Aunty Zee✊ (@zaniluv) — Ka lebaka mothong. ✌
RT @KolaBoof3: DAYUM I wasn't even aware. But I should have known...
02-03-2021 07:59
RT @JonWithTheFace: @LesegoTlhabi Fixed it for you!
02-03-2021 07:57
@Shezi_one I hear you...😉
02-03-2021 07:56
@Shezi_one Unless the Mgidi is in Winter, at night I don't see why we can't be bright😊!!
02-03-2021 07:54
RT @_wordperfect: You could (if you could) wake me from my grave and lure me with life eternal and I still wouldn't buy into this politics…
02-03-2021 07:50
0 609
RT @Kim_Khandashisa: Guys please free yourselves from shaming people for doing what they want with their money/possessions.
02-03-2021 01:35
02-03-2021 01:34
@KolaBoof3 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
02-03-2021 01:34
RT @TheGabi: Party Packs & Cupcakes ordered. 13 March is nigh!!! It’s all that’s spoken about in this house 🤣
02-03-2021 01:32
RT @CaiphusK_11: I look forward to meeting John Steenhuisen and the DA at the ombudsman. Our story is 100% accurate and correctly interpre…
02-03-2021 01:25
RT @SihleBolani_: Been there 🥴 What life and growing older have taught me is that, that fear comes from assuming responsibility for others’…
02-03-2021 01:25
0 217
RT @Nomqhantsula: I’m an educators assistant in the EC. The school doesn’t have a library. I’m going to go to all the book shops and Chari…
02-03-2021 00:48
@Shezi_one 😭😭Bathong....😫
02-03-2021 00:08
0 215
RT @tevincampbelll: You’re allowed to be flawed. You’re only human. 🤷🏾
02-03-2021 00:07
@Sinethemba_PhD 😆😆😆
01-03-2021 22:26
RT @mx_mokgoroane: This conversation is so heavy. I’m so sad. #CHxGayTownHall
01-03-2021 22:14
RT @asandamagaqa: My friend, sister&my comrade is burying her husband tomorrow💔 I wish her, her family&AmaBhaca the peace that surpasses al…
01-03-2021 22:13
@Sinethemba_PhD Bathong....😄
01-03-2021 22:12
0 225
RT @jsphctrl: Glorious resignation paragraph from one of Zimbabwe’s vice presidents, who is clearly taking the thesaurus down with him. htt…
01-03-2021 21:49
RT @PennyLebyane: The father of #TshegofatsoPule’s unborn baby #NtuthukoShoba was not a #marriedman. It states that in his bail applicatio…
01-03-2021 21:46
@Penxenxe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
01-03-2021 21:46
What in Biko's name is this? What about us? Please ma'am, do better with your life🤪
01-03-2021 21:44
@Maya_Legacy Tlohela ho stressa....😂😂😂😂
01-03-2021 19:25
@Maya_Legacy Ke mang a buileng ka madiboho le wena?? Borders are an unnecessary inconvenience....😂😂😂Ba tlole terata…
01-03-2021 19:24
RT @Zamantungwa_K: I endorse this tweet fully and wholeheartedly! Khethinkosi is such a gem! Smart, kind, can explain how money flows in go…
01-03-2021 19:22
@Maya_Legacy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Once SA starts vaccinating, they should just walk across, get their shot and walk back home!
01-03-2021 19:21
@Maya_Legacy I understand that they are taking part in a vaccine study...🤷🏿‍♀️
01-03-2021 19:12
@Maya_Legacy Plan'nyana e feng ebe? Ke masiasiane mahloka lebelo, immune system e senang sekaja monga yona a tele....
01-03-2021 17:41
@Mihlalij1978 @_DJCappuccino @FabAcademic 🙄🙄
01-03-2021 17:39
@Guepard_1 🤣🤣🤣
01-03-2021 17:34
0 186
RT @RelebogileM: I can’t stop laughing. Is this your industry?
