you sleep? How’s Fluffy? She’s better thanks. So nice of you to a…
05-07-2020 05:57
KEEP GOING FAM*. L㊙😂😂😂😂L https://t.co/2MvDDY8hqG
05-07-2020 05:57
RT @dani_chuks: #Ekosodin U greet oo na wahala. U no greet na wahala Stud: *passing by* SM: Guy cho! Big boy! U just spread dae waka for…
05-07-2020 05:55
RT @SquidGaming: Normalise men crying. Normalise men talking about their feelings. Normalise men's mental health.
05-07-2020 05:49
05-07-2020 05:48
RT @Jay_lynxx: @wuzyurdaddy I’m sure it does! I’m locked in now 😅
05-07-2020 05:45
TOMMY LEE JONES IS A KING. 😂 https://t.co/b8Rt8q8lTk
05-07-2020 05:45
05-07-2020 05:43
😂😂㊙㊙ https://t.co/mpuCB3XPd3
05-07-2020 05:41
05-07-2020 05:37
RT @brfootball: Cristiano Ronaldo is the first Juventus player to score 25 goals in a Serie A season since Omar Sivori in 1960-61 🤯 https:/…
05-07-2020 05:34
@SuuuckMyKix Mercy is for the weak, these fists don't discriminate, but at the same time apply wisdom. 🔨🔨
05-07-2020 05:34
RT @SuuuckMyKix: @wuzyurdaddy And that’s why I do man!!! I always take the humble way out but those days are over. You ask and you shall re…
05-07-2020 05:33
CHIEF, I'VE COME TO THE LEARN THAT some mocuffers* actually wake up each day, just to try other people and see how… https://t.co/xl92vhJ3cp
05-07-2020 05:11
@yeankhar Attention to detail eh*? My man.💛
05-07-2020 05:09
RT @yeankhar: *barge 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
05-07-2020 05:08
RT @yeankhar: Living in Bondage: Breaking Bad (Netflix) - That was a terrific first scene.😳 - Nnamdi's belt. Nice detailing.🤣 - Nnamdi can…
05-07-2020 05:08
RT @uchejombo: I like and enjoy CR7,being a man united fan has nothing to do with knowing messi is ahead of everyone else in football.
05-07-2020 05:07
@BrymOlawale Next time bami*, type that YELLOW in capital, we have to always capitalize on the little things.
05-07-2020 05:06
RT @BrymOlawale: A quick reminder that ‘Yellow’ is still the best album out in 2020... 💛💛💛
05-07-2020 05:05
@cesc4official @firstLadyD4 First Lady.✌💛
05-07-2020 05:05
RT @cesc4official: Wifey❤️ @firstLadyD4 https://t.co/ARhMWK74D9
05-07-2020 05:04
WELL *CLEARS THROAT*. https://t.co/JK4x3Lnaf6
05-07-2020 05:04
RT @Tife_fabunmi: Don’t say anything, just RETWEET if you can see your Team. https://t.co/5g15f9vgAC
05-07-2020 05:03
05-07-2020 05:03
RT @Naija_PR: Time to grow, follow everyone who ❤️ your comment #WeLoveNaija 🇳🇬
05-07-2020 05:00
LIKE A CAVE IN BETWEEN THEM OR gap tooth? https://t.co/WAKs6JC503
05-07-2020 04:59
05-07-2020 04:59
@sincerelyTOBi Black power.✊
05-07-2020 04:56
RT @sincerelyTOBi: Nobody gained freedom by politely asking
05-07-2020 04:55
RT @elonmusk: https://t.co/jAmuz6NaA4
05-07-2020 04:55
@SadellaWallis My OCD just sent me a text, wait hold on..😫😭
05-07-2020 04:54
RT @SadellaWallis: That is very disgusting behaviour you uncultured swine!!!
