🌸 (@xox_pali) — #blacklivesmatter #freepalestine
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RT @brownboyrod: if you lost me here ya go https://t.co/LRXTR2K2sE
05-07-2020 08:23
RT @HPPEYFACE: Me looking at Twitter and see "WWIII" is trending, only to realize it's just California shooting off fireworks like it's a w…
05-07-2020 08:19
0 27203
RT @ambr_ncole: You really just gotta have the mindset that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll always be good.
05-07-2020 08:16
0 3054
RT @linap0p: https://t.co/gSoLSqBjH4
05-07-2020 08:16
You’d think people are sick of lighting fireworks for the past three weeks, but nahhhh its a mf war zone out here.
05-07-2020 08:14
0 122832
RT @JackiNicole: I love this song https://t.co/J9ihObL3eG
05-07-2020 08:11
Ngl I teared up watching it smh 😢
05-07-2020 07:37
Something about this video man ☹️🥺Falasteen is so beautiful. https://t.co/nZHosnu5GE
05-07-2020 07:20
The greatest gift someone can have is patience.
05-07-2020 07:18
RT @marnaieem: normalize dropping men on the first mistake. they’re all replaceable.
05-07-2020 05:45
RT @IcyJa__: In 2020, we’ve had: - WW3 scares - Kobe & Gigi’s death - Australia burning - A global pandemic - All sports cancelled - UFO s…
05-07-2020 05:27
Ya... no https://t.co/q2OCLjvz8X
05-07-2020 05:26
I’d rather be eternally happy in the Akhira than in this temporary dunya anyways. 😌
05-07-2020 05:22
Honestly ALHAMDULLIAH x10 for justice in Islam. AlhamdulilA that it is emphasized in our religion and that one day,… https://t.co/gb6zp87bRM
05-07-2020 05:21
0 13775
RT @muntazer_zaidi: Thank you brother
05-07-2020 02:08
If you find the need to constantly disrespect others, you clearly lack self respect and that’s just sad.
04-07-2020 23:54
0 61427
RT @ItsLumberzack: Idk about you guys but this is the only thing that i will be commemorating today https://t.co/bYqlBcG9bo
04-07-2020 23:34
0 14476
RT @tmyamarie: heavy on the "just say that" cause that's all you had to say.
04-07-2020 23:22
0 13858
RT @jaeteex: A lot of boys only disrespect girls because they can only disrespect girls.
04-07-2020 23:22
All my friends and I do is send our cat pics/videos to each other 😌😂
04-07-2020 23:21
RT @batee5a__: A few days ago illegal settlers arrived in my village and put up posts in attempts to “reserve” our land. Today at 1pm Frida…
04-07-2020 23:07
0 103722
RT @travisxthompson: You know the vibes for today🖕🏽 https://t.co/BiHsh67mSm
04-07-2020 22:49
0 13850
RT @jellysweetchip: 낼룸낼룸 https://t.co/cdKLLWb208
04-07-2020 22:49
Cheaters when they tweet about loyalty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/ltJl3RxHGZ
04-07-2020 22:48
0 12339
RT @dimuhhx: why does apple have so many emojis for things that don’t exist 🧚🏼‍♀️🧞‍♀️🇮🇱🧜‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️
04-07-2020 22:24
RT @yokibi: @Galaxyswishes @taronnrichard @dimuhhx killed as a result of anti-colonial backlash driven by violent, forceful, and increasing…
04-07-2020 22:21
0 37472
RT @f0lake: I laugh every time i think back to march when it sounded absolutely insane that quarantine would last till summer 😂😂😂😂 and here…
04-07-2020 21:47
@thesarahattia Period
04-07-2020 11:47
@thesarahattia UHM NOO😒😤
04-07-2020 11:46
FreePalestine🇵🇸 https://t.co/Yr22L6G9nW
04-07-2020 11:14
0 38927
RT @KhadiDon: We be asking for justice and they be doing shit like renaming food Martin Luther King crabs.
04-07-2020 10:34
Hate when my university sends out a “thank you for your payment “ email about my tuition. Nah tuzz feeekm🤣🤣🤣🤣
04-07-2020 10:17
@mariamdahliaa 😘😘😘😘
04-07-2020 09:19
@mariamdahliaa Beautiful 🥰🥰😍
04-07-2020 09:16
@mariamdahliaa Oh hey😍😍😍😍
04-07-2020 09:12
Not to mention, when they did an autopsy on him, his organs were REMOVED. WTFFFF?!!??