01-03-2021 17:28
RT @AndImLee: This Asshole is the reason why Big Brother Mzansi was cancelled. #DateMyFamily
01-03-2021 17:27
@muhlez__ 💯
01-03-2021 17:25
0 1369
RT @NkosazanaKa: This taxi driver left us for 20 min athi uya buya.He walked his gf to another taxi and when he came back we were all shout…
01-03-2021 17:24
RT @TshepoMadlingo1: There is still no statement, let alone an apology/retraction from Sunday World😡
01-03-2021 17:24
@Guepard_1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣niks...mpe u leke ho hong, setipe sona ke hlolas😂😂😂! U sentse ka ho mamela taba tsa batho😆
01-03-2021 17:23
RT @KhayaJames: Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will have to wear electronic bracelet. Court declared that he's guilty of corruptio…
01-03-2021 17:22
RT @GNLabuschagne: My book is out today. For years people asked me when i was going to publish a book about my 14,5 years as the SAPS head…
01-03-2021 17:17
0 8663
RT @ECallawayBio: "We teach black and brown kids obedience and other kids curiosity." - Amirah L. Saafir, PhD
01-03-2021 17:15
RT @ZakesMda: Why would a writer want to be a good woman?
01-03-2021 17:12
@Guepard_1 You are not a good woman 🥰🥰💃🏿💃🏿! Lebala ka hoba mme wa seaparo🤣🤣🤣🤣
01-03-2021 17:12
0 2341
RT @TsholoMotlokwa: OPEN LETTER TO ALL HR DEPARTMENT IN SA. Dear HR Practitioners Please stop calling our brothers and sisters for interv…
01-03-2021 17:07
RT @sarahhenkeman: @TshepoMadlingo1 Related questions: 'Whose perspective is this?'Does this deal with structural violence?' 'Am I being t…
01-03-2021 17:04
RT @StephenLangtry: The "first moment of black anti-colonial struggle" ✊🏽
01-03-2021 17:03
@ZakesMda @Guepard_1 utlwa ntate o reng? 😂😂
01-03-2021 17:02
RT @balaamse: @valavoosh happily distracted now: have so far turned up this Knot of Stone project – approaching the Battle of Goringhaiqua…
01-03-2021 17:00
@Cmfundisi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Doc😂😂
01-03-2021 16:52
RT @MatheVK: I sent public relations manager of @econetlesotho an email. She promptly responded with an apology & promise to follow things…
01-03-2021 16:50
RT @MadiBoity: @RediTlhabi, you cannot advise Eusebius to return to Radio. You need to take your own advice, and both of you must return.…
01-03-2021 15:51
0 1172
RT @interrec: To be exposed in my book that will be publish soon - Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa was a Board Members of FirstRand in the time unfai…
01-03-2021 15:48
0 5265
RT @ShutUpMurdy: I'M AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01-03-2021 15:48
RT @Eusebius: For those asking about my radio interview with Matshela Koko that the #StateCaptureInquiry is playing and using right now as…
01-03-2021 15:37
RT @_wordperfect: Yep, this is huge 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
01-03-2021 15:37
@RediTlhabi Look who's talking?
01-03-2021 15:35
RT @PearlPillay: "He is not a rapist because I am also a rapist." Um. 😶
01-03-2021 13:12
0 179
RT @lesegoseabi: Report this tweet and article here:
01-03-2021 13:11
0 2531
RT @sara_xo_: Oh shit 🔥
01-03-2021 13:10
RT @drtlaleng: I love you 😍
01-03-2021 13:10
RT @BlaqPhoenixRose: Lord, I see what you do for other shildren...ME ALS *manifesting friends that gift me R2.8m cars*🕯️😌🕯️🙌🏿🕯️🙋🏿‍♀️🕯️🙇🏿‍♀️…
01-03-2021 13:10
0 115
RT @tWeatherSA: Good morning Gauteng, except to one Joshua Doore, who likes charging Weylandts prices for his furniture ⚡️
01-03-2021 13:09
RT @BlaqPhoenixRose: @Guepard_1 The article even says Revenue wasn't badly affected by people who lost jobs due to covid because most of th…
01-03-2021 13:02
RT @Gao_Phala: He aint making sense
01-03-2021 13:00
0 557
RT @EFFSouthAfrica: How it started How it's going #MalemaTurns40
01-03-2021 13:00
0 116
RT @zeestacks: If you’re 1st year student or a student from UJ that needs accommodation, studying at APK & APB. Hit me up for accommodation
01-03-2021 12:56
RT @LesegoTlhabi: It’s Prince Harry hating Charles as much as we all do 😍😍😍 CANNOT WAIT
01-03-2021 12:43
@Guepard_1 🤣🤣🤣i have so much to say, but since it is Lent, I shall tool.