05-07-2020 04:53
@ZILLA__OAKS Zilla for Rilla* ㊙😂
05-07-2020 04:52
RT @ZILLA__OAKS: Who else read this in Jay-Z Voice
05-07-2020 04:52
RT @Qweeni8: 👑@Qweeni8 retweet if you love bbws https://t.co/zuCC8gLlxX
05-07-2020 04:28
RT @ElindaSan: Une muse 🖤 https://t.co/8No4oQ9KM2
05-07-2020 04:25
RT @Atlantismallard: Queen shit 👑 https://t.co/V3MzDjkVyM
05-07-2020 04:25
RT @BarcaTimes: 📰[DailyMail 🥉] | Xavi agrees £5.4m-a-year deal to replace Quique Setien as Barcelona manager which Lionel Messi and Co appr…
05-07-2020 04:23
RT @cheeormahigwe: imma be the banana to ur bread https://t.co/IResqt9KPY
05-07-2020 04:20
RT @tossyn3000: And the youging is transcending
05-07-2020 04:16
RT @Foot_Maka: My name is Amaka, I am a professional basketball player with Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Women Basketball Club…
05-07-2020 04:15
RT @AllahAQABA: https://t.co/I7Durw0Zbc
05-07-2020 04:13
RT @elonmusk: Please take a moment to report accounts clearly engaged in harassment. It is the only way to maintain public discourse.
05-07-2020 04:12
@Limpidliestish @elonmusk I remember you telling me this, last Christmas. ✌💛
05-07-2020 04:02
RT @Limpidliestish: @elonmusk It doesn't particularly bother me, but I don't typically celebrate any sort of nationalism to begin with. I…
05-07-2020 04:00
RT @Natalieluxee: I feel like crying my store finally got a sign 💕 It takes $0 to retweet and support a black owned business. Our next cust…
05-07-2020 03:59
RT @Datgreatnigga: Grandpa recreating your favs is the best thing you’ll see today 😂 https://t.co/p1TjbYyadk
05-07-2020 03:56
RT @MEENAVOGUEE: Alek Wek throwing off her blonde wig on the runway at Betsey Johnson Fall 1998...A MOMENT. "You don't have to go with the…
05-07-2020 03:53
@UKEJEOKO No qualms mate.
05-07-2020 03:49
05-07-2020 03:47
RT @business: LeBron James is building a new media company that aims to give a voice to Black creators and consumers who’ve been pandered t…
05-07-2020 03:44
RT @fineboybella: Father Of 🌟z 🙌🏼 👑 @Olamide https://t.co/o1SKbBObYv
05-07-2020 03:43
@2Cool2BIog @RickRoss That lemon pepper sauce though. 💛
05-07-2020 03:42
RT @2Cool2BIog: Rick Ross Opens Another Wing Stop in Mississippi https://t.co/vZCOtwyH6L
05-07-2020 03:41
RT @archillect: https://t.co/v1JqxaVsOA
05-07-2020 03:41
NORMAL OCCURRENCE, WERE YOU expecting less/more? https://t.co/ez6ht6STMV
05-07-2020 03:38
@OyaConfess Wonders..
05-07-2020 03:37
RT @OyaConfess: Nah I wasn’t ready for this type of confession. 🤯 #OyaConfess 👼🏼 https://t.co/0BuSAXVTw4
05-07-2020 03:37
RT @ParraV: Very much this - the stories people would tell me of relatives saved from certain death by the US, how grateful they were. We’v…
05-07-2020 01:15
05-07-2020 01:15
RT @IDK: Last night I gave a Covid free performance (everyone got tested before entry) for Dave Chappelle with Erykah Badu dancing behind m…
05-07-2020 01:14
RT @IDK: Nirvana mosh thank you. Dave Chappelle @fatbellybella @TalibKweli + 📈 https://t.co/pCZXznrYMc
05-07-2020 01:13
@tossyn3000 Ever.
05-07-2020 01:08
RT @tossyn3000: Never stop aspiring for greatness
05-07-2020 01:08
RT @akosua_amoabea: What are you saying 😏 https://t.co/AMIedTXwOK
05-07-2020 01:08
THEY ARE ALWAYS DOING TOO MUCH. Open your 3rd eyes, it will be revealed to you. https://t.co/hQX27iR4Or
05-07-2020 00:57
05-07-2020 00:51
RT @YungHusband_: Twitter validation will be the end of some of you.