04-07-2020 09:01
NEVER stop talking about this story. Kendrick did not "accidentally fall into a mat, wrapped his body around it, an… https://t.co/ArD2b6V90u
04-07-2020 09:01
RT @sincerelyayah: People built like thalajas always have the most shit to talk
04-07-2020 08:57
0 164596
RT @JACENOPENNY: Everybody’s different, but personally, I’d be EMBARRASSED to celebrate America two days after the body of a US soldier was…
04-07-2020 08:56
0 29251
RT @omarruizz10: It’s okay if u don’t like me not everyone has a good taste bitch.
04-07-2020 08:56
0 1465
RT @abuvogue: I’m in love with this quote: “As much as you fix your salah, your life will be fixed. If you are wondering why there is a de…
04-07-2020 08:52
Complaining won't get you anywhere. Do what you can and work hard for the things you want + pray that Allah puts baraka in your life.
04-07-2020 08:32
Also, if your first instinct is to subtweet and talk shit about someone instead of confront them about something, y… https://t.co/flUZS65A5y
04-07-2020 08:22
RT @ayossef: Arab love to say “hathee shayfa halha” about an educated, working, successful, and confident Arab woman.
04-07-2020 06:38
0 9639
RT @Pastor__West: God, thank You for EVERYTHING. 🙏🏾
04-07-2020 05:10
I cringe inside everytime I think about people that used to be in my life 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
04-07-2020 05:10
fuuucccC no Baybbbbe https://t.co/k17PzWp3eS
04-07-2020 05:02
0 70560
RT @Dame_Capalot: Ima be pissed if my kids ain’t funny
04-07-2020 05:01
“I hope the worst night for you “ amen sis. After terrorizing these poor people in their homes, scaring their chi… https://t.co/m1b0DnXif7
03-07-2020 21:54
0 12514
RT @Rachael_Swindon: It’s 1.30am and soldiers make their way in to your home with the soul intention of utterly terrifying you and your fam…
03-07-2020 21:38
@bonelessfeet Oh god am I in that video too 🤣
03-07-2020 07:00
I simply don’t argue with Z1on1sts. Just block and go hun, you can’t argue with trash.
03-07-2020 06:59
RT @boonaamohammed: The worst part about betrayal, is that it never comes from your enemies
03-07-2020 06:52
0 233197
RT @kingdeficit: Applying for jobs in the middle of a pandemic https://t.co/wRLgclUIL2
03-07-2020 06:51
0 535288
RT @thejulianbass: if y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated https://t.co/GrKlIRxg3J
03-07-2020 06:50
Unfair by 6LACK will always be one of my favorite songs
02-07-2020 22:11
RT @AROCBayArea: Yemeni Alliance Committee showing up for Palestine at the caravan against annexation held today in San Francisco. From Yem…
02-07-2020 10:45
0 1313
RT @TVRVNTO: free palestine. for today, tomorrow and everyday after.
02-07-2020 10:26
RT @baraastwittor: y’all 90 day fiancé got a new arab guy and he’s from Amman LORD who’s cousin is this? https://t.co/5BcGKpIdWE
02-07-2020 10:17
Why tf do spiders even exist. 🤢
02-07-2020 08:30
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RT @itsgabrielleu: This!!!!!! All day THIS!!!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
01-07-2020 20:19
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RT @ABroNextDoor: Do you know how many lives these potatoes could have saved in Yemen .....