01-03-2021 12:18
RT @SISONKE_MD: 13 people were arrested, and are expected to appear at the Cape Town Magistrate's Court this morning.
01-03-2021 12:11
@Guepard_1 Really? Taxi driver ya moyeng??🤣🤣
01-03-2021 12:09
01-03-2021 12:06
RT @PhathuMakwarela: There is a serious issue being discussed on the TL but i cannot find a proper thread - just stompies strewn all over t…
01-03-2021 10:37
RT @MatheVK: Next Monday, 8th March it is international women's day & we will be celebrating this day in the company of Dr @MphuRamatlapeng…
01-03-2021 10:35
@Nkeke_S Akere batho ntse ba llela di-baby daddy tsa bona, ba nahana hore stepmom ha a ka sutra tseleng ntho tsa bona di tla loka😖😖!
01-03-2021 10:34
0 395
RT @CandiceMajewski: People in academia, please think twice before Tweeting publicly about the 'annoying things students do'. The vast majo…
01-03-2021 09:51
@Nkeke_S Indeed. The biggest loser in this entire mess ke ngwana. U fumana motho a fufuletswe a ntse a re "the step…
01-03-2021 09:50
RT @Nkeke_S: @zaniluv Ayi!! Bokgopo feela, yeah as a step mom otlo utlwa bohloko ka tjhelete ya hao but as a mom what do you think your chi…
01-03-2021 09:49
@PennyLebyane This is a horrible tweet...why drag slow learners into this mess? Wa tseba barui ba a sokudisa!!
01-03-2021 09:15
RT @MmusiMaimane: Hola #5amclubwithMmusi. It’s a new day, new month. Let’s take all opportunities, and make a difference in our society. If…
01-03-2021 09:13
0 476
RT @theblackwendy: March, please... I don’t have anything left in me to fight with. I’m not asking for you to be terrific. I’ll take bland.…
01-03-2021 09:12
@feminist_rogue Emails have been making us miserable for a while now😭....lemme read the article
01-03-2021 09:11
01-03-2021 09:10
RT @Miss_Shazzy_25: @Ms_Isaih Basadi! So boyfriends can easily step up but the girlfriends have to wait until they are married to do that?
01-03-2021 09:10
RT @tshoanegp: @Goldstone_ @Ms_Isaih The child should never have to bear responsibility for their stupid parent. If that's a reason for not…
01-03-2021 09:10
RT @Goldstone_: @Ms_Isaih SOME kids who are not supported out there its due to some mothers putting themselves first over the interest of t…
01-03-2021 09:09
@theeshero @sibutrader @cynthia_serage @LollyMkunqwana @Ms_Isaih Wrong how?? That woman is childish.
01-03-2021 09:09
@cynthia_serage @LollyMkunqwana @Ms_Isaih This is so immature...
01-03-2021 09:09
@PulaneoaLesotho Why burn something that is not meant for her? That mother is sick...
01-03-2021 09:07
RT @FloydFa12078107: @KolaBoof3 I'm from America but I have always been asked where I'm from by non blacks and African immigrants. They al…
01-03-2021 09:06
RT @KolaBoof3: I have a beautiful face. Good Nilotic bone structure. I DON'T look like a man. Too many of ya'll are from PRISON that's al…
01-03-2021 09:05
0 188
RT @Thando_Thabethe: Just so it is clear... I stand firmly by @nampree and should it not have been clear I am utterly Disappointed by the r…
01-03-2021 09:05
0 3745
RT @DanMKervick: I was born in 1959, and thus lived through most of the Cold War, Vietnam, Iraq, Granada, Panama, now Syria, the Contras an…
01-03-2021 00:04
@MatheVK 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈
28-02-2021 23:16
@PhathuMakwarela @DrMom_Cooks @AJEnglish Totes agreed
28-02-2021 23:15
RT @PhathuMakwarela: Thembekile is born for this! That boy is the best thing to ever happen to #ENCA in years. He has that wit that very fe…
28-02-2021 23:13
@Limpzie @MatheVK I am ready to diliza the border...
28-02-2021 23:10
@mamsy77 The handshakes are awfully...joale esale ba bala ka firm handshakes ba tla u roba letsoho trying to give a firm handshake😭😭
28-02-2021 23:08
RT @LesDaChef: Moms.❤️ My late mom once walked to the stage whilst I was give a speech to fix my shirt collar mid-speech 🤣
28-02-2021 22:58
Me too...