05-07-2020 00:50
05-07-2020 00:50
RT @UKEJEOKO: If you're online drop ❤️ follow everyone in the comments. RT
05-07-2020 00:50
RT @frankedoho: I don't think about him.
05-07-2020 00:48
@frankedoho https://t.co/U9IrMWSWY7
05-07-2020 00:48
05-07-2020 00:45
YES SIR, CHECK AM*. https://t.co/ppYZekN8QR
05-07-2020 00:43
@Dimeji777 Ah! 😂😂💔
05-07-2020 00:43
@Mondaylee L😂😂😂💔💔L
05-07-2020 00:43
RT @Mondaylee: @wuzyurdaddy 😂😂😂. Go see a doctor bro. 😂😂😂
05-07-2020 00:43
@idillionaire Verify this account please. @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack
05-07-2020 00:42
RT @idillionaire: Things are being aligned for you. 💫
05-07-2020 00:41
04-07-2020 23:42
@ZILLA__OAKS She's a keeper.
04-07-2020 23:41
RT @ZILLA__OAKS: $hawty bad she make me look basic
04-07-2020 23:41
RT @Snappy0132: SUB ZERO
04-07-2020 23:40
RT @Chelsea_ENG_: Christian Pulisic is on fire tonight 🔥 #CHEWAT #CFC 🔵 https://t.co/ZHR0SAibKz
04-07-2020 23:32
@Bas Bas with the Bass.
04-07-2020 23:30
RT @Bas: Excited to share this with you soon! I teamed up with Jameson for the #JamesonStayInn challenge and created music with some dope a…
04-07-2020 23:30
KRATOS https://t.co/yv1NmVebyt
04-07-2020 23:30
RT @ChelseaFC: Zouma meets Willian's corner with a powerful header on target but Foster does well to collect. 2-0 [69'] #CHEWAT https://t…
04-07-2020 23:29
RT @ODDSbible: When you’ve backed over 2.5 goals https://t.co/1Q35FuVQgP
04-07-2020 23:24
@ccidi_derek 💀💀㊙
04-07-2020 23:21
RT @ccidi_derek: Those of you ladies using your phone's front camera as mirror to shave ur genitals, just continue, one day you'll unknowin…
04-07-2020 23:21
2020 WILL NOT RUIN OUR PLANS. This is not a prayer, just affirm it.
04-07-2020 23:19
RT @business: Boeing hasn’t told employees, but the company is pulling the plug on its hulking 747 jumbo jet, ending a half-century run for…
04-07-2020 23:18
@business ㊙㊙💀
04-07-2020 23:18
RT @eltonjay_: So can’t you see that I keep liking your tweets? 😔
04-07-2020 23:18
RT @PestinMykael: *Good kush can do that*
04-07-2020 23:06
RT @ODDSbible: How many places are Arsenal above Spurs? https://t.co/2z538ZhEMR
04-07-2020 23:05
04-07-2020 23:04
I’M THE TYPE OF HOLMES* THAT WILL think he has lost his car keys, while driving his car.㊙😂
04-07-2020 23:02
@SHADESOFKROZZ Krozz Krozz, you're doing well ma.
04-07-2020 22:58
RT @SHADESOFKROZZ: Let's go shopping https://t.co/Z2BEEwVlOu Products are afford and easy to purchase and checkout. What you still waitin…
04-07-2020 22:58
@Dimeji777 Travel alone, these traits you've listed lives in all of us.
04-07-2020 22:58
RT @Dimeji777: If you want to go on a special journey and you want to travel far and fast. Don't travel with: A complainer A very lazy pers…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: This was what I did on Day 7 of Lockdown. RT, likes, Comments are appreciated. Please take time to go through my Pin…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: Good morning people on twitte. I am a Photographer who handles anything Photography/Videography All those postponed ev…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: So this picture was one of the pictures I shot last year. Had to revisit my hard drive to run some Retouching on them…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: Day 3 of the #StayAtHome Lockdown, decided to visit my archive of My favourite model Jennifer and edit again. Shot th…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: There is no time to shift focus and attention elsewhere, the road to success is always busy, keep your head up high and…
04-07-2020 22:57
RT @oluwacovermi11: Little Prince Owen first birthday shoot in his traditional attire Dear all, I am a Photographer and I do all kinda Pho…
04-07-2020 22:57
@Halaal_lady Selah*.