01-07-2020 20:14
0 70763
RT @fagocean: Viola Davis is one of the greatest actors. Not one of the greatest black actors. Not one of the greatest female actors. NO. S…
01-07-2020 20:08
0 272341
RT @Reformxd: June’s over ??? Julying
01-07-2020 04:58
0 89271
RT @_alexisvera_: guys look what i did 😭😭😭 https://t.co/YnTwIv11Qi
01-07-2020 04:57
0 3337
RT @YaBoyyHobbs: ‼️Bay Area PLEASE LIKE AND RT‼️My Fam is opening a Black owned “Restaraunt.” We have the BEST food for the BEST PRICES in…
01-07-2020 03:48
0 53340
RT @SiMoneyyy_: gotta add “during a pandemic” to add a little drama
01-07-2020 03:40
0 230612
01-07-2020 03:28
0 37180
RT @Tavitafaamausil: I be like “I know a spot” then go by myself
01-07-2020 03:28
RT @bintfalisteen: My therapist said sometimes you meet someone and you exchange your 10 gallons of love you have to give, to someone who o…
01-07-2020 03:26
RT @_yassssmin: If you’re not 150% pro-Palestine I don’t wanna be friends with you
01-07-2020 03:26
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RT @SailorOkoye: This WIG....this is so fucking cute!!!! https://t.co/zf8S9CdQD1
30-06-2020 11:25
RT @qamarn0om: Palestinian women be shaped like hour glasses, thick curly/wavy hair, pretty faces and cultured. Palestinian men in the othe…
30-06-2020 08:49
0 1202
RT @4noura: #JusticeForAhmed #AhmedErekat #Palestinian #Freedom https://t.co/J1HSBkqEGJ
30-06-2020 07:21
Professor who give you exams where you can’t go back and check your answers at the end are the LITERAL devil.
30-06-2020 06:36
Do you ever have the sudden urge to stop whatever you’re doing and go squish your cat, or are you normal???
30-06-2020 04:38
0 60789
RT @JoshuaPotash: The two New Yorks on display today.https://t.co/HtAcbAk5Hb
30-06-2020 00:21
RT @Moe_Othman_: May Allah SWT heal and solve whatever is keeping you up at night, running through your mind and bothering your heart.
29-06-2020 11:09
0 1293
RT @pktheterrible: women be like “I know a spot” and take you back to the time you lied last year
29-06-2020 10:13
0 61140
RT @uzmaax: sis wants clear skin and no eye bags but sis be sleeping at 5am😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I am sis, sis is me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
29-06-2020 10:13
0 74387
RT @hlxxl_9: You passed your hardest moments alone while everybody believed you were fine.
29-06-2020 10:13
0 59073
RT @A_rios822: Covid or not if you cough on me like this imma deck tf outta you.
29-06-2020 05:31
Stop attacking me 😳 https://t.co/6bEJojtSb5
29-06-2020 05:21
0 6965
RT @heyitsshay__: Support yourself. Speak highly about yourself. Motivate yourself. Pray for yourself.
29-06-2020 05:20
0 158897
RT @Kvng_Suki: Another day has passed & I still haven’t used y=mx+b
29-06-2020 05:20
RT @doja95: “I want to complete half my deen.” What about you work on completing the first half
29-06-2020 05:05
@doja95 😳😗
29-06-2020 05:05
0 267416
RT @alxoua: physically i am two days away from july, emotionally i am still processing february
29-06-2020 03:48
Y I K E S https://t.co/AUFhMMcutc
28-06-2020 21:23
0 51249
RT @ChevelleMs: Check disrespect immediately. Don’t let it slide.
28-06-2020 21:18
0 48966
RT @fai7ure: guys be like i know a place then take u for granted
28-06-2020 21:17
0 151018
RT @buhrooke: This is the first year I’m not going to Fiji because of COVID-19. 🥺 Normally, I do not go because I am poor.
28-06-2020 21:17
If you ask me for advice regarding a toxic significant other, I won’t even bother saying anything but “LEAVE HIS NO… https://t.co/HCTJi0zLi4
28-06-2020 09:14
0 7188
RT @milktpapi: I swear there is nobody on this earth that is more consistent than the dude popping fireworks in my neighborhood. 9PM sharp…
28-06-2020 07:55
@khadijaxsafi Yes yes and yes
28-06-2020 05:39
0 58560
RT @kiwikeeks: Men be like “I know a place” and take you to the lowest point of your life
28-06-2020 03:02
0 77761
RT @portmafiah: just mix honey and sugar urself it’s cheaper AND u don’t support a company that exploits people in bangladesh 🥰🥰
27-06-2020 23:59
0 177851
RT @sydeeofSin: “oh shit, my mask” is really a thing.