28-02-2021 22:55
@MatheVK 🤣🤣🤣🤣I think it is the latter more than anything. Ntate ha ana nako ya naha hobane joale o bisi o kutsa majwe
28-02-2021 22:54
@MatheVK Ooh please, rona re karolo ya ditest tsa J&J! Ha se hore re se ntse re entwa serious.
28-02-2021 22:39
@MatheVK Mathata a Ntate keng hantle?? Ke purple ya ntho nngwe? Ke mong ka seboko? Ke hloka ho ikopanya le baholo ba hae...
28-02-2021 22:24
RT @phakxx: The reason white people are so hysterical when Black people demand land justice, is because they are terrified of losing their…
28-02-2021 19:53
RT @tessie18: This made my day!
28-02-2021 19:46
@tonibraxton Please do💕💗❣
28-02-2021 19:43
0 113
RT @SimonPGrindrod: Steenhuisen & Zille orchestrated the exit of Mmusi Maimane for losing 1.5% of their vote but then lost 3 metros and man…
28-02-2021 19:17
0 399
RT @Xhosa_Goddess: Guys don’t stop unfollowing Vuyo, he makes his money out the following he has & I don’t see why you should continue bein…
28-02-2021 18:50
0 182
RT @Luyanda_Maf: Also my brother is an architect and qualified 3D specialist who previously worked at SA*TA , He has a company with great c…
28-02-2021 18:10
RT @Sentletse: The only reason corporates are not allowed to procure vaccines for their workers is because ANC crooks want to loot through…
28-02-2021 18:04
0 139
28-02-2021 18:04
0 10261
RT @BradBeauregardJ: This statue in Berlin is called: "Politicians Discussing Global Warming"
28-02-2021 17:52
RT @Cmfundisi: They are signing indemnity forms and it is clearly communicated that it is a research trial. At least to the ones that I kno…
28-02-2021 17:49
0 156
RT @Sentletse: Ramaphosa must not lie to us and say there is a vaccine roll-out. There is no such a thing in this country at the moment. T…
28-02-2021 17:03
RT @tshidi_lee: But colleagues at Sunday World... an apology? You mean a doctored whatsapp message? 😯
28-02-2021 17:01
RT @tshidi_lee: This!!! A warning shot to the others... no innocent person resorts to such.
28-02-2021 16:43
@PulaneoaLesotho Se ke wa tsheha hlee.. taba ena ha e qabole🤣🤣🤣🤣!!
28-02-2021 16:42
@Guepard_1 🤣🤣🤣🤣
28-02-2021 16:39
@PulaneoaLesotho O swaba late. Bana bano eba sono hoo hobane batho ba a ba tenehela, ekare ba itlisitse lefatsheng.…
28-02-2021 16:39
@PulaneoaLesotho 😭😭😭Hobaneng a sa ye LPPA? O wa tseba ho bohloko joang hoba mokgoka-kgwale wa ngwana? Yhooo🙉🙉🙉
28-02-2021 16:31
@PulaneoaLesotho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Is the cancer a 4th child?
28-02-2021 16:25
@AusiSilo I can't even argue with this. You are very correct. You deserve that R200
28-02-2021 16:24
RT @AusiSilo: Midwifery.
28-02-2021 16:23
RT @Guepard_1: The thing that makes non-fiction a genre I seek to avoid at any cost, but clearly not all cost as I'm here proofreading one,…
28-02-2021 16:23
@Guepard_1 Ke lekgowa la ne la le-High School le okametseng DA! 😄😄😄
28-02-2021 15:38
0 1582
RT @LoppyLee_: Please refrain from being insensitive to Vongai. Making the "hide your pregnancy" conversation will only make her feel worse…
28-02-2021 13:02
RT @PhathuMakwarela: No one was scammed our generation in South Africa than American Motivational Speakers 😱 The amount of money people pai…
28-02-2021 12:34
0 156
RT @SoulCity_SA: What is rape culture and how does it manifest? We created this pyramid to explain how rape culture works.…
28-02-2021 11:59
RT @AphiweNtlemeza: #RememberKhwezi🤍
28-02-2021 11:59
@Mikzozo2 @LeighMathys @PennyLebyane @PajMadam
28-02-2021 11:40
0 176
RT @mx_mokgoroane: Tomorrow is March! It’s time to make @drtlaleng your family doctor or your doctor!