04-07-2020 22:56
RT @Halaal_lady: No matter how you think no one loves or care for you .. there’s still an unknown person who cares a lot .. God bless that…
04-07-2020 22:56
@Mondaylee Ever.
04-07-2020 22:56
RT @Mondaylee: It's funny how you can do nice things for people all the time and they never notice. But once you make one mistake, it's nev…
04-07-2020 22:56
RT @lordlamba1: Latest couple 💕❤️ https://t.co/ruRs7BCWfO
04-07-2020 18:35
@AyoJaguda @ZILLA__OAKS Or McDonald's.
04-07-2020 18:33
RT @AyoJaguda: Greenwood will end up at Madrid 👀
04-07-2020 18:33
ONE DAY, YOU WILL WAKE UP TO NEWS of grief, how you handle your good times will prepare you for the worst fam*. ▫
04-07-2020 18:33
I GUESS YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. 😂 https://t.co/JjFwzY1gO4
04-07-2020 18:11
PUT MONEY INTO THE STREETS, GET it back without any receipts. ▫
04-07-2020 18:10
@FunnyBison Jesuah Ben Josef! 💀💀
04-07-2020 18:06
RT @FunnyBison: “Can you tell me which turkeys are self-basting?” - Buffalo Bill shopping
04-07-2020 18:05
@Bethesda_school @Iam_dunnex @AyamDamiee ✌💛.
04-07-2020 17:56
RT @Bethesda_school: @Iam_dunnex @AyamDamiee Good evening. Thank you very much for reaching out. Our account details are as follows. Bank…
04-07-2020 17:56
RT @duchesskk: @Bethesda_school https://t.co/poChuknOvp
04-07-2020 17:56
RT @Bethesda_school: The students of Bethesda home for the Blind are begging for your donations. The rain that fell caused a big flood. It…
04-07-2020 17:56
RT @Ayobami_xx: your tweet is funny, they just didn’t see it on their TL or they are just hating
04-07-2020 17:56
THE IRONY L😂😂😂😂😂😂L https://t.co/5oB5znDw9L
04-07-2020 17:55
RT @joonl0vebug: enjoy some nice titties respectfully https://t.co/d9hz8yyw3Q
04-07-2020 17:55
RT @WoshDraws: ⏰ https://t.co/YnLVDL0awS
04-07-2020 17:31
RT @leftbnk: https://t.co/uPCvDYtHQZ
04-07-2020 17:30
@leftbnk Magic.
04-07-2020 17:23
RT @leftbnk: https://t.co/RGlDyvnksd. This is a song called punchdrunk which features one of George Harrison’s final guitar recordings.. #…
04-07-2020 17:23
@ODDSbible The W was televised mate. 💀💀:-D :-D
04-07-2020 17:22
RT @ODDSbible: Watching that nutmeg by Stanislas https://t.co/xkUZ6lgLy0
04-07-2020 17:22
@TheBoydP @FunnyBison 💀💀:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
04-07-2020 16:33
RT @TheBoydP: Is this your first pandemic? ~Me flirting
04-07-2020 16:33
@tedcruz @Limpidliestish America was built on bones and blood of the original inhabitants, this isn't to dispute wh… https://t.co/ZpIdSs1CIW
04-07-2020 16:22
RT @tedcruz: Your network is literally arguing to tear down Mount Rushmore. And claiming that murderous, raping anarchists are a peaceful…
04-07-2020 16:19
@IgboHistoFacts This present day we live in, is basically a repetition of the past, the past will in one way or ano… https://t.co/9gYrz8TDeN
04-07-2020 16:19
RT @Chidi0408: @deGenie2 @IgboHistoFacts Do you think before you talk? With the past how can our present make sense,most we celebrate today…
04-07-2020 16:18
RT @Carefreesaint: @IgboHistoFacts https://t.co/I0vb6LVfmP
04-07-2020 16:17
RT @IgboHistoFacts: "Mmụọ mmiri du anyị bịa, mmụọ mmiri ga-edu anyị laa". "Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from the sh…
04-07-2020 16:16
RT @IgboHistoFacts: The "Igbo Landing" story of 1803: In May 1803, around 75 Igbo slaves who were being transported by sea revolted by cap…
04-07-2020 16:16
@sara_boutall @elonmusk @JohnnaCrider0 @Kristennetten @RationalEtienne @RealSardonicus @DaveMac40970911 @mayemusk… https://t.co/JTgo8DTpRO
04-07-2020 16:15
RT @sara_boutall: Conspiracy theorists: ‘The 1969 moon landing was faked using computer tricks!’ Computer tricks in 2001: https://t.co/uhT…
04-07-2020 16:14
@officialnairam1 .