27-06-2020 23:57
Why does the army keep emailing me about job offers. Boy if you don’t 🤢🤢🤢😭
27-06-2020 23:42
@doja95 @MattMcGorry My bb 🥺
27-06-2020 06:19
All I do is listen to crime junkie podcasts. They’re ADDICTING.
27-06-2020 05:46
LMFAOOOOOOOOO https://t.co/DawHrlD5NH
27-06-2020 05:44
AlhamdulilA always. https://t.co/2Up1EpFR08
27-06-2020 05:44
0 98505
RT @infinite_karma: You are alive. You have a home. You have a bed. You have food. You have clean water. Be grateful.
27-06-2020 05:44
0 61967
RT @zoeyy227: This is an act of terrorism. https://t.co/UanoSEG0vy
27-06-2020 04:41
@khadijaxsafi I’m all ears 👀😳
27-06-2020 04:41
@khadijaxsafi Leave his ass. That’s what she should do
27-06-2020 03:33
0 71176
RT @notThreat3x: "ur so chill" thanks i am completely in denial of reality right now
27-06-2020 00:45
@natashax625 I’m sorry for your loss❤️May Allah grant him the highest ranks of heaven
27-06-2020 00:36
RT @Rozb7aleeb: Nobody in the world would ever accept living under a militiary occupation but Palestinians are expected to not only do so b…
26-06-2020 23:15
RT @AManInTheSun: Attempts to villainize the victims of state brutality sound the same everywhere. Remember how this pic of Trayvon was us…
26-06-2020 23:14
RT @nooranhamdan: I wasn’t kidding when I said the other day that Zionists see anything less than Palestinians licking the boots of IDF sol…
26-06-2020 23:13
RT @WhereBurgersAt: She promised to do him henna at his wedding, shes giving it to him in his funeral instead, heart wrenching. Fuck Israel…
26-06-2020 23:11
RT @pali_smustafa: The only place I’d rather be 🇵🇸 https://t.co/r9cfN2qcjC
26-06-2020 23:09
Bawling my eyes out rn ☹️☹️🥺😔🥺🥺☹️ https://t.co/Yy68ztIaTx
26-06-2020 23:04
RT @iam_jayde_: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BLACK BUSINESSES!! Come to Pure Juice & Smoothie Lounge where you can choose from an abundance of health…
26-06-2020 20:36
Wow https://t.co/hPe9DOeqIW
26-06-2020 11:02
0 83684
RT @hyphylaura: Me on social media : Make his pockets HUURT 🤪🥳💰😈 Me in real life : Omg no it’s okay I c…
26-06-2020 10:20
0 22187
RT @QuecianaWalton: I hate a liar cause at yo big age you still afraid of how ima react if you tell me the truths ... that’s crazy.
26-06-2020 10:20
0 114366
RT @savannahnrmn: Do you check the backseat when you get in the car or are you a man
26-06-2020 06:45
Almost fought a Karen at Safeway today because she told me I entered the chips aisle the wrong way (according to si… https://t.co/i2aE219b3M
26-06-2020 06:44
0 44779
RT @omarruizz10: Guys have NO idea how long something they said can stay in a girl’s mind..
26-06-2020 06:35
Sometimes you just gotta do a little bit of therapeutic painting.
26-06-2020 06:16
@bintfalisteen Lol gross🤢
26-06-2020 04:32
@zannoobz Yes boo❤️😍😍😍
26-06-2020 04:31
@zenalababidi 😍😍😍
26-06-2020 04:04
RT @zenalababidi: Still taking today in https://t.co/zzuumxvyDO
26-06-2020 04:04
0 48681
RT @carltonspeight: His name is Antionio Smith. Valdosta Police broke his wrist, and he’s suing them for $700,000. I hope he gets every pen…
25-06-2020 20:35
0 109732
RT @fleetwooodzach: “I can’t believe milennials and younger generations are so progressive and radical!!” what we watched as kids: https:/…
25-06-2020 20:28
0 134092
RT @mariebabyyyyy_: We were too little to understand the message then, so here it is
25-06-2020 20:28
0 23096
RT @jeandeauxmusic: Good morning all the celebrities telling black people to vote, but simultaneously not amplifying any actions to fight a…
25-06-2020 12:25
0 28044
RT @johnnaaaaa: I’ve matured a lot. I want everything healthy.