28-02-2021 11:38
28-02-2021 11:34
@PulaneoaLesotho 🤞🏿
28-02-2021 11:33
@PulaneoaLesotho Ha ba qeta ha hona letho le bohlokwa leo ba le buang, ba ntse ba pheta ntho ele nngwe kaofela...Wh…
28-02-2021 11:30
28-02-2021 11:26
0 1215
RT @jxjx23_: Looking for Graduates who studied LLB, BA Law or BCom Law and are currently unemployed and looking for work. Willing to help t…
28-02-2021 11:25
@PulaneoaLesotho They had better, hoseng joalo nka ba pokela ba swabe. I can never understand this need to shine. O…
28-02-2021 11:24
@Maqhawe_Ngubane Landlords or property hijackers?
28-02-2021 11:15
@PulaneoaLesotho Nna I have given strict instructions for there to be no speeches at my funeral, ke ikepela thapelo…
28-02-2021 11:12
Hamba moruti...😂😂
28-02-2021 11:09
@PulaneoaLesotho Ha re sebetse joalo...
28-02-2021 11:06
RT @TheReal_DTguy: There should be a reward for people who think up stuff like this, seriously 😁 I love it when there is a division about s…
28-02-2021 10:56
Hamonate joang😊
28-02-2021 10:55
0 162
RT @PennyLebyane: The are victims from Maru A Pula to TNT before it TUT, Boston, Hilbrow, Betrams, Rosebank, Boskruin even Miami.... High S…
28-02-2021 09:57
RT @MaS1banda: Thamsanqa raped Bonnie. He viciously bit Tshepiso. How many more acts of violence has this vile man perpetrated and against…
28-02-2021 09:57
@kgadi_seanego9 @thepatientbirdy @Tyler_Oceans I didn't know that🤩😘
28-02-2021 09:56
0 1269
RT @Tyler_Oceans: Was anyone here because i was 😆❤️
28-02-2021 09:55
RT @_wordperfect: A small-time crook is dead. This man was cosy with municipal officials and condemned at least several hundred metres of t…
28-02-2021 09:08
RT @_uLibo_: Listen, nothing really shocks me anymore when it comes to rape apologists but these "yes, the Screenshot is fake but he's just…
28-02-2021 07:20
0 188
RT @Black_Doltjie: The South African variant is the men here. Men are the pandemic.
28-02-2021 00:43
@MahlapeThabiso Akua Yenana😋
28-02-2021 00:43
RT @MaS1banda: Those two vile men are not very bright. At all.
28-02-2021 00:42
RT @mahlephula: "As a writer, I'm more interested in what people tell themselves happened rather than what actually happened." Kazuo Ishigu…
28-02-2021 00:42
@AusiSilo A rape case waiting to happen...
28-02-2021 00:42
RT @Arfness: If @MbalulaFikile and @Lesufi are in a room together how do the rest of the people breathe after they suck up all the oxygen?
27-02-2021 22:20
0 853
RT @iamkagi_styles: Boity called out the Industry's biggest bully at a full table and then turned to every single one of them for giggling.…
27-02-2021 22:19
RT @LesegoTlhabi: Let’s just pretend that anyone with sense could believe the WhatsApp is real... EVERYONE knows to block out the number. I…
27-02-2021 22:19
RT @ThinaAnathi: @Mamuprofu look what I'm about to start reading😄😄
27-02-2021 22:19
RT @zilevandamme: No
27-02-2021 22:17
RT @MahlapeThabiso: Been in and out of Twitter today. But I'm getting a sense that that DJ went and photoshopped a received message to furt…
27-02-2021 22:16
@Mamuprofu Whatever happened to nywe nywe main opposition🤣🤣🤣🤣! They have grown tired of shadow ministering😅😅😅
27-02-2021 22:15
@Mamuprofu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣WTH....
27-02-2021 22:14
@_wordperfect 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
27-02-2021 22:12
RT @Rufaro_Samanga: I bought new linen for my bedroom today. A new headboard yesterday. And a few cute decor items. I do like this part of…
27-02-2021 22:12
0 5774
RT @Boity: You’re being a vile asshole. This is not a joke!!! You’re being accused of the most violent crime and you’re turning it into a s…
27-02-2021 21:46
@Guepard_1 Rakgadi wa ka o ne a ntetsetse a lla seboko, contractor e utswitse material e balehile ka ona kaofela e…
27-02-2021 21:35
0 48017
RT @angiecthomas: For over 10 days now, around half the residents of Jackson, Mississippi have not had running water. And nobody is talki…
27-02-2021 21:07
0 6284
RT @freaksho: My son just walked up to me and asked if I wanted to hear a joke about construction. I said Sure. He said he was still work…
27-02-2021 21:06
"Me, I just stir.." 😉
27-02-2021 20:42
RT @RosieMotene: Multiple attempts at silencing the victims! The gaslighting, lies, intimidation. Plus they have a pr and marketing team wh…
27-02-2021 20:40
RT @LesDaChef: What I really really want to do is host sit-down multi-course events again. 😔
27-02-2021 20:40
RT @KolaBoof3: LISTEN.... You HAVE TO TELL people what is happening in your life regardless if it sounds crazy or not..... TIME will prov…
27-02-2021 20:31
0 32035
RT @niktaylorde: I want to make something clear: Biden bombing foreign countries isn’t wrong because he’s spending money on wars instead of…
27-02-2021 19:51
0 509
RT @Kim_Khandashisa: Why are news outlets quiet about what DJ Fresh and Euphonik are doing to that lady? They are public figures and rape i…
27-02-2021 19:51
27-02-2021 19:48
RT @Shezi_one: I feel direction-less. Like there’s no point to a lot of what I do or am in. I also feel like the steps to be better or be i…
27-02-2021 19:47
RT @KhayaJames: How's the first weekend in Gqeberha?
27-02-2021 19:46
RT @WheelsnToys: This was recently published, its on opensource, a book about Physical Disability and Sexuality-
27-02-2021 19:45
@lungile_mashele Beautiful thread...❤💜❤
27-02-2021 19:45
RT @lungile_mashele: Things like in-ceiling speakers are nice and cute until you find out that a pair of speakers can be R5k and you also n…
27-02-2021 19:45
RT @lungile_mashele: Once building gets underway, go to site EVERYDAY!! Count the cement bags, check the delivery notes, check progress, do…
27-02-2021 19:44
27-02-2021 19:43
27-02-2021 19:43
27-02-2021 19:42
27-02-2021 19:40
0 129
RT @siyamtitshana: I think some of you need to put it in your heads that neither the government nor the “celebrities” care when one of us i…
27-02-2021 19:40
RT @WandileSihlobo: Saturdays are for long reads. So, here is one from last year, written by the brilliant @a_greenberg "At 22, he single…
27-02-2021 19:39
@Pearloysias 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
27-02-2021 19:38
@Nani_Dubula She must a partner who will run those errands...I hate the mall too🙁
27-02-2021 19:38
RT @KhayaJames: Tau ea Lesotho o tla bona e puruma
27-02-2021 19:37
@DrMom_Cooks Poor wives always catching strays...
27-02-2021 19:36
RT @WheelsnToys: The stress of wanting to make catch happen is that even when I want to order in, I spend 48hrs minimum deciding if I reall…
27-02-2021 19:24
RT @KolaBoof3: @zaniluv He and his family owned properties all over the world. That was nothing. He gave extremely generous gifts. Extre…
27-02-2021 19:17
@KolaBoof3 He had a house in SA?? Wow!!
27-02-2021 19:15
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RT @Tshepiso_Says: Thamsanqa (AMARU DA COSTA) Fakazi just came to my parents home and tried to abduct Assa. THIS MAN BIT ME!!!…
27-02-2021 19:14
RT @MatheVK: Women are doomed either way!
27-02-2021 19:13
@MatheVK 🤒🤒Bathong Ntate....Ho hloleha ke ntho e tjee kgathe!! 👏🏿Win Peka
27-02-2021 19:12
RT @Sentletse: Akere they want PR so they can spin clinical trials as a vaccine roll-out.
27-02-2021 16:44
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RT @MphoMoalamedi: DJ Fresh first claimed that the victim's aunt called him to claim the victim was lying. The family asked him to expose t…
27-02-2021 16:43
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RT @A__mza: 😂. At first glance this seems wild until you realize that a lot prison inmates definitely have better study conditions than a…
27-02-2021 16:43
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RT @fix_leon: I’ve just seen the most breathtaking places in Lobatse ❤️.
27-02-2021 16:43
RT @WheelsnToys: Gaslighting and endangering her. May he fall on the sharpest sword
27-02-2021 16:39