04-07-2020 16:13
RT @officialnairam1: When it’s your time the clock will work perfectly even without batteries
04-07-2020 16:13
@Chisom_3 ✌💛.
04-07-2020 16:12
@BluesBinocular On sale?
04-07-2020 15:41
RT @BluesBinocular: One club in this city. #BCFC https://t.co/pHhwW68Wmt
04-07-2020 15:40
RT @iamcaptainboy: @wuzyurdaddy It just like a white man calling a black man n*gga sounds offensivd, but as a black man it's ok to call you…
04-07-2020 14:07
@TrottChicago @business No, those are the inhabitants of the bad government.
04-07-2020 14:06
RT @TrottChicago: @business Are they the ones always emailing me?
04-07-2020 14:05
RT @business: Nigeria’s central bank devalued the naira at one of its currency auctions, according to sources https://t.co/iOvuaGKA4R
04-07-2020 12:53
RT @oneman1000_: ah Don Billions wati! You think your son is learning for WASSCE but he is sweeping the domestic site road. Sponsored by…
04-07-2020 12:01
@Mondaylee Morning Sir.:-D :-D
04-07-2020 12:01
YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE THE PEOPLE you love/they will lose you. Don't fight it, live with it.
04-07-2020 12:01
@NaturelsMetal Hunger games, 6.0.
04-07-2020 11:59
RT @NaturelsMetal: A spider disguised in a flower attacking a fly that is masquerading as a wasp. https://t.co/kcAU2NQY0h
04-07-2020 11:59
@Mondaylee Action is reward.
04-07-2020 11:57
RT @Mondaylee: We need to act more than we talk and think. Spend more time doing. Less time thinking and talking about doing. Success is…
04-07-2020 11:56
@russetlakes L⚪L
04-07-2020 11:27
04-07-2020 11:26
04-07-2020 11:25
RT @SHADESOFKROZZ: Sometimes a good cry is just what you need, to release all the hurt, you have built inside.
04-07-2020 11:25
@russetlakes You dey* reason.
04-07-2020 11:25
RT @russetlakes: Hard times make you bitter or make you more compassionate.
04-07-2020 11:25
RT @AvoKvng_Jay: Two of una no well o! 🤣 Trace this tweet and see where you'll land. 😅
04-07-2020 11:21
✌💛 https://t.co/j1Qb11FWWo
04-07-2020 11:21
@business Recycled agendas, we'll see.
04-07-2020 10:26
RT @business: The Conservative Party isn’t in crisis, it is changing for good, Boris Johnson says https://t.co/n5rNGgalm2
04-07-2020 10:26
@Don_Baron1 @iamsantaclaus_ 💀💀💀💀💀
04-07-2020 10:26
RT @Don_Baron1: Pastor will be like "this year your kids will multiply" and all the SLAYQUEENS will say "amen", now you are wondering why P…
04-07-2020 10:25
RT @segalink: The less people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with. ⛱ https://t.co/hsKvwYGWx2
04-07-2020 10:25
RT @iamsantaclaus_: Na God ooo, make we still live 🙏🙌
04-07-2020 10:25
RT @IDK: Famous people are regular people.
04-07-2020 10:21
@CharlizeAfrica No words..
04-07-2020 10:18
RT @CharlizeAfrica: #TheOldGuard trailer 2 - July 10 on Netflix. https://t.co/k2eEH7OAKI
04-07-2020 10:18