25-06-2020 12:23
I love these type of girls 😌🙏🏼😍 https://t.co/j6uJInjyHd
25-06-2020 09:47
Me tf. https://t.co/j0T0EuuYZs
25-06-2020 06:10
“It’s not just one bad soldier or one bad cop, it’s an entire apartheid system. It is a settler colonial system. “ @4noura
25-06-2020 02:33
0 65745
RT @Ebony_QT: If Emmett Till hadn’t been brutally murdered, he’d be 79 this year. 79. How old are your grandparents? https://t.co/BezvN…
24-06-2020 22:58
0 309040
RT @tori_the1: I'm reposting this video every time I see it b/c you can see how kind his spirit was and his life didn't deserve to be taken…
24-06-2020 22:10
I stopped showing my mom random posts on the internet cuz she would completely disregard the post and ask “Meen had” IDK EITHER MAMA 😭🤣
24-06-2020 22:09
LinkedIn be entertaining sometimes ngl.
24-06-2020 20:22
0 25813
RT @Jasl3ne: for non spanish speakers: farmworkers are getting paid $5-$6 for a 12-15 hour day. support them and stop buying driscolls berr…
24-06-2020 20:20
0 14016
RT @4noura: Ahmed Erekat, 27, beautiful young man. A son. A brother. Fiancée. My baby cousin. Israeli cowards shot him multiple times, left…
24-06-2020 11:00
RT @marnaieem: stop letting ugly men make you feel like shit ❤️
24-06-2020 10:59
Crying at how beautiful of a human Alfred Enoch is.
24-06-2020 10:42
@doja95 LOL
24-06-2020 09:11
@noblehamideh98 Did I lie 😤
24-06-2020 09:11
To be neutral in times of injustice literally means you support that injustice. I don’t make the rules. https://t.co/jPcufVk1BR
24-06-2020 08:58
I’m tired man. I wish to see a free Palestine ya Rab🙏🏼
24-06-2020 08:46
Thinking about the Palestinian struggle that seems to haunt them in every corner of the world in which they decide… https://t.co/I0gUf1JBLZ
24-06-2020 08:46
Thinking about those who had the chance to stay in Palestine but still had to live in fear and wondered when it was… https://t.co/rlMQ7Ny24R
24-06-2020 08:44
Thinking about how with every year that passed by, they wondered when they could go back to their villages and live… https://t.co/ljOvG1EWWF
24-06-2020 08:42
Thinking about how my Palestinian grandparents were kicked out of their homes in ‘48 and had to pack their belongin… https://t.co/yiBMpPMMIg
24-06-2020 08:40
Why do 99.99 % of Palestinian men look the same 😬😭😔
24-06-2020 06:47
0 25692
RT @a_lusciouss: at this point acting like this is attempted murder. she knows damn well that screaming like that is just asking for a cop…
24-06-2020 03:44
RT @dannithepali: Stop saying you’re “neutral” and just say you stand with the oppressors and go!
24-06-2020 03:43
Iconic https://t.co/tx7jJROViV
24-06-2020 01:05
RT @Khaaaaaali: Ahmed Ereikat. Shot and killed by Israeli forces as he drove towards the checkpoint & left to bleed out in his car. He was…
24-06-2020 01:04
RT @doja95: Tuesday feels https://t.co/NmTpIzXJYY
24-06-2020 01:04
0 47086
RT @victoriasmedley: But they did belong to Gregory Morales who was also missing from Ft Hood!!
23-06-2020 12:10
The way I can relate to this 🤢🤢🤢literally gross and creepy asf. https://t.co/xzVGcJWFn7
23-06-2020 12:03
@bonelessfeet Oooo what happened now 😗😗
23-06-2020 11:12
0 1533
RT @HaiValPal: @wypipo_h8 Miss Karen, when will you learn... https://t.co/KvBgqCamnZ
23-06-2020 07:22
0 26903
RT @JohnBoyega: If you can’t learn and grow then what’s the point tbh.
23-06-2020 06:50
@khadijaxsafi You’re on to something 👀
23-06-2020 06:43
Ok this is a dream ... https://t.co/iMF7L8eq21
23-06-2020 06:24
0 21107
RT @choycebrown: so fireworks every night huh.. https://t.co/w1ep2SLhef
23-06-2020 05:33
RT @moby_dickhead: Ok WHAT is the deal with the fireworks every night til 4 am??? I’m deep into conspiracy theory twitter
23-06-2020 05:29
0 18440
RT @sshxh_: Do you ever just watch your mum doing her thing and think what an incredible fucking woman
23-06-2020 04:50
0 28089
RT @ChampagneTex: Lord protect me from what I can’t see
23-06-2020 02:48
0 115410
RT @princebjz: tbh nothing better than staying home in my room being ugly in peace
23-06-2020 02:48
0 30126
RT @AlmondMilkHotel: Kendrick Johnson's story is one of the most disturbing miscarriages of justice I've ever heard of. It's beyond a misca…
22-06-2020 12:22
0 57725
RT @KanaanPitan: Girls really aren’t exaggerating when they say men are scary...
22-06-2020 12:20
RT @TVRVNTO: once you lose my respect, you never really have me
22-06-2020 05:42
0 297751
RT @unknwns0ul: Can we all agree that cooking & cleaning is a basic life skill and not a gender role??????
22-06-2020 03:07
We don’t claim that hijabi either. https://t.co/RDbJHSnZQx
22-06-2020 00:15
0 56327
RT @TEEZYAlNTSHIT: bitch i dont want to see this
22-06-2020 00:15
0 118111
21-06-2020 11:39
0 100241
RT @NailsNCrowns: Im going over there to cry https://t.co/xsvzonohPe
21-06-2020 11:35
0 203635
RT @howdyboye: Idk looks like a suicide to me
21-06-2020 11:34
Binge watching HTGAWM all over again, because I refuse to think that it’s actually over 😔
21-06-2020 05:57
Like damn we have a shitty, racist, islamphobic,misogynistic, ugly president and he actually has supporters🤢
21-06-2020 04:31
Trump talking shit about ilhan Omar and everyone booing her in the crowd is so disgusting.
21-06-2020 04:29
RT @AqeelMcr: What my luck is like https://t.co/cH3LEOWr2I
21-06-2020 03:25
It’s always the most effed up people who do something shadyyyy and then use the excuse “we all make mistakes” or “o… https://t.co/WZWIMWzA22
21-06-2020 03:25
Racism, genocide, stealing people’s lands, etc. https://t.co/tkCue0jxYV
21-06-2020 01:45
0 38614
RT @FUCCl: stop recording and take the assault charge. i promise we will take care of you.
20-06-2020 21:11
0 73872
RT @sufferingxoxo: parents b like: I gotta give my child the sex talk children b like: I gotta give my parents the prison industrial comple…
20-06-2020 21:10
@khadijaxsafi Girl 🙄
20-06-2020 21:04
@victoriama20 🥺
20-06-2020 21:04
@falastLeen Quit rn it’s not worth it 🤢🤢☹️🤣🤣
20-06-2020 11:00
Do what you can and leave the rest to Allah. 🙏🏼
20-06-2020 10:14
0 20227
RT @s41ah: Me when someone tries to get to know me https://t.co/x2GM10aZ5P
20-06-2020 09:48
RT @_yassssmin: I can’t be friends with people that don’t know/don’t care about what’s going on in the world
20-06-2020 09:47
Imy 😔 https://t.co/0XI9Nn3WTT
20-06-2020 09:45
RT @LMatahen: هاد الفيديو اخد مكان بقلبي عقد ما هو حلو ❤️🇵🇸❤️#فلسطين_كلها_لنا #فلسطين https://t.co/IZudotbcc2
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RT @nathaliagcov: Remember when Notre Dame caught on fire and millions of dollars were donated overnight to fix it? Why can’t we do the sam…
20-06-2020 09:30
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RT @_foxchow: Normalize learning from your mistakes and being open to change
20-06-2020 09:03
@mariamdahliaa AHHHH😭😭😭😭😭😭
20-06-2020 06:48
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RT @Oskaer__13: Yea this Abe statue gotta fucking go, what the fuck were they thinking ? https://t.co/r5u54sXncW
20-06-2020 05:21
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RT @Calamity_jt: We still celebrate your life, Happy Juneteenth https://t.co/TRrNQA0qAY
20-06-2020 05